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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: September 2015

iDisclose Brings Offering Document Prep Into the 21st Century

iDisclose is a new business providing private placement memorandum (PPM) preparation services through a web-based application for enterprises raising money, especially through (broadly defined) crowdfunding sites. In other words, iDisclose is bringing the offering memorandum into the 21st century.

Co-Founder Doug Ellenoff is one of the industry’s leading legal voices. The iDisclose platform is designed for all the different players in the entrepreneurial capital raising marketplace: the entrepreneurs or issuers, the investors, the platforms and the lawyers.

Doug explains, “iDisclose places the job of disclosure back into the hands of the entrepreneur (who is in the best position to provide all of the necessary details). Rather than provide un-contextualized information about a business to a lawyer, and then relying on the lawyer to prepare the first draft, the entrepreneur responds to an interactive online dialogue to identify the relevant disclosure issues and organizes the information into a legal document that requires limited attorney review.”

Of course, investors are the consumers of the product. Doug notes that if investors are reviewing multiple PPMs, the standardized format provides investors with easier “apples to apples comparison.”

For the platforms, he says, “iDisclose allows platforms to offer a value-added service to their users and standardizes the disclosure format across the entire platform. This allows the platform to create a vibrant marketplace of lowering the cost of capital for businesses, reducing risks to investors, and protecting the businesses seeking capital.”

Finally, Doug says, the lawyers have an easier time of it as well, allowing them to spend more time providing valuable legal advice and review and less time with tedious drafting.

On Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 2:00 Eastern, Doug will join me for a live discussion about iDisclose and its benefits. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about iDisclose:

Twitter: @idisclose


  • iDisclose is a web-based application that streamlines the legal procedure of raising capital by guiding entrepreneurs through an adaptive process to customize institutional quality disclosure documents, including Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs).
  • Because the solution allows business owners to craft their own highly-accurate PPM documents, while only collaborating with their own team and attorney as needed, iDisclose actually empowers entrepreneurs to “make their own counsel”, saving them thousands of dollars in costly fees.
  • Built by an award-winning team of experienced securities lawyers, iDisclose fuses cutting-edge technology with legal know-how to significantly reduce the time, money and effort traditionally exerted on the disclosure process.


  • Simply put, business owners who need PPMs, can’t afford them.
  • In certain financing transactions, entrepreneurs are required to have PPMs when raising private money for their businesses. A PPM protects business owners from investors or SEC regulators who could potentially claim that the company failed to provide adequate disclosure while fundraising.
  • The challenge is…PPMs typically cost between $35,000 to $100,000 for a business owner who hires a qualified lawyer to manage the entire process, which can be very cost prohibitive, especially for a startup operation.
  • The good news is…with iDisclose a PPMs only cost $5000, which is roughly an 80% savings when compared to the standard cost of these documents.
Douglas Ellenoff

Douglas Ellenoff

Doug’s bio:

Twitter: @douglasellenoff

Douglas Ellenoff serves as the co-founder of iDisclose, an adaptive web-based application that enables entrepreneurs to prepare customized institutional grade private placement documents for a fraction of the time and cost. A highly esteemed corporate and securities attorney for more than two decades, Doug also serves as founding partner of Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole, a finance law firm known as a leader in crowdfunding, where he has facilitated several billion dollars in transactions for dozens of broker-dealers, investor groups and small businesses. As one of the world’s most prominent figures in crowdfunding, Doug was a key player in the implementation of JOBS Act regulations. A sought after speaker and media source on innovative capital formation, Doug is passionate about placing high quality legal disclosure within any businesses’ reach.

Time is Running Out To Help Us Hire Refugees In America


Please help us share a positive message to the on going global refugee crisis. You are a vital source in helping us get the word out that America is taking c by providing jobs for resettled refugees in America.

Your support means so much to us and as we move into the final week of our campaign. We need to make our pledge goal to get Liberti funded. If we don’t meet our goal we don’t receive any of the pledges we have secured. Please share this with your network that an ethical fashion brand matters in America. Thank you for believing in us and sharing our campaign to hire refugees in America!


