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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Charitable Campaigns

Stories about charitable campaigns.

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“Solar Project in a Box” Program Empowers Citizens To Power Communities

RE-volv’s Solar Champion program trains volunteers to bring solar energy to nonprofits nationwide

Press Release – SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – RE-volv, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, announced today a new program to empower citizens across the country to spearhead local solar energy projects. The initiative, called the Solar Champion program, trains volunteers to lead crowdfunding campaigns that will provide the upfront capital for community nonprofits to go solar.

“RE-volv’s Solar Champion program is a new way for people to bring clean energy to their communities,” said Andreas Karelas, RE-volv’s founder and Executive Director. “We’ve created a unique tool for citizens’ toolboxes to fight climate change. Now people have a path to go beyond personal action or policy support; you can actually drive clean energy solutions locally.”

The Solar Champion program’s website provides a “solar project in a box,” a first-of-its-kind free resource that offers step-by-step tutorials and videos to train volunteers on how to help local nonprofits go solar. The program aims to empower local groups and individuals to spearhead climate solutions that benefit their community.

RE-volv is currently recruiting Solar Champion teams for two projects in the East Bay: the Northern California Land Trust, a multifamily affordable housing complex in Berkeley, which will be installed by GRID Alternatives, and the Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church in Oakland, a member of Interfaith Power and Light. Volunteers who are interested can find out more at

“GRID Alternatives is excited to be partnering with RE-volv,” said Zach Franklin, GRID Alternatives’ Chief Strategy Officer. “Its innovative finance model is going to help bring solar power to smaller nonprofits like the Northern California Land Trust that might not otherwise have had solar finance opportunities available to them.”

An estimated 1.5 million nonprofits in the U.S. face financial barriers to obtaining solar power as they do not qualify for solar tax credits or are too small to attract traditional investors. These nonprofits miss out on the financial benefits of solar, which they could use to further support the communities they serve. RE-volv’s model helps bridge this funding gap for organizations that provide valuable public services to vulnerable communities, including homeless shelters, schools, community centers, and houses of worship.

Before launching, RE-volv completed two successful pilot projects in Oakland using the Solar Champion model; Harbor House, which serves refugee, immigrant, and low-income families with after-school programs and ESL classes, and Faith Baptist Church, which gives out over 100 tons of food each year to people in need in East Oakland. The Faith Baptist Church campaign received the support of matching funds from the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

“As a Solar Champion, I was directly involved in a project that benefits the community, and the environment, for decades to come,” said Sonja Marwood, who led the Faith Baptist Church project and now works as a solar installer at SunWork Renewable Energy Projects. “It is gratifying to know the energy and effort I put in will help so many people.”

The Solar Champion program is modeled off RE-volv’s Solar Ambassador program, a year-long fellowship that provides valuable career skills to college students by training them to bring solar to nonprofits in their communities. Students from over a dozen schools have participated in the program.

To date, RE-volv has crowdfunded 11 solar projects (150+ kW of capacity) in four states and signed 17 solar leases in six states. Thanks to the solar installations, these 11 nonprofits are expected to save between 15 and 50 percent on their electric bills, totaling more than $1.5 million of savings over the life of the energy systems. RE-volv’s solar revolving fund, the Solar Seed Fund, is now worth over $700,000 in future lease payments, which will be used to finance at least 20 more solar energy projects.

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Having Overcome Anorexia, She Helps Others Do the Same

CaringCrowd® sponsors and the Your Mark on the World Center. CaringCrowd® is proudly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Robyn Shumer didn’t ever want to weigh 40 pounds. Before she was ten years old, she developed anorexia. To this day, she faces the effects of the disease. Courageously, she recently opened up about her story to help raise more than $10,000 for Project Heal on

Preliminary Interview with Robyn Shumer Who Raised Over $10K for Project Heal.

The following is a brief pre-interview that provides context for the recorded interview you may watch or listen to at the top of this article.

Crowdfunding page:

What is the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign?

Our goal is to provide treatment assistance to as many applicants as possible.

