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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: May 2015

Social Entrepreneur: ‘I Learned To Manage Stress Instead Of Stress Managing Me’

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Social Entrepreneur Doron Libshtein, a former Microsoft MSFT -1.2% executive, speaks a language that sounds downright foreign in a business context, but his current crowdfunding campaign has raised over $100,000, suggesting he’s tapping into something real.

Libshtein recently wrote, “My mission is to bring a new consciousness to the world, transforming the world into vitality; to inspire each of you to walk your true path. I’m excited to write about a dream that has come true. Stress and pressure are part of life for all of us, and were part of my life until I discovered the world of meditation. The daily practice helped me relax, breathe properly, take breaks during the day and connect inner parts of me that I was not aware of. In short, I learned to manage stress instead of stress managing me.”

Libshtein created the Mentor’s Channel, a community of 2.6 million people he says, who seek the best mentors for meditation. He notes, “I’m full of gratitude for that opportunity. But there are billions of people who do not meditate. They continue to experience high stress in their life, which creates toxins being released to their internal and external environments.”

In order to address the needs of the billions of stressed out people like me who don’t meditate, Libshtein has created a solution. He explains, “I want to help the world be transformed, reduce stress, increase life’s energy, vitality and inspiration. I believe we have found a solution. It combines a digital bracelet that measures stress levels and helps us recognise when it begins and what affects it, plus an app that provides a customised solution to reduce the stress. The app gives us a playlist of music, breathing and guided imagery that work in sync with the feedback from our body. Together they produce a winning solution.”


Screenshots from the WellBe app.

This isn’t all superstition, Libshtein notes, “Mindfulness and meditation have been proven as highly effective ways to release stress and have many positive effects on sleep, productivity as well as lasting good feeling. A recent study from Harvard University suggests that meditation is influencing the grey matter in the brain and thus allowing better aging of the brain and the body.”

On Friday, May 29, 2015 at noon Eastern, Libshtein will join me for a live discussion about his new device and the attention it is getting on Indiegogo. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

More about Wellbe:

The WellBe is a digital bracelet designed to support and promote balanced well being for people in hectic and busy environments. The WellBe is using a heart rate monitor and a mobile app to detect and determine your stress level based on time, location and people you meet and then it offers variety of meditation and other wellbeing exercises to release stress and help you calm down immediately.

Mentors Channel is a resource for online meditation. We have created a movement with a vision to bring personal growth to the masses through technology. Our web app allows delivery of content to improve your well-being anywhere, anytime and on any device. We provide daily meditations, including tips on how to meditate, mindfulness techniques, healing mantras, meditation music and every other type of meditation you may wish to learn or practice.

Libshtein’s bio:

Doron Libshtein is a world-leading self-development mentor, author, chairman and strategic entrepreneur in the area of personal growth and Internet.

He is the Chairman and Founder of WellBe ( Insalveo.Inc ) and Mentors Channel, an interactive Website that empowers people to live fuller, richer lives doing what they love—by working interactively with the world’s best mentors worldwide.

As the founder and chairman of WellBe and Mentorschannel, and works with Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie and Robin Sharma via the Interactive Best Sellers Program to help people practice the wisdom from these visionaries’ books in their lives. He also recently became the Chairman of Restart™ – a new venture facilitating solutions to the over-40′s job crisis in Israel. and The Hallcenter in Santa Monica.

Doron’s world leadership extends to entrepreneurial and advanced mobile wireless telecommunications and online technologies. He was a board member of many companies such as Maayan Ventures, a publicly traded (TASE: MAYN) chain of technology incubators, with offices in Tel-Aviv, Shanghai, Omer, Sde Boker and Dimona.

Doron was for six years Chairman of the Board at the IPO Company in Tel Aviv, which owns FLIX and BLOGTV. Before that, he was for 14 years a senior manager at Microsoft, serving as Senior Director EMEA EPG Solution & Marketing and Director EMEA BPSG. Additionally, he served for two years as CEO of MSN Israel.