To support the campaign go to

For more information visit

The CrowdRise 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT Funds Life-Changing Surgeries to Remove Boy’s Breasts and Girl’s Facial Tumor in Rural Honduras Village

This week, CrowdRise launched its fourth 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT, an initiative that empowers individuals to change lives through crowdfunding in just 24 hours. With the help of Essential StaffCARE, CrowdRise flew Nicole Myint to El Campo, Honduras with the goal of helping 12-year-old Laura Lopez, who has been ruthlessly bullied for a severe facial tumor she’s had since age two. The idea was to spend 24 hours raising enough money for Laura’s life-saving surgery. Nicole was not, however, expecting to meet two young boys nearby who also had severe medical conditions.

Hansy (18) and Eber Pineda Salgado (15) were born with a hormonal condition called gynecomastia that caused them to develop female-like breasts. This rare condition also puts them at a high risk for breast cancer. After launching 86,402 seconds in Honduras, her flash fundraiser for Laura, Nicole and CrowdRise sought to help the boys as well.

On Wednesday, Nicole started promoting a video on her CrowdRise page, urging her friends, family and the CrowdRise community to spread the word to help her raise $7,500 for Laura. By early afternoon she had raised the money for surgery performed by a hemato-oncologist to remove Laura’s tumor, braces to reposition her mouth, as well as everything needed for follow-up and post-op care.

Soon after reaching her initial goal, Nicole released a second video to try to raise an additional $7,000 to get double mastectomies for Hansy and Eber. CrowdRisers rallied and all goals were exceeded.

Yesterday, Nicole accompanied Laura and the two brothers to their respective hospitals to begin the treatment and medical procedures that will forever transform their lives.

“I fell in love with Laura the moment I met her. She’s suffered from this facial deformity since she was a toddler. But her spirit is infectious. I leapt at the chance to help her through the CrowdRise 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT.” Said Myint. “And then I met the boys. They were literally melting into the floor and couldn’t look us in the eye, they were so embarrassed and ashamed. After the surgery, I stood with the boys’ father, and he told me, ‘so many people have come to take pictures, but no one has ever done anything to help.’ I absolutely burst into tears…which made him cry too.”

This morning, Nicole uploaded a follow-up video to her CrowdRise page so that donors can see the impact of their contributions. The fundraiser will remain open and additional funds raised will go to support the teens’ education.

This project, in partnership with CrowdRise, represents the incredible power that real-time impact and crowdfunding can give to an individual trying to make change in the world. To see the other 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECTS, visit

About CrowdRise

CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest growing online platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising. For more information visit

Mindfull Crowd, VC/Crowd-Based Platform, Opens Up New Investment Opportunity

FloWater is the most advanced  water bottle Purification and Refill Station in existence

CORTE MADERA, CAMindfull Crowd, the one-of-a-kind equity-based crowdfunding platform, is offering another unique investment opportunity to the public: FloWater, which provides superior tasting water through its high-tech, environmentally friendly Refill Stations that are helping to eliminate single water bottle waste. The Mindfull Crowd platform marks the first time a venture fund, Mindfull Ventures, has opened its curated investment flow to the public by means of a crowdfunding platform. Mindfull Crowd enables accredited investors to join forces with Silicon Valley’s top tier VCs to invest in the world’s most innovative companies focused on bettering our health, environment, and lifestyles.

Mindfull Crowd is the creation of Stuart Rudick, a 30-year investment industry veteran. Rudick is known for his ability to identify emerging market trends, and has invested in first mover market leaders, including Seventh Generation, the world’s leading plant based consumer products company. His pioneering role as an early investor in some of the most innovative companies of our future gives investors in Mindfull Crowd access to a unique and exclusive deal flow, usually open only to select VC firms.

As Mindfull Venture Fund sources and validates compelling investment opportunities, it will offer these companies to the Mindfull Crowd, allowing everyday investors the ability to participate on the same attractive investment terms and preferences as elite VC funding rounds. This offers unprecedented opportunities for crowd investors to achieve outsized gains from their investment, just like a VC insider.

