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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: December 2015

Access Investors Network Launches Mobile Crowdfunding Aggregator

SAN FRANCISCO – On Tuesday, Access Investors Network released the first US-based mobile-only crowdfunding aggregation app, offering investors startup, real estate, alternative asset and niche market deals.

The Access Invest app aggregates equity and debt deals from a number of crowdfunding platforms and other private deal sources, offering investors hundreds of investment opportunities in one place.

Accredited investors are able to access 506b & 506c deals while non-accredited investors can view Regulation A(+) deals, making Access the first crowdfunding aggregation app truly open to everyone. Access anticipates that next year Title III deals will be available as well, when Rule 4(a)(6) comes into effect.

Dozens of top crowdfunding platforms have signed on as part of the launch including: RealtyShares, CrowdStreet, Flashfunders, North Capital and Healthfundr, among many others.

“Access is facilitating deal discovery and information transparency in private securities markets through its aggregation platform, which is good for accredited investors who seek these investment opportunities,” stated James Dowd, CEO of North Capital. “I think Access could be a great way to gain exposure to new investors,” added Nav Athwal, CEO of RealtyShares.

Investing portals have the opportunity to get their deals in front of potential investors in a whole new way. “Access provides nice on-the-go availability and access to the direct-investment offerings on the CrowdStreet marketplace, enabling investors to connect directly with sponsors just moments after a new offering goes live,” explained Tore Steen, CEO of CrowdStreet.

Investors benefit greatly. Access makes it easier to scan through the seemingly countless number of crowdfunding deals available today and view the complete analysis of an investment directly on the platform raising funds. “Now you can view deals from dozens of platform without needing to go through the pain of signing up on every site,” explains Aaron McDaniel, CEO of Access. After running a real estate crowdfunding platform for the last 2 years, McDaniel saw a better way for investors to access deal flow.

Instead of receiving countless emails from a ton of platforms announcing deals, Access notifies investors of new deals via a free mobile smartphone app and allows investors to curate the deals, identifying investments that best fit their objectives. “Every crowdfunding investor we spoke with wants to see deal flow in a simple and painless way,” McDaniel continues. “We know that investors are busy and so we deliver them the highest quality deals summarizing the most important deal information. Investors can easily discard the majority of deals that don’t match what they are looking for, and then save and further analyze the deals that do.”

The Access Invest app is available via the Apple App Store. Investors and crowdfunding platforms can learn more on the Access website.


About Access Investors Network

Access Investors Network is the maker of Access Invest, a mobile aggregator for equity & debt crowdfunding deals, simplifying your search for the right deals.

271,000 Jobs and a Rate Hike – What it Means for Small Business Owners

This is a guest post from Robert Riedl, Head of Capital Markets at Dealstruck.

According to government data recently released, the U.S. economy added 271,000 jobs in October, reversing a month’s long trend of disappointing growth in employment rolls. Due to the strong hiring, which surpassed analysts’ expectations of 185,000 added jobs, the unemployment rate dropped to 5%, and wages grew at the fastest pace since 2009, rising by 0.4 percent.

According to analysts, this combination of strong hiring, rising wages, and a lower unemployment rate make it likely that the Federal Reserve will introduce the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade.

What does all of this mean to the small business owners in the U.S.?

“Research we conducted in August indicates a correlation between strong hiring and a need for access to capital for small business owners,” said Robert Riedl, Head of Capital Markets at Dealstruck. “In other words, when the economy is adding jobs at a strong pace business owners gain confidence in their ability to dip into cash reserves or utilize outside capital to expand their business.”

The research Riedl cited was conducted in August, after a string of relatively weak hiring reports. Using surveys of business owners in southern California, Dealstruck sought to understand when SMBs would use business loans to expand. The results indicated that even businesses with strong financials and a clear ability to expand were hesitant to take on the risk of financing when jobs reports were soft.

“After a few months of soft demand for business financing, we’ve already seen a strong uptick in businesses applying for loans in the last weeks of October,” Riedl stated, “and as long as the economic indicators continue to perform well, we expect increased demand for access to capital.”

And how might a hike in the federal funds rate by the Federal Reserve impact business owners?

“The current level of the federal funds rate is zero percent and this was put in place by the Federal Reserve as an extraordinary measure to help boost the economy out of the Great Recession. The expected increase in December would be confirmation by the Fed that the economy has strengthened enough to be able to “take off the training wheels” of zero percent rates and begin the normalization process,” Riedl stated.

“In addition, the expected initial increase is only 0.25% and further increases beyond that are expected to be slow and gradual. As a result, small businesses should feel very little impact from this. The bottom line is that small businesses should benefit significantly more from the stronger economy associated with higher interest rates than the impact of slightly higher funding costs,” Riedl concluded.