Project HEAL’s financial assistance program is their trademark service. They fund both inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization, as well as outpatient treatment for individuals who wish to recover from eating disorders but find their financial means lacking. Project HEAL’s primary criteria for selecting grant recipients is motivation. They fund applicants who want to recover from their eating disorders, and are ready to do the hard work required.

Each potential treatment grant recipient must submit a detailed application that asks about motivation for recovery, current medical status and symptoms, medical and financial information including any treatment history, plans for after treatment, and preferences for treatment. All of this information is reviewed on a quarterly basis by Project HEAL’s Clinical Advisory Board (“CAB”), which includes a team of ten international expert clinicians in the eating disorder field.

Finalists are interviewed by the CAB, and awards are made based on current funds and the level of treatment requested by the applicant. Their CAB members and program manager follow up with grant recipients quarterly during their treatment, and subsequently, every six months for two years after treatment. Finally, Project Heal’s Co-Founders speak with grant recipients before, during, and after treatment, providing valuable and meaningful human interaction and personal support.

More about Project Heal:

Twitter: @theprojectheal



Project HEAL is the leading non-profit in the US delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.

For-profit or Nonprofit: 501(c)3 Nonprofit

More about CaringCrowd:

Twitter: @caringcrowd @jnjcares



CaringCrowd(R) is a crowdfunding site 100% dedicated to global public health. Individuals who want to support public health can browse projects that need funding and make a pledge to help. Any 501(c)(3) non-profit can submit a project and funding goal for consideration on the platform. Then, submitted projects are reviewed by a team of advisors to ensure they fall within our definition of public health. This platform was created by Johnson & Johnson as a driver for collaboration on global public health, and as a new way to bring funding to organizations tackling key public health challenges on the ground.

Robyn Shumer
Photo credit: Donate A Photo

Robyn Shumer’s bio:


Influential, inspirational leader and trainer with proven success in program management and talent development, doubling the size of the J&J Bridges program and successfully expanding the program into APAC, all three sectors and Enterprise.  Excellent communicator with collaborative leadership style.  Broad experience aligning with global partners in the businesses and HR. Effective change agent with the ability to act both strategically and tactically.  Deep understanding of shaping and delivering strategic programs and training plans based on identified needs. Faculty for the Center for Leadership & Development’s Captivating Communications course; JNJ Global Citizen Faculty; J&J Employee Ambassador; JNJ Virtual Notebook Mentor; Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

I connect people and solve the problem of disconnection.  I do so by listening to people, for what is said and more importantly, for what is not said. I teach others to speak in a language that others understand.

My work reaches many organizations and all of the JNJ sectors creating a diverse and comprehensive network in which we’ve successfully broken down bottlenecks to drive lean and efficient processes forward. This includes process harmonization; creative sharing of resources and ultimately opportunities for talent and the businesses.

I strive for people to leave interactions with me feeling better than they did prior to and I aim to connect the right people at the right time so everyone can become the best versions of themselves that they can.

I also work very hard to help people re-engineer movement into their lives and do a lot of coaching around wellness. I’m a HUGE advocate of JNJ’s ‘7 Minute App and have completed The Human Performance Institute’s Energy for Performance in Life Train-the-Trainer and teach yoga, incorporating mindfulness, movement and breathing into my work every day.

What Makes You A Social Entrepreneur?

I am a social entrepreneur at work and home and here’s why.

At work, my full time job is developing people – creating opportunities for them to diversify their skills and competencies and bring a unique perspective to the drug development process at JNJ.  I create up encounters with VIP role models and bring them to the people as a way to develop the leadership skills of our future leaders.  And to me, this exemplifies the social entrepreneur mindset of creating solutions to cultural issues.

A key component of my work is teaching personal branding and helping others to develop self-awareness and to close gaps and to develop strategies so that others may perceive them as they wish to be perceived.   By creating these opportunities for participants we are providing the businesses with a dedicated talent bringing a new perspective to their challenges and are SHAPING a culture of collaboration at JNJ.

Personally I am active in my kids’ schools, community and successfully led the funding of the Project HEAL fundraiser on CaringCrow®) which will help 2 people with an eating disorder obtain treatment, thus contributing to the ‘social’ aspect of social entrepreneur.