“Back in 2004 my vision was to bring personal growth to the masses. I felt that 14 years in senior positions at Microsoft prepared me to bring the technology and infrastructure that allows people to improve their wellbeing anywhere, anytime and on any device. I have the privilege to work with the best mentors in the world and I am full of gratitude for that. I also have the privilege of working with an amazing team that works days and nights improving the lives of millions.”I am an Author, Mentor, Chairman and Strategic entrepreneur in the area of personal growth and internet.

I see my vision as bringing as many people as possible closer to growth. my efforts and vision embrace people, wherever they are, offering each one of them various solutions and tools using high-end technology to provide simple and easy to use solutions at affordable prices.

I believe that the way to realize this vision is by establishing cooperation between people all over the world with mentors, coaches and coaching schools around the globe using common unifying objectives. This is an outstanding opportunity for synergic cooperation that will help increase and fulfil the hidden potential of coaching.

My recent mission via WellBe is to reduce the stress in the world with helping people know when and why they are stressed and how they can reduce their stress.

Singapore’s Crowdfunding Scene Surges Forward with Three-Party Alliance

Today marks a significant chapter in Singapore’s fast-growing crowdfunding industry, as crowdfunding platforms CoAssets, FundedByMe, and New Union announce an alliance that sees the three platforms combining forces to develop the local and regional crowdfunding industry.

All three platforms – CoAssets, FundedByMe, and New Union – today have international reach of investors and campaigns. Together the alliance recorded over S$200 million dollars raised through crowdfunding campaigns in 2014, with growth expected to accelerate over 2015.

Said Getty Goh, founder and CEO of CoAssets, “As an individual company, there is only so much we can do. Hence, I am excited and honored to be a part of this three-way alliance. However, this is just a first step and we hope that more stakeholders will join this alliance so that it can eventually pave the way for Fintech trade association. As Fintech is a burgeoning sector, the best way forward is to come together and engage the authorities collectively. Akin to the Singapore Venture Capitalist and Private Equity Association (SVCA) or Real Estate Developers Association of Singapore (REDAS), having a Fintech association is not only a good way to promote self-governance, it can also bring greater awareness to what this industry is all about.”

“We are excited about this development with like minded partners in the industry. There’s so much more we can do together, once we focus on developing the market here and globally in 2015. Crowdfunding is definitely on an uptrend –– we experienced over 600% growth in 2014 year-on-year –– and expect that the next wave of growth will exponential especially considering this alliance, coupled with surging Asian demand,” said Daniel Daboczy, founder and CEO of FundedByMe.

“Technology and the world-wide-web have become irreplaceable to our daily life, and every day business — and today, this alliance represents the emerging wave of financial services that meet crucial needs in the business community. Our commitment is to work closely with government agencies and financial institutions to spearhead a progressive and trustworthy crowdfunding environment,” Jeremiah Lee, Founder and Managing Director of New Union.

The three platforms plan to launch their first combined crowdfunding project in Q3 of this year, as well as joint conferences over the months following their alliance announcement.

UpWeeGo Modular Step Up Highchair Slides To the Forefront of the Parenting Product Market

When you become a parent you learn the steps you need to keep your little one’s happy. Isn’t it nice to know when other parents like entrepreneur and Dad, Raphael Kolenko, the founder of UpWeeGo take it a step further and invent a durable, modular “do more than just one” daily solution? Help your child enjoy mealtime with the great new UpWeeGo stable highchair with stair step and slide in one. Add the insert and tray and it’s an amazing new experience! The product comes assembled.

UpWeeGo is reaching out for consumer awareness and crowd-funding support on Kickstarter:

*Check Kickstarter for early bird pricing on their line and please note: if they reach their initial goals they will add a Stretch Goal with a rock climbing option.

Raphael is a father of three and had an “aha”moment watching his little girl find challenge to get in her highchair and booster chairs over the years. One day he pushed up a step stool and thought through the invention, which became the first of it’s kind, developing UpWeeGo. He has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show with great initial appeal and support and many health experts have offered their recommendation for his line to launch.

