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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Monthly Archives: December 2016

Brännland Cider Get 1000 Apple Trees at Röbäcksdalen Fully Funded Through Kickstarter

Press Release – Brännland Cider – 2016-11-30 15:23 CET: At the beginning of November Brännland Cider, the international award winning cider producer in Umeå, Sweden, started a Kickstarter campaign called “1000 apple trees at Röbäcksdalen”, to fund the creation of an orchard and the start new apple terroir in their Northern home county of Västerbotten, not very far from the Arctic Circle.

30 days later, after international attention and countless shares on social media, the campaign is now fully funded. The funds have streamed in from private backers, businesses and institutions in the region and foreign backers in the markets where Brännland Cider is present, in the form of adoptions of the trees planted in the orchard.

Brännland Cider's new apple terroir at Röbäcksdalen in Umeå, Sweden.

Brännland Cider’s new apple terroir at Röbäcksdalen in Umeå, Sweden.

Funding is primarily earmarked for research into organic farming practices and all research results and knowledge derived from the orchard will be shared with anyone who wants to grow fruit in Northern Sweden. The ultimate long term goal is to create a new apple terroir for cider production.

We’re totally amazed by the support that’s been coming in from our local as well as the national and international communities, says Andreas Sundgren Graniti, Managing Director and Founder of Brännland Cider AB. In the past four years we’ve striven to produce the best cider and ice cider possible using the best Swedish apples. It is fantastic to see that our work has inspired confidence enough in what we do, that people want to lend us this kind of support.

The next step for Brännland Cider is to create a dedicated web for the orchard where adopters can follow their specific tree through the seasons. In spring time, a limited edition cider will be produced and offered only to the backers of the Kickstarter campaign as a celebration of the funding of 1000 apple trees at Röbäcksdalen.

Prizes and Awards:

Politics Are the Driving Force for Donations This Holiday Season

Charitable action platform reports charitable trends from Giving Tuesday were strongly influenced by the political news cycle


Press Release – CHICAGO, Dec. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Following a successful #GIVINGTUESDAY in which over $168 million was donated, an increase of over $51 million from 2015 according to, popular online charitable action platform has released its report on donation trends from Giving Tuesday and its predictions for the future of charitable giving.

In addition to the increasing trend of gifts and monetary donations this season, Public Good saw a direct correlation between political news and trends in giving. Below are Public Good’s key findings regarding 2016 holiday giving trends:

  • 100% increase in support for nonprofit organizations that focus on refugees and the environment.
  • A major increase in support for civil rights organizations. In 2015, no civil rights organizations were the top donation recipients. This year, Injustice Watch (#2) and Environmental Law & Policy Center (#10) were both among the top 10 charities where donations were received at
  • Strong increase in donations to children and youth focused organizations following the announcement of Betsy DeVos as Secretary of Education. The day following the announcement of Betsy DeVos’ appointment, approximately 75% of all donations on went to children and youth organizations – up from less than 50% in 2015.

“People are responding to particular news quite quickly, not just making blanket politically motivated gifts. It’s a trend that is likely to stay,” said charitable giving expert and co-founder of Public Good, Dan Ratner. For the future of charitable actions, Ratner predicts this trend to continue: “All in all, we’re projecting a 9% year-over-year growth in giving, which would be a significant uptick. Since a lot of that has been spread out over the year, we believe it is driven more by a stronger economy and more natural disasters. In the last month we’ve seen the mix of organizations change more than the volume of gifts.”

Since the initial launch of Public Good in Chicago in 2014, the technology platform has been the pioneer and leader in powering “Take Action” in major U.S. publications including CNN, Tribune Media, Cox Media, Advance Media, Upworthy and many more. Take Action empowers readers to make a difference in the news that they are reading by connecting them with organizations and actions they can do to make a difference.

“The ability to go local is a critical part of the Take Action experience,” said Melissa Anderson, Public Good President and Co-Founder. “We know that 80% of people prefer to give back in their own communities and our technology algorithm automatically connects readers with organizations in their community.” In addition, Public Good has powered a number of phenomenally impactful campaigns for various nonprofits, including a campaign for the Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation that included Dolly Parton and garnered over 100 volunteer kidney donors in 72 hours, resulting in two successful surgeries and lives saved.

