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Kiva.org Reaches $1 Billion Milestone in Crowd-Funding Loans Disbursed Globally

Kiva announces new World Refugee Fund to support refugee communities

Press Release – June 26, 2017 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time: SAN FRANCISCO–Today Kiva.org, the world’s first and largest crowdfunding platform for social good, announced that it surpassed $1 billion USD in loans supporting borrowers around the world. More than 2.4 million entrepreneurs, farmers and students globally have been able to launch and expand viable businesses or pursue an education thanks to loan support from 1.6 million people, lending just $25 dollars at a time.

Kiva provides financial support to low-income borrowers, enabling individuals from all over the globe who have few other opportunities for financial assistance to receive a critically needed loan. Through lending, Kiva is alleviating poverty and addressing the critical social issues of our time, particularly the refugee crisis, climate change, and gender inequality. Specifically, Kiva has disbursed loans to 2,013,194 women borrowers; 19,082 to borrowers in green and clean energy spaces; and 4,544 to refugee borrowers. Kiva has also expanded to support social enterprises addressing community-wide issues such as access to clean water and sustainable farming.

“Kiva proves that when each of us takes small actions, our collective efforts can transform the world for millions of people in meaningful ways. Kiva started with a simple idea, to provide people with an easy and transparent way to support the people, places and causes they believe in,” said Premal Shah, President and Co-Founder of Kiva. “As we surpass $1 billion in loan support, we are looking at how to push open doors of economic opportunity in new ways. And with our continued growth and commitment to serve the most vulnerable, we are thrilled to announce Kiva’s new World Refugee Fund, providing a way for individuals, corporations and foundations to support refugees and host communities around the world.”

Recently on World Refugee Day (celebrated globally on June 20), Kiva launched a new World Refugee Fund, a $250K matching fund to be followed by a rotating fund of up to $9M in loan capital to provide support to refugees and host communities in countries including Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey. While immediate and urgent humanitarian assistance is important for refugee and displaced communities, the reality is that the average length of displacement is 26 years, according to the United Nations. There is a growing and long-term need among refugees and host communities to access financial services and jobs. Yet, very few traditional financial service providers are serving refugees, leaving them with limited economic mobility and opportunities.

The World Refugee Fund seeks to fill this lending gap and is being developed by Kiva and the Alight Fund, along with founding partners the Tent Foundation and USA for UNHCR. To date, Kiva has crowdfunded $4.3 million in loans to 4,544 refugee borrowers globally.

Visitors to Kiva.org can view stories and profiles of borrowers and choose who they want to support with a loan of $25 or more. Individual loans are collected until the borrower’s full loan request is crowdfunded. The average loan request on Kiva is $450 and Kiva funded borrowers have a 97% repayment rate.

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New Documentary By Award-Winning Director Stephanie Soechtig And Oscar-Nominated Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock To Feature Environmental Activist Erin Brockovich

“THE DEVIL WE KNOW” Chronicles One Of The Biggest Environmental Scandals In U.S. History, Involving One Of The Most Recognizable Brand Names Ever: Teflon

An Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign Launches This Week To Support The Completion Of This Groundbreaking Documentary

Press Release – New York, NY – June 21, 2017 – Two forces in the documentary film world — Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (SUPER SIZE ME) and award-winning director Stephanie Soechtig (FED UP) – have teamed up on an eye-opening new film that tells the story of an unprecedented chemical contamination that started in one of their hometowns before spreading around the globe. Today marks the launch of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, in order to raise the funds needed to finish the film, which is currently in post-production.

After taking on, respectively, fast food behemoth McDonald’s and the food and beverage industry, the filmmakers have turned their attention to the chemical industry in THE DEVIL WE KNOW.

Soechtig is the director, producer and writer of the project, with Spurlock coming on board as the Executive Producer, Jeremy Seifert (GMO OMG) co-directing, and Mark Monroe as co-writer. The film features environmental activist Erin Brockovich, who famously took on Pacific Gas and Electric for contaminating the drinking water in Hinckley, California, and has remained an outspoken advocate for citizens across the country and around the world whose water has been poisoned.