Be seated and let your kids have pride in seating themselves, as the product grows with child from infant to toddler/6 months to 6 years. For the StepUp it is suggested for 2 years old + with accomplished motor skills per parental monitoring. The chair cleans up in seconds plus is 100% antimicrobial Microban coating. The modular components interconnect to save space and this line can help support developmental milestones, balance, coordination and build overall confidence.

Following first production run the team at UpWeeGo will work to gain approval from the JPMA and ASTM. The product is available in many color combinations from 7 vibrant colors.

You think the product is distinct in it of itself – well so is the company’s need to give back to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Keep It Green! With UpWeeGo’s Recycling Program: Each new generation eventually sends tons of highchairs and booster seats to the landfills. Many have been made with a mix of steel and plastic parts which make them hard to recycle. UpWeeGo Children’s product company recognizes change is needed to protect our environment. That’s why they have developed the “Keep it Green” recycling program. This unique system will allow you to send back your StepUp chair or any of its components to then receive UpWeeGo “Green Dollars” based on the total weight returned. These dollars can be used to purchase new items from their website. Also offering the option to buy specially priced items made partially from recycled UpWeeGo products. Rain barrels and planter boxes are just few of the planned items.

Depending on the items condition they may also choose to donate returned items to various charities. The customer will still receive Green Dollars based on the total weight returned.Shipping instructions and other details will be posted on this page in the near future. Their motto is “Grow Green With Us!”

For more information on the company:




Unique, Sustainable And Versatile Bags Made From Up-cycled Billboards and Vinyl Mesh

Over 500,000 tons of billboards are printed on and disposed of every year, adding a tremendous amount of waste to already overflowing disposal sites, and using massive amounts of energy. Misprinted billboards are also discarded, seemingly unsuitable for display or any other use… until now. On May 5th,Gili will launch a Kickstarter campaign in hopes to raise money for production Gili bags, unique and versatile bags created from upcycled billboards and vinyl mesh.

Founded by Vail Valley resident and Vermont native, Derek Redd, Gili has created three Gili bags for all sports and outdoor occasions, and has combined durability and function with fashion and style. Each billboard bag is one-of-a-kind and the mesh gear bags come in a wide variety of colors. All materials are sourced in the US and the bags are hand-made in Colorado.


Redd explains Gili’s goal is to “reduce waste and raise awareness towards a sustainable future.” In further support of this goal, 2% of all profits from upcycled products will be donated to the Nature Conservancy.

Kickstarter rewards range from being one of the first people to get their hands on the Gili bag or adventure filled vacations that have never been offered before: paragliding, rafting, skiing in Colorado, and scuba diving in Mexico.

1000 Feet Project To Bring Soap Box Derby Race to NYC This June

Newly Launched Not-For-Profit Charitable Organization Enriches the Lives of Underprivileged Youth by Using Soap Box Derby Racing to Support STEM Learning

NEW YORK, NY May 14, 2015 – 1000 Feet Project ( is a not-for-profit charitable organization newly launched by director, producer and documentarian Chris Gale, dedicated to enriching the lives of underprivileged youth through soap box derby races. One thousand feet is the length of the race course and, according to founder Chris Gale, “serves both as an inspiration and metaphor for the distance participants must go to become successful competitors.” 1000 Feet Project is working under the auspices of the International Soap Box Derby Association and the All American Soap Box Derby Association. The charity’s first effort is to mount a Soap Box Derby race June 27-28 in NYC, which would be a first-ever event in Manhattan. Gale has created a Kickstarter campaign to achieve this goal ( that runs through June 14.

The building and racing of these cars by NYC children will incorporate STEM curriculum (as defined by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education) and every phase of the event will be filmed by Director Chris Gale and Executive Producer Tom Neff, to produce an uplifting “1000 Feet Project” documentary that will serve to spread the word about the program and expand it to other major metropolitan areas. Key STEM elements such as collection and analysis of data, gravity, friction, speed, geometry, ratio and proportion will be incorporated through designing cars, developing racing strategies and the competition itself.

