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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: January 2015

Exciting Enhancements Unveiled for Benefit Mobile’s Popular Mobile Wallet

Up to 20% of Every Purchase Goes to the School, Non ­Profit or Life Expense of Your Choice

Grand Rapids ­­ Benefit Mobile has always been easy as a credit card and safer than a traditional wallet. Now, the popular app is expanding its click­ to­ give capabilities with exciting enhancements that are sure to turn this mobile wallet into an everyday payment method.

“Friction less fundraising and grassroots philanthropy: the definite goals of Benefit Mobile. Behind all of that is the simple desire to take what we all do ­­pay for everyday expenses­­ and make it purposeful. As a busy dad, I wanted to reimagine fundraising into something as easy as a few clicks on a phone. Now, you can make a real difference in the world, your community and your life just by using mobile gift cards.” Derik Lolli, CEO & Founder of Benefit Mobile.

New Enhancements

  • Fee Free. We’ve removed the 20­ cent transaction fee. Now the rebate percentage you see is the exact rebate percentage you give. It’s simple and straightforward.
  • Rewarding and easy. New option to designate a credit card as your payment method, allowing you to earn your rewards/miles as you give back. Plus, the app ensures accuracy with an option to photograph your card­­it captures all the necessary info.
  • Support your life. New advance, allowing you to designate personal life expenses (e.g., healthcare, mortgage, education), as the beneficiary. You receive a check back for the amount earned every month, whenever you reach $10 or more.

Benefit Mobile gives back while you shop, without you spending an extra dime. The free app is available on the iPhone and Google Play stores and offers access to over 80 well­known online and in­ store retailers, like Target and Amazon. Best of all, up to 20% of every purchase goes directly to the cause you choose. Make a purchase, make a difference.

How It Works

  1. Download the free Benefit Mobile app to your smartphone
  2. Designate a cause to receive a % of your spending
  3. Buy mobile gift cards for use in store or online, as applicable

Non­profits and schools across the U.S. are discovering how time ­saving and money­ making the Benefit Mobile app can be for their causes. No more door­to­door sales, inventory management or high­ pressure tactics. It’s Friction less Fundraising!

Discover how to Pay With Purpose at www.benefit­ Access marketing tools, videos, helpful instructions and a retailer list. The Happier Way to Pay is Just a Tap Away!

BuyitForward Helps Nonprofits By Emptying Attics

Brian Baldwin has launched BuyitForward to help nonprofits by helping you sell your unused stuff and donating the proceeds to charity. He is raising money on Fundable.. Recently, I caught up with Brian to learn more about the effort; here’s what he told me:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

The average household in the US has over $7,000 of unused items ($857 billion nationally), we intend to turn as much of that into cash to support worthy causes through the BuyitForward marketplace.


BuyitForward’s mission is simple; make it easier to give more, to more great causes. Exclusively for nonprofits (public charities and churches), Buy It Forward provides access to an additional and much greater resource of funding, by efficiently converting household items into cash and giving all the proceeds directly to the nonprofit. In addition to the capital resources, the BuyitForward marketplace provides many turnkey tools for fundraising as well as best practices, making use of campaigning and social media strategies. Now everyone can give in some way! Buy it Forward’s platform focus, is to make it easy to use, so it’s easy to give, regardless of personal income or demographic. Engaging Nonprofits, Donators and Buyers to participate earnestly will drive this mission.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We hope to raise $500,000 through the combined effort of friends and family, as well as Those funds will be used to create brand awareness, build infrastructure and support nonprofits with resources in a way to engage their supporters to donate and buy to support their cause. To date we have been self-funded in the amount of $125,000.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

The number of nonprofits in America has doubled in the last four years, while the total giving has barely increased. In fact total 2013 giving ($335.17 billion) was lower than it was in 2007 ($349.5 billion). For most nonprofits raising capital is very challenging -on many levels. Using this as motivation, we aim to increase the access to capital, and at the same time achieve greater constituency engagement and community outreach on behalf of great causes.” At Buy It Forward we operate with the understanding that we aren’t doing good, we’re just making it possible for others to do more good..

Please describe your offering.

Buy It Forward is seeking $500,000 dollars from investors, which represents a 20% equity ownership. The $2.5 million dollar post-money valuation is based on the development of the working platform, cultivation of the nonprofit user pipeline, development of business collateral and an initial investment of $125,000 in working capital by the founders. BuyitForward intends to disperse significant royalties annually to its equity shareholders. In the event of an acquisition, investors would receive their pro-rata benefit based on equity ownership. A pro forma is available by request.