For those interested in taking action on causes that they care about, go to to find local organizations working on the causes that you are about with just one click. Public Good has every 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the U.S. on the platform.

About Public Good

Public Good is the online network for civic action, empowering people to make a difference on the causes they care about. Its Take Action technology connects people reading the news with things they can do to make a difference on the issues around the world and in their own neighborhoods. The company is based in Chicago and was founded in 2013 by veterans of some of the region’s biggest tech successes including Obama for America,, Orbitz, and Groupon. Its tools are in use by many of the nation’s largest, most respected media outlets and allows users to support any of the nation’s 1.1 million nonprofit organizations.

Help Us Bring Sports To 80+ Low Income Schools & Communities


Here’s how your CSR funding can ensure a structured platform for children to play multiple sports, perform in a citywide competitive league and learn crucial life skills through self-awareness and experiences of playing.

This cause is featured on Fund My Project as part of‘s collaboration with

This cause is featured on Fund My Project as part of‘s collaboration with

Project by: Khel Khel Mein Foundation

Location: New Delhi

Funding Required: INR 4,50,000

Category: Eligible CSR activity as per Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII

(vii) training to promote rural sports, nationally recognised sports, paralympic sports and Olympic sports;

Here’s what the folks at Khel Khel Mein Foundation have to say about their project:

“Sports includes all forms of physical activity that contributes to physical fitness, mental well-being and social interaction” – UN Task Force on Sports 4 Development

At Khel Khel Mein Foundation, we believe sports imbibes a deep potential for change. Since our inception in 2013, we have tried to innovate and inspire through sports. Our vision is to nurture holistic growth through sports. What started three years ago as a Physical Education period in a few schools is now shaping into a story of change through sports. True to the nature of sports, it has been a team effort.

We envision to deepen our impact in 2016-17 and are deeply committed to the year ahead as a team. Together, we can.

What we do

KKMF’s primary focus ensures a structured platform for children to PLAY. We build upon the experience to nurture development in all aspects. We’re currently spearheading one of the most ambitious sports interventions ever to be done at the grassroots. Our work reaches almost 10,000 children through 70+ low-income communities & schools in Delhi. Through a unique model of PLAY. PERFORM. PROSPER a child gets the opportunity to play multiple sports, perform in a citywide competitive league and learn crucial life skills through self-awareness and experiences of playing.

Your Contribution

Here is a snapshot of how your funds will be helping our students:

  • INR 500 provides for one child’s training for 6 months
  • INR 500 allows a child to play in 20 matches of the KKM League
  • INR 800 provides refreshments to 100 children on a league day
  • INR 1250 allows an entire school to play one match during the league
  • INR 1500 provides 3hrs of weekly sports training for a school for 1 month.

Want to Fund this Project?

Visit here and support the cause.

Looking for funding?

If you have a social project that’s high on innovation and impact, but running low on financial fuel, do write in to Nidhi Singh at with your proposal, and we’ll feature it on FUND MY PROJECT.

Re-published here as part of Your Mark On The World’s collaboration with


Compac Industries Partners with American Cancer Society to Provide HartFelt 360 Toothbrushes to Hope Lodge Guests

Press Release – (TUCKER, GEORGIA) November 2016 – For cancer patients dealing with a dry mouth, bleeding gums, decrease in saliva and other dental complications as a result of chemotherapy, it could be difficult to maintain proper oral care as part of their treatment. Compac Industries, a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialized family care products, is here to help. The family-operated company is partnering with the American Cancer Society® to provide HartFelt Super Soft 360 Toothbrushes to American Cancer Society Hope Lodge® guests across the country as part of a two-year promotion with the overall mission to provide an easier, healthier oral care solution for cancer patients.

The HartFelt Super Soft 360 Toothbrush is the company’s gentlest toothbrush yet and was designed as a simpler, soothing, effective solution for cancer patients. For every three (3) Super Soft 360 Toothbrushes sold from August 1, 2016 to April 30, 2017, the company will gift one (1) to the Hope Lodge program, which provides cancer patients a free place to stay when receiving treatment away from home.