Patricia Lockhart of Staten Island’s PS 57, one of the schools participating in 1000 Feet Project, says “1000 Feet Project brings STEM education to life. This program will provide children throughout the city with an amazing challenge to utilize team building skills.” The film’s executive producer, Tom Neff, an Oscar-nominated and Emmy Award winning documentary filmmaker, supports the project because it “has heart, inspires hope, teaches our youth to work on something from start to finish and releases the inner child in all of us.” Approximately 50-60 New York area schoolchildren will race 30 cars in the ground-breaking NYC competition on June 27-28. The winners of that race will continue on to the All American Soap Box Derby national finals in Akron, Ohio, July 19 – 25. The “1000 Feet Project” documentary will follow the New York children through the process from building, designing and racing the cars in NYC all the way to the finals in Akron. The film will then make the festival circuit in late 2015 into 2016, and help expand the program to other cities across the nation.

In addition to Chris Gale and Tom Neff, the 1000 Feet Project team consists of Maggie McDermott in charge of philanthropy and media; Mark Scuderi, Soap Box Derby expert and Regional Director for the All American Soap Box Derby; Emmy winning Director of Photography Steve Smith and Bob Aubrey handling operations.

NYC event venue and sponsorships will be announced shortly.

“Our mission,” says Gale, “is to build knowledge and character, and to create meaningful experiences through collaboration and fair and honest competition.”

Plumfund Makes Giving Feel Good

Unique crowd gifting™ website reduces fees and launches new, giving feels good campaign

SEBASTOPOL, Calif., May 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Plumfund, a unique crowd gifting™ platform created by the founders of Honeyfund (a TIME 50 best website) is thrilled to announce the elimination of their platform fee as part of a new Giving Feels Good campaign. Unlike other crowdfunding sites, Plumfund’s modern gift fundraising site is based on ten years of experience in online gifting and allows individuals to give and receive for causes and special occasions, like birthdays, graduations and more, free of charge. Whether individuals are raising funds for a celebration or a hardship, Sara and Josh Margulis, the founders of Honeyfund and Plumfund, understand the nuances of gift etiquette and the significance of making giving feel good.

Plumfund is committed not only to an unparalleled user experience and zero service fees, but also to offering the best rates for standard credit card processing fees thanks to a longstanding relationship with payment partners, WePay and PayPal. Today, Plumfund is pleased to announce the permanent elimination of their 2% fee, and a reduced credit card fee of just 2.8% + $0.30 (US), so that individuals can give more to the causes they care about. “When we looked around at our industry, we saw high fees, fundraising restrictions, and words like ‘fund me’ and ‘go go,'” explains Sara Margulis, Plumfund Cofounder and CEO. “That felt wrong when celebrating a friend or loved one or raising money for something you believe in. So, we made a commitment to offer our service free of charge and use our crowd gifting experience to enhance the good feelings that come along with unrestricted giving.”

Part of the inspiration for the Giving Feels Good campaign was the entire team’s dedication to growing the giving spirit and making the world a better place. With the help of a recent investment from ABC’s Shark Tank investor Kevin O’Leary, they are also launching Plumfund Gives, an internal challenge to find ways to continuously give back in everything the company does. One of the team members recently started a Plumfund campaign that has raised more than six thousand dollars for a man caring for animals left in the radioactive zone of Fukushima, Japan.

For more announcements about Plumfund Gives and to learn more about the company, please visit our website.

About Honeyfund:

Founded in 2006, Honeyfund started by helping newlyweds receive a gift that they will never forget: a once-in-a-lifetime, dream honeymoon. With no fees for gift givers or registered couples, the site now powers all kinds of experience registries and savings funds, and has become the #1 wedding crowd gifting™ platform for just about anything and has raised over $263 million to-date! Honeyfund was such a success that users began asking if they could use the platform to raise funds for other occasions and celebrations and thus, Plumfund was born. Together with Plumfund, these two platforms offer the easiest way to raise money for gifts or anything else – for free – making giving feel good, just as it should!

About Kevin O’Leary

Kevin O’Leary is an entrepreneur and financier, best known for his role as an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank. He leads a group of financial companies as chairman of O’Leary Financial Group. He is also the founder of O’Leary Fine Wines and the bestselling author of Cold Hard Truth on Men, Women and Money. Previously, O’Leary founded and was president of SoftKey (later called The Learning Company), a global educational software company, and negotiated its $4 billion acquisition by Mattel. For more information, visit and follow @kevinolearytv.

