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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Charitable Campaigns

Stories about charitable campaigns.

Big Job for 1 Man: Save 200M Children from 7k Rare Diseases

The always cheerful Dr. Robert Selliah, founder of American MedChem, is deadly serious about finding cures that could save up to 200 million children around the world.

He explains, “About 7,000 rare diseases are known and nearly 20 million children in the US and 200 million children worldwide have some form of rare disease. But for 95 percent of these rare diseases there are no effective targeted medicines. 30 percent children with rare diseases will not live to see their 5th birthday. Lack of medicines is primarily because it is not profitable for pharmaceutical companies to create medicines for these children – no market-based drivers.”

Robert explains how far reaching the problem is. “In the same way, lack of profitability for pharmaceutical companies is the reason for the lack of medicines for nearly 500 million children in poor countries afflicted with neglected tropical diseases. But sick children need safe and effective medicines too, so they can get well and enjoy a healthy life. The big question is this: what is the best gift we can give a very sick child? Answer: healing medicines. This is what forms the core value of AMC.”

So, Robert created AMC to solve these problems. “AMC as drug discovery and development technology organization creates and provides these essential targeted medicines necessary to treat children afflicted with rare diseases and neglected tropical diseases. AMC changes the status quo and fills the existing gaps in medicines to treat children, who currently have no medicines. Genetics technology is driving exact diagnosis of rare childhood diseases, but diagnosis without available treatment is useless for the children and families.”

Undaunted, Robert keeps pushing. “AMC is set up to collaborate with research leaders in biology and genetics, carry out the critical discovery and medicinal chemistry research at AMC, and bring forward clinical candidates for testing and approval by FDA. Technology is readily available, talent is plentiful, the needs are huge; but we need the strong support of philanthropy to fund this work. AMC is currently seeking major philanthropic support.”

“At AMC our commitment is to create healthy outcomes for children diagnosed with rare and neglected diseases. The status quo is unacceptable, because industry has left these kids out of the mainstream for reasons of profitability. We know that our vision can become a reality for sick kids by applying existing drug discovery technology to create very specific drugs for specific diseases. The age of precision medicine is here, and sick kids must benefit from this technology also,” Robert concluded.

AMC is presently conducting a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly with a goal of $500,000. So far, he’s raised nearly $10,000 for this work, but there is a long way to go. You can help by clicking here to learn more.

On Thursday, January 7, 2016, at 3:00 Eastern, Robert will join me here for a live discussion about his work aimed at saving 200 million children. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about American MedChem:

Twitter: @americanmedchem

American MedChem (AMC) is a social enterprise nonprofit drug discovery and development organization with a mission to create and provide targeted medicines for children afflicted with rare and neglected diseases. AMC research model is based on collaborations with leading biology and genetics researchers at universities and institutes. The business model is designed to be sustainable by way of monetizing revenue sharing and licensing deals to create revenue streams to support the research operations.

Dr. Robert Selliah, courtesy of American Medchem

Dr. Robert Selliah, courtesy of American MedChem

Robert’s bio:

Twitter: @robtselliah

Dr. Selliah has more than 18 years of experience in technology, leadership, and management in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, and preclinical development in the United States and the global pharmaceutical and biotech sector. He was most recently vice president of Medicinal Chemistry at SAI Advantium Pharma in India, where he led a group of over 200 scientists. Dr. Selliah is a co-inventor of two clinical development candidates—PRLX93936 (oncology, Prolexys) and AL12182 (glaucoma, Alcon)—and several preclinical candidates, and he contributed to the discovery and development of Travatan®, a marketed prostaglandin drug for glaucoma. He currently serves as a consultant in drug discovery, medicinal chemistry, and project management to early-stage biotech companies in the U.S. Dr. Selliah received his B.S. (Special Honors in chemistry) and Ph.D. (synthetic organic chemistry) degrees from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Devin D. Thorpe

Arrowhead United Way Seeks To Raise Donations With Crowdfunding Campaign Benefitting Victims Of Deadly San Bernardino Attacks

(SAN BERNARDINO, CA) – Arrowhead United Way is taking a new approach to fundraising by raising donations with a crowdfunding campaign that directly benefits victims, families, and others affected by the shooting tragedy on December 2, 2015 in San Bernardino, CA. At the time of this release, the campaign has already raised over $151,000 through MobileCause and an additional $200,000 through offline donations. Arrowhead United Way continues to make progress toward its goal with the help of generous donors from across the country.