Says Rudick, “Mindfull Crowd’s investors are extremely excited and pleased with our unique investment offerings, and eager to join the Mindfull community that we are building. Our investors are inspired by companies like FloWater, a company that is in line with Mindfull Crowd’s values and focus to invest in companies positively enhancing our lives which offer investor’s opportunity for great profits.”

FloWater offers Mindfull Crowd investors a business with proven unit economics, an innovative, best in class product that delivers rich customer experiences superior to all other products in the market, and a business that’s ready to scale. Its CEO, Rich Razgaitis, says, “We love the alignment we share with the Mindfull Crowd community of investors. To us, this means we share intention and purpose to build a breakthrough product that’s not only disruptive to the status quo, but positively transforms our customers, employees, shareholders and our planet.”


FloWater’s ( mission is to provide a superior tasting and better hydrating water which is environmentally responsible. Through its proprietary Refill Station, FloWater eliminates the need for single use plastic bottles that are toxic to the environment and to consumers’ health.

More than 50% of Americans drink bottled water, using 50 billion water bottles annually. Only 23% of these are recycled, which means up to 38 billion bottles end up as trash in our oceans, lakes, rivers, and landfills. FloWater’s revolutionary product is fighting this crisis by providing consumers with superior tasting advanced hydration via its Refill Stations, making plastic bottles a thing of the past.

FloWater’s Refill Station provides 7x purified and chilled premium water. It removes dirt, rust, chlorine, bad taste and odor, pesticides, and even bacteria and viruses. The Refill Station then adds oxygenation, alkalinity and essential minerals and electrolytes back in to revitalize the water, improving health benefits, hydration and providing consumers a pure, delicious taste.

FloWater already serves some of the world’s most recognizable and influential brands as customers, including Google, Red Bull, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, GoPro, and Discovery Communications. Some of the largest global hotel chains: Marriott, The Fairmont, W, Hyatt Regency, Grand Hyatt and Hilton brands are FloWater enthusiasts. The company also enjoys over 100 major gym and fitness chains, and Universities, as devoted clients.


Based in Marin County, CA, and founded by Stuart Rudick, Mindfull Crowd is an equity based crowdfunding platform investing in the new breed of entrepreneurs creating disruptive companies that positively impact our health, our environment, and our healthy lifestyles. Mindfull sources and funds one-of-a-kind companies, providing investors a compelling opportunity to generate outsized returns. To learn more and access Mindfull Crowd’s offerings, please join us at


Based in Marin County, Mindfull Ventures Fund was founded by Stuart Rudick to provide venture funding to leading edge companies solving our world’s greatest health challenges while providing investors top performing returns. To learn more about Mindfull Ventures, please go to


Crowdfunding Rebooted: It’s Not Just for Startups Anymore

By Seth Oranburg

Neil Armstrong’s historic space suit isn’t in such great shape, and there aren’t public funds to fix it.

The Smithsonian Institution recently launched a novel solution. Its “Reboot the Suit” campaign is using crowdfunding to finance the suit’s restoration. But this isn’t just another charity drive. Online backers will receive unique and limited rewards, and the fundraising campaign itself is part of the marketing. This new style of public crowdfunding has exciting implications for the future of charities, and it could even be applied to democratize tax policy and local government affairs.

Crowdfunding began as a way for independent musical artists to raise a few thousand dollars to rent a recording studio and release a record. It evolved distinct “rewards” and “donative” models. Rewards crowdfunding promotes consumer projects ranging from the niche (a casebook about zombie law) to the ubiquitous (the Pebble smartwatch). Donative crowdfunding promotes new charitable projects like micro-lending and cancer research. Public crowdfunding is a new model, where mature nonprofits are using portals to fund public goods by offering rewards and challenges.