Dean-Paul Hart, President of Compac Industries, explains, “We first recognized the need for a specialized toothbrush for cancer patients after meeting with dental professionals around the country and learning how chemotherapy and radiation can compromise dental health, affecting teeth, gums and tongue. Oftentimes, cancer patients are left with limited oral care options, such as a sponge on a stick or oral rinse. We strive to make brushing a gentle, fresh experience for cancer patients with the HartFelt Super Soft 360 Toothbrush, and we are honored to partner with the American Cancer Society to help make the brush more available to Hope Lodge guests.”

Unlike other toothbrushes, the Super Soft 360 Toothbrush features the revolutionary circular bristle disk design. Developed in the Osaka University Dental Hospital of Japan, this intelligent design has unparalleled cleaning power thanks to nearly 20,000 ultra-fine microfiber bristles – cleaning teeth, tongue and gums easily and simultaneously. The rounded-tip bristles clean the mouth and remove plaque, regardless of tooth aches or sensitive, sore gums. The toothbrush can also be used in conjunction with medicated toothpastes and gels, or with water alone. This intelligent advancement in toothbrush design was first introduced by sister brand Baby Buddy for use with toddlers and children.

About American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is a global grassroots force of 2 million volunteers dedicated to saving lives and celebrating life, each and every day. For more information, to get help, or to join in our mission to free the world from the pain and suffering of cancer, visit or call us anytime, day or night, at 1-800-227-2345. The American Cancer Society does not endorse any product or service.

About Compac Industries

Frederick Hart Co., Inc. DBA Compac Industries has been manufacturing and distributing Innovative Solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable for people of all ages for the past 36 years. A family operated small business and certified minority supplier, the company manufactures and packages the majority of its products in the U.S.A. and ships from Atlanta, GA throughout the U.S. and overseas. Under the Compac Industries umbrella are original brands developed within the company, including Baby Buddy and HartFelt. Visit for more information.

11-Year-Old Santa Celebrates 5th Year of Helping Families in Need

Press Release – JENSEN BEACH, Fla., Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — If you’ve ever wondered where your toy and holiday donations go, you’re not alone. Every year at this time, cardboard boxes pop up at retailers asking you toss an unwrapped toy inside with no further requirements or information as to where it will end up. At the age of six, Jamie Ashbourne was horrified to learn that there was no way to make sure his donation got to the right person. Dropping unwrapped toys in a cardboard box for children in need seemed like a horror scene out of a Toy Story movie to him. “I was horrified by the idea of random toys being tossed in a box — how could they ever grant a child’s wish?” He wanted to give he just felt that there could be a more personal way to do so. He wanted to wrap his donations and see the child’s face when they got the gift. So he set out to start his own toy drive.

Jamie Ashbourne is ready to deliver (PRNewsFoto/The Elf Factory)

Jamie Ashbourne is ready to deliver (PRNewsFoto/The Elf Factory)

It was five years ago, the Stuart Middle School 6th grader took it upon himself to wrap his donations only to find no established charity would accept them. Even at that age, he remained undeterred and continued wrapping until he had a sack of toys that would rival Santa’s. Christmas was coming and all other toy drives were closed and already handing out their goods. With nowhere willing to accept his wrapped treasures, it was looking like it was all for nothing. When suddenly the elements aligned like something out of a movie to send Jamie to the Gertrude Walden Daycare center in Stuart, Florida.

Celebrating its fifth year of collecting lists and personally fulfilling, wrapping and delivering each item, The Elf Factory is committed to granting personal wishes for children and families far and wide, and this year he has partnered with schools affected by the floods in Baton Rouge.

If a young boy making out his own list to Santa realizes that the spirit of the season is meant to touch people in a personal way, shouldn’t everyone?

Children’s wish lists are coming in and Jamie is focused on fulfilling them by December 19th and Jamie is hoping that the rise in popularity of events like #GivingTuesday will inspire other aspiring Santas to join the cause.