I’ve been on my town’s board of health and the volunteer director of a food pantry and was my town’s volunteer of the year many years ago.  When a food franchise promised the food pantry a $1,500 donation and didn’t deliver, I advocated and obtained the donation after an investigative reporter ran a story about the promise on the nightly news.

I advocate for people in many ways.  Another example is coaching displaced homemakers who left their homes/jobs due to domestic violence and are trying to re-enter the workforce.

Derek Fetzer

Derek Fetzer’s bio:

Twitter: @derekfetzer


Co-founder and Team Leader of CARINGCROWD®. Originally an industrial engineer from Peru and from Purdue University, Derek has over 23 years of strategy, consulting, and business analytics experience across different industries, spanning the US, EU, and Latin America. For the last 10 years, Derek has worked in the area of infectious diseases, collaborating on key product launches in HIV/AIDS, HCV, and tuberculosis. His career interest is in improving access to healthcare around the world by empowering the “crowd.”

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Devin is a journalist, author and corporate social responsibility speaker who calls himself a champion of social good. With a goal to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems by 2045, he focuses on telling the stories of those who are leading the way! Learn more at!

Compassion International Launches Appeal to Fund Heart Surgery for Child in Ghana


Press Release – COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – January 31, 2018 – Compassion International today launched its first ever GoFundMe campaign to help save the life of 6-year-old Mary (not her real name) in Ghana suffering from a rare heart condition – Patent Ductus Arteriosus, Ventricular Septal Defect (VCD) and Sub-aortic Membrane. The global child development ministry seeks to raise $15,000 toward its major medical fund that will help fund the girl’s open heart surgery.

Doctors discovered a hole in Mary’s heart when she was 6 months of age. Her parents live in extreme poverty and could not afford the necessary bi-monthly visits for care. Mary has been on medication to manage her condition that continues to wreak havoc on her overall health and quality of life. She suffers from difficulty breathing and a loss of appetite, frequently becomes ill and has lost considerable weight since she was 3 years old. Children with heart defects like Mary, who also live in poverty, are extremely vulnerable and at risk for an early death.

“She was constantly losing weight, running a very high body temperature regularly, coughing seriously and profusely sweating all the time, and she had a lot of boils,” said Mary’s mother, Susana, of her daughter as an infant.

In May, Mary was registered into Compassion’s Child Development program. She immediately began receiving additional support from Compassion for her medical needs. But surgery costs to repair Mary’s heart are more than her family will likely earn in a lifetime. Mary will be Compassion’s first beneficiary using the crowdfunding platform. Her family remains hopeful that Mary will soon be healed and able to enjoy a long, healthy and active life.

Compassion is seeking donations to cover the cost of Mary’s surgery at GoFundMe. Last year, contributions to Compassion’s major medical fund totaled more than $300,000, which provided over 40 life-saving medical procedures for children in poverty. In addition, more than $4 million was given to ongoing medical care that meets smaller routine medical needs of Compassion beneficiaries.

“It is my prayer that [Mary] will be healed of her ailment so that she will live and exhibit all her potentials for all to see the glory of God in her life,” Susana said.

About Compassion International

Founded in 1952, Compassion International is a Christian child development organization that works to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name. Compassion revolutionized the fight against global poverty by working exclusively with the Church to lift children out of spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty. Compassion partners with more than 6,700 churches in 25 countries to deliver its holistic child development program to over 1.8 million babies, children and young adults. It is the only child sponsorship program to be validated through independent, empirical research. For more, visit

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Death Inspires Crowdfunding Success to Fund Training to Prevent Tragedy

CaringCrowd® sponsors and the Your Mark on the World Center.  CaringCrowd® is proudly sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

Zachary Schleien lost a friend, Louis, who suffered from schizophrenia, in a tragic and unnecessary death. His friend’s passing inspired him to do something.

Having just been introduced at work to CaringCrowd, Johnson & Johnson’s crowdfunding platform to support global public health efforts, Zach launched a campaign to raise money to help train hundreds of parents of children with schizoaffective disorder. The training, NAMI Basics, is led by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Preliminary Interview with Zachary Schleien who raised over $9,500 for NAMI.

The following is a brief pre-interview that provides context for the recorded interview you may watch or listen to at the top of this article.