After the deadly attacks occurred on Dec. 2, Arrowhead United Way received an outpouring of support with many asking how they could help those involved. With the help of MobileCause, a leader in cloud-based technology solutions for nonprofits, Arrowhead United Way launched a crowdfunding campaign to streamline the donation process and allow supporters to donate from virtually anywhere by using their mobile phones to text SBUNITED to 71777.

“We knew that people wanted to help, and we wanted to make it easy for people to do that. MobileCause solutions make that possible,” said Arrowhead United Way President and CEO Doug Rowand. All donations from the crowdfunding campaign will go directly to the newly formed San Bernardino United Relief Fund, a joint effort between Arrowhead United Way and the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors.

With a streamlined, mobile-first approach, MobileCause’s crowdfunding solution empowers supporters to make a donation or to become a fundraiser on behalf of Arrowhead United Way from their mobile phone, PC, or tablet. Each fundraiser receives their own unique keyword that supporters can text to donate. To date, over 900 donors have contributed to the campaign.

In order to spread the word about the campaign, Arrowhead United Way redesigned their homepage with a call-to-action link to the crowdfunding page and a sharable image featuring instructions on how to donate to those affected by texting SBUNITED to 71777. The image was shared across social media causing the campaign to quickly surpass its initial goal of $10,000. The organization has increased and surpassed multiple goals since then, and is now seeking to raise $250,000 for the victims and their families through crowdfunding.

All donations made through Arrowhead United Way will be used to assist those affected by the December 2nd tragedy. Arrowhead United Way will not be deducting administrative or any other fees. “We want people to be aware that 100% of their donation goes directly to helping those affected by the shooting,” said Rowand, “Every single dollar makes a difference.”

To donate, text SBUNITED to 71777 or go to

About Arrowhead United Way:

The Arrowhead United Way is a volunteer driven organization that actively supports health and human services by focusing on education, income, and health. These services address the underlying causes of the community’s issues and create lasting change. The organization was established in1891 and is led by prominent respected community leaders; it is one of the oldest United Way’s in the country. AUW encourages individuals to become more involved in the community by giving, advocating, and volunteering. For more information about how to become involved with AUW visit the website –

About MobileCause:

MobileCause is the world’s leading mobile-first fundraising and communication platform for nonprofits, providing cloud-based online fundraising and communication software designed for a new generation of giving. MobileCause solutions enable nonprofit organizations to raise more money at a lower cost with a suite of products including: crowdfunding for nonprofits, comprehensive online giving, dynamic event fundraising, text-to-donate keywords, mobile marketing, smart data records, and turnkey merchant and payment services at a simple flat rate. Each solution is designed to mobilize networks of volunteers, donors and staff while making it easy for people to give and stay connected from any device. Featured clients include United Way, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern California, Habitat for Humanity and many more. Learn more at

Mahindra North America & Milaap USA Support Seed The Rise Campaign To Assist Farmers In India

HOUSTON, TX (November 30, 2015)Mahindra North America and Milaap USA are working in conjunction with Mahindra & Mahindra and Milaap India to support fundraising efforts to provide relief for struggling farmers and their families in India through Seed The Rise. This international crowd funding campaign is an initiative of Mahindra & Mahindra and Milaap India to raise US$600,000 for five unique programs in India with Mahindra & Mahindra providing a 100 percent matching donation. Each program provides assistance to farmers from a different angle; this multi-pronged approach provides support directly to each organization, which can then focus on solutions based on its area of expertise.

The projects supported by provide long term solutions to the challenges and uncertainties farmers in India face due to uncooperative weather conditions, unstable crop trends and prices, and poor access to basic human needs such as education, sanitation and water. This initiative has been successfully received in India, with Bollywood Actor Nawazuddin Siddhiqui serving as the ambassador for the cause, and endorsements from star Indian athletes Sachin Tendulkar, Mahesh Bhupati and Saina Nehwal.