Check out the campaign:
Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @BuyItForwardcom.

Woman Seeks To Change The World For Women

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke has launched Women’s WorldWide Web or W4, a crowdfunding site to help women around the world do more sustainably.

Lindsey explains, “W4 is a social-enterprise, crowdfunding platform dedicated to promoting girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world — in developing and developed countries.”

“We foster women’s social entrepreneurship as a powerful force for good—morally, socially financially, and for the sake of the environment,” she adds.

Lindsey sees hope and opportunity in the developing world. “Across the world, we’re seeing women social entrepreneurs driving change, improving lives, and even saving lives. These women are transforming communities and societies. They’re innovative, creative, and exceptionally resourceful, launching and scaling-up social businesses, often with stunningly limited resources.”

“Everywhere you look, women social entrepreneurs are accomplishing groundbreaking projects. There’s a particularly impressive wave of innovative women social entrepreneurs improving and saving lives in Africa,” she concludes.

On Thursday, January 15, 2015 at 1:00 Eastern, Lindsey will join me for a live discussion about W4 and its impact on women. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about Women’s WorldWide Web:

Women’s WorldWide Web (W4) is a progressive crowdfunding platform dedicated to girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world, in both developing and developed countries.

The W4 platform enables social investors (individuals, companies, organizations) to contribute—either financially, through crowdfunding; or in-kind, through mentoring and the sharing of skills—to revolutionary grassroots girls’ and women’s empowerment projects internationally.

The online portfolio of projects covers diverse fields: education, training, healthcare, financing (microfinance and crowdfunding), access to information and communication technologies, culture and the arts, sustainable development and the environment, rights awareness, as well as political participation.

A primary objective of W4 is to promote women’s social entrepreneurship.

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke

Lindsey’s bio:

Lindsey is Founder and Managing Director of Women’s WorldWide Web (W4), Europe’s first crowdfunding platform dedicated to girls’ and women’s empowerment around the world.

After her B.A. at Cambridge University, Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke joined Human Rights Watch in New York. She worked for several years in Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire for UNICEF and later for 6 years with humanitarian organization, Children of Asia, which operates programs in Southeast Asia. In 2008, Lindsey trained with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus. In 2009, Lindsey completed an Executive MBA with ESCP-Europe for which she received the International MBA Student of the Year by AMBA (which accredits MBAs Worldwide) and the Independent Newspaper. In 2011, Lindsey was nominated a “40 under 40” European Young Leader by EuropaNova. In 2013, Lindsey was nominated a “Women in ICT Role Model” by the Digital Agenda of the European Commission.

GoFundMe Tops Kickstarter as World’s #1 Crowdfunding Platform

SAN DIEGO, CA, January 12, 2015 – GoFundMe has announced that in the fourth quarter of 2014, over $156M was raised on their trusted, easy-to-use fundraising platform. This record-breaking quarter brings the total funds raised by GoFundMe in 2014 to $470M, making the company the world’s largest crowdfunding platform. Kickstarter, who formerly held the #1 spot, reported a pledge volume of $136M in the fourth quarter, and finished 2014 with $444M in successful pledges.

While Kickstarter helped popularize crowdfunding in the areas of creative projects, music and film, GoFundMe’s personal fundraising platform is focused on enabling people to raise money for personal causes and life events. “It’s incredible to see all the amazing ways people are using GoFundMe to make a difference in the lives of others,” says co-founder Brad Damphousse. “We feel very fortunate to have a front row seat to an ever-increasing number of uplifting, inspiring, and successful fundraising campaigns.”

The site’s most popular categories are Medical, Education, Emergencies, Volunteerism, Memorials, and Sports. Due to the personal nature of these types of campaigns, the majority of giving on GoFundMe occurs between family and friends. GoFundMe is rapidly replacing traditional fundraising methods while making it easy for people to support those they love during life’s most important moments.


Launched in 2010, GoFundMe has remained an extremely lean organization, having raised no outside capital and employing a dedicated team of less than 40 people. However, having a small roster has not prevented GoFundMe from running a very large business. The company boasts over $650M raised on the platform since its inception, along with an unprecedented customer support email reply time of 5-minutes-or-less.