Crowdfunding page:

What is the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign?

Non-profit funding is difficult and many times government funding does not reflect the concerns of local communities.  I turned to crowdfunding to help supplement funding on this very important, often neglected, and misunderstood condition.

More about NAMI:

Twitter: @namicommunicate


NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. We are an association of hundreds of local affiliates, state organizations and volunteers who work in your community to raise awareness and provide support and education that was not previously available to those in need.

For-profit or Nonprofit: Nonprofit

More about CaringCrowd:

Twitter: @caringcrowd @jnjcares



CaringCrowd(R) is a crowdfunding site 100% dedicated to global public health. Individuals who want to support public health can browse projects that need funding and make a pledge to help. Any 501(c)(3) non-profit can submit a project and funding goal for consideration on the platform. Then, submitted projects are reviewed by a team of advisors to ensure they fall within our definition of public health. This platform was created by Johnson & Johnson as a driver for collaboration on global public health, and as a new way to bring funding to organizations tackling key public health challenges on the ground.

Zachary Schleien

Zachary Schleien’s bio:

Twitter: @ZachSchleien


Zach’s CaringCrowd Profile:

Zachary Schleien works for Johnson & Johnson as an Analyst in their IT Leadership Development Program (ITLDP). Zach recently successfully funded a project for $9,500 to benefit the NAMI Basics Program in honor of a close family friend, Louis. In March of 2017, Louis rejected therapy due to medication side effects along with non-acceptance of his condition, making it nearly impossible to manage. Two months later, in the throes of psychosis, he did not understand the danger posed by the nearby river. It is presumed that he perished on June 4, 2017. NAMI Basics is a free, 6-week education program for parents and family caregivers of children and teens who are experiencing symptoms of a mental illness or who have already been diagnosed.

Derek Fetzer

Derek Fetzer’s bio:

Twitter: @derekfetzer


Co-founder and Team Leader of CARINGCROWD®. Originally an industrial engineer from Peru and from Purdue University, Derek has over 23 years of strategy, consulting, and business analytics experience across different industries, spanning the US, EU, and Latin America. For the last 10 years, Derek has worked in the area of infectious diseases, collaborating on key product launches in HIV/AIDS, HCV, and tuberculosis. His career interest is in improving access to healthcare around the world by empowering the “crowd.”

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Devin is a journalist, author and corporate social responsibility speaker who calls himself a champion of social good. With a goal to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems by 2045, he focuses on telling the stories of those who are leading the way! Learn more at!

Companies Rally To Reduce Heart Disease And Stroke Through The American Heart Association’s Life Is Why We Give™ Campaign

Press Release – DALLAS, January 25, 2018 — The American Heart Association (AHA), the world’s leading voluntary health organization devoted to fighting cardiovascular disease and stroke, has enlisted the support of corporations in raising funds for the cause. When consumers visit a pharmacy, fill up at the pump or add a new item to their wardrobe, they may have the opportunity to give to the American Heart Association via the Life Is Why We Give™ fundraising campaign.

Walgreens, Pilot Flying J and Stein Mart are a few of the businesses helping the American Heart Association to fight heart disease and stroke – the number one and number five causes of death in America.

“After having and recovering from three strokes at a young age, I knew I needed to do something to help raise awareness and advocate for stroke policies to make a positive impact on others,” said Keturah White, an American Heart Association Stroke Hero and volunteer in Northwest Arkansas.

“Volunteering with the American Heart Association has helped me to feel that I’m making a difference, especially for my sons and my mother, who are the reasons “why” I give. Companies like the ones participating in Life Is Why We Give™ are also making a difference. By allowing customers to donate to the AHA, they are providing resources to support heart-healthy programs in communities around the country. Their commitment, and your donations, go a long way to helping prevent heart disease and stroke for future generations.”