“It is a privilege to support Mahindra & Mahindra in this important community outreach which is an important tenant to our corporate Rise philosophy to drive positive change. Creating synergy between private crowd funding and matching corporate donations and taking it to an international level creates an energy that maximizes the impact we can have for these farmers struggling through adversity,” said Cleo Franklin, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra North America.

“Milaap USA is pleased to partner with Mahindra North America in a symbiotic effort to combat real challenges farming communities in India face. #SeedtheRise promotes an innovative and digital platform for communities in America to improve lives of rural communities in India. Our joint initiative focuses on a long-term solution for farmers and their families through five initiatives, ranging from income generating cultivation, accessible information through technology, and education for their children. Even basic human needs such as water and hygienic sanitation facilities are provided. Under-resourced communities do not want pity; they want our partnership. Which is why #SeedtheRise is a call to action to lift up those who truly put food on our tables,” said Paulomi Patel, Director of Strategy & Development, Milaap USA.

Mahindra North America is working in cooperation with Milaap USA to raise awareness and funds in North America for this Rise initiative. All donations in U.S. dollars are tax-exempt through Milaap USA, whose mission is to support innovative grassroots programs in India using technology for social change. Donations are accepted through until December 7th, 2015. Funds are sent directly to the NGO of the donor’s choice: Naandi Foundation, Swades Foundation, Digital Green or Nanhi Kali.

To learn more about the Seed the Rise campaign, please visit

Refugee Crisis Sparks Powerful Fundraising Push

This is a guest post from Fundly

The International Refugee Assistance Project (IRAP), a project of the Urban Justice Center, recently launched a campaign via the crowdfunding site, Fundly, with the goal to “support the thousands of refugees and their families longing for safe, new beginnings.” The campaign encourages supporters to “think globally, act locally” by taking action to relieve the intense challenges these refugees face. The crowdfunding campaign’s original goal was to raise $50,000, but with only three days left, they have more than surpassed that goal with a current total of over $600,000.

Within the current massive refugee crisis, the primary goal should be to relieve tensions through the political process so that those displaced can return to their homeland, however that is not always possible and to do so would jeopardize the lives of some of the most vulnerable people. IRAP is the only organization that provides comprehensive legal representation to refugees throughout the registration, protection, and resettlement process. It is a much-needed service for the thousands of refugees facing resettlement who have no access to legal information or representation.

Regardless of which side one lands within the political debate surrounding the refugee crisis, it is clear that more needs to be done to protect those who might be seeking resettlement – particularly those who have spoken out against the regimes at the center of the conflict. Crowdfunding campaigns are a way for these organizations to get the much-needed funds to enact change. Judging by the success of this crowdfunding campaign that notably includes a corporate donor match, and the results of other more personal projects, many Americans are responding to the call in a significant and meaningful way.

#GivingTuesday is Here – Support Jefferson Awards Foundation Get Matched

Giving Tuesday has arrived and the storytelling campaign of Jefferson Awards Foundation is live now. They are raising money here.  Recently, I caught up with Kat Krieger to learn more about the effort; here’s what she told me:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

The Jefferson Awards Foundation powers public service through 5 programs–starting December 1st it will start a year end campaign that features a story a day at Each story features a student, company, program or board member and how they are giving back to their community through the help of the Jefferson Awards Foundation.

The Year End Campaign will fund all 5 JAF programs: GlobeChangers, LEAD360, Students In Action, Champions and Media Partners.


thunder-01How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

The goal is to raise $100,000 – because the Jefferson Awards’ Board Chair, Joe Sanberg, has offered a $1 for $1 match of every dollar donated in the month of December, up to $100,000!

That means that for every dollar the Jefferson Awards raises this month, they can generate almost $150 in community value.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Because the Jefferson Awards Foundation powers public service they activate public and community service projects all over the country in multiple areas of impact. For example, in 2015, the areas of impact for the LEAD360 program included food & hunger, education & literacy and health & wellness. However, the 4 other JAF programs are able to chose specific service projects depending on need and the surrounding community.

Which category of crowdfunding campaign best fits what you are doing?

Donations based – no rewards, equity or repayment

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @JeffersonAwards

HeroRATs Will Transform Ammunitions Dump Into Nature Reserve

APOPO, top-rated NGO and creators of Mine Detection Rat Technology, are crowdfunding to transform a deadly ammunitions dump in Mozambique into a world-class nature reserve, now on Crowdrise.


