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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: April 2015

New Crowdfunding Site Focuses On Disaster Recovery

Tamara Habib, with her partner Paul Lewis, has launched a new crowdfunding site, Firelily, that allows people to raise money after experiencing a disaster, most often a house fire.

Tamara explains, “The majority of families fundraising on Firelily were impacted by house fires, an event in which there is little help to recover. Firelily’s recovery guide, Rebuilding After Disaster, was downloaded over 3,000 times in it’s first four days on their website.”

The site offers some innovative features, Tamara says. “Firelily provides a donor matching function; it’s kind of like online dating, but we connect fundraiser to potential donors based on common interests. Firelily is the only crowdfunding website that verifies the information of its fundraisers to ensure the utmost accuracy.”

On Thurdsay, April 16, 2015 at noon Eastern, Tamara will join me here for a live discussion about her new platform. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about FireLily:

Whether it’s a forest fire or a flood, on nearly every continent of the globe, firelilies sprout up in the immediate aftermath of these disasters and are the first plants to revive the ecosystem. The mission of Firelily is to reengineer disaster by providing the resources needed for individuals and organizations to be successful after disaster. The fundraising platform on Firelily allows for individuals to tell their story, identify their needs and receive the funds critical to a quick recovery. Organizations and communities utilize Firelily to fundraise for their missions, supporting deployments for disaster response and recovery. Firelily provides a series of tools and templates, including the free recovery guide Rebuilding After Disaster, to ensure that those recovering from disaster, and the organizations helping them, have the knowledge needed to best plan for recovery. Every person who fundraises or contributes through Firelily has control, eliminating the feeling of helplessness that persists after a disaster.

Tamara Habib

Tamara Habib

Tamara’s bio:

Tamara Habib is an impact entrepreneur focused on reengineering disaster recovery. Her career in emergency management has spanned roles that include working as an Emergency Management Technician, responding to local and national disasters with the American Red Cross and consulting major cities on disaster planning and recovery. Through this work, she learned that people and communities impacted by disaster needed better resources to recover and, as a result, founded and is CEO at Firelily, a crowdfunding startup dedicated to empowering those impacted by disaster to take control of their recovery. Tamara enjoys spending time with her fiance and dog, strolling the streets of Chicago and learning about other cultures.

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Devin D. Thorpe

LucidBrake Smart Wireless Bicycle Brake Light Announced On Kickstarter

Highly Intelligent Bike Brake Light Debuts on Kickstarter

Patent Pending — 8 Ultra Bright LEDs Wirelessly Detect Stopping Motion Easy Set-up with Tough Press-on “Dual Lock” Fasteners Used in Buildings – No Installation or Wiring Needed!

Kids & Adults Are Safer Riding in Traffic – Awareness Beacon Visible from ½ Mile Away

100% Waterproof, Works on Bicycles, Helmets, Backpacks, & Other Surfaces

unnamed (3)

April 14, 2015, Parker, Colorado — LucidLights, LLC, creator of smart LED lighting technology, announced today on Kickstarter, LucidBrake, the patent-pending smart wireless motion-sensing bicycle brake light with awareness beacon for safer biking in traffic, at night, or in groups. Available on Kickstarter at:, LucidBrake is the most intelligent bike brake light on the market. It mounts on virtually any surface, using all 3 axes of acceleration signals (right/ left, up/down, backwards/forwards) to detect deceleration and stopping, filtering out road bumps, grades, angles, and normal cycling movements.

No Installation or Wiring Needed

LucidBrake easily and securely presses onto the bike, rider, helmet or other surface with “Dual Lock” fasteners from 3M, extremely tough fastener material that’s even used to hold up metal siding on buildings in extreme outdoor weather conditions – no installation or wiring required!

Featuring 8 ultra-bright LEDs, LucidBrake can be seen up to a ½ mile away at night and ¼ mile during the day, ensuring that cars, other bikers, and pedestrians will see you braking, slowing down, or stopping suddenly, even at a distance. The 8 LEDs blink as you move and alert solid when you stop (just like a car’s brake lights), detecting movement on boats, jet skis, bikes, skateboards, wheelchairs, scooters, helmets, and even backpacks, clothing, signs, and other flat surfaces.