Robert Riedl

Robert Riedl

About Robert Riedl:

Robert Riedl is the Head of Capital Markets at Dealstruck, an online lender that provides term loans and lines of credit to small businesses.  Prior to joining Dealstruck, Robert Riedl was the COO of a publicly traded specialty finance company, Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. (“CPS”). Robert joined CPS in 2003 and held a variety of senior positions, including chief investment officer and chief financial officer. Robert started his career as an investment banker for ContiFinancial Services, Jefferies & Company, and PaineWebber. He has also served as a principal at Northwest Capital Appreciation, a middle market private equity firm.

Heather Wilson Interviewed on Business Innovators Magazine Radio on the Launch of Christian Crowdfunding Site

This interview details how the #1 Christian Crowdfunding site GiveSendGo helps launch FREE campaigns and set them up for success with the blueprint of: Pray, Plan, Partner & Persist. Co-founder Heather Wilson says: “As Christians, we realize that no amount of money would give the world what it really needs – HOPE. You could get all the crowds, in all the world, raising all the money that they can, and not really make a difference in anyone’s life for the eternal, and that was a problem. We wanted a site that crowds of Christians could come together and support other Christians in their endeavors. We believe that when we live the life God wants us to – we will be living to share the hope we have found.


We also realize that sometimes in order for people to see the hope of Jesus, we need to meet their physical needs first. That’s where the funding comes in. GiveSendGo is meant to give Christians the opportunity to be supported by the body of Christ. A place for the body of Christ to get out from their comfortable pews and support people in God’s family that they might not have ever known about. Why wait ’til heaven to rub shoulders, worship and encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ. We have the opportunity now.

So it is our hope as you have read this that you understand what we believe God wants to be. A place for Christians. A place to fund hope. A place to pray and connect with the body of Christ around the world. A place not only to raise money but a place for givers, senders and goers to work together to be the light of the world.”

Learn more:

Her interview is available on iTunes, Stitcher and Business Innovators Magazine Radio Show at:

Entrepreneur Sets Goal To Connect Everyone To Needed Healthcare And She’s Off To A Good Start

This post was originally produced for Forbes.

Don’t you love it when you find someone who is out to change the world and is actually doing it–at scale! Young social entrepreneur Grace Garey noted that there are too many people in the world without access to healthcare so she decided to do something about it.

In just a few years of operation, Watsi, a crowdfunding site designed to fund medical care for impoverished people in the developing world one at a time, has helped 5,000 patients in 20 countries. Not a bad start!

Garey was motivated by a sobering statistic, she says. “1 billion people don’t have to access to healthcare, and million more are pushed into poverty each year trying to pay for it.”

“Our goal is to make healthcare a reality for every person on the planet. I really believe there are no missing resources in the world, only missing connections, and everything we work on at Watsi is meant to make those connections,” she explained.

Garey has earned the credibility that got her into a coveted spot at Y Combinator, representing the first nonprofit to be admitted to the prestigious Silicon Valley startup incubator. Garey lived in Ghana and India and worked for years in the impact space before launching Watsi.

On Thursday, December 17, 2015 at 4:00 Eastern, Garey will join me here for a live discussion about her remarkable success and her grand vision for connecting every person on the planet to needed healthcare. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

More about Watsi:

Twitter: @watsi

Watsi is a nonprofit website that lets anyone fund life-changing healthcare for people around the world.

Garey’s bio:

Twitter: @gracegarey

Grace is obsessed with the idea that connecting people will change the world. Before she started working on Watsi, she studied post-conflict development in Ghana, lived in a hospital in India, did humanitarian advocacy in DC, and launched a student outreach program at Kiva that generated millions of dollars for entrepreneurs in its first year. Since Watsi launched, the organization has raised $5M from 15,000 donors to fund life-changing healthcare for 5,000 patients in 20 countries.


IMN’s Crowdfunding & Marketplace Lending Forum Will Cover the New Title III Regulations

NEW YORK – December 15, 2015 – IMN’s 2nd Annual Crowdfunding & Marketplace Lending Forum for Real Estate will be covering all the key issues including the new Title III regulations, allowing true crowdfunding to individual investors including:

Title III/General Solicitation & Reg A+/Title IV-The Myths, The Real Regulations, Practical Use, Pros/Cons & Applications Title III Case Study General Solicitation/Title III-A Deep Dive into

The Crowdfunding & Marketplace Lending Forum will be taking place on March 10-11, 2016 at the Marriott New York Downtown, NYC. Bringing together the real estate crowdfunding & marketplace lending community together once again; the inaugural event had nearly 400 participants including 260 real estate owners, financial advisors and broker dealers.