MAPUTO, Mozambique, November 23th 2015 – World leading NGO APOPO announced today that it is raising funds via a crowdfunding campaign on Crowdrise to transform a deadly former military site in to a public nature reserve. APOPO, famous for their landmine detection rats that sniff out explosives, also known as HeroRATs, set out to raise $20,000 to support the project which promises to save lives and return land to local communities.

The Malhazine complex, in Maputo, Mozambique, has been used as a military ammunition storage depot for decades. It has suffered two major ammunition explosions and a number of smaller ones, which have killed and injured many civilians and resulted in ammunition left scattered across the complex. APOPO and the HeroRATs promise to end the unnecessary deaths of civilians and lay the groundwork for a world leading nature reserve.

The aim in Mozambique has been to facilitate the clearance of ERW and landmines, reduce the number of accident victims, enhance national development and speed up full recovery from war at the lowest possible costs. To do so APOPO is engaged in the development of a low-cost and efficient mine detection methodology. APOPO’s clearance team includes sixteen mine detection rats, known as HeroRATS, who rapidly speed up the time taken to detect explosive remnants of war.

unnamed (2)

Malhazine HeroRAT Squadron

Jeremias – Anfield – Vangoal – Abela – Dereth – Dndvk – Devika – Fiona – Dr.Bila – Lot – Anno – Feroz – Dako – Babari – Mokada53 – Muniria

Watch APOPO and the HeroRATs in action

APOPO Founder, Bart Weetjens, said “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to transform a site that has killed hundreds of civilians into a vibrant nature reserve that will be treasured by generations to come. The ammunitions dump is known only for fear and death, yet with the help of some furry little heroes, we can return this lost land to local communities and an array of wonderful wildlife.”

The Malhazine project will support local communities and national capacity building by training hundreds of Mozambicans from the ground up thus relying on national staff for nearly all roles.

unnamed (3)

APOPO’s vision is to solve pressing humanitarian and development challenges through local solutions for local problems. Clearing explosive remnants of war (ERW) and dangerous items of ammunitions removes a critical structural barrier and a precondition for development.

unnamed (4)

The ammunitions clearance and disposal is on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment at the request of the National Institute of Demining, in the Malhazine Ecological Park, formerly known as the Malhazine Ammunition Depot, located in Maputo Province.

The public are invited to support the transformation of this deadly site via Crowdrise using the following link:

Mozambique’s Ministry of the Environment plans to transform the Malhazine site into a nature reserve for the public. The site will feature:

  • Recreational area with campsite, children’s area, zoo, veterinary clinic and restaurants (49 ha)
  • Research area (6 ha) and botanical garden
  • Fenced animal/ bird/ botanical sanctuary (about 489 ha)
  • Military museum (about 22 ha)
  • Fenced footpaths through the sanctuary

The Dream Big Foundation and LivePerson to Deliver 3,000 Thanksgiving meals to Families in Need for the 14th Annual FeedingNYC

New York, NY – November 20, 2015

WHO: The Dream Foundation and LivePerson Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN), a leading provider of digital engagement solutions

WHAT: FeedingNYC, a Dream Big Foundation program, in partnership with LivePerson, will hand-deliver Thanksgiving meals to families in need. LivePerson employees, along with more than 400 FeedingNYC volunteers, will team with shelters throughout New York’s five boroughs to collect and distribute meals for 3,000 families, bringing much-needed food, support and encouragement.

WHEN: Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 6:00 AM

WHERE: FeedingNYC will be headquartered at Pier 60 at Chelsea Piers, (Pier 60 and 23rd); volunteers will begin packing boxes at 6:00 AM and teams will start delivering to shelters on the afternoon of November 24. Meals will be hand delivered to Women in Need, Jewish Federation, Catholic Charities, and City Harvest. Interview opportunities for press will be available at the volunteer site at Chelsea Piers with LivePerson CEO and FeedingNYC Founder, Rob LoCascio. Interview opportunities are also available at select shelters during delivery times.