“GoFundMe’s intense focus on exceptional customer experiences is what sets us apart,” Damphousse continues. “Our competitors have taken tens of millions of dollars in venture capital and employ hundreds of employees. We have stayed small, focused, and committed to serving our customers better than anyone else.”

GoFundMe’s annual donation volume grew a staggering 268% in 2014 and the company expects volume to continue increasing as market awareness rises, and crowdfunding becomes more widely accepted. “We have seen our business grow approximately 300% per year every year since we started GoFundMe and it is a testament to the power of crowdfunding. What matters are the causes that people are raising money for; these are deeply personal life events that resonate with donors. It revolves around the stories we tell, the lives we share, and the communities we try to build. Given all of this, we believe that the future of GoFundMe is boundless.”

For company logo, photos and other brand assets please visit:


Symbid Launches Niche Funding Platform for Agricultural Sector

Financial technology brand Symbidto connect Dutch agriculture to its Funding Network with new ‘Farmers Funding’ platform

Rotterdam, the Netherlands – January 06, 2015 – Symbid Corp. [OTCQB:SBID] ( – Symbid, one of the first investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide, has announced the launch of Farmers Funding (, an online investment platform for the Dutch agricultural sector. Built in collaboration with two agricultural companies, the platform will connect to the Symbid Funding Network and adds to the diverse range of investment opportunities for Symbid’s growing community of 28,000 active investors.

Funding for Innovative Farmers

The agricultural industry in the Netherlands is both innovative and future-oriented, but access to capital is decreasing. The Farmers Funding platform will enable young and growing agribusinesses to find finance without the need for traditional financial institutions. The first of its kind, this online platform means enterprising farmers can connect to a range of efficient funding options including loans, equity and crowdfunding. Agricultural entrepreneurs and investors can connect, fund and grow together via the Symbid Funding Network.

The Funding Network

The recent announcement of Symbid’s partnership with Credion, a leading Dutch financial advisory firm, signalled the crowdfunding brand’s transition into an online Funding Network. The new platform will feature online deal-making and monitoring tools in addition to the investment crowdfunding service. By combining various types of financiers into one network, a hybrid of alternative and traditional finance, Symbid is creating the go-to platform for investors and entrepreneurs. The launch of Farmers Funding, a niche marketplace of investment opportunities, is an example of how Symbid is attracting more capital seekers and providers to the Funding Network.

Although Farmers Funding is targeted at the agricultural industry, all investment propositions are linked directly to the Symbid Funding Network. This means the deals can be presented on the Symbid platform and hence reach a broader group of investors. Adding this niche industry to its network enables Symbid to further extend and diversify its offering, while investors can continue to personalize the content of their deal flow. The company expects all future affiliate platforms to connect to the Symbid Funding Network in such a way.

“Entrepreneurs logging onto Farmers Funding can present their business proposition either privately, to specific investors, or publicly, to the crowd. This way, our Funding Network lets the entrepreneur control how their business is funded and increases the likelihood of finding the right finance. Meanwhile, investors can decide on the types of deals that interest them and diversify their portfolio,” says Korstiaan Zandvliet, co-founder and CEO of Symbid. “Farmers Funding is a great example of how Symbid is leading the way in online finance, with more expansions of our Funding Network on the horizon.”

About Symbid

Founded in April 2011 as one of the first investment crowdfunding platforms worldwide, Symbid allows non-accredited investors to invest online in start-ups and SMEs with as little as €20 in exchange for shares in those companies. Based in the Netherlands, Symbid has emerged as a global leader in investment crowdfunding due to our innovative technological infrastructure, user-friendly interface and commitment to providing a secure funding environment for both investors and entrepreneurs. The Symbid team’s extensive experience with start-ups means entrepreneurs choosing our platform receive all the coaching and advice necessary for a successful campaign. This, in turn, ensures that investors using the Symbid platform can be confident in the profitability of their investment. As of December 2014, Symbid has successfully funded over 60 start-ups for a total capital sum of $7,000,000. Symbid became the first publicly listed crowdfunding platform worldwide in December 2013 [OTCQB:SBID]. In 2015 the company is expected to expand its product portfolio with several new (alternative and traditional) financial services in order to develop the Symbid platform towards an online funding network. Meanwhile, Symbid anticipates a European roll-out of its investment crowdfunding platform beginning in Q1 2015. Please visit for more information.