THE DEVIL WE KNOW focuses on one such story that unfolded in Parkersburg, West Virginia. For decades, the makers of Teflon, the multi-national chemical corporation DuPont, exposed its workers and an entire community to C8, a toxic chemical used to make its non-stick superstar and countless other consumer products. Now, according to the CDC, C8 is found in the blood of 99.7% of Americans.

“C8 is one of the most prolific contaminants we’re seeing. It’s popping up every place,” states Brockovich. “It’s in everything. I’m dealing with so many communities right now who are sick. Many have suffered with illnesses that science is starting to link with C8.”

“As a native West Virginian, this story and the struggle the people of this community endure is one I could not ignore,” adds Spurlock. “I am hopeful that with this movie, we will continue to get them all the justice and closure they deserve.”

“I’m so excited about the team we’ve put together on this film,” says Soechtig. “Morgan is a very generous and gracious collaborator, and his support of the film is especially meaningful given that it takes place in his hometown of Parkersburg, WV. And working with the incomparable Erin Brockovich has been profoundly important to the telling of this story.”

With the project in post-production, the filmmakers today launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in order to finish the film. Those interested in supporting THE DEVIL WE KNOW can find out more at http://igg.me/at/thedevilweknow. Unique perks for participating include a 2-night stay, plus dinner, at The Surf Lodge in Montauk, NY; an opportunity to pitch a film and/or television project to a major production company; a pair of tickets to a taping of Late Night with Seth Meyers in New York – including a meet-and-greet with Meyers; and a lunch meeting with director Morgan Spurlock.

“This film is an incredibly fascinating story that unfolds very much like a narrative film,” adds Soechtig. “While it is similar to my other films – UNDER THE GUN and FED UP – in that it explores a very complex, very urgent social issue, stylistically it is much different from those films and that has been an exciting challenge for me. I am hopeful that THE DEVIL WE KNOW will be a wake-up call to the public about the complete lack of oversight on tens of thousands of industrial chemicals in this country.”

THE DEVIL WE KNOW represents the second film on which Spurlock’s Warrior Poets has partnered with Indiegogo to support the funding of documentaries on the crowdfunding platform.

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LENDonate Changes The Game Of Nonprofit Financing By Creating Swift Access To High Quality Loans

Online Platform Enables Nonprofits to Source Loans and Donations Simultaneously through a New, Innovative Process

Press Release – Oakland, CA, June 22, 2017 – LENDonate, a fintech company, today announced the launch of its distinct hybrid, online lending platform for 501(c)(3) nonprofits. The first-of-a-kind, hybrid platform uses an innovative process that lets nonprofits source loans and donations simultaneously. LENDonate unites nonprofits with lenders, including financial institutions, philanthropic organizations, and accredited investors for quick funding of high-quality, low cost loans. LENDonate is the only marketplace lending platform that enables nonprofits to effortlessly expand their donor base while financing major projects or smoothing out uneven cash flow.

LENDonate was founded by Vivienne Hsu, CEO, a seasoned investment professional and nonprofit fundraiser. She was motivated by a desire to improve nonprofits’ access to the low-cost funding, while providing high-quality, socially impactful investment opportunities for banks and philanthropists.

“LENDonate is creating a new ecosystem for nonprofit finances, one in which all sides win,” said Vivienne Hsu, founder and CEO of LENDonate. “The traditional loan experience for nonprofits tends to be long and arduous, generally accompanied by high costs. LENDonate brings all parties together to simplify and speed funding of high-quality loans, while empowering lenders to customize lending to meet their financial goals.”

Whether they are purchasing property or major equipment, hosting a large fundraiser, or waiting on a delayed grant, nonprofits occasionally need an immediate cash inflow. Turning to banks, foundations, or major donors for relief can be a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process as the nonprofit sorts through specialized funds, bank requirements and mounds of paperwork.