National supporters of the Life Is Why We Give™ campaign include:

  • Barrett Jackson will host charity car auctions benefitting the American Heart Association.
  • Bourbon & Boweties is donating 10 percent of the purchase price of the “Heart Collection” jewelry line – available on their website. Additionally, customers may donate $1, $5 or $10 at checkout thru May 31.
  • Brahmin is donating 10 percent of sales from promotional products to the American Heart Association during the month of February. Additionally, on February 3, National Wear Red Day, Brahmin will offer 25 percent off the purchase of full priced items when customers make a donation of $5 or more to the American Heart Association.
  • Brighton will donate $10 or $5 from the sale of each wide cuff bracelet during the month of February through Brighton and partner stores nationwide.
  • Brita will invite customers to convert their Brita Reward points into AHA donations year-round.
  • Citi is providing multiple donation opportunities via customer channels through May.
  • eBay is proud to support the American Heart Association through auction sales to end heart disease and stroke. Exclusive merchandise benefiting the AHA will be featured on 2/20-2/26.
  • Everything ORGO will donate 10 percent of all website sales during February 2018.
  • FabFitFun, the subscription beauty box company, is inviting customers to make an online donation with their purchase through February.
  • Fifth Third Bank is offering customers the opportunity to donate $1 at branch locations nationwide.
  • Ford will donate $50 for every test-drive of a new Ford and $100 for every Ford purchased in February at select dealerships.
  • Healthy Human is donating 10 percent of the purchase price of every specially marked Life Is Why We Give™ bottle to the American Heart Association throughout the year.
  • HP Papers is offering specially packaged paper reams from February 1 through June 30 that will benefit the American Heart Association with a donation made by HP Papers in the amount of $10,000.
  • Kroger is offering customers the opportunity to donate $1 or more at the register or via coin canister at participating locations.
  • Lakeshore will donate 5 percent of Lakeshore Learning AHA Kit Bundle sales throughout the year.
  • Lands’ End will donate 10 percent of the purchase price of select red products throughout February.
  • is donating 5 percent of select product sales and will donate $50 for every Automated External Defibrillator (AED) sold.
  • PaceMaster will donate 1 percent of the purchase price every PaceMaster product sold from February 2018 through February 2020.
  • Pilot Flying J is inviting customers to round up their purchase or donate $1 or more at the register in support of the American Heart Association during February. Additionally, Pilot Flying J is donating a portion of their sales from a special edition red hot beverage cup.
  • Spirit Fitness is donating five percent of all product sales on their XTERRA website from January 1st to April 30th, Also, customers may donate at checkout.
  • Stein Mart is inviting customers to donate $1 or more at the register during February.
  • The Knot is making donations for each wedding registry designated to benefit the American Heart Association through The Knot Gifts Back program in February. In addition, up to 3 percent of the total amount of couple’s registry gifts purchased through The Knot will benefit the American Heart Association.
  • Title Boxing will donate 10% of online sales of select TITLE fitness gear and products and the “Got Heart” tee during the month of February.
  • Wheels Up will offer online donation opportunities to customers and fly a special red plane to support the AHA during the month of February.
  • White + Warren will donate 20 percent of the purchase price to the American Heart Association’s Life Is Why We Give™ Campaign for every Essential Cashmere Crewneck and Essential Cashmere Wrap, including their new color to celebrate Heart Month – “Passion Red.”

Several regional companies are also supporting the Life Is Why We Give™ campaign. They include ACME, Albertson’s, Piggly Wiggly, Stater Bros. Charities and Walgreens. Regions vary by company.

“The American Heart Association is committed to fighting heart disease and stroke and improving the quality of life for all Americans,” said American Heart Association Board Chairman James Postl. “Our work would not be possible without the generous support of committed companies like these who provide donation opportunities to their customers. These corporate citizens provide a force multiplying impact to our work and help us get ever closer to a world without needless suffering or death.”

As the leading source of non-government funded cardiovascular science, the Association has invested more than $4 billion in scientific research and discovery since 1949. The organization trains approximately 2 million high school graduates in CPR every year and has reduced cardiovascular disease mortality by 70 percent since 1968.

In addition to contributing to save lives through company supporters, donations may be made directly to the Association at To learn more about the Life Is Why We Give™ campaign and to find other participating companies, visit

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CiviCore to Provide Technology Platform for North Texas Giving Day

Press Release – DENVER, Jan. 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/CiviCore, the leading Gives Day platform provider, announces an exciting new partnership with the Communities Foundation of Texas to power the nation’s largest Gives Day. North Texas Giving Day has become the leading day of giving in the country, raising over $39 million in 2017 and nearly $200 million over the course of its 9-year history.