The Marriage of Technology and Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being

The WellBe, a revolutionary new digital bracelet that measures and relieves stress, is the brainchild of two innovative IT executives – Doron Libshtein, formerly senior executive with Microsoft and head of MSN/Israel, and Zach Sivan, a seasoned executive in mobile, social, digital and well-being space.

“In an age of high stress, in part caused by the acceleration of technology, The WellBe uses leading-edge technology to significantly decrease stress and increase emotional, and even spiritual, well-being,” said Doron Libshtein.

Libshtein said that The WellBe is being offered as a crowdfunding opportunity to potential backers prior to market launch via “Because of the profound healing nature of this new digital bracelet, our earnest desire is to democratize product funding and contribute to human well-being,” he said.

A link for financial backers can be accessed starting very early Tuesday morning, May 12th at:

Sivan said that it was his and Mr. Libshtein’s intention to offer an ownership opportunity to people of all socio-economic levels. “The WellBe affords people the real chance to contribute to human well-being through a product representing a breakthrough in the stress relief of a stressed-out society,” he said.

Doron Libshtein, who is based in Tel Aviv, served as a top executive at Microsoft for 14 years, and was founder and CEO of MSN Israel. He served as Chairman of the leading Israeli Internet portal, Tapuz, for six years, and traded on the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) and acted as director in other publicly traded companies such as Maayan Ventures and CET.

Libshtein, Co-Founder/Chairman of The WellBe manufacturing company, Insalveo, is also Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mentors channel (, an international platform that brings world-renowned mentors to improve well-being using a variety of meditations and other tools. Mentors Channel currently serves 2.6 million members.

Zach Sivan, Co-Founder/CEO of Insalveo, based in New York City, was CEO of m-Wise Inc., developer of mobile content apps and platform, integrated with social media and on-line and mobile advertising, targeted at Telecoms, entertainment companies and content providers.

“The WellBe uses a heart rate monitor and mobile app to detect and determine a person’s stress level based on time, location and responses to specific people,” said Mr. Sivan. “It is combined with an app that provides personalized, customized meditations and well-being exercises designed to release the stress immediately. This is a product that will help the user calm down in minutes,” he said.

“By backing The WellBe,” said Sivan to prospective backers, “you’re not only becoming its first owners – you’re also helping to advance a real solution to millions of people who suffer from stress and are seeking an effective way with which it can be dealt.”

“The WellBe represents a revolution and breakthrough in apps technology,” said Doron Libshtein. “This is more than accessing generalized well-being information,” he said. “This is about gaining specific individualized well-being information that then provides a solution via customized meditations and other exercises designed to immediately relieve stress.”

“Our vision is for this digital bracelet to become widely used by millions,” said Libshtein. “Stress comes from fear, and it is stress induced by fear and tension that is the divisive element of humanity – in family disputes, workplace distress, interpersonal disharmony and wars between nations,” he said.

A supporter of The WellBe, Dr. Tal Ben Shachar, Ph.D., of Harvard University’s “Positive Psychology” class, the most popular in Harvard’s history, added, “The WellBe can contribute to better sleep, higher productivity and better aging.”

Announcing “The WellBe” By Insalveo: Revolutionary New Wearable Health Enhancement Technology Product – A Digital Bracelet Designed To Measure and Relieve Stress Immediately

Insalveo Offering Crowd Funding Opportunity Prior to Market Launch Via Indiegogo “To Democratize Product Funding and Contribute To Human Well-Being”



Announcement of The WellBe for potential backers on, begins midnight tonight, Tuesday, May 12th. The following link leads to the Indiegogo page now – and starting midnight, this same link leads to the WellBe announcement on Indiegogo:

[New York, NY – May 8, 2015] – Announcing The WellBe, a patent pending revolutionary new wearable health enhancement technology product. The WellBe is a digital bracelet using a heart rate monitor and mobile app to detect and determine a person’s stress level based on time, location and responses to specific people. It is combined with personalized, customized meditations and wellbeing exercises designed to release the stress immediately.