unnamed (3)

Sessions include:

101 Crowdfunding… A Preconference Discussion Expansion of & Economic Factors behind the Growth of Crowdfunding Today & Tomorrow RIAs, Financial Advisors, Wealth Managers Lessons Learned… Pitfalls & Mistakes Blind Pool or Fund Fundraising …and many more. Check out the preliminary agenda

A sample of some of the property owners, financial advisors and RIAs already signed up to speak include…

Thomas Ling, Director Arsenal Real Estate Benjamin Moll, Managing Principal, ARX URBAN CAPITAL Rich Rechif, President, BALBOA REAL ESTATE GROUP Ben Bazer, Founder, BAZER INVESTMENT GROUP Eli Braha, Managing Member & Chief Investment Officer, BERKLEY ACQUISITIONS, LLC

Click here to view more speakers

If interested in attending this event, please email Ronald Saavedra at or visit the homepage: For a 10% discount, reference code “ICN” when registering.

VIDEO – See How Investors Can View Hundreds of Equity and Debt Crowdfunding Deals Across Dozens of Platforms with New Access Investors Network Mobile App

SAN FRANCISCO – On Thursday, Dec. 17, Access Investors Network will release the first U.S.-based mobile-only crowdfunding aggregation app, offering investors access to startup, real estate and niche market deals.

The Access Invest app, which features dozens of crowdfunding platforms, will be available for free via the Apple App Store. Investors and crowdfunding platforms can learn more on the Access website and by watching this helpful video:

“We cannot wait to reveal our Access Invest app,” said CEO Aaron McDaniel, founder of recently acquired Tycoon Real Estate, which was the first-ever acquisition of a real estate crowdfunding platform. “Investors have been asking us for an easier way to find relevant deals without having to register ad nauseam on multiple sites to find opportunities that might interest them. We are days away from giving them exactly what they want.”

About Access Investors Network

Access Investors Network is the maker of Access Invest, a mobile aggregator for equity & debt crowdfunding deals, simplifying your search for the right deals.

How To Wake Up Our Kids: The Film LIFE IN FOUR SEASONS and WAKE UP Campaign

The creators of the campaign urge supporters to give the gift of an inspirational film to the children in their life and thus motivate them to imagine a future beyond all of the noise they experience in the digital world today.

unnamed (2)

With our society so enthralled in negativity, we are forgetting to teach our children about positive real life experiences and human interactions that will better their lives.

This one-of-a-kind film is an extraordinary story told through the eyes and imagination of a six-year-old boy who faces a series of challenges by Mother Earth. The film will be dubbed in six different languages (English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, and Russian) to impact millions of children and parents around the world.

“Making a film about real human relationships in today’s society is a huge risk, but inspiring children is worth it. Our message is in an effort to “WAKE UP” children and their parents to get back in touch with reality and lessen time being distracted by the digital screen and more time experiencing the world around them,” said Stefan Apostolov, director and founder of Magnific Motion, “We want to thank the 1200+ people who have financially supported the production of the film so far and we hope people will be inspired to continue to share this project with others throughout the holiday season.”

To learn more about the WAKE UP Campaign, donate, or share the project with friends visit:

About Magnific Motion

Magnific Motion is a production company specializing in creating high quality cinematic short films. The company got its start when founder Stefan Apostolov, producer and director, first appeared in the media as a rising director when his short film about his hometown, PLOVDIV, swept social media. The film PLOVDIV – The World Sixth Oldest Town, was accepted with great accolades by the Bulgarian and international audiences. The production company won a European competition that awarded the medical university of Plovdiv the privilege to host The World Laser Dental Academy in 2017. To learn more about Magnific Motion visit

Seven Remaining Veterans of Pearl Harbor’s USS Arizona Return for a Final Salute

FORT COLLINS, Colorado, December 17, 2015. Community Funded ( is helping the families of the last surviving sailors of the USS Arizona return to Hawaii on the 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor to pay their final respects to shipmates lost on that fateful day.

USS Arizona Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

The 75th anniversary of the Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor and the destruction of the USS Arizona occurs on December 7, 2016. Almost half of the total casualties at Pearl Harbor occurred on the USS Arizona when an armor-piercing bomb ignited the ship’s ammunition magazines, killing 1,177 of the 1,512 sailors and Marines aboard.

The crowdfunding campaign is raising funds to pay travel expenses for the remaining survivors and their families to return to Pearl Harbor on the 75th Anniversary. All funds raised beyond the fundraising goal will be donated to help veterans across America.