LENDonate streamlines this process by underwriting and structuring the loans on the marketplace where a large universe of banks, foundations, CDFIs, and accredited investors can tailor their financial support in forms of donations, loans, or a combination. Philanthropic lenders may offer rate reductions. LENDonate also assesses nonprofit borrowers for credit enhancement opportunities that lead to reduction of credit risk and borrowing rates.

For example, San Francisco-based Z Space is a nonprofit multidisciplinary arts organization dedicated to producing and presenting innovative, genre-bending new works for the stage. In addition to their production work, Z Space runs two venues in the heart of the San Francisco Mission District. They turned to LENDonate after paying 13% on a bank credit line while waiting for a foundation grant approval. As a result, Z Space was able to replace that high interest bank loan with a 3.6% interest rate loan sourced through LENDonate’s marketplace.

“LENDonate helped us get a much lower rate, and was probably a 2-3 month time savings over the foundation,” said Lisa Steindler, Executive Artistic Director of Z Space. “By providing quick access to affordable money, LENDonate’s distinct loan-to-donation option enables us to think bigger and take more risk as we carry out our mission. It also lets new people get to know Z Space. The more we can put our name out there and have people become more familiar with Z Space, and support what we’re doing, the better.”

Financial Institutions Can Grow and Diversify Community-Driven Lending

Financial institutions have multiple goals: expand their business, diversify their loan portfolio, meet government CRA requirements, and prudently manage risk. LENDonate helps banks, credit unions, CDFIs, and foundations diversify by presenting a wide range of financially qualified borrowers, with a focus on high quality loans. In addition, LENDonate enables financial institutions to share risk by combining different capital streams into one loan package.

Robust Repayment Process Made Easy and Scalable

LENDonate facilitates co-lending of traditional and philanthropic lenders by uniquely blending different lender rates into one simple, aggregate borrowing rate. During repayment period, its one-of-a-kind process partitions a borrower’s repayment such that each lender receives repayment amounts based on their own lending rates.

Easy Loan-to-Donation Conversion

In addition to return-oriented loans and pure donations, LENDonate’s unique loan-to-donation conversion feature allows lenders to manage their own planned giving or to financially reward borrowers for meeting desired milestones, by converting a portion of the loan into donation or grant anytime during the repayment period.


LENDonate is initially available to nonprofits in California. To inquire or get started, please visit www.lendonate.com

About LENDonate

LENDonate is an open, online lending platform that unites qualified nonprofits with lenders for quick funding of high quality, low-cost loans. The platform enables nonprofits to secure financing from previously untapped sources, receiving attractive loan rates and donations. Uniquely, marketplace and philanthropic lenders join forces to fund major projects in ways that fulfill both their financial and charitable goals. The company is headquartered in Oakland, CA. For more information, visit www.lendonate.com.

This press release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any security.

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NEW Website Donorsunite.org Offers a New Way for Charities to Obtain Funding

Converting Some of the Over $1 Trillion Spent Annually on Material Gifts to Charitable Gift Cards Benefiting Local Charities

Press Release – (New York . . .April, 2017) Announcing the launch of Donorsunite.org, a new charity gift card giving website. The innovative technology on the easy-to-use website is poised to forever change the way we give gifts. By harnessing the power of the ubiquitous gift card, Donors Unite provides an alternative to material gifts for any occasion – a charity gift card. The Donors Unite gift card is perfect for any occasion – Mother’s Day, major holidays, birthdays, weddings or even a thank you for a dinner invitation.

Putting Passion and Purpose Back into Gift Giving

Instead of giving the token gift, gift givers can present their friends and loved ones with something that truly matters—a tax deductible charity gift card that enables users to choose from the most comprehensive list of more than 1.5 million U.S. registered and IRS-approved charities on the website. And for those who are passionate about local charities, there’s a comprehensive search engine, which enables either the giver or receiver the ability to find and support a charity in their community. On a limited budget? Donors Unite is affordable, allowing gifts of as little as $10, thus only giving what you can afford to give.