“This is a product that will help the user calm down in minutes,” said Zach Sivan, Co-founder and CEO of Insalveo, the manufacturer. “We’re very excited about this breakthrough product and patent pending technology,” he said.

Sivan said that Insalveo is offering a pre-market launch CrowdFunding opportunity to first backers via Indiegogo starting very early on Tuesday, May 12th at“to introduce this revolutionary new product into the market and offer an ownership opportunity to people of all socio-economic levels. The WellBe affords people the real chance to contribute to human well-being through a product representing a breakthrough in the stress relief of a stressed-out society.” Forthcoming indiegogo visual page announcement attached.

“By backing The WellBe,” said Sivan to prospective backers, “you’re not only becoming its first owners – you’re also helping to advance a real solution to millions of people who suffer from stress and are seeking an effective way with which it can be dealt.”

“The WellBe represents a revolution and breakthrough in apps technology,” said Doron Libshtein, Co-Founder and Chairman of Insalveo. “This is more than accessing generalized wellbeing information,” he said. “This is about gaining specific individualized wellbeing information that then providing a solution via customized meditations and other exercises designed to immediately relieve stress.”

Mr. Libshtein also serves as Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mentors Channel (, an international platform that brings world-renowned Mentors to improve well-being using meditations and other tools. Mentors Channel partners with Insalveo on The Wellbe project.

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Doron served as Chairman of the leading Israeli Internet portal, Tapuz, for six years. He traded on the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) and acted as director in other publicly traded companies such as Maayan Ventures and CET. Prior to that, Doron served as a top executive at Microsoft for 14 years, and was founder and CEO of MSN Israel.

Mr. Zach Sivan, co-founder/CEO of manufacturer Insalveo was CEO of m-Wise Inc., developing mobile content apps and platform, integrated with social media and on-line and mobile advertising, targeted at Telecoms, entertainment companies and content providers. He is also CMO of Mentors Channel. Insalveo is partnering with Mentors Channel in this undertaking.


The WellBe is a digital bracelet and a mobile app that work in concert to support the user’s emotional well being.

The WellBe bracelet includes an accelerometer, sensors for heart rate monitoring and a bluetooth antenna. The accelerometer identifies the user’s movement status (such as running, walking, rest, etc.) and the heart rate monitor collects user’s heartbeat data and this information is then transmitted to the mobile app through Bluetooth communication.

The mobile app collects the data transmitted by the bracelet and it then uses a patent pending algorithm to detect and determine the user’s emotional stress level. The app asks the user’s permission to access their location and calendar and it can then display the user’s stress level in relation to time, location, events and people they meet.

The user can also set the WellBe app to notify him or her when the stress level is too high, and upon the occurrence of such event the app sends a push notification to the user’s phone. Such notification will also offer a variety of meditations and balancing exercises to release stress immediately.

The app includes a large catalog of meditations and mindfulness exercises, all designed to help the user release stress. When the user meditates with the app, the bracelet is monitoring the user’s heart rate and the app then shows the user the before and after measurements of his or her stress level for each meditation. The app’s algorithm then learns which meditations have the best effect on the user and it recommends to the user similar meditations accordingly.

The WellBe bracelet and the WellBe app work in concert to convert negative emotions into positive ones and helps maintain emotional well-being on a day to day basis.

The Negative Effects of Stress

According to The American Institute of Stress, the negative effects of stress on the body are manifold. Emotional and physical disorders include depression, anxiety, heart attacks, stroke, hypertension, immune system disturbances that increase susceptibility to infections, a host of viral linked disorders ranging from the common cold and herpes to AIDS and certain cancers, as well as autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Other signs and symptoms of stress include: frequent headaches or jaw clenching; stuttering or stammering; tremors, trembling of lips, hands; neck ache, back pain, muscle spasms;light headedness, faintness, dizziness; dry mouth, problems swallowing; rashes, itching, hives, “goose bumps;”allergy attacks; constipation, diarrhea, loss of control; difficulty breathing, frequent sighing;panic attacks; frequent urination; reducedsexual desire or performance; excess anxiety, worry, guilt, nervousness; increased anger, frustration, hostility;increased or decreased appetite; insomnia, nightmares, disturbing dreams; difficulty concentrating, racing thoughts; forgetfulness, confusion; difficulty in making decisions; frequent crying spells or suicidal thoughts; feelings of loneliness or worthlessness; obsessive or compulsive behavior;social withdrawal and isolation; constant fatigue; weight gain or loss without diet; and increased smoking, alcohol or drug use.