USS Arizona Survivors

USS Arizona Survivors

The survivors include:

  • Donald Stratton, age 93, of Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Lou Conter, age 93, of Grass Valley, California
  • Lauren Bruner, age 94, of La Mirada, California
  • Lonnie Cook, age 94, of Morris, Oklahoma
  • Ken Potts, age 92, of Provo, Utah
  • Clarendon Hetrick, age 96, of Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Raymond Haerry, age 94, of West Warwick, Rhode Island

“My grandfather always put his country first,” said Nicole Stratton, granddaughter of survivor Donald Stratton. “This is our chance to put him first – to give all the survivors one last opportunity to honor those that sacrificed their lives for America.”

“It is an honor for Community Funded to be a part of this and we are volunteering our time and technology,“ said Ryan Stover, Co-Founder of Community Funded. “This is our chance to give back – to honor the servicemen and women and their families that sacrifice to protect our country.”

The initial goal of the crowdfunding campaign is $35,000. This will cover the survivors’ travel to Honolulu alongside a spouse and/or a caregiver.

For more information please visit:

About Community Funded

Community Funded ( provides powerful yet easy-to-use crowd-fundraising solutions that help organizations achieve their development goals. We also offer education and training to ensure success. @communityfunded

Watsi Profile

This profile is part of our crowdfunding site directory. If you have used the site and have comments you’d like to share with our readers, please share them below. If you are part of the company and see an error that needs correcting, please send us an email.

About Watsi:

Watsi is a nonprofit website that lets anyone fund life-changing health care for people around the world.

Arrowhead United Way Seeks To Raise Donations With Crowdfunding Campaign Benefitting Victims Of Deadly San Bernardino Attacks

(SAN BERNARDINO, CA) – Arrowhead United Way is taking a new approach to fundraising by raising donations with a crowdfunding campaign that directly benefits victims, families, and others affected by the shooting tragedy on December 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, CA. At the time of this release, the campaign has already raised over $151,000 through MobileCause and an additional $200,000 through offline donations. Arrowhead United Way continues to make progress toward its goal with the help of generous donors from across the country.

After the deadly attacks occurred on Dec. 2, Arrowhead United Way received an outpouring of support with many asking how they could help those involved. With the help of MobileCause, a leader in cloud-based technology solutions for nonprofits, Arrowhead United Way launched a crowdfunding campaign to streamline the donation process and allow supporters to donate from virtually anywhere by using their mobile phones to text SBUNITED to 71777.

“We knew that people wanted to help, and we wanted to make it easy for people to do that. MobileCause solutions make that possible,” said Arrowhead United Way President and CEO Doug Rowand. All donations from the crowdfunding campaign will go directly to the newly formed San Bernardino United Relief Fund, a joint effort between Arrowhead United Way and the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

With a streamlined, mobile-first approach, MobileCause’s crowdfunding solution empowers supporters to make a donation or to become a fundraiser on behalf of Arrowhead United Way from their mobile phone, PC, or tablet. Each fundraiser receives their own unique keyword that supporters can text to donate. To date, over 900 donors have contributed to the campaign.

In order to spread the word about the campaign, Arrowhead United Way redesigned their homepage with a call-to-action link to the crowdfunding page and a sharable image featuring instructions on how to donate to those affected by texting SBUNITED to 71777. The image was shared across social media causing the campaign to quickly surpass its initial goal of $10,000. The organization has increased and surpassed multiple goals since then, and is now seeking to raise $250,000 for the victims and their families through crowdfunding.

All donations made through Arrowhead United Way will be used to assist those affected by the December 2nd tragedy. Arrowhead United Way will not be deducting administrative or any other fees. “We want people to be aware that 100% of their donation goes directly to helping those affected by the shooting,” said Rowand, “Every single dollar makes a difference.”

To donate, text SBUNITED to 71777 or go to

About Arrowhead United Way:

The Arrowhead United Way is a volunteer driven organization that actively supports health and human services by focusing on education, income, and health. These services address the underlying causes of the community’s issues and create lasting change. The organization was established in1891 and is led by prominent respected community leaders; it is one of the oldest United Way’s in the country. AUW encourages individuals to become more involved in the community by giving, advocating, and volunteering. For more information about how to become involved with AUW visit the website –

About MobileCause:

MobileCause is the world’s leading mobile-first fundraising and communication platform for nonprofits, providing cloud-based online fundraising and communication software designed for a new generation of giving. MobileCause solutions enable nonprofit organizations to raise more money at a lower cost with a suite of products including: crowdfunding for nonprofits, comprehensive online giving, dynamic event fundraising, text-to-donate keywords, mobile marketing, smart data records, and turnkey merchant and payment services at a simple flat rate. Each solution is designed to mobilize networks of volunteers, donors and staff while making it easy for people to give and stay connected from any device. Featured clients include United Way, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern California, Habitat for Humanity and many more. Learn more at

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