Safe Harbor Statement

This release may include predictions, estimates or other information that might be considered “forward-looking statements” as defined in the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. While these forward-looking statements represent our current judgement on what the future holds, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially. You are cautioned not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect our opinions only as of the date of this release. Please keep in mind that we are not obligating ourselves to revise or publicly release the results of any revision to these forward-looking statements in light of new information or future events. The predictions discussed in this release are based on the personal opinions of certain individuals and are supported by a consensus within the crowdfunding industry and alternative finance world generally. For a more complete discussion of these predictions and certain risk factors which may affect our future business operations, please review our most recent Form 10-K and Form 10-Q, particularly under the heading “Risk Factors.” PDF copies of these forms can be viewed and downloaded on the Symbid Corp. Investor Relations website at

Indiegogo Launches ‘InDemand,’ Enabling Campaigns to Transition from Crowdfunding to Commerce

Dozens Have Opted in to Pilot Program, Generating Millions of Dollars

SAN FRANCISCO, January 6, 2015 – Indiegogo announces InDemand, a new service that enables campaign owners to seamlessly transition into the next phase of operations including accepting product pre-orders, customer acquisition and earnings growth.

In just ten weeks, the pilot program of the service generated millions of dollars for dozens of participants. InDemand is now available to any project that meets its full funding goal.

The benefits of InDemand include:

  • Customer Acquisition & Pre-Orders: Capture profitable customers and take product pre-orders from around the world
  • Turn-Key Solution: Easily manage customer analytics and data, ongoing communications, orders from a single platform
  • Leverage SEO: Maintain exposure, SEO and links built during the campaign, without having to start elsewhere from scratch
  • Continued Promotion: Capitalize on existing web traffic to the campaign page as well as leverage Indiegogo’s email newsletter, social media channels and other tools that reach an engaged global audience

“InDemand gives our customers the turn-key solution they have been asking for to reach a larger audience and move into the next phase of their company’s lifecycle,” said Indiegogo CEO Slava Rubin. “Results from the pilot are strong and we are excited to roll out InDemand globally.”

Geek Pulse has already generated more than $1.4 million in product pre-orders through InDemand, surpassing the initial $1.1 million raised during their campaign (

“After Geek Pulse raised a staggering $1.1 million, interest in our entire product portfolio really began to take off,” said Gavin Fish, vice president at LH Labs, the parent company of Geek Pulse. “InDemand has enabled us to raise an additional million dollars and now we’ve enrolled Geek Wave, another multimillion dollar campaign, into the program.”

Other notable companies and startups already using InDemand include:

Indiegogo has had a banner year. Following a $40 million Series B fundraising round last January, Indiegogo has introduced a number of new products, features and innovations designed to improve the user experience. In the past 12 months, Indiegogo has launched a redesigned website and iPhone and Android apps. The company is the first crowdfunding platform to incorporate Apple Pay, providing Indiegogo’s global customer base with a one-touch way to fund ideas that matter to them, wherever they are and whenever they want. And last month, Indiegogo launched Indiegogo Life, a new personal fundraising site with a 0% Indiegogo fee.

About Indiegogo

Indiegogo empowers people around the world to fund what matters to them. As the largest global crowdfunding platform, campaigns have launched from almost every country around the world with millions of dollars being distributed every week due to contributions made by the Indiegogo community. Indiegogo is an open platform dedicated to democratizing the way people raise funds for any project – creative, entrepreneurial or cause-related. The company was launched in 2008 and is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. For more information, visit and follow us at and

Bearded Yogi Announces 2015 Big Love Weekend In Support of God’s Love We Deliver

Sign-up is available via Crowdrise beginning Monday, January 12 at 9AM EST

For Big Love Weekend; Two days of yoga, meditation, panel sessions and dance party

All proceeds raised from the event will be donated to God’s Love We Deliver.

NEW YORK, NY, January 8, 2015 – Jason Patrick, a.k.a. Bearded Yogi, invites you to Big Love Weekend, a two-day wellness campaign to support and raise funds for God’s Love We Deliver, the NYC-based non-profit that cooks and delivers more than 1.2 million meals each year to those in the New York metropolitan area who are too sick to shop or cook for themselves.

Big Love Founder Jason Patrick is a New York City karma yoga teacher that became personally involved with God’s Love We Deliver when he was diagnosed as HIV-positive in 2011. Shortly after his diagnosis, Patrick’s health and nutrition became a high priority as he navigated his treatment. He became involved with God’s Love We Deliver after becoming a witness to those that were homebound and too sick to feed themselves. God’s Love We Deliver cooks and delivers nutritious, individually tailored meals to over 5,000 people each year in the New York City metropolitan area.