The Proven Effectiveness of Meditation

Mindfulness and meditation have been scientifically proven as highly effective ways to release stress and have many other positive effects such as better sleep, improved productivity and lasting good feelings. A recent study from Harvard University suggests that meditation influences the grey matter in the brain, allowing for more youthful aging of the brain and body.

The WellBe app is making the most of this ancient wisdom by providing users with easy tools to access this wisdom in a way that health is optimized at the right time and place.

The WellBe app offers a large variety of mindfulness exercises such as breathing, guided imagination and meditations – all designed to bring you one into relaxation within minutes. Moreover, the WellBe also offers variety of meditation plans for 7, 14 and 21 days to help the user adopt a more serene routine. The WellBe also integrates classes and guided meditations from world class mentors that enhances users’ wellbeing on an ongoing basis.

The WellBe studies the change in a user’s stress level before and after practicing the different meditations and breathing techniques, and can recommend personalized exercises which are likely to have the most positive effects.

About Insalveo

Insalveo was founded by a group of entrepreneurs combining unique expertise in wellbeing, mobile apps and heart rate monitoring technologies. All the components making and integrating the WellBe bracelet and mobile app were carefully developed and selected by team members to create a state-of-the-art solution. The solution is based on scientific tools, whichat the same time are pleasant to use, thus supporting the ongoing wellbeing of its users.The Insalveo team has been working for over a year now to develop and design the WellBe solution. The team has spent hundreds of hours of work to ensure the best technology and best content and material – all designed to create a solution that works and is easy to use.

The Wellbe bracelet is made of cork. “We wanted to create a digital product, as much as possible, out of natural materials,” said Mr. Sivan. “So plastic and silicon were out of the question. Cork is a beautiful, environmentally friendly material, which is both strong, durable and feels wonderful on the human body.”Messers Sivan and Libshtein are eager to present The Wellbe to prospective backers on Indiegogo – to allow them to become pioneers in the creation of digital well-being solutions for America and the world.”

Dealstruck Unveils Interactive Line of Credit Borrower Portal at FinovateSpring 2015

San Jose, Calif. – May 12, 2015 – Today at FinovateSpring 2015, online direct lender Dealstruck unveiled a new Line of Credit Borrower Portal – its latest technology-driven effort to help small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) better manage their financing.

Adding multiple layers of interaction, the new borrower portal enhances the way SMBs manage their working capital needs through Dealstruck’s revolving line of credit products. In addition to making general updates to their accounts, the portal is a one-stop-shop that lets SMBs:

  • View their current balance and amount available for draw
  • Update invoices directly from their accounting systems
  • Immediately apply payments received from customers to pay down outstanding balances
  • Review the trade credit of each of their own customers

“At Dealstruck, we are constantly finding creative ways to develop technology that makes financing easier for our customers,” said Ethan Senturia, CEO, Dealstruck. “While the lender-borrower relationship might still depend on human interaction, the introduction of the borrower portal provides our borrowers with another avenue to access and manage their loans at their preference.”

Dealstruck is focused on delivering unique, appropriate and affordable products to SMBs in the mid-prime market. Over the past year, the company has expanded its customer base into 43 states and launched three core products — a term loan, an asset-based line-of-credit and an inventory line of credit. It also recently secured $8.3 million in equity funding led by Trinity Ventures and a new $50 million credit facility led by Brevet Capital Management, LLC (“Brevet Capital”) for lending to small business customers. Since its launch in October 2013, Dealstruck has loaned more than $50 million to fuel small business growth.

The line of credit borrower portal launched today and is available to Dealstruck borrowers nationwide.