Public crowdfunding is different from traditional charity fundraising in at least three important ways. First, public crowdfunding is an open call to action on the Internet to all people, not a targeted charity campaign to visitors or former donors. Second, public crowdfunding uses gamification principles like challenges and rewards to attract backers in real time. Third, public crowdfunding highlights and advertises a specific public-good product, instead of promoting a non-profit generally. These three factors, harnessing the power of the Internet, make public crowdfunding a powerful new tool to democratize charities.

Democracy involves voting. People vote with their feet (by moving to another state), with their money (by shopping at certain stores or donating to certain candidates or charities), and with their vote (on Election Day or at shareholder meetings). But this sort of voting can be costly, abstract, and infrequent. Crowdfunding is an easy, specific, and real-time way to vote with money. The “Reboot the Suit” campaign allows backers to pledge as little as $11 to restore the famous moon-landing space suit. Donors receive detailed information on exactly when and how their money will be spent, and this transparency comforts donors. Donors are incentivized Donors are incentivized to contribute by offers of unique gifts, like an invitation to visit the factory where the suit was made.

But, most importantly to the success of public crowdfunding, donors have real choices about what specific projects to back. Each campaign lasts only 30 days and a charity can run multiple campaigns simultaneously. Backers can signal to nonprofit managers which campaigns are the most valuable simply by funding them. This is a powerful way to transform even the largest and most mature nonprofit organizations from top-down hierarchies, where managers raise funds and pick projects, to a bottom-up “democratized” nonprofit organization, where funders pick the projects that will succeed.

Democratized funding of public goods could also be applied to government activities. The traditional top-down approach is where public officials decide to build a road or water treatment facility, then sell municipals bonds or increase taxes to cover the cost. But the “Reboot the Suit” campaign proves that crowdfunding can be used to democratize fundraising for public goods as well as consumer goods. In the future, a city could appeal to its citizens on Kickstarter instead of just on the campaign trail. This would make politics far more democratic by giving citizens real-time influence over government activity. It would also make pet projects and bridges to nowhere a thing of the past. Maybe public crowdfunding campaigns like Reboot the Suit will even pay for our ticket back to the moon and beyond.

IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor Seth Oranburg is the author of “Bridgefunding Is Crowdfunding for Startups across the Private Equity Gap.”

Revlon to Donate Over $1 Million Through Its LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge

Online Fundraising Competition Kicks Off Today with Over 100 Women’s Health Charities Competing for $1.4 Million in Charitable Donations

September 21, 2015 (New York, NY) – The Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge, the company’s women’s health philanthropic platform, goes live today. The Challenge features more than 100 charities – organizations of all sizes dedicated to women’s cancer, heart disease and diabetes – competing to raise funds online. The charity that generates the most contributions will be eligible to receive an additional $1 million donation from Revlon, with the runner-up to receive $250,000. Additionally, a total of $150,000 will be distributed through weekly ‘bonus challenges’ over the course of the six-week competition.

Said Lorenzo Delpani, CEO of Revlon: “Love drives all that we are passionate about, including the urgent need to support women’s health. It’s only by joining together that can we be most effective in tackling the serious health issues facing women today. That is why our Challenge, which inspires everyone to give, is so exciting. For us, it’s about leveraging the power of community – and love – to make the biggest impact possible.”

Longtime Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry shared, “I joined Revlon almost 20 years ago and their passion and commitment to bettering women’s lives has never wavered. They have always been, and continue to be, a devoted champion for women’s health.”

The Challenge represents a series of firsts – it is the first time a cosmetic brand is the sole host of a fundraising competition on fundraising platform CrowdRise, and also the biggest challenge award in CrowdRise’s history.

“Philanthropy is the heart and soul of Revlon,” said Ronald O. Perelman, Chairman of Revlon. “This Challenge marks an exciting new model of fundraising for these important organizations, and allows us to have a bigger effect on the leading health issues facing women today.”