“God’s Love We Deliver is in the business of saving lives, and I’m on board,” says Big Love Founder Jason Patrick. “This statement might sound dramatic, but people living with severe illnesses who are being helped by God’s Love We Deliver know it to be true.”

The Big Love Weekend is divided into Wellness Day on Saturday, February 28 and the Birthday Bash and Dance Party on Sunday, March 1. The Wellness Day includes two yoga classes led by Elena Brower and Moda Yoga’s certified teachers, Dina Tsouluhas and Guillaue Brun; a puja ceremony guided by Priest Prakash Bhat; workouts from Kirk Myers Fitness, the trainers behind celebrity Hugh Jackman’s physique, and Patricia Moreno of Sati Life; a talk by spirituality guru Gabrielle Bernstein, and food and beverages lovingly donated by Untamed Sandwiches, Gingersnaps Organic, Health Warrior, Nibmor, La Colombe, Juice Generation and Balance Water.

Sunday’s big Birthday Bash will have food, talks, and live music and a DJ’ed dance party.

“We’re very grateful to Jason for all he has done over the years with Big Love Weekend to raise awareness for God’s Love We Deliver,” says Karen Pearl, President & CEO of God’s Love We Deliver. “We’re inspired by Jason’s generous spirit and his commitment to bringing new, supportive friends to our organization. Thank you to everyone who is involved with Big Love Weekend. This is a huge community effort that does so much to support our efforts to cook and deliver nutritious meals for our most vulnerable neighbors.”

In 2013, Jason organized his first birthday party/fundraiser for God’s Love We Deliver, over Valentine’s Day weekend. Jason invited friends to donate to his Crowdrise fundraiser, benefiting God’s Love, in honor of his birthday. He realized that the majority of his friends donated because it was his birthday, but once they attended his birthday party, learned more about God’s Love We Deliver and watched a video describing his work with the nonprofit, many committed to doing more. Jason realized that Big Love Birthday needed to grow and immediately set to create the next year’s bigger birthday fundraiser, Big Love Weekend.

Registration is $216 for both days, and there are options to purchase a one-day Wellness Day pass for $108 or Birthday Bash for $108, as well as further ways to fundraise via Crowdrise.

For more details on the fundraiser, as well of the fundraisers already committed to raising funds for God’s Love We Deliver, please visit

Big Love Weekend invites you to join our ‘love campaign’ and learn more about Big Love Weekend, please visit If interested in sponsorship or media opportunities, please email and visit Vimeo to watch Jason’s video on his involvement with God’s Love. And, connect us with us on social media, as we will be tweeting and Instagramming using @godslovenyc and #BigLoveWknd.

The Invitation #BigLoveWknd #ToDeliverLove from Jason Patrick on Vimeo.

God’s Love We Deliver is the New York metropolitan area’s leading provider of life-sustaining meals and nutrition counseling for people living with severe illnesses. Begun as an HIV/AIDS service organization, today God’s Love provides for people living with more than 200 individual diagnoses. God’s Love cooks and home delivers the specific, nutritious meals a client’s severe illness and treatment so urgently require. Meals are individually tailored for each client by one of our Registered Dietitians, and all clients have access to unlimited nutrition counseling. God’s Love supports families by providing meals for the children and senior caregivers of its clients. All of the agency’s services are provided free of charge, and in its history of more than 29 years, God’s Love We Deliver has never had a waiting list. For more information, visit God’s Love is a non-sectarian organization.

God’s Love We Deliver would like to thank The Waterfront, Lululemon, Modo Yoga NYC, Exhale Spa, Pravassa Wellness Travel, 5elementSpa, Mental Workout, Ashram Chic and Satya Jewelry for supporting and donating so generously to Big Love Weekend.

Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association Seeks to Improve Societies Around the World

There are many humanitarian groups, charities and social enterprises working to improve the lives of the less fortunate in the world, but few emphasize the importance of karmic fulfillment like Modern Advocacy Humanitarian Social and Rehabilitation Association or MAHSRA. MAHSRA is a multinational organization that helps people in medical clinics, orphanages, handicraft centers and prisons. With operations in the U.S., Canada, UK, Germany , Austria, Belgium, South Africa and Nigeria, MAHSRA is helping victims of poverty and human conflict find a better way to live.