Kickstarter Page Launched Today with Early Bird Pricing

LucidBrake is exclusively available for pre-order starting today through its Kickstarter campaign at: The first 25 backers will get the early bird discount special of $50, with additional backers receiving LucidBrake at the discounted rate of $69.99. In addition, some backers will receive the first-ever personalized product perk from this campaign, a customized 20 oz. stainless-steel water bottle emblazoned with their name, perfect for cycling excursions.

LucidBrake for Safer Riding – Features Advanced Computer Circuitry

If you’re a cyclist, you know how important it is to be seen by those around you — being seen is being safe. Featuring advanced computer circuitry, LucidBrake knows the difference between slowing down and abruptly stopping, detecting motion with 4 beacon modes: 2 blinking modes, steady glow (tail light), or off (for racers) normally while in motion. It has a 2-speed braking indicator: flashing quick alerts during sudden stops, glowing solid during normal stops. 100% waterproof, the LucidBrake circuit board is completely encased in a special optically clear conformal coating at the suggestion of engineers at Dow Corning to protect from the elements. LucidBrake even works under water for boating or other aquatic uses. This super-tough coating is used for solar energy projects, where long term exposure to ultraviolet light, intense heat and cold can take their toll.

Light-weight Under 2 ounces for Endurance Cyclists — 3 Inches Wide for Visibility

The inventors of LucidBrake interviewed cyclists who told them their main concern, besides safety, was adding weight to their rides. As many cyclists are endurance riders, they feel every ounce added to their bikes. At under 2 ounces, LucidBrake adds very little weight and at 3 inches across, it gives cyclists the essential light and braking safety that they require. LucidBrake works with 2 AAA batteries that last over 1 year, shutting off when not in use to save battery life.

“We’ve taken bicycle safety lights to a whole new level with LucidBrake,” said John Craig, inventor and owner at LucidLights LLC. “Simply attach LucidBrake to your bike, helmet, backpack, or elsewhere, add two AAA batteries and ride. There’s no wiring at all, not even an on/off switch. It’s that simple, easy to use, and it works great! LucidBrake is smart enough to self-adjust to the mounting angle, road grades, and bumps, making it the most intelligent brake light on the market.”

Lucid Brake Features:

  • Ultra bright brake light visible from ½ mile away at night and ¼ mile in the day to prevent cyclists’ injuries.
  • Easy to install, no wiring needed. Presses on securely with tough dual-lock fasteners.
  • Patent-pending innovative design.
  • Flat back allows it to mount onto multiple surfaces, backpacks, helmets, etc.
  • 4 different beacon modes (flashing, fast flashing, solid, off) with modes aligning to the E.U. laws (off or dimmed tail-light).
  • Angled cover design increases degree of visibility.
  • Brake light has two speeds: normal and emergency.
  • Brake Light Indicator:
    • No pressing a pedal or button necessary.
    • Knows when going over bumpy roads, down a hill, or really slowing down.
    • Adjusts to the mounting angle.
    • Flashes more intensely when stopping suddenly, alerting others.
  • No on/off switch: automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use or by changing the position of the unit or storing in flat or horizontal position.
  • Long battery life of over 1 year with 2 AAA batteries.
  • Waterproof : operates under water for biking in rain or snow, for boating, or other aquatic uses.
  • Lightweight: under 2 oz. total weight (includes battery).
  • Many other creative non-bicycle uses are possible, such as at the end of long car or truck loads.

Customer Testimonials:

“Fantastic, well-thought-out product!”
“Thanks, again for coming up with a bike brake light — great product.”
“I use mine everyday. I just love my LucidBrake!”

LucidBrake is available now on Kickstarter for pre-order for the summer cycling season, shipping June 2015 with Kickstarter discounted pricing of $50 first 25 backers at:, $69.99 after first 25 orders. For more information, see the website, Kickstarter:, Twitter: @LucidBrake, Facebook: , YouTube:

About LucidLights, LLC

Founded in 2007, LucidLights, LLC designs innovative smart LED lighting technology for safer living. LucidLights ™ are hand-held, oscillating light devices that use persistence of vision to paint bright images (text or graphic) in thin air, stopping people in their tracks with their novel brilliance. In 2013, LucidLights created prototypes for LucidBrake and with the help of a successful crowd-funding campaign, produced their first production run. The new LucidBrake is set to launch April 2015 on Kickstarter with an advanced algorithm for how and when it turns off and more advanced beacon modes, as well as modes that comply with German E.U. rules of the road. For more information, see