Revlon Global Brand Ambassador Olivia Wilde voiced her passionate support for the Challenge with a special call-to-action message that urges people to embrace the spirit of LOVE IS ON by contributing to the competition. (

There are several ways individuals can show their support for competing charities in the Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge:

  • By making a direct donation to their charity of choice through the Challenge homepage (
  • By creating a personal fundraising page on CrowdRise, linking to their specific charity, and reaching out to their network to raise throughout the Challenge
  • By sharing their support on social media and inspiring others to donate to their beloved  charity, using the Revlon love sign and #RevlonMillion hashtag

The winner of the Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge will be announced in November 2015 at an event co-hosted by Revlon’s Global Brand Ambassadors. For more information about the Challenge, to see a list of participating charities and to make a donation, visit:,, and follow Revlon’s social channels (@Revlon) and hashtag #RevlonMillion.

About Revlon:

Revlon is a global cosmetics, hair color, hair care and hair treatments, beauty tools, men’s grooming products, anti-perspirant deodorants, fragrances, skincare, and other beauty care products company, which operates in three segments, the consumer division (“Consumer”), the professional division (“Professional”) and Other. CEO Lorenzo Delpani’s vision is to establish Revlon as the quintessential and most innovative beauty company in the world by offering products that make consumers feel attractive and beautiful. Revlon believes that its global brand name recognition, product quality, R&D, innovation and marketing experience have enabled it to create leading global consumer and professional brands. Revlon’s Consumer segment global brand portfolio includes Revlon® color cosmetics, Almay® color cosmetics, SinfulColors® color cosmetics, Pure Ice® color cosmetics, Revlon ColorSilk® hair color, Revlon® Beauty Tools, Charlie® fragrances, and Mitchum® anti-perspirant deodorants. Revlon’s Professional segment global brand portfolio includes: Revlon Professional®, CND®, including CND’s Shellac® brand 14+ day nail color and Vinylux® weekly nail polish, and American Crew® men’s grooming products. Websites featuring current product and promotional information can be reached at,,,, and

About CrowdRise

CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest growing online platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising. CrowdRise is used by millions of individuals, tens of thousands of charities, hundreds of companies and many of the most famous artists and athletes in the world to creatively leverage their resources and networks to unlock the power of the crowd and raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support positive social missions. Founded by actor Edward Norton, film producer Shauna Robertson, and Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, CrowdRise has conceived, implemented and powered campaigns that have raised over $250 million to date.

Tracking Renewable Energy Crowdfunding

ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – Crowdfunding has become increasingly important as a source of financing for renewable energy, and the platforms are starting to make a real difference.

  • Which are the most important platforms?
  • Where are they based?
  • What is the amount raised so far and the number of projects funded?

At last year’s edition of the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding conference, we were introduced to crowdfunding, the financial innovation that bridges the gap between financing demand and supply for renewable energy projects. Since last year, crowdfunding has proved that it is here to stay, with today’s industry landscape in a constant state of motion. New platforms have been established, existing ones have grown significantly, and some have disappeared. Crowdfunding has become increasingly important as a source of financing for renewable energy, and the platforms are starting to make a real difference.

The tables below show the top leaders of renewable energy crowdfunding, ranked according to amount raised and projects listed – both those that are fully funded and those still seeking funds. The total amount of money raised by the ‘Big 5’ has more than quadrupled in one year’s time, today totaling €144 million compared to €31 million last year. Trillion Fund’s achievement is particularly remarkable, considering they occupied fourth place last year. From our comprehensive overview of 24 platforms, we can see that Europe takes the lead with 17 renewable energy crowdfunding platforms established, while the USA lists at number 7. Most of the top European platforms are based in Germany, while the UK and the Netherlands follow as the most active markets. Currently, only select countries are hosting platforms, but several upcoming platforms are expected to expand the market geographically in the near future, such as Joukon Voima in Finland or Fundera in Italy.