MAHSRA not only asks those who are blessed with abundance to help those who have less, but it also teaches how helping others improves their own lives. The universe inevitably blesses the generous through financial success and personal fulfillment. The lesson of giving and being repaid many times over has been proven time and again.

MAHSRA is currently asking people to join in supporting its many initiatives to help the sick, disabled and otherwise vulnerable people around the world. MAHSRA is currently conducting visits to many groups and would like to ask you to financially support these important efforts. The group has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to raise $52,000 which will be used exclusively to help the poor, sick and needy by providing milk, medications, mattresses, soap, toilet tissue and other food stuffs. In return for your generous support, you may receive perks like a copy of “Magic of Uplifting” written by the CEO of MAHSRA or personalized web page, as well as the karmic rewards from giving to the needy. To learn more about MAHSRA or to make a financial pledge, please visit

Technology for Kids that Parents can Get Behind OnceAppon – The First Best Seller by Your Child!

Stimulate a child’s imagination and they will have creativity for life…

“OnceAppon” is an interactive, educational, super-fun experience, that lets every child create beautiful, personalized books.

Popular culture reinforces the idea that technology for children can be a poor influence or an insufficient use of time.

One of the prominent qualities of OnceAppon is its emphasis on providing educational content by underscoring certain values (such as friendship) and focusing on storylines that deal with difficulties and challenges that are familiar to the child (such as trouble going to sleep at bedtime). The children can create the hero of the story and choose their preferences of storyline, based on hundreds of pre-written scenarios containing educational content.


The founders, Sheri Kfir and Yael Eshet, say  “We’re confident that these efforts will bring to parents something they didn’t even know was missing. It will seamlessly fit into children’s game time. This will guarantee that children can be more creative than they ever imagined and make “real books” cool again.”

The themes are mindfully selected and written in consultation with leading child development psychologist and behavior analyst.

The project is now up on the crowdfunding website “Indiegogo” for everyone to see and be a part of. This campaign is showcasing the project in a unique way. The backers are able to get an inside look at how this idea came to realization and become part of the conversation on its future. Anyone who has an interest in building a child’s imagination will be interested to see how this works.

Our first product, “OnceAppon – A good night story maker for kids“, is now available for free at the Appstore for iPad (age 2 and up).

We want to develop the app in more platforms, so –

We offer an early sale of our personalized products – printed books and dolls that the kids create by themselves, that links the children’s virtual world to their real world.

About us: Yael Eshet, a creative director, and Sheri Kfir, a project manager, Mommies ourselves, and also owners and founders of a successful Israeli business for the past 6 years – “Korimli” – manufacturing personalized children’s books and products. OnceAppon is our new startup.

CommitChange Works Towards Zero Cost Donations

CommitChange, a social impact company that provides intelligent fundraising tools to nonprofits has announced that due to increased processing volume, has lowered its credit card fees from 2.9% per transaction to 2.4% per transaction. CommitChange does not take additional platform fees on donations processed through the platform, so the savings on credit cards fees will be passed directly to the nonprofit users. The result will be hundreds of thousands of additional dollars going directly to nonprofit users in 2015.

“Today’s technology can change our world in unprecedented ways, but only if companies in our industry re-evaluate their business models. Donation skimming, hidden fees, and lock-in contracts make it harder for nonprofits to effectively raise money online. We’re eliminating those business practices and calling out the people who engage in them.” says CommitChange CEO, Roderick Campbell. CommitChange is on track to process over $10,000,000 in 2015, so we plan to lower these fees even further.”


The St. Bernard Project switched to CommitChange prior to launching its biggest fundraising campaign of the year. “This was our most successful year to date; we can attribute much of that to the clear, intuitive interface that makes donating so much easier.” Says Ann Williams, Director of Development for the St. Bernard Project. “With the volume of online donations that we process, lower transaction costs will have a significant impact on our funds raised. We’re switching all of our affiliates over this week and are looking forward to our best year yet.”

CommitChange recently released its first monthly subscription tier for its core fundraising suite and currently serves 300+ nonprofits across the country. More than 9000 donors used CommitChange for their charitable giving in 2014.

CommitChange provides nonprofits with a full suite of integrated online fundraising tools, which can be managed from a single platform. CommitChange is venture backed by Mark Cuban, Tim Draper, and 500 Startups and headquartered in Oakland, California.

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