There has been tremendous support from volunteers to help package and deliver meals on the day of the event, but the organization is still accepting much-needed donations. To make a donation, please go to: For more information on FeedingNYC please visit

For more information on LivePerson Cares and its affiliate programs, please visit:

About the Dream Big Foundation

The Dream Big Foundation was founded by Robert LoCascio in 2001 with its first program, FeedingNYC, which aims to feed New York City’s families in need for Thanksgiving. Since 2001, FeedingNYC has donated more than 40,000 Thanksgiving meals. In 2014, Dream Big launched its second program, the Dream Big Brownsville Entrepreneurship Initiative to provide funding, mentoring, and resources to local entrepreneurs to drive economic growth in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Learn more at

About LivePerson

LivePerson, Inc. (Nasdaq: LPSN) offers a cloud-based platform that enables businesses to proactively connect in real-time with their customers via chat, voice, and content delivery at the right time, through the right channel, including websites, social media, and mobile devices. This “intelligent engagement” is driven by real-time behavioral analytics, producing connections based on a true understanding of business objectives and customer needs. For more information, please visit To view other global press releases about LivePerson, please visit

Father Works to Create Opportunities for Those with Autism

“Autism is the fastest growing developmental diagnosis in the world today more than diabetes, HIV or cancer combined,” notes Dr. Julian Maha, founder of KultureCity, a nonprofit serving those with autism, including Julian’s son. “Only 20% of these children go on to have jobs yet very little attention is being paid to this issue.”

Julian created KultureCity to answer the questions, “How do you create a future without limits and job opportunities for children with disabilities specifically autism?”

Julian explains, “We are doing this by engaging the community and helping them realize not only the social good benefits of inclusion and job creation for individuals with autism but also the monetary and PR benefits.”

“If we are right about KultureCIty, in 10 years, we would have created a world where inclusion is promoted and abilities are celebrated. A world where every child regardless of their medical diagnosis has a chance at a future without limits and is accepted and included,” he concludes.

On Thursday, November 19, 2015 at 4:00 Eastern, Julian will join me here for a live discussion about KultureCity and how it is driving impact. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about KultureCity:

Twitter: @kulturec

KultureCity is an impact driven nonprofit founded in 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama with the mission to create a world where all individuals with autism and their families can be accepted and treated equally. We fundamentally believe that these children are not limited by their diagnosis and deserve a future without limits. Our programs reflect our mission to change the kulture on how autism is viewed in our world today. To date, we have helped more than 14,893 individuals with our toy and tablet programs, as well as the lifeBOKS initiative that helps prevent wandering and wandering related accidents/deaths in children with autism. We have also launched several sensory friendly initiatives that focus on making local attractions and restaurants sensory friendly. At the end of the day, we are most proud of the community of acceptance that we have created. A community where all individuals with autism and their families not only feel loved but empowered. In addition to this, we are also striving to challenge the status quo on how nonprofits operate by applying a start up model to the nonprofit structure so that the mission and not donations are what drive the impact of the nonprofit.

Dr. Julian Maha, courtesy of KultureCity

Dr. Julian Maha, courtesy of KultureCity

Julian’s bio:

Dr. Julian Maha graduated from the University of Calgary School of Medicine at the age of 23. Working as an Emergency Department and Emergency Medical Services medical director in the state of Alabama, Dr. Maha has also done hospital consulting work on emergency room work and patient flow. When his oldest son was diagnosed with autism, Dr. Maha focused his attention on helping his son. This effort led him to found KultureCity: an impact driven nonprofit that has applied a startup model to the nonprofit world. Since its creation 20 months ago, KultureCity has become not only the best reviewed special needs nonprofit in the United States but also the fastest growing. Recent achievements include being named one of the Top 10 nonprofits in the US by Microsoft in 2015. With the impact of KultureCIty and the change in the nonprofit world that it has brought, Dr. Maha has become a sought after speaker and consultant. He has spoken at numerous national and international conferences including Collision, Ignite and many more. He has also been interviewed and featured by national media such as Inc and IntoConnection. With KultureCIty, Dr. Maha has created an innovative approach to the nonprofit model that emphasizes impact and promotes sustainability.