It is interesting to note that renewable energy crowdfunding platforms based in Europe and North America are increasingly interested in the development of community projects, as well as projects in emerging markets. This trend underlines clearly the catalytic role that crowdfunding plays in funding renewable energy development in regions and markets that need it the most but which often cannot afford it. For instance, KIVA has a category specifically devoted to renewable energy projects and in this way helps to address the 1.3 billion people still eagerly waiting for access to electricity. The future of crowdfunding promises to be exciting, with new platforms being set up and ambitious projects being launched, such us Citizenergy, the first attempt for a pan-European platform to connect investors and projects from all over Europe.

  • To meet 150+ investors, project developers, crowdfunding platforms and all the relevant stakeholders, make sure you join the 2nd edition of the only Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Conference, in London November 5th:
  • This map was created using public sources from across the web. Have we missed an important platform? Or have we misquoted number or facts? Please let us know ( and we’ll update accordingly – Data as of 31st of August 2015
  • Apart from the map, we’ve also created a more extensive document with more in-depth data on the Renewable Energy Crowdfunding Platforms. Head to our RECFC-website to gain access to the full document.


Crowdfunding for a Cause: Family Reach Foundation Launches Charity App to Combat Financial Devastation of Cancer

New “Give” App Lets You Help Pay the Everyday Bills That Can Bankrupt a Family Caring for a Sick Child

Boston, MA – September 18, 2015Family Reach today announced the launch of Family Reach Give, the first charity crowdfunding app created to help families in financial crisis as a result of a cancer diagnosis. For almost 20 years, Family Reach has tackled the often overlooked financial devastation of cancer, offering a lifeline to parents who can no longer afford to pay their everyday bills as they care for a sick child. The app, available now on iOS and soon on Google Play, allows the public to have an immediate impact on a family that is struggling financially by helping to pay their rent, utilities, car payments, grocery bill, and more.

On top of the emotional devastation they face when a child is diagnosed with cancer, many families quickly find themselves in financial trouble as they struggle to pay not only medical expenses but simple, everyday bills. The problem is exacerbated if a parent has to quit or work fewer hours to focus on their child’s care. A recent study from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center showed that cancer patients are 2.5x more likely to go bankrupt. In addition, financial issues related to transportation can create a barrier to care for many families, often preventing them from adhering to their child’s treatment plan.

With Family Reach Give, anyone can securely find, follow, share and support a family in need. Family Reach Give features family profiles, with photos and stories as well as a list of available bills to help pay. Users can choose to pay an entire bill, or donate another amount to help with the payments overall. Working with its 30+ hospital partners across the country, Family Reach ensures that every family is carefully vetted and certified, and that 100 percent of every donation is sent directly to the vendors to quickly pay a family’s bills. Unlike other public crowdfunding platforms related to personal health issues, recipients will not incur any fees for being featured or pay taxes as a result of the donations.

“Every day, many families fighting cancer are faced with the choice of putting dinner on the table or paying for their child’s cancer treatment. That’s an impossible choice that no one should have to make,” said Carla Tardif, Executive Director of Family Reach Foundation. “Family Reach has dedicated itself to working with hospitals who identify families in need to make sure no one has to worry about how to pay for heat or groceries. With the Give app, everyone can join us in our mission to help these families in need.”

As an added incentive, users in Family Reach Give earn “Karma points” for every donation they make, with each dollar translating to one Karma point. Karma levels are Good (0-249 points), Great (250-499), and Awesome (500+). Once users reach Great Karma, their donation is matched dollar for dollar by one of Family Reach’s corporate sponsors; for Awesome Karma, sponsors kick in a 150% match. Additional Karma points can be earned through activity in the app, such as inviting friends, sharing family stories, and more. Current sponsors include Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Discovery Networks, and My Pillow Pets.

The Family Reach Give app was conceived and developed, as a pro-bono engagement by Eveo, a full-service health and wellness agency, rooted in innovation and technology.

“The Give App is the best expression of what technology can do for good. Now anyone can directly help another family just via an app,” said Olivier Zitoun, founder of Eveo. “It’s not crowdfunding, it’s crowdcaring!”

Eveo worked alongside Family Reach to create an easier way for donations to get to families in need, while sharing their stories and experiences. Download the Family Reach Give app from the App Store today, or visit Family Reach Foundation at for more information.