Flow Hive Indiegogo Campaign Exceeds $10 Million

Largest-Ever Indiegogo Campaign Passes Milestone With Six Days to Go

Indiegogo, the world’s largest online funding platform, announces the Flow Hive campaign for the revolutionary beekeeping invention that makes harvesting honey easier and more simple than ever has now raised more than $10 million on the platform (

The Flow Hive technology represents the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852 and makes harvesting honey as simple as turning a tap. Father and son entrepreneurs Cedar and Stewart Anderson developed their Flow™ design over the past 10 years. The Australian duo are now leveraging Indiegogo’s global reach to bring their product directly to customers around the world and more than 27,000 people have already contributed to the campaign.

When Flow Hive launched in February, the campaign reached its funding goal in a staggering 477 seconds. To see how the Flow Hive system works, watch the latest video here:

The Flow Hive campaign is just one example of entrepreneurs around the world using Indiegogo’s open and global platform to bring their ideas to life. Indiegogo operates in 224 countries and territories, in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) and five currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR). With 30% of its campaigns located outside of the United States, Indiegogo is helping campaign owners around the world create and innovate.

Bridges to America Gives Nigerian Youth An Opportunity to Play Soccer in the U.S.

Bridges to America is working to help young people in Nigeria by creating a soccer tournament for which the winning team will have the opportunity to visit the U.S. and compete. In order to make this happen, he’s raising money on Indiegogo. Recently, We connected with Adam Miles, the founder, about the effort; here’s what he told us.

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

The funds we raise through our crowdfunding campaign will directly benefit hundreds, likely thousands, of Nigerian youth by affording them the opportunity to engage with young American women volunteers as the youth showcase their soccer skills and share in their mutual love of soccer. The Nigerian teams that win the Bridges Cup will then come to the USA and be given the opportunity to meet more American players and see models of educational and business success and innovation. Those youth will then be challenged to take their new perspectives and learnings back to Nigeria and find ways to improve the existing infrastructure and systems there. The benefits to the American volunteers who travel with us to Nigeria, or simply play with these kids in the US leg of Save-A-Thon, are real in that they will gain international exposure, make new friends, and see a different way of life.


How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We need to raise at least $25,000 so that we can ensure a well-run event that provides a high quality, secure environment for both the local crowds and the visitors from the USA. Putting on a world class event that is enjoyed by all who attend and participate is key to the long-term sustainability of our project. We have raised just less than $1000 so far.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

We have been and will continue to help the youth of Nigeria. 100mm people in Africa’s largest country, Nigeria, live on less than $1 per day and most of these are children. They live, for the most part, hopeless lives. We aim to fix one child and one soccer ball at a time.

We also provide an opportunity for American youth, particularly young women, to travel to Nigeria to provide encouragement, motivation and aid to these kids. The American women gain valuable exposure to a different way of life and an appreciation not just for what they have in the USA but for what these youth and they themselves COULD be.

The funds we raise allow us to reach hundreds and eventually thousands of kids and helps us bring the American volunteers there to run the programs and engage with these kids.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

  • Trip to the Women’s World Cup Game in Vancouver Canada to watch USA vs. Nigeria
  • eBook of We Are One. An account of an American girls’ soccer team trip to Nigeria in March 2014 just weeks before the Chibok Girls were abducted by Boko Haram
  • RSL-Women signed game ball
  • Photo Book of the most compelling photos of our numerous journeys to Nigeria
  • Trip to Nigeria as the Chairperson of the Bridges Cup 2015 scheduled for the Fall in Lagos, Nigeria

Check out the campaign:
Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @saveathon

Domestic Violence Is the New Face of Mobile Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Technology Empowers Domestic Abuse Survivors to Raise Funds to Obtain Reconstructive Surgery with New Partnership Between MobileCause and Face Forward Foundation

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – MobileCause has partnered with Face Forward Foundation to launch a series of fundraising and communication campaigns to empower women who have been victims of domestic abuse or a violent crime. Face Forward Foundation helps victims of violent and disfiguring crimes put their FACE FORWARD leaving their physical scars behind. This campaign allows victims to increase awareness to domestic violence and help raise funds for themselves and other victims for the accompanying costs of reconstructive surgery. While the reconstructive surgery is pro-bono, the supplementary items surrounding their reconstructive surgery are expensive and many women require multiple operations. Unfortunately, there are also many women on the waiting list while the foundation raises funds with goals of helping an additional 10-20 survivors per year.