“We couldn’t be more excited to win the trust of the Communities Foundation of Texas to power their 10th Annual Gives Day. It is an honor to work with the skilled and accomplished team behind such a successful Gives Day. North Texas has proven to be one of the most generous communities in the country. We are looking forward to helping increase the donor base and raising even more money for participating nonprofits in 2018 through our online fundraising platform,” said Charles Naumer, CEO, CiviCore.

CiviCore has begun implementing the new North Texas Gives Day site built on its secure, reliable platform that includes functionality to support an easy to use cart-based donation interface, peer-to-peer fundraising and donor advised fund integration. Additionally, CiviCore will be providing exceptional customer support to donors and nonprofits in the Dallas – Fort Worth community.

About CiviCore

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, CiviCore Inc. a Public Benefit Corporation, provides nonprofit organizations with a platform to support online fundraising, crowdfunding, volunteer management and client/case management. In 2017, CiviCore processed over $100 million in donations, powering some of the country’s largest Gives Days including Colorado Gives Day, GiveBIG Seattle, Amplify Austin Gives Day and New Orleans’ GiveNOLA Gives Day.

About North Texas Giving Day

Launched in 2009 by Communities Foundation of Texas, is the largest day of giving in the nation. For supporters, the website simplifies the process of both researching reliable information about local nonprofits and community needs, and making charitable donations. For nonprofits, North Texas Giving Day serves as a vital awareness-building and fundraising tool. The website profiles 2,900 nonprofits, and since its inception has infused $195 million into nonprofits serving the North Texas community. Visit, or Hashtag: #NTxGivingDay.

About Communities Foundation of Texas

Presenting North Texas Giving Day is one of the many ways Communities Foundation of Texas (CFT) serves as a hub for philanthropy in North Texas. As the largest community foundation in Texas and one of the largest in the nation, CFT works to strengthen the community through a variety of charitable funds and strategic grantmaking initiatives. The foundation professionally manages more than 1000 charitable funds for families, companies, foundations and nonprofits and has awarded more than $1.7 billion in grants since its founding in 1953. Visit, or


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Edward Jones Surpasses 2017 Alzheimer’s Association Fundraising Goal

Total contributions top $4.8 million for research, care and support

Press Release – Edward Jones has surpassed its annual fundraising goal for the Alzheimer’s Association. As a strategic partner and the first national presenting sponsor for the Association’s annual Walk to End Alzheimer’s®, Edward Jones raised more than $2.3 million in 2017 through its 2,752 teams across the country. The firm’s total contributions in support of the strategic alliance last year topped $4.8 million.

The Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and money for Alzheimer’s care, support and research. ­

“Our associates have taken the cause of the Walk to End Alzheimer’s to heart, as this disease affects our families and our clients in ways that can be devastating,” said John Beuerlein, the principal leading the Edward Jones Senior Investor Council. “We’re proud that Edward Jones has a culture of caring that empowers and supports all of us to work together to make a difference in the communities where we live and work.”

The strategic alliance, which began in 2016, has several facets. The Alzheimer’s Association has worked with Edward Jones to create the Edward Jones Alzheimer’s Research Fund, a targeted effort to accelerate research on treatment methods, prevention, and, ultimately, a cure. The Alzheimer’s Association also provides educational programs for Edward Jones associates so they can share resources with clients.

“Over the past two years, the incredible efforts by Edward Jones have enabled the Alzheimer’s Association to fund additional research and expand its outreach to help and support more families seeking information, support and guidance around this life-changing disease,” said Donna McCullough, Chief Development Officer, Alzheimer’s Association. “We look forward to the future and the progress we can achieve together.”

Alzheimer’s disease is the nation’s sixth-leading cause of death, and the only disease among the top 10 causes that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed, according to the Alzheimer’s Association. In the United States alone, more than 5 million people are living with the terminal brain disease, and this number is set to skyrocket to nearly 14 million by 2050 unless more effective treatments are found.