About Family Reach Foundation:

Family Reach Foundation is a financial lifeline to families fighting cancer. For more than a decade, Family Reach has been shining a spotlight on the financial toxicity of cancer, helping families with a sick child or parent pay for the simple, everyday bills that can quickly bankrupt them. Working in close collaboration with more than 30 hospital partners in all 50 states, Family Reach provides immediate assistance to qualified families, distributing more than $1 million in financial grants in 2014. The Family Reach Give app allows anyone to join in the mission and help pay a family’s bills. For more information, visit

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Angel Capital Expo

Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic Announces 3rd Angel Capital Expo Hosted By Drexel University

PHILADELPHIA – September 17, 2015 – Keiretsu Forum, the world’s largest angel investment network, announces its third annual Mid-Atlantic Angel Capital Expo on October 28 from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Drexel University, Behrakis Grand Hall in the Creese Student Center, 32nd and Chestnut Streets, Philadelphia, PA 19104.

The Angel Capital Expo is the premier gathering of angel investors and entrepreneurs seeking funding to grow their businesses. The event will feature 12 presentations from high-quality, early-stage companies across the technology, life-science, and real-estate industries, as well two high profile speakers and updates on Keiretsu’s exponential global growth this last year. There will also be six “Fast-Pitch” presentations from winning students of area business plan/business idea competitions from Keiretsu Forum partner universities.

Companies that apply to Keiretsu Forum are typically in their A or B rounds having already secured initial funding of $500,000 to $1.5 million. Each entrepreneur will make an on-stage presentation and will be available for additional discussion and due diligence at their EXPO booth throughout the day.

Keiretsu partners and sponsors such as Percepture, a NYC public relations firm, and law firm Baker Hostetler will also have exhibitor booths in order to meet and network with Keiretsu’s investor members and esteemed guests.

The expo is a highly exclusive and celebrated event and Keiretsu Forum Founder and CEO Randy Williams will be highlighting the event and welcoming the top angel investors, VCs, business leaders, and entrepreneurs from the Mid-Atlantic region and around the globe. RSVP to reserve your spot today! Early-bird registration ends on October 23.

This announcement comes off the heels of Keiretsu’s Northwest Expo last week, which played host to 15 presenting companies and over 250 investors at the Northwest Angel Capital Expo. The presentations were highlighted by a best-of-show competition that was won by our own Operative Experience, a medical device company located in Maryland and an expected presenter at our Expo on October 28.

The Northwest Angel Capital Expo not only showcased Keiretsu’s incredible deal-flow and membership, but it also serves as good measure of what is to come at the October 28 Angel Capital Expo at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Whether you are an angel investor, top Mid-Atlantic area business leader, or an entrepreneur seeking funding, Keiretsu Forum invites you to join the globally attended event in celebration of our 16th anniversary of funding high quality investment opportunities (see RSVP details below).

Register to Attend

Early Bird Registration Pricing is open until October 23rd at 5:00 PM.
Registration for angel investors who are members of ACA (Angel Capital Expo) or PAN (Pennsylvania Angel Network) Angel groups is $50. If registered by the early-bird deadline of October 23, ACA and PAN members will receive a $50 reimbursement when checking in at the registration desk at the Angel Capital Expo.

For independent investors not affiliated with a recognized member group, early-bird registration is $100. After October 23, registration is $200.

Keiretsu Forum members from any of our 39 chapters are welcome to attend at no fee as long as they register by October 23. Late registration and door price is $25.

Click here to register.

Apply to Present

Companies interested in presenting at the October 28th Angel Capital Expo should contact Howard Lubert, Area President at Application deadline is October 7. Click here for more information on presenting at the Angel Capital Expo.


If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship and partner opportunities at the October 28 Angel Capital Expo, please contact Vince Leusner at Please click here for more sponsorship information.