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Devin D. Thorpe

Crowdrise Kicks Off The Holiday Giving Season With World’s Largest Virtual Reality Tower On #GivingTuesday

CrowdRise Calls All U.S. Nonprofits to Participate in Holiday Challenge offering $250,000 In Prize Money to Organizations that Fundraise the Most During Holiday Season

New York (Nov. 10, 2015)CrowdRise, the largest crowdfunding platform for good, announced today its second annual Giving Tower campaign for #GivingTuesday, on Dec. 1, 2015. The Giving Tower – a turnkey solution for nonprofit organizations – is a visual reflection of the combined philanthropic impact on #GivingTuesday.

To donate, participants can easily select an organization, make a donation and watch the Giving Tower grow within a virtual city where it will be sized up against some of the world’s largest and most iconic structures.

Rather than spending time crafting their own campaigns, nonprofits can quickly create their own microsites within the Giving Tower campaign and rally their communities on #GivingTuesday. As donations are made, donors, organizations and everyone else can watch the tower grow brick by brick via a free virtual reality (VR) app available in the iTunes store and Google Play starting Nov. 24. As the Tower grows, the app will take users through a series of incredible VR video experiences from RYOT, the leader in virtual reality content for social causes.

Last year, CrowdRise’s Giving Tower grew to a whopping 2,514 feet—just 208 feet shorter than the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and raised $2.1 million over #GivingTuesday alone. This year, organizers say they want to build it to the moon. And, as an added incentive, the charity that raises the most in the CrowdRise Giving Tower on #GivingTuesday from 12:00 a.m. ET through 11:59:59 p.m. ET on Dec. 1 will get a $25,000 donation to their cause.

Hundreds of organizations have already joined the CrowdRise Giving Tower Holiday Challenge. Founding partners include the American Red Cross, the Human Rights Campaign, March of Dimes, Easter Seals, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, The USO, The American Diabetes Association, and Feed the Children. United Airlines will return as a partner for the second year and is offering a MileagePlus bonus award mile offer to any MileagePlus member who donates at least $50. United is offering up to 10 million bonus miles for the campaign. Mashable has joined the campaign as a media partner.

The Giving Tower campaign will kick off CrowdRise’s annual Holiday Challenge—a friendly fundraising competition between charities that runs through Jan. 7, 2016. $250,000 in grand and weekly prizes will keep charity organizations’ communities engaged and excited throughout the duration of the Challenge. Last year’s campaign raised more than $4 million dollars for participating organizations, with the first place winner, David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust raising over $365,000 and Cure JM Foundation, who took second place, raising over $300,000. Respectively, they took home an additional $100,000 and $50,000 grand prize from CrowdRise.

“The Giving Tower Holiday Challenge raised $4.1 million last year for so many amazing causes,” said Robert Wolfe, CrowdRise co-founder and CEO. “This year, we’re making the campaign way bigger and embracing the coolest, most innovative technology the charity space has ever seen. Our goal is to make it easy for any organization to leverage our technology and create the most unique creative campaign.”

To further help charities get their holiday giving campaigns up and running this year, CrowdRise has developed an all-inclusive toolkit that includes the tools to build successful and engaging Giving Tower and Holiday Challenge campaigns from start to finish to support their causes. In addition to providing webinars and 24-hour customer service, the toolkit is a detailed fundraising playbook, and includes everything from a 10-week engagement calendar, branded email templates, fully designed promotional tools, guides and tips for success.
Nonprofit organizations can sign up and start building their custom campaigns at


CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest growing online platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising. CrowdRise is used by millions of individuals, tens of thousands of charities, hundreds of companies and many of the most famous artists and athletes in the world to creatively leverage their resources and networks to unlock the power of the crowd and raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support positive social missions.

Founded by actor Edward Norton, film producer Shauna Robertson and Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, CrowdRise has conceived, implemented and powered campaigns that have raised over $250 million to date. For more information, visit

22-Year-Old CrowdRise Ambassador Launches 24-Hour Fundraising Campaign to Provide Life-Changing Vision Services for 1,400 students in Cambodia

Latest CrowdRise 24-Hour Impact Project sends humanitarian photographer to address extreme lack of eye care at impoverished Cambodian school

DETROIT, November 9, 2015 – Today CrowdRise launched the latest installment of its rapidly developing 24-Hour Impact Project by sending 22-year-old humanitarian photographer, Malu Veltze, to Cambodia with the goal of crowdfunding $20,000 in just 24-hours to help students get eye care at a school serving 12 rural villages in Koh Bei Riel near Siem Reap, Cambodia. Once the money is raised, Malu will spend the next 24 hours working tirelessly to get eye exams and glasses to 1,400 children and their families. Malu will film the entire process so CrowdRise donors can see the real-time impact of their donations.