About Dealstruck

The Dealstruck lending marketplace connects profitable, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with innovative credit solutions funded by individual and institutional accredited investors. Unlike the one-size-fits-all approach offered to them by banks and the high-cost, short-term credit offered to them by alternative lenders, Dealstruck provides growing SMBs with a suite of products that give them a credible and transparent path to bankable. Dealstruck is the first online lending platform to offer multiple products to SMBs, and the first to allow investors the freedom to choose specific investments. For more information, please visit

GlobalGiving Raises More Than $3 Million from 28,000+ Donors in 106 Countries For Nepal

Generous donor offers to match new recurring monthly donations to ensure long-term recovery after the earthquake.

(Washington, DC) May 11, 2015 — Donors from more than 106 countries have given more than $3 million for Nepal Earthquake Relief in less than two weeks through the crowdfunding community, GlobalGiving. The donations have come from more than 28,000 donors, including young children, grandparents, Nepali citizens, climbers who have summited Mt. Everest, and leading companies and their employees.

GlobalGiving’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund supports 69 vetted, locally driven nonprofits responding to the tragedy in Nepal. A single donation to GlobalGiving’s Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund fuels both the immediate work of first responders as well as long-term recovery efforts by local organizations.

Members of the Dhambhadel family seek shelter in a makeshift camp after their home was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo by Gavin Gough, copyright GlobalGiving.

Members of the Dhambhadel family seek shelter in a makeshift camp after their home was destroyed by the 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Durbar Square, Bhaktapur, Nepal. Photo by Gavin Gough, copyright GlobalGiving.

“Empowering our global community to support one another is at the heart of our mission,” said Mari Kuraishi, Co Founder and President of GlobalGiving. “With GlobalGiving, it’s possible for anyone in the world to make a meaningful, positive difference, especially after a tragedy like this earthquake. We’re inspired to see people from all over the world giving what they can to support the survivors in Nepal.”

Initial funding has been disbursed to the mix of partners that have been first responders providing emergency rescue and relief, including IsraAid, MAP International, Women LEAD, and Save the Children. The fund is also supporting the long-term rebuilding and recovery effort by Nepali organizations including Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness, Ama Ghar, and Empower Dalit Women of Nepal. GlobalGiving posts regular updates that are also emailed to donors on how the funds are being put to work at:

In order to ensure that local nonprofits are not inundated with a one-time flood of funding without ongoing support to sustain their recovery efforts, a generous donor is matching the first donation of all new recurring monthly donations to the Fund, or to individual recovery projects in Nepal. Details about this recurring donation match offer can be found at:

GlobalGiving’s corporate partners have also joined the effort to support relief and recovery in Nepal. Discovery Communications, Ford Motor Company Fund, TripAdvisor, and VMware Foundation were among the first to pledge grants to the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund, giving more than $470,000. Companies including BlackRock, Celanese Foundation, Discovery, DuPont, Ford, Lilly, NetSuite, Nike, VMware, and others are matching employee donations or providing additional contributions.

Other companies are also supporting the relief and recovery effort: “beyond funding and network connections, we’ll also be supporting Nepali organizations with technical and capacity support,” said Britt Lake, Senior Director of Programs at GlobalGiving. “For example, several of our partners expressed a need to track data about their work, and we’ve connected them with a company, Journey, that is working with them to develop custom mobile apps to help meet those needs.”

GlobalGiving’s focus is on supporting the locally driven long-term recovery effort by Nepali organizations in the months and years that follow this disaster. Nepali NGOs have been part of the GlobalGiving community for more than a decade. Prior to the earthquake on April 25th, GlobalGiving had helped raise more than $1.3 million for more than 100 projects in Nepal. GlobalGiving vets each of its nonprofit partners and requires regular reporting on how funds are used.

About GlobalGiving:

GlobalGiving is the first and largest global crowdfunding community for nonprofits. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has helped raise more than $175 million from more than 450,000 donors for more than 12,000 projects. Because GlobalGiving works with nonprofit organizations in more than 160 countries, when disasters like the Nepal earthquake occur, GlobalGiving can quickly deliver funds to vetted locally-driven organizations that are best-suited to provide relief and recovery in their own communities.

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