About Keiretsu Forum

Keiretsu Forum is a global angel investor network with more than 1500 accredited investor members throughout 39 chapters on three continents. Keiretsu Forum Mid-Atlantic ( consists of four chapters that function as a single entity – Philadelphia, Washington, DC, Pittsburgh and New York. Keiretsu is a Japanese term for a group of organizations with interlocking business relationships, and Keiretsu Forum is a group of accredited investors with interlocking investment interests. Each chapter or region meets monthly to present rigorously screened candidates for investments. Keiretsu Forum’s mission is “Great Association with Quality Deal Flow.”

The Mid-Atlantic Region presents approximately five deals a month, 60 a year, to its members and accredited investor guests. Slightly more than 10 percent get funded, which is higher than the industry average. Approximately 36 funding applications are submitted each month to the K4-MA DealRoom website, and vetted by industry specialists. About 10 are then vetted by members at monthly screening meetings where they participate in a highly structured presentation-and-feedback-learning session. Three to four of the screened companies are then invited to present at subsequent monthly Forum meetings. Entrepreneurs invited to move forward to the Forum meetings must participate in mandatory professional coaching sessions to optimize the delivery of their presentations and also agree to participate in the road show to all four cities in the region, with exposure to approximately 100 investors. Subsequently, information about their companies is posted on the organization’s online global deal room for reference by all 1500+ members. For global information visit:

Help Rebuild Soccer Fields For Kids by Supporting #100Anywhere Challenge

Roberto Milk and Paul Hower are raising money on Kickstarter to rebuild soccer fields around the world for kids. Recently, we connected with Christina Bacock to learn more about the effort; here what she told us.

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

The CEO/Co-founder of NOVICA, Roberto Milk and a Colorado-native, Paul Hower set a challenge to rebuild soccer fields for kids in developing countries.

Milk is on a mission called the #100Anywhere Challenge. Milk is going around the world juggling a soccer ball 100 times, filming it, and raising money to build new soccer fields in developing countries. When Hower, an avid hiker and long time friend of Milk’s, saw the videos, he challenged him to undertake the juggle at 14,000 feet for the cause. Milk will complete the challenge atop Redcloud Peak in Colorado. He’ll be joined by members of a Search and Rescue team, along with participants from the Adaptive Sports Center in Colorado. The money raised will first go to build a soccer field in Ghana, Africa where the kids currently play in a slanted, dirt patch. More soccer fields are planned around the world.

Once the challenge is completed, Milk will sign the ball and kick it into the mountain wilderness. The ball, equipped with a tracking device, will be recovered by the Western State Mountain Search and Rescue Team. Everyone who subsequently completes the #100Anywhere Challenge and posts a video of their accomplishment will have their name added to the ball. This commemorative ball will be the first game ball on the new field in Africa.

Milk and Hower are actively looking for a corporate sponsor for the #100Anywhere Challenge. It is anticipated that the sponsor will contribute $100 for each #100Anywhere Challenge that is completed, filmed and posted online.


How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

The first soccer field in Ghana will cost $5,000 and 100% of what they receive from Kickstarter will go directly into building the field in Ghana plus supporting the Adaptive Sports Center in Colorado, a cherished local organization that supports disabled athletes.

To date, $710 has been raised.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Milk and Hower are building soccer fields for kids in developing countries, starting with a field in West Africa. They plan to build a LOT of fields, not only in Africa, but all over the world.

The Dream: Players all over the world take up the challenge and juggle to 100. It could be #100Anywhere.

Then kids around the world could have fields. As a youth soccer coach, Milk knows how transformational soccer can be in terms of building confidence and developing teamwork. Through this project, kids around the world will be empowered through sports.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

Pledge $25 – ‘Supporter’
Pledge $50 – ‘Field Builder’
Pledge $100 – Receive the ‘Soccer Champs’ Auto Parts Soccer Sculpture from NOVICA
Pledge $250 – Receive the ‘Okyeame’ African Mask from NOVICA
Pledge $500 – Receive the ‘True Unity’ African Sculpture from NOVICA
Pledge $1,000 – Receive the ‘Soccer Pro’ Auto Parts Sculpture from NOVICA

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