Set to Revolutionalize the World of Nonprofit Fundraising

In 2015, over $1 trillion was spent in the United States by individuals and businesses to purchase gifts for all sorts of occasions. By tapping into this $1 trillion retail gift market and converting purchases of material gifts to charitable gift cards, this new source of funding for charities has the potential to substantially add to all not-for-profit organization’s bottom lines. Donors Unite removes the burden of the dreaded “ask” from charitable organizations and instead provides them with new revenue streams without having to solicit for funds. Not-for-profits who partner with Donors Unite receive the added benefits of a low transaction fee for donations, faster automatic deposit times, marketing materials and priority placement on the “Find a Charity” search engine. Donors Unite also removes all administrative responsibilities from the charitable organizations by providing all tax letters to donors. Annual membership to Donors Unite is only $25. Just one gift card designating a member charity will likely more than pay for the membership.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

At launch, Donorsunite.org will include a “Wallet.” The Wallet is for individuals and businesses who have a budget for charitable giving, and prefer to deposit funds once and give year-round by purchasing gift cards as needed. This makes it super easy and can be done in virtually no time. Donors Unite will also introduce gift “claim codes” to allow purchasers, including businesses, wedding and party planners, to buy an unlimited number of codes that can be printed and delivered on their stationary of choice OR on Donors Unite pre-printed personalized cards. Claim codes may be purchased in any number. By purchasing the pre-printed cards to keep on hand, it makes it even easier to gift a Donors Unite charity gift card. This delivery method is perfect for businesses who want to communicate their commitment to social responsibility through client appreciation and employee recognition gifts. It’s also a unique idea for couples who want to follow the trend of replacing traditional wedding favors for a meaningful gift that their closest family and friends will never forget. Or for that matter, for any occasion where a printed greeting card is normally given.

Endorsement from Nation’s Third Largest Community Trust

One of the principal supporters of Donors Unite from the beginning is David Okorn, the Executive Director of the Long Island Community Foundation, which is the Long Island division of the New York Community Trust, the nation’s third largest community trust. Mr. Okorn is such a firm believer in Donors Unite that he became a director of the organization. “It is a simple and low-cost way to potentially raise additional funds, enabling nonprofits to stay focused on the activities required to carry out their mission, and hopefully less time on fundraising activities. Donors Unite really has something here that can be revolutionary for the world of nonprofit fundraising.”

For further information visit www.donorsunite.org.

Donors Unite Inc. is a 501 c (3) IRS approved Public Donor Advised Fund

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Havas Partners With Fund For Peace To Launch The Bottom 100 In Fight Against World Poverty

Press Release – Australia, 20 June 2017: Havas has today launched The Bottom 100, an international campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the issue of global poverty for international not-for-profit organisation, Fund for Peace. In a world-first, The Bottom 100 is a look at the other end of global ‘rich lists’, revealing the faces and stories of one hundred of the world’s poorest individuals from around the world.

Through the powerful content featured within the Bottom 100, Havas and Fund for Peace are working to create a greater platform for lobbying of Governments, businesses and influential organisations to provoke greater worldwide action to combat global poverty.

While ‘Rich Lists’ detail the wealthiest individuals, their assets, investments and net worth, The Bottom 100 highlights individuals and their families facing extreme poverty caused by war, ethnic, religious, or social persecution, climate change or forced displacement. Many within The Bottom 100 have been forced to flee their homes and countries, leaving behind everything they own and any security for their future.

To launch the digital platform www.bottomhundred.org, Havas, with support from Red Agency and Havas Media across its international network, have created a campaign which will run through OOH, experiential, digital and PR.

Stuart Turner and Seamus Higgins, Joint Executive Creative Directors at Havas Sydney said: “We are incredibly proud to be launching the Bottom 100. It’s been a huge team effort over 2 years to make this happen across the global Havas network and through support from strategic partners including Finch and Cream. Our combined capabilities have enabled us to give a voice to these 100 people who represent millions living in similar circumstances around the world. Our hope is that this campaign helps people see through the faceless crowds and look at the individuals and their struggles for a better life for themselves and their families.”