In an extraordinary act of technological empowerment, MobileCause, a leader in cloud based technology solutions for nonprofits, has partnered with Face Forward to assist victims of domestic violence to utilize their personal networks of friends and social networks to raise awareness and donations for themselves and other victims, in the process helping other women like them. The first three women to participate in these crowdfunding and communication campaigns are pre-approved by Face Forward and have treatment plans in place by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi. Face Forward Foundation, founded by Dr. David Alessi and his wife Deborah Alsessi (a survivor of DV) provides pro-bono plastic surgery to victims of abuse and violent crimes and depends on donated funds for the costs and care surrounding the donated surgeries such as anesthesiologist, after care, travel and accommodations. Face Forward Founder Deborah Alessi says of the partnership, “We are so excited to partner with MobileCause on this exciting crowdfunding campaign which is empowering our survivors and enabling them to fund their own campaign while helping other victims, which facilitates them in feeling in control again of their life!”

MobileCause, a leading provider of cloud based fundraising and communication solutions for nonprofit organizations, makes it easy for donors to give and for nonprofits to raise more donations at a lower cost. The company provides a suite of products for a new generation of giving to strengthen an organizations brand by integrating mobile everywhere and increasing the speed and effectiveness of donor communication. MobileCause has developed an original campaign with the domestic abuse charity Face Forward, enabling the charity as a whole and its beneficiaries the power to raise more awareness of domestic violence and fundraise from the convenience of their mobile phones. The US now has 74% smartphone adoption changing donor expectations and new solutions are needed for nonprofit organizations to address the challenges and opportunities associated with a mobile first society. Many supporters research websites, watch videos, and make credit/debit donations directly from their mobile phone. MobileCause’s fundraising platform makes it easy for donors to give from any device and focuses on helping nonprofit organizations gain donors, increase recurring gifts and engage supporters. The MobileCause Crowdfunding solution empowers nonprofit organizations to conveniently raise donations through their networks of volunteers, donors and staff. This solution is unique for Face Forward in that the survivors can take control of their future and assist others in the same situation, and anyone can become a fundraiser for this great cause and customize their page with photo, donation goal and personal message. When someone donates they can receive exclusive content and text messages to follow along with the progress of each Face Forward patient. The patients provide updates on their progress thereby keeping donors connected to the growth and success of the survivors. Each patient knows their personal surgery plan and what finances are needed to cover those needs and any additional money they raise will roll over to the next group of patients on the waiting list empowering these victims to help both themselves and others. The nonprofit itself is continuously fundraising for its patients but thought this was an incredible way to reach more people who can donate whatever they can or volunteer to fundraise for patients and capitalize on the theory that there is power in numbers. All the money raised will be tracked by the MobileCause software and available to be seen on the Face Forward website. Supporters can see these victims of abuse reach their goals as well they can see other victims rise up on the wait list. Updates and surgery reveals will be provided on each victim showing their progress to leaving both the physical and emotional scars behind them as they Face Forward to their future.

MobileCause CEO, Sean MacNeill commented on the extraordinary campaign, “We are thrilled to provide our mobile software fundraising solutions to an amazing cause such as Face Forward and are confident that this campaign will connect the world to these woman and many others like them while allowing crowdfunding to do what it does best with a personal connection to these brave survivors and worthwhile cause.”

The campaign will soft launch the week of March 30th and go throughout October which is Domestic Violence Awareness month and can be viewed at

About Face Forward Foundation

Face Forward’s mission is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by Domestic Violence or any Cruel Act of Crime. Face Forward vows that all individuals who cannot afford the fees associated with proper internal and external care will be treated Pro-Bono. Our team of skilled surgeons and specialists has been fortunate enough to impact the lives of many with truly life-changing results, but this is just the beginning. We work with community leaders and organizations around the nation and throughout the world, in order to identify victims of violence who are legitimately working toward recovery and who carry the physical evidence of past abuse. We are able to provide our services to individuals who are committed to their recovery by partnering with local community centers, which offer complementary relief, housing, counseling, job searches and legal assistance. We are one humble part of the recovery puzzle; however, the immediate results of our healing efforts provide individuals with the confidence to literally put their best Face Forward once again. Face Forward is a non-profit organization, a 501(c)(3) registered in the State of California. Better than 90% of all donations are directed toward victim treatment and recovery. Since an average patient’s treatment costs approximately $5,000, every penny helps.