Jamie’s Elf Factory is set up to take donations and requests online, at or you can just visit and read about one little guy on a mission.

Parker NY Partners with Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York for Month of Giving

Press Release – New York, NY, November 29, 2016 – Leading contemporary clothing brand, Parker, announces today a partnership with the Lower Eastside Girls Club of New York as part of their #MonthofGiving initiative. Beginning on November 29, 2016 in conjunction with “Giving Tuesday” and running through December 31, 2016, Parker will be donating 10% of all sales on to the organization, with a minimum donation set at $20,000.

Dedicated to connecting girls and young women to healthy, successful futures, the Lower Eastside Girls Club offers a safe haven in their state-of-the-art community center. Featuring programs in the arts, sciences, entrepreneurship and wellness, the organization helps girls develop self-confidence, thrive academically and become the next generation of leaders.

“When considering a partner for the #MonthofGiving initiative, we were immediately drawn to the Lower Eastside Girls Club,” states Suzanne Silverstein, President of Parker. “As a brand inspired by, and based in, New York City, we love to give back to organizations that help here at home. As a women’s brand, we wanted to support a cause that helps empower women, the next generation. The work that the Lower Eastside Girls Club is doing is so impressive, we had to get involved.”

“We are thrilled to receive support from Parker,” states Rosie Rodriguez, Director of Philanthropy at the Lower Eastside Girls Club. “Empowering girls and women is central to our organization’s mission – whether it’s through the innovative programs that we offer here at our Center for Community, or through the purchase of a dress that makes a woman look and feel great, and gives back at the same time.”

Donations from purchases made at will help sustain LESGC’s long-term commitment to at-risk girls and their families. LESGC programming impacts the lives of thousands of girls in middle and high school who are stressed by the overwhelming challenges that poverty, housing instability, and community violence present. “LESGC is a force for good, working to promote sisterhood and social justice. A purchase from Parker will directly help economically disadvantaged girls overcome adversity and set forth towards achieving their full potential through LESGC’s innovative community-based programming offered at no cost to members and their families,” states Rosie Rodriguez.

This is the inaugural year of Parker’s #MonthofGiving program. The brand expects record sales as the Parker customer shops to look good and do good this season.

About Parker:

Founded in NYC, Parker was created, and is designed, for the city girl in all of us. She is fearless, her style is effortless, and she is just a little bit sexy. She exudes a quiet, attractive confidence that says “I’ve got this.” With Parker, it is never about trying too hard. Our designs capture the season’s trends with pieces that are easy to buy and easy to wear. Now that you know us, come and find us. We’re at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Shopbop, Revolve and specialty stores worldwide.

About The Lower Eastside Girls Club:

The Lower Eastside Girls Club connects girls and young women to healthy and successful futures. Our state-of-the-art community center offers a safe haven with programs in the arts, sciences, leadership, entrepreneurship, and wellness for girls in middle and high school. Programs are offered at no cost to girls and their families.

Joy. Power. Possibility.

The Lower Eastside Girls Club breaks the cycle of poverty by training the next generation of ethical, entrepreneurial, and environmental leaders. Girls Club members overcome adversity, perceive opportunity, develop self-confidence, make ethical decisions and healthy life choices, thrive academically, embrace leadership, and have the ability to enter college or the work force as fully prepared and connected adults.

Omaze And (RED) Offer Fans The Chance To Chat With Richard Branson And Attend A VIP Virgin Event As Part of The Second Annual (SHOPATHON)Red To Fight AIDS!

As part of (SHOPATHON)RED in support of World AIDS Day 2016, and in partnership with online giving platform Omaze, one fan and a guest can win a chance to join Richard Branson for a once-in-a-lifetime


Press Release – The winner and a friend will be flown to a mystery location and put up in a four-star hotel, have the chance to spend time with Richard and pick his brain on career advice, business inspiration and more, before attending an exclusive Virgin event as Richard’s VIP guests. Fans can enter to win – or gift chances to win this holiday season – to this and a number of once-in-a-lifetime experiences with big stars for as little as a $10 donation to fight AIDS.