The Fund For Peace’s Bottom 100 took almost two years to complete with interviews taking place across five continents, covering 23 different nationalities and many more ethnicities and languages. While all of these stories feature struggle and suffering, they also tell a story of resilience, perseverance, and courage in the face of extraordinary challenges.

The new initiative forms part of the FFP’s commitment to promote sustainable security for those living in debilitating poverty, and has been launched in response to the current global migrant crisis.

J.J. Messner, Executive Director at Fund For Peace said: “When the world talks about rich lists, the focus is always at the top. But there is a lack of knowledge and understanding about those at the other end of the spectrum. We believe the more people hear stories like these, the less common they will become. The stories of these 100 people are just as important as those at the top and deserve to be heard. We encourage everyone to take a stand on behalf of the people featured in the Bottom 100 – and the millions facing the same struggles. It’s time to take a stand and make clear that poverty alleviation is a high priority for us all.”

To see the faces and names behind The Bottom 100 online and support the cause, visit http://bottomhundred.org.

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The 32nd Annual Chefs’ Tribute To Citymeals On Wheels Raises $840,000

Celebrated Chefs Crafted Unique Mediterranean Dishes to Benefit Citymeals on Wheels

Press Release – (Tuesday, June 13, 2017 – New York, NY) – Last night, June 12, 2017, over 40 chefs came together for Ports of Call Mediterranea: A Culinary Journey: The 32nd Annual Chefs’ Tribute to Citymeals on Wheels. 100% of ticket sales and donations will support the preparation and delivery of meals for homebound elderly New Yorkers by Citymeals on Wheels – the city’s only nonprofit providing home-delivered meals to seniors in all five boroughs. This year’s event raised $840,000 to deliver 114,000 meals.

The event brought together culinary stars from around the world to celebrate Mediterranean cuisine and culture as they created dishes at tasting stations throughout Rockefeller Center Plaza.

Beth Shapiro, Executive Director of Citymeals on Wheels, reflected, “From Spain to Croatia and east to Lebanon, the Mediterranean is wonderfully diverse. We each have our own favorite flavors and Ports of Call Mediterranea brought them all together tonight, representing the entire region. We are grateful to the chefs and restaurateurs who joined us tonight for extending their generosity to elderly New Yorkers in need and to the many, many others who have made Chefs’ Tribute what it is for the last thirty-two years.”

Business leaders, food aficionados and trendsetters, charitable young professionals, and others enjoyed live music from Italy, Greece and Turkey, and danced alongside the outstanding cuisine.

Some of the evening’s dishes included crunchy Israeli salad with lemon aioli and spicy pepper from Chef Segev Moshe of Tel Aviv, Israel; swordfish carpaccio with orange, dried tomatoes, black olive ash and minced pistachio from Chef Hrvoje Zirojević of Hvar, Croatia; frittatine di pasta by Chef Cristina Bowerman of Rome, Italy; deconstructed gazpacho Andaluz with smoked yellowfin tuna and gordal olive jam by Chef Alex Reyes of New York and Chicago; Persian love cake with blueberries and sumac by Chefs Ana Sortun and Maura Kilpatrick of Cambridge, Massachusetts; and baklava kyklos me mastiha from Chef Maria Loi of New York.

The annual event remembers Citymeals’ Co-Founder James Beard and included chefs who flew in from the Mediterranean and elsewhere: Argiro Barbarigou (Athens, Greece), Javier Bonet Jiménez (Madrid, Spain),