About MobileCause:

MobileCause provides cloud based online fundraising and communication software for nonprofit organizations enabling them to raise more money at a lower cost. Each solution is designed to mobilize networks of volunteers, donors and staff while making it easy for people to give and stay connected from any device. Our suite of products including: crowdfunding for nonprofits, comprehensive online giving, dynamic event fundraising, text to donate keywords, mobile marketing and smart data records, is designed for a new generation of giving for mobile, online and social. Customers can be up and running in hours with no technical skills required. MobileCause provides turnkey merchant and payment services at a simple flat rate that includes a specialized mobile payment app for nonprofits. Each plan includes dedicated strategy support from fundraising experts. Featured clients include United Way, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern

Crowdfunding Experts Address New Regulation A+ Rules Live

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

The SEC recently issued new rules for offerings under Regulations A, creating a two tier system that allows issuers to raise up to $50 million without facing all of the requirements of a public offering but potentially providing some of the benefits.

To help readers understand the nuances of the new regulations, I’ve assembled three experts to explain the issues and implications of the new regulations.

Sara Hanks, CEO of CrowdCheck, says, “Regulation A is going to be an effective way for early-stage companies to raise funds from a wide variety of investors.”

“Reg A can’t be done without experienced lawyers, but they don’t have to be expensive,” she adds.

Highlighting the complexities of the law, Hanks notes, “The issuer’s ability to ‘test the waters’ and find out whether there will be any interest in its offering before it spends money on advisors is one of the most helpful aspects of Tier 2 of Reg A. Too bad it doesn’t work for Tier 1.”

“Issuers have to understand the audit requirements for Tier 2. It’s not just the need for audited financials, but they have to be in the format required by Regulation S-X. And the SEC only accepts ‘clean’ audit reports,” she concludes.

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 at 11:00 Eastern, Hanks, along with UC Berkeley crowdfunding expert Richard Swart and attorney Samuel Guzik will join me for a live discussion about the new rules.

Richard Swart

Richard Swart

Swart’s bio:

Richard has emerged as the global expert in developments in crowdfunding. As a research scholar in the Institute for Business & Social Innovation in the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, he is the University’s resident expert on crowdfunding and evolving models of alternative finance. He also organizes the Annual Academic Symposium on Crowdfunding Research. He currently advises the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and works with several other prominent foundations, think tanks, funds and corporations. He is co-author of the forthcoming book Crowdfunding: The Corporate Era, being published in June 2015.

Samuel Guzik

Samuel Guzik

Guzik’s bio:

Samuel S. Guzik has more than 35 years of experience as a corporate and securities attorney and business advisor in private practice in New York and Los Angeles, including as an associate at Willkie Farr and Gallagher, a major New York based international law firm, a partner at the law firm of Ervin, Cohen and Jessup, in Los Angeles, and in the firm he founded in 1993, Guzik & Associates. Mr. Guzik has represented public and privately held companies and entrepreneurs on a broad range of business and financing transactions, both public and private. Guzik has represented businesses in a diverse range of industries, including digital media, apparel, health care and numerous high technology based businesses. He is a recognized authority and thought leader on matters relating to the JOBS Act of 2012 and the ongoing SEC rulemaking, including Regulation D Rule 506 private placements, Regulation A+, and investment crowdfinance. He has been consulted by Congressional members, state legislators and the U.S. Small Business Administration Office of Advocacy on matters relating to the JOBS Act and state securities matters. He has also been cited by SEC Commissioner Daniel M. Gallagher on two occasions in public statements, both for his advocacy on behalf of SME’s and his thought leadership on SEC rulemaking and post-JOBS Act reforms.

