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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Beyond Good Karma: Now Do-Gooders Who Raise Money Can Get Paid For It Too

Press Release – Tuesday, June 28th, 2016 – Alexandria, VA: As consumers we are increasingly invited to leave tips for anything and everything – meals, cocktails, cupcakes, even goods at the local farmers’ market. A combination of effective design, popular technology, and savvy sales tactics, this trend toward increased prompting for tips is understandably popular among businesses and their employees. But somewhat surprisingly, it’s proven desirable among consumers as well, who appreciate the convenience and opportunity to reward good service, particularly in unconventional settings. So this begs the question: as tips are embraced in new situations, where else do they have hidden potential? Razoo, the leading crowdfunding platform for causes, believes that online charity presents that next big opportunity.

“Leaving a tip has become multifaceted – now it’s about more than rewarding good service,” said Tom Matthews, CEO of Razoo. “A person may leave a tip as a thank you in one setting, a token of appreciation in another, and as a vote of confidence in yet another. Meanwhile, every day we are seeing do-gooders on Razoo create fundraisers to raise money for others. It occurred to us we could use tips as a means for donors to reward fundraisers for doing good.”

Individuals who create fundraisers on Razoo – whether they be raising money to help a charity, a friend, a family member, or a total stranger in need – now have the exclusive opportunity to let donors tip them for their good deeds – a tangible benefit that leaps far beyond the symbolic excess of digital Likes, heartbeats, and virtual backslaps offered on other crowdfunding sites. When a good samaritan starts a fundraiser on Razoo, they now have the option to personalize and invite their donors to voluntarily tip them for managing that fundraiser. And if a fundraiser prefers to regrant their “Tips” back to their fundraiser, we let them do that too.

“People who fundraise are big-hearted folks,” says Matthews, “they donate their time, energy, passions, and personal networks to a good cause. When given the opportunity, we think donors will opt to reward them for that, to show gratitude and provide encouragement for the selflessness of their efforts.”

To learn more about personal fundraising on Razoo and to start a free fundraiser, visit:

About Razoo

Razoo is crowdfunding for causes, powering small acts of giving that together lift the world. From multimillion-dollar, community-led Giving Days to individuals collecting donations on behalf of nonprofits or personal causes, Razoo has helped raise more than five-hundred million dollars online – one small donation at a time. Razoo has offices in San Francisco and Alexandria, VA., and is seed funded by the Legatum Group. See how we’re creating a new generation of everyday philanthropists at Follow us on Twitter at @Razoo, and like us on Facebook at

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