Proudly playing his part in supporting the AIDS fight with (RED), Richard stars in a special video to tell viewers what they can expect if they win his incredible experience! Click link: to watch Richard.

Ahead of World AIDS Day, December 1, the second annual (SHOPATHON)RED includes a jam-packed roster of winnable celebrity experiences available only on In addition, donors will receive additional chances to win and an exclusive (RED) shirt for a $100 donation, or a (RED) notebook and additional chances to win for a $50 donation. Entries for the chance to hang out with Richard Branson close on January 18, 2017.

In addition to Richard Branson’s experience, fans can also enter to win one of the following:

  • Win a chance to have U2 play for just you during a full dress rehearsal!
  • Join Channing Tatum in Las Vegas for ‘Magic Mike Live’ and be his personal guest at the exclusive after-party
  • Have tea with Julia Roberts and Bono… You can even bring your problems and they’ll attempt to give you advice!
  • Hit New York City, have dinner and see a show with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, with (COCA-COLA)RED matching every donation-to-win, up to two million dollars
  • Hold on tight as you take the jet ski ride of your life and Snapchat with DJ Khaled
  • Go backstage VIP at The Late Late Show with James Corden, and Carpool Karaoke!
  • Hangout at the recording studio and have lunch with Liam Payne
  • See ‘Hamilton’ the Musical and go backstage with Alexander Hamilton himself, Javier Muñoz
  • Fly to Korea for a VIP experience with K-Pop superstar, G-Dragon


(RED) was founded by Bono and Bobby Shriver in 2006 to engage businesses and people in the fight against AIDS. (RED) partners with the world’s most iconic brands that contribute up to 50% of profits from (RED)-branded goods and services to the Global Fund. (RED) Partners include Apple, Bank of America, Beats by Dr. Dre, Belvedere, Claro, The Coca-Cola Company, GAP, Lokai, Salesforce, Girl Skateboards, Live Nation Entertainment, Moleskine, Mophie and Piaggio among many other brands.

As (RED) marks ten years fighting AIDS, it has generated $360 million for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, to support HIV/AIDS grants in Ghana, Kenya, Lesotho, Rwanda, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania and Zambia. Global Fund grants that (RED) supports have impacted more than 70 million people with prevention, treatment, counseling, HIV testing and care services.

About Omaze

Omaze is an experience-driven fundraising platform that leverages the power of storytelling and technology to radically change charitable giving. Since launching in 2012, Omaze has impacted more than 200 charities and received donations from over 175 countries.

Goodshop Introduces Goodshop Give, the First Shopfunding Platform

Goodshop Give Allows Users to Create Campaigns and Earn Money for Causes -Charitable or Personal – By Shopping

Press Release – (November 15, 2016 San Francisco, CA) – Just in time for Black Friday, Goodshop – the company known for its “coupons for good” shopping website – has launched the world’s first “shopfunding” site. Called Goodshop Give, the website allows consumers to leverage their online holiday purchases as a way to raise money for a cause they care about – whether charitable or personal. People can even enlist supporters to help their cause. Users simply create a campaign as they might with other crowdfunding sites; but instead of soliciting donations, money is earned as purchases are made.

This game-changing platform was co-founded by JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC’s “Your Business” show, after she noticed a void in the online shopping model – one that could help nonprofits, small business owners and everyday people achieve their financial goals. She saw that shopfunding could really benefit people on many levels, from helping rebuild lives after a personal disaster like a house fire to finding a way to buy Little League baseball uniforms.

“Shopfunding is the newest way to raise money for things people care about, whether it’s a charity, a family vacation, a new piece of office equipment, a PTA initiative, or something else. What makes it so unique is that you (and your friends, family, and co-workers) can contribute without spending an extra dime – and without thinking about it,” says John Park, CEO, Goodshop. “It’s AmazonSmile meets GoFundMe for thousands of stores – with coupons and deals!”