Mr. Guzik is also a prolific writer on JOBS Act issues affecting entrepreneurs, small and emerging companies, investors and Internet-based funding portals. He is a frequent blogger on his blog, The Corporate Securities Lawyer Blog, addressing developing corporate and securities laws issues. In 2014 he published two major commentaries on JOBS Act rulemaking in The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation: the first article, entitled “Regulation A+ Offerings – a New Era at the SEC,” discussing the SEC’s proposed regulations implementing JOBS Act Title IV Regulation A+; the second article entitled “SEC Crowdfunding Rulemaking under the JOBS Act – An Opportunity Lost?” addressing deficiencies in the SEC’s proposed Title III investment crowdfunding regulations. His articles have also been cited in national business publications on issues relating to federal securities regulation, including, The Economist, Forbes, Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Compliance Weekly and Mr. Guzik is also a regular speaker on federal securities matters.

Mr. Guzik is also a founding member of The Heritage Foundation Securities Regulation Working Group, focusing on federal regulatory issues affecting small businesses and emerging growth companies, including ongoing JOBS Act and Dodd-Frank SEC rulemaking. He also served as a member of the Advisory Council of the Crowdfunding Professional Association before being appointed to their Board of Directors in March 2015. He received a B.S. degree in Industrial and Labor relations from Cornell University and is a graduate of Stanford University Law School, and is admitted to practice in both New York and California.

Sara Hanks

Sara Hanks

Hanks’ bio:

Sara Hanks, co-founder and CEO of CrowdCheck, is an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the corporate and securities field. CrowdCheck provides due diligence and compliance services for online alternative securities offerings. Its services help entrepreneurs and project sponsors through the disclosure and due diligence process, give investors the information they need to make an informed investment decision and avoid fraud and help intermediaries avoid liability.

Sara’s prior position was General Counsel of the bipartisan Congressional Oversight Panel, the overseer of the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). Prior to that, Sara spent many years as a partner of Clifford Chance, one of the world’s largest law firms. While at Clifford Chance, she advised on capital markets transactions and corporate matters for companies throughout the world. Sara began her career with the London law firm Norton Rose. She later joined the Securities and Exchange Commission and as Chief of the Office of International Corporate Finance led the team drafting regulations that put into place a new generation of rules governing the capital-raising process.

Sara received her law degree from Oxford University and is a member of the New York and DC bars and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. She serves on the SEC’s Advisory Council on Small and Emerging Companies. She holds a Series 65 securities license as a registered investment advisor. Sara is an aunt, Army wife, skier, cyclist, gardener and animal lover.

More about UC Berkeley:

We at CrowdBerkeley believe that fundamental changes in the finance landscape are just beginning to take root. Our goal as an interdisciplinary partnership between the Fung Institute of Engineering, the Center for Social Sector Leadership at Haas, the Finance Group at the Haas School of Business, and the Kauffman Foundation are to deepen the thought leadership, education, and outreach around all things crowdfunding. Our agenda is simple: to learn, educate, and inform in a way that reflects the long-standing tradition of the University of California at Berkeley as a university of innovation.

With the support of the Kauffman Foundation, we are building an extensive repository of crowdfunding data to support research and to inform innovation and policy. Each year, we host the leading academic symposium on the latest research in crowdfunding. And the symposium is just the beginning. Across campus, leaders in business, law, development, innovation and policy are constantly on campus, furthering our education and outreach.

More about Guzik & Associates:

Guzik & Associates, founded by Samuel S. Guzik in 1993 and located in Los Angeles, is a law firm providing a broad spectrum of legal representation in the areas of business, corporate, and securities law. We provide representation to a variety of businesses and individuals in the U.S. and abroad, including start-ups, emerging and established companies, and publicly held NYSE, Nasdaq and OTC listed companies. We also serve as legal counsel to other law firms from time to time on a project or “of counsel” basis.

More about CrowdCheck:

CrowdCheck provides disclosure, due diligence and compliance services for companies and intermediaries making online alternative investment offerings.

Air Bud Entertainment and Starlight Children’s Foundation Team Up for the 2015 Play in May Campaign

Kevin Zegers, Mckenna Grace and Air Bud star in new Play in May video at

LOS ANGELES (April 8, 2015) — Starlight Children’s Foundation, a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world, and Air Bud Entertainment are teaming up for the charity’s 2015 Play in May® campaign. The second annual initiative will raise awareness for the healing power of play and funds for Starlight’s innovative programs that improve the comfort and care of pediatric patients and their families.