About Edward Jones

Edward Jones, a Fortune 500 company headquartered in St. Louis, provides financial services in the U.S. and through our affiliate in Canada. Every aspect of our business, from the investments we offer to the location of our branch offices, caters to individual investors. Our 15,000-plus financial advisors serve more than 7 million clients and care for more than $1 trillion in assets. Visit us at Our recruiting website is Member SIPC.

About the Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association is the leading voluntary health organization in Alzheimer’s care, support and research. It is the largest nonprofit funder of Alzheimer’s research. The Association’s mission is to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health. Its vision is a world without Alzheimer’s. Visit or call 800-272-3900.

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Battleship Texas Foundation Announces Partnership with Wargaming to Raise Funds for Battleship TEXAS

Press Release – HOUSTON (Jan. 16, 2018)Battleship Texas Foundation has announced its joint partnership with, a leading online game developer and publisher, to preserve the historic naval ship, Battleship TEXAS. Wargaming continues to raise funds through “World of Warships,” its free, online historical combat game that allows participants to command ships from massive naval fleets with history’s most iconic vessels.

Wargaming came to the assistance of Battleship TEXAS shortly after damage incurred by Hurricane Harvey. The gaming company hosted several in-game campaigns that raised awareness and funds, including the donation of proceeds from its charity, Project V.A.L.O.R. Wargaming also created Lone Star Texas bundles for gamers to purchase and customize in-game replicas of the USS TEXAS. To date, the company has raised more than $281,000, and the Lone Star Mission alone has been completed by nearly 1,000 players.

“It is an honor to partner with the Battleship Texas Foundation and donate 100 percent of the gross sales of our custom bundles and flags to restore the ship,” Aleksandr Nikolaev, Wargaming’s North American publishing director said. “We are always trying to educate our players and promote naval history. The USS TEXAS is one of the most popular vessels in ‘World of Warships,’ so gamers jumped at the opportunity to help with real-life preservation efforts.”

A 34-year active-duty veteran and hallmark of honor and strength, the Battleship TEXAS served the United States in both World War I and World War II. Commissioned in 1914 as the most powerful weapon in the world, she is credited with the introduction and innovation of advances in gunnery, aviation and radar. She is the last surviving dreadnought and the only battleship in existence today that fought in both world wars.

Today, the ship suffers constant leaks, averaging more than 300 tons of water per day, leading to significant erosion and deterioration. A team of historians, engineers and preservationists are attempting to move the ship to land. Other restoration efforts include reinforcing the framework and structure, repairs to the flooring and recent additions to the air conditioning system to provide cool air to more sections of the ship.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wargaming on this endeavor. They have a great record of promoting awareness and working to restore military monuments,” Bruce Bramlett, executive director of Battleship Texas Foundation. “Together we can work toward the Foundation’s mission of preserving and enhancing the Battleship TEXAS.”

Wargaming’s new Referral Program initiative, running through March 31, supports the ship’s foundation. For every gamer who is referred to “World of Warships” through the program by an existing player, or create and register a new account via a dedicated website (, and plays at least one battle in a non-Premium Tier 6 ship, Wargaming will pay $25 to the Foundation. In addition, players will be rewarded with USS Texas for free in-game as a regular prize through the Referral Program. There will be a leaderboard tracking the Top 25 recruiting players, including special rewards once per month.

For more information on Wargaming’s fundraising efforts, visit

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Texas A&M Cadets Complete 1,050-Mile March To Raise Money, Awareness For Veteran Families

By Sam Peshek, Texas A&M University Marketing and Communications

Press Release – COLLEGE STATION, Jan. 12, 2018 — Four members of the Texas A&M University Corps of Cadets recently completed a 1,050-mile, 13-day ruck march across the Southwest to raise money and awareness for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation.

Company H-1 Cadets Hunter Birt, Jordan Rogers, Sebastian Brown and Ian Morrow hiked from El Paso to Telescope Peak in Death Valley, California, from Dec. 27 to Jan. 8. They said they didn’t want to spend the holiday break like the average college student, so they made the long and sometimes painful trek to help families who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.

Birt said even though the crew experienced injuries to joints and shins and experienced unfavorable weather along the way, it was worthwhile, raising $5,200 of their $10,000 goal.