Shopfunding through Goodshop Give is effortless giving. Step One: Choose an existing cause to support or create your own. Step Two: Shop! With the Goodshop browser add on, each time consumers visit an online store such as Kohls, 1800 Flowers, Best Buy, Toys R Us and thousands of others, two things happen. 1) The add on searches its database of more than 500,000 coupons and deals to automatically offer up the best ones, and 2) a percentage of what the shopper spends is automatically donated to their designated cause (at no cost to them!). The shopfunding opportunity is virtually limitless.

Park adds, “Goodshop Give lets people help themselves and each other in a completely new way. Never before have people been able to shopfund for their child’s education, a pet’s medical expenses, or another cause close to their heart – without having to ask for money. Instead, Goodshop Give raises money effortlessly as supporters shop. We are so pleased to be able to launch this in time for the holidays, so people can shopfund and fulfill their own goals as they buy gifts for others.”

Goodshop has raised more than $12 million for causes ranging from local animal shelters to international refugee aid. With Goodshop Give, the company creates a new shopfunding model from which consumers can personally benefit. Learn more about Goodshop Give at

#GivingTuesday 2016 Online Giving up 20%

Blackbaud reports $47.7 million in online U.S. donations and overall online donations up 31% from last year; continuing positive trend for the growing movement

Press Release – Charleston, S.C. (November 30, 2016)Blackbaud, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLKB), the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good, today announced a 20% increase in online giving during #GivingTuesday compared to 2015. The company, whose systems process a majority of online donations made in the United States on #GivingTuesday, processed more than $47.7 million from over 6700 organizations that received at least one online donation.

“We are excited to see that overall donations continue to climb for organizations on #GivingTuesday,” said Mike Gianoni, Blackbaud president and CEO. “As a #GivingTuesday founding partner, we are proud that the movement continues to grow with donations that help fight hunger, eliminate homelessness, cure epidemics and much more. The movement’s core philanthropic message only gets stronger each year, with people embracing the meaning of #GivingTuesday and amplifying the holiday on social media. Blackbaud is honored to support and power this movement, and on behalf of our customers, we want to thank everyone who chose to be generous on this day.”

“The results of our online campaign showed us that people view #GivingTuesday as a day to make an impact by supporting causes that are important to them, and it’s up to us to show them that they can really make a difference in people’s lives by donating to Orbis,” said Paul Forrest, chief development officer at Orbis, an international nonprofit. “This year’s donations were matched dollar-for-dollar for the prevention and treatment of blindness.”

For #GivingTuesday 2016, Blackbaud provided key reporting, trend data and commentary throughout the day to assess the growth and impact of the movement. Key findings from Blackbaud’s #GivingTuesday 2016 analysis include:

#GivingTuesday Donations Grew in 2016

  • #GivingTuesday online giving grew by 317% since its creation in 2012
  • Online giving has jumped by 20% since 2015
  • Online donation volume grew by 31% compared to 2015
  • 33% more nonprofit organizations received an online donation on #GivingTuesday 2016 compared to 2015

Technology Continues to Drive #GivingTuesday’s Success

  • Online average gift amounts exceeded $126
  • About 22% of online donations were on a mobile device

“2016 is the biggest year yet for #GivingTuesday,” said Steve MacLaughlin, Blackbaud’s vice president of Data and Analytics. “As we predicted, the movement continues to drive year-over-year growth. The positive trends displayed in our data proves the strength of the holiday’s message as more donors embrace the simplicity of using smartphone technology to contribute. About 22% of donations were made online and we expect that number to grow as time goes on.”

For more information about Blackbaud and #GivingTuesday, visit To see photos of nonprofits and other change-makers that were highlighted throughout the day at Blackbaud’s Nasdaq command center and on the Nasdaq tower in Times Square, visit

About Blackbaud

Blackbaud (NASDAQ: BLKB) is the world’s leading cloud software company powering social good. Serving the entire social good community—nonprofits, foundations, corporations, education institutions, and individual change agents—Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. The Blackbaud portfolio is tailored to the unique needs of vertical markets, with solutions for fundraising and relationship management, digital marketing, advocacy, accounting, payments, analytics, school management, grant management, corporate social responsibility, and volunteerism. Serving the industry for more than three decades, Blackbaud is headquartered in Charleston, South Carolina and has operations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit

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