The partnership with Air Bud Entertainment includes Air Bud’s starring role in a new Play in May recruitment video, which also stars original “Air Bud” lead actor Kevin Zegers (“Transamerica,” “Gossip Girl”) and eight-year-old actress McKenna Grace (“Russell Madness,” “The Young and the Restless”). Social media activations and other promotions are planned to inspire and motivate players and donors to support the needs of local communities through Starlight.

Individuals and teams can join the campaign by registering online at Participants are invited to play a game – any game – from May 1 to May 15 for just 15 minutes a day for 15 days. Players can invite their colleagues, friends and families to sponsor them with a charitable donation to Starlight. The funds raised will help Starlight support kids and families from hospital to home through its array of family-centered programs.

“We are thrilled that Air Bud, and his amazing team at Air Bud Entertainment, are partnering with Starlight for our second annual Play in May campaign,” says Jacquie Hart, Starlight Global CEO. “Air Bud and Starlight are perfectly aligned as beloved family brands that bring smiles to kids’ faces and joy to the whole family. We invite everyone to join us online at to share the healing power of play with kids and families in their community.”

“All of us at Air Bud Entertainment, including Air Bud himself, are proud to partner and support the important work in raising awareness for the healing power of play with the Play in May campaign with Starlight Children’s Foundation,” says Anna McRoberts, President, Air Bud Entertainment.

The second annual Play in May campaign has attracted the support of sponsors Colgate-Palmolive, Michaels Stores, Insomniac Games and Audrey’s Cookies, as well as the support of Major League Baseball and media partners Spotify and Kabillion.

Donations from the Play in May campaign will help fund Starlight programs including the Starbright World online community for teens and their siblings affected by chronic or serious illness, and the Starlight Wish List platform that offers donors the opportunity to fulfill unmet needs directly requested by their local pediatric facilities. Together, Starlight’s network of children’s hospitals, specialty clinics and camps, respite houses and pediatric hospices serve more than 26 million children in communities throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Visit to learn more and sign up today.

About Starlight Children’s Foundation

Founded in 1982, Starlight Children’s Foundation is a leading global charity that partners with experts to improve the life and health of kids and families around the world. Collaborating with innovators in pediatric healthcare, entertainment and technology, Starlight provides a unique blend of family-centered programs and services from hospital to home. Starlight partners with more than 1,750 healthcare facilities in Australia, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, serving millions of children every year. To learn more, visit, or follow us on at StarlightChildrensFoundation and on Twitter @StarlightOnline.

About Air Bud Entertainment

Air Bud Entertainment (ABE) is the company behind the brand most well-known for the beloved “Air Bud” and “Buddies” franchise. For nearly 20 years, “Air Bud” and “Buddies” has become the four-paw icon of this generation and part of the social fabric for children, parents and grandparents. ABE’S exciting new productions will be available across numerous multi-media and digital platforms.

Indiegogo Campaign Aims to Stop Rhino & Elephant Poaching with Drones and Data

This article was originally distributed via PRWeb. PRWeb, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

The Lindbergh Foundation launched Indiegogo Campaign: Air Shepherd Drones Stop Elephant & Rhino Poaching to fund an anti-poaching initiative that combines DRONES and DATA to successfully stop poaching of rhinos and elephants in southern Africa.

Berkeley Springs, WV (PRWEB) April 02, 2015

The demand for ivory trinkets and rhino horn by Asia’s rising middle class has increased exponentially over the last decade. According to a report by Chatham House, smuggling of endangered species and their products mainly from sub-Saharan Africa by international organized crime rings and armed groups is now worth as much as $10 billion annually.

According to data published by the South African Department of Environmental Affairs (2015), a staggering 1,215 rhinos were killed last year in South Africa for their horns. That’s 3 rhinos per day–one rhino every eight hours.

Similarly, according to researched published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, nearly 40,000 African elephants were slaughtered in 2014 for their ivory. According to experts, at current rates of poaching, both elephants and rhinos in the wild will be extinct within ten years.

Our data shows that poachers work under the cover of night having scouted the animals earlier in the day, they kill, cut off horns and tusks, and quickly leave the area. Rangers haven’t had an effective way to anticipate where attacks are likely to occur across the vast land areas that need protecting until now. — John Petersen, Chairman, Lindbergh Foundation

Air Shepherd Gives Rangers a Silent Weapon Against Poachers

Air Shepherd, an initiative of the Lindbergh Foundation, has assembled technology experts, UAV and Drone Solutions (UDS) and the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS) in a collaborative effort to maximize the use of drone technology at the front-lines of the poaching war. This innovative new anti-poaching program combines unmanned aerial vehicles or drones from UDS with breakthrough predictive analytic software technology from UMIACS.