“We cannot emphasize enough that any pain or suffering that we may have endured was in honor of those that have given everything for this country,” Birt said. “The focus of this project is solely intended to spread awareness of the hardships that are faced by the families of the deceased rather than our own hardships.”

Birt said when they weren’t sleeping in vehicles, they relied on friends for lodging along the way. He said the support they received from friends and strangers alike powered them through the trip.

“Something that was inspirational was the support that many people gave to the cause,” Birt said. “It was especially gratifying to see that Americans were coming together to support those in need. The beauty of humanity and unification is what truly inspired us to keep going.”

Birt, a sophomore mechanical engineering major from Fort Worth, Texas; Brown, a junior industrial distribution major from Minnetonka, Minnesota; Rogers, a sophomore entomology/electrical engineering major from Kennesaw, Georgia; and Morrow, a sophomore history major from North Zulch, Texas, have returned to campus for classes, which begin Jan. 16.

According to the Special Operations Warrior Foundation website, the organization ensures full financial assistance for a post-secondary degree from an accredited two or four-year college, university, technical, or trade school; and offers family and educational counseling, including in-home tutoring, to the surviving children of Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps special operations personnel who lose their lives in the line of duty.

Special Operations Warrior Foundation also provides immediate financial assistance to severely wounded and hospitalized special operations personnel.

Those who are interested in contributing to the group’s fundraiser can do so through their webpage until Jan. 20 Visit the Special Operations Warrior Foundation to learn more about the organization.

This story is posted on Texas A&M Today.

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Evite® Donations Reaches $5MM in Charitable Contributions

Press Release – LOS ANGELES (January 9, 2018) – Evite, the leading digital service for bringing people together, today announced its Evite Donations feature has enabled over $5 million in charitable contributions since its launch in September 2015.

Evite Donations, powered by Pledgeling, allows event planners and party hosts to offer guests charitable donations as part of their event options. This service is free, and unlike many online donation-processing services, Evite does not take a fee.

The $5 million milestone was met in part through Evite’s successful “Make More Merry” campaign launched on #GivingTuesday, November 28, 2017. During the six-week campaign, Evite inspired people to make charitable giving part of their holiday party plans by highlighting six nonprofits. The donations raised for these nonprofits to date through Evite Donations represent the following impacts, based on symbolic donation values:

  • 236,747 disaster victims can be provided with emergency medical supplies for an entire month, through Doctors Without Borders.
  • 175,250 meals can be provided through a network of food banks across the U.S., through Feeding America.
  • 3,160 dogs and cats can be vaccinated and spayed/neutered, through the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).
  • 2,187 children can be provided with a new toy, book, and sports ball during the holiday season, through Marine Toys for Tots.
  • 166 children in an urban area can be educated for a year, through Pratham USA.
  • 81 families in the developing world can be provided with access to safe water and sanitation in their homes, through

“The success of Evite Donations shows just how much people want to give back, and Evite makes it easier than ever to do so,” said Victor Cho, Chief Executive Officer of Evite. “With Evite’s new features, hosts can text invitations and guests can donate right from their phones.”

About Evite

Evite is the world’s leading digital platform for bringing people together. With free, easy-to-use invitation designs, inspirational video content, and a private sharing feed for photos and conversations, Evite makes coming together face-to-face effortless and more memorable for its 100+ million annual users. The company currently handles hundreds of millions of RSVPs every year. The company has sent over 2 billion event invitations in its history. Launched in 1998, Evite is headquartered in Los Angeles and is a subsidiary of Liberty Interactive Corporation, attributed to the Liberty Ventures Group (NASDAQ: LVNTA, LVNTB).

About Pledgeling

Pledgeling ( is the world’s first platform to power social impact for businesses of all sizes. Pledgeling partners with hundreds of brands like Evite, Discovery and Tinder to grow their businesses through giving. To date, Pledgeling has powered over $8MM in donations for thousands of nonprofits around the world. Pledgeling’s mobile-first, end-to-end platform allows a business to easily align with a cause, engage their audiences, and make a meaningful impact. Pledgeling is headquartered in Venice, CA.

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