The campaign was inspired by Channa, a girl whose poor eyesight caused her to drop out of school in the sixth grade. Left untreated, her eyes worsened and now, at 19 years old, Channa is almost blind in her right eye. Channa’s problems could have been prevented with a simple pair of glasses, costing around $40 in her village, but she couldn’t afford it. A local optometrist informed Malu that getting Channa appropriate glasses could help improve her eyesight 40%.

Channa is a former student at the Self Help Community Centre (SHCC), a registered Non Government Organization (NGO) that provides educational and vocational opportunities to disadvantaged children and young adults in the area. Despite incredible efforts to provide sustainable development through education, there is an enormous lack of eye care and as a result, many of the students suffer from debilitating vision impairment. When Malu was introduced to the other students at the school, it became clear that the issue extended beyond just Channa and that the fundraising campaign needed to include the entire community.

Malu is a photographer who has been traveling the world in search of compelling stories to share through her lens. As a professional photographer, vision is incredibly important to her. “The inability to see properly has drastically hurt these kids¹ ability to succeed in their program,” notes Malu, “Proper vision enables kids to learn, adults to work, and can help lift people out of poverty.”

As a native of Bolivia, Malu has experienced poverty first hand. After moving to America and receiving a college degree, she felt it was her duty to use her experience for good, “My love for connecting people, sharing stories, and helping others was my definition of the American Dream.”

Malu’s dedication has made her a perfect partner for CrowdRise. “We launched the CrowdRise 24-Hour Impact Project to inspire the CrowdRise community to drive real-time change plus show the results and impact of their work. Malu’s passion and relentless drive to help people is an exact reflection of our larger vision and we’re so psyched to have the opportunity to genuinely change so many kids’ lives,” said Robert Wolfe, CrowdRise co-founder and CEO.

The $20,000 raised will support eye-exams, prescription fulfillment, and surgical procedures (when necessary) for the community. Eyewear brand SEE has partnered with CrowdRise on this project by providing 150 eyeglasses and 500 frames to help support the gift of sight.

“We are thrilled to partner with Malu and Crowdrise on this project,” commented SEE’s VP of Marketing, Susan Berryman. “Quality eye care is sometimes taken for granted, and to be able to help by donating glasses is incredibly exciting for SEE.”

If Malu’s goal is exceeded, any extra funds will support education supplies for the school.

To learn more about the project, see Malu’s inspiring video on the ground in Cambodia and, most importantly, to support the cause visit:

About CrowdRise

CrowdRise is the world’s largest and fastest growing online platform dedicated exclusively to charitable fundraising. CrowdRise is used by millions of individuals, tens of thousands of charities, hundreds of companies and many of the most famous artists and athletes in the world to creatively leverage their resources and networks to unlock the power of the crowd and raise hundreds of millions of dollars to support positive social missions.

Founded by actor Edward Norton, film producer Shauna Robertson and Robert and Jeffrey Wolfe, CrowdRise has conceived, implemented and powered campaigns that have raised over $250 million to date. For more information visit

About the CrowdRise 24-Hour Impact Project

The CrowdRise 24-Hour Impact Project was developed in partnership with Mallory Brown, social entrepreneur and founder of World’s Clothesline, to demonstrate the incredible power that real-time impact and crowdfunding can give to an individual trying to make change in the world.

CrowdRise ambassadors are selected to find an important cause and in just 24 hours raise the funds to make a change. They then spend the following 24 hours implementing that change. All activity is filmed in real time and video updates are posted so that donors can see the immediate result of their contributions. So far, these projects have raised nearly $100,000 for charitable causes. Specifically they’ve built a community center in Mexico, secured a home for a family in Haiti, helped expand sanitation efforts in Nepal, provided a permanent home to a BBQ for the homeless in Detroit, and funded life-changing surgeries for three kids in Honduras. To see all the 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECTS, visit

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