The algorithms now saving elephants, designed by professor Tom Snitch, Ph.D. at UMIACS, were originally developed for the military to predict insurgencies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Snitch has adapted the technology to predict with more than 90% accuracy, where poachers are likely to strike.

We use very high resolution satellite imagery to provide extremely detailed maps of the topography of an area. A wide array of data, with many different variables, is collected and overlaid on the imagery and, by using our algorithms, we are able to devise an analytical model of how animals, poachers, and rangers simultaneously move through space and time. – Tom Snitch, Ph.D., UMIACS

Drones give rangers eyes in the sky. Equipped with infrared cameras and GPS to identify animals and poachers with thermal imaging, they can literally see any heat image moving across the plains at night in real time. The drones are battery powered–almost completely silent and essentially invisible, providing operators with the critical intelligence necessary to rapidly deploy rangers to the threat location to apprehend poachers before they can kill.

Now rangers can anticipate where the poachers will be. Using predictive analytics, satellite uplinks and big data, poachers are exposed to rangers supported by drones and sophisticated data.

In tests conducted since 2013, in over 650 missions flown, and over 1000 flight-hours, no animals were killed while drones were in flight.

“We have the distinct potential of being able to turn the tables on this threatening trend in a very short time, once we have these teams in the field, our experience says that the killing starts to rapidly grind to a stop. In short, when the drones fly, the poaching stops. – John Petersen, Chairman, Lindbergh Foundation

Air Shepherd partners have a proven and effective solution to end poaching.

Air Shepherd aims to raise $500,000 via Indiegogo with the campaign that runs through April 11th. There is still time to support the initiative, campaign perks range from African Fair Trade Napkins with a contribution of $35 to an extreme aerobatic flying adventure with professional pilot Sean Tucker for a contribution of $25,000.

About Air Shepherd: A program of the Charles A. and Anne Morrow Lindbergh Foundation that has brought together the University of Maryland, Peace Parks Foundation, UAV & Drone Solutions and the Lindbergh Foundation into a collaborative effort to dramatically reduce poaching.

Student Startup Is Raising Funds To Give Children A Chance

March 30, Tampa, Fla – A student team from the University of Tampa has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to provide educational and hygiene eco-friendly products to families living in urban slums. The campaign is run in partnership with The Hult Prize Foundation.

Growing up in high-poverty neighborhoods seriously undermines children’s well-being and long-term life chances. By the age of 3, these kids already have half of the vocabulary of their higher-income peers. Most of themstruggle with health issues, problems at school and end up having very limited employment options, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Bamboost team aims to break this cycle by introducing interactive educational tools for babies and toddlers and affordable bamboo-fiber hygiene products for their parents. These products will be accompanied by monthly educational curriculum books to help parents teach their children baby sign language, motor, reading and writing skills, math, and speed up their social and emotional development. To encourage parents, the startup offers a monthly discount on future purchases for the families that successfully reach monthly developmental milestones through the use of the curriculum.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is run in partnership with The Hult Prize Foundation, a startup accelerator for social enterprises, which brings together the brightest college and university students from around the globe to solve the world’s most pressing issues. It has been named by TIME amongst the top five ideas changing the world and is the world’s largest student competition and crowdsourcing platform for social good.

Bamboost crew is one of the top 10 teams out of the 20,000 groups that applied for this year’s Hult Prize Competition. The winners receive $1 Million after participating in the Hult Prize global finals at the Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting hosted by President Clinton in New York Cityin September.

“We want to give the children a chance at a life beyond poverty and sickness and to unlock the opportunities to succeed in education, professional and social life. We want every child to know: “Just because you were born in a poor country or a neighborhood, doesn’t mean you have no choice.” Said Bijen Patel, one of the co-founders of the social enterprise.

The student startup is striving to raise $20,000 on Indiegogo to fund the production of the educational toolkits and hygiene products and is planning to launch their operations in Brazil this summer. The campaign supporters will receive beautiful eco-friendly products and sponsor the gifts to Brazilian families.

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