Cristina Bowerman (Rome, Italy), Maroun Chedid (Beirut, Lebanon), David Darmanin (London, England), Segev Moshe (Tel Aviv, Israel), Rudolf Štefan (Šibenik, Croatia), and Hrvoje Zirojević (Hvar, Croatia). They were joined by stateside chefs: Jarrett Appell, Jimmy Bannos, Jr., Daniel Boulud, David Buico, Richard Capizzi, Gabriele Carpentieri, Larry Forgione, Marc Forgione, Michael Gabriel, Shea Gallante, Markus Glocker, CJ Jacobson, Andrea Jarosh, Maura Kilpatrick, Chris Lee, Luigi LoBuglio, Salvatore LoBuglio, Maria Loi, Alfred Portale, Antonio Prontelli, Michael Psilakis, Alex Reyes, Ana Sortun, Joachim Splichal, Eli Sussman, Max Sussman, Travis Swikard, Meny Vaknin, Silvana Vivoli, Raymond Weber, Mathew Woolf, Priscilla Yeh, and Farid Zadi – all preparing and presenting their own interpretations of classic Mediterranean dishes.

Nick Valenti, CEO of Patina Restaurant Group, was the evening’s Grand Host. The event was chaired by Beverly and Dan Bartfeld, Alison Lohrfink Blood, Ninah and Michael Lynne, Laura and John Pomerantz, and Randi and Dennis Riese. With the help of Beverage Chair Audrey Saunders (Owner, The Pegu Club) and wine chair Daniel Johnnes (Wine Director, The Dinex Group) the event also featured signature cocktails from top sponsors and wines from fine wineries.

Event guests included Bjorn Amelan, Samantha Boardman, Katherine Boulud, Donna Corrado, Florence Fabricant, Gael Greene, Robert S. Grimes, Marjorie Gubelmann, Bill T. Jones, Suri Kasirer, Margo McNabb Nederlander and James Nederlander, Drew Neiporent, John Pomerantz, David Rockwell, Lisa Rosenblum, and Kathleen Turner, among many others.

Citymeals on Wheels’ official airline is American Airlines and official water is FIJI Water. Exclusive financial sponsor for the event was City National Bank. Official transportation sponsor was Lyft. Event sponsors included VerTerra, The Riese Organization, Bedell Cellars, the M.O. & M.E. Hoffman Foundation, and Roommate Grace. Graphic design was provided by Rockwell Group. Beverage sponsors included Anheuser-Busch, Belvedere Vodka, Courvoisier Cognac, The Pegu Club, Plymouth Gin, St-Germain, and Zacapa Rum.

Since its founding in 1981, Citymeals on Wheels has delivered more than 54 million meals. Each year, the organization prepares and delivers over 2 million weekend, holiday and emergency meals to more than 18,000 frail aged New Yorkers.

Atlanta Community Bands Together In Support of Second Annual Old Fourth Ward 5K

With Proceeds Benefiting Hope-Hill Elementary School, 5K Aims to Raise Funding for Historic Neighborhood

Press Release – ATLANTA (June 6, 2017) – The Hope-Hill Elementary Foundation, a local organization supporting the students of Hope-Hill Elementary School in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward (O4W), has announced the Second Annual Old Fourth Ward 5K (O4W 5K). The road race’s route runs exclusively through the neighborhood and all proceeds will directly benefit the school. The 2017 race will be held Saturday, June 17.

Much like its inaugural year, many of Atlanta’s leading tech and digital firms are involved and helping sponsor the event. This year’s sponsors include MailChimp, Makaila & Co. Realty, Sherrill & Hutchins, Anura 37, Epic Development, Grindhouse Killer Burgers, Hungeling CPA, Fourth Ward Alliance, Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium, Atlanta Summer Beer Fest and Nebo. Nebo, a human-centered digital agency based in Midtown Atlanta, is spearheading the race’s communication efforts.

“Last year’s race created such a sense of belonging and comradery within the neighborhood,” said Brian Easter, co-founder of Nebo and Old Fourth Ward resident. “We’ve seen more and more businesses and residents come in within the past year in an effort to help transform the community for the better – including giving back to organizations like the Hope-Hill Foundation. We couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this again.”

City Councilman Kwanza Hall is also lending support to the race’s efforts, cementing his belief that kids coming from schools like Hope-Hill Elementary are integral parts of the city’s future.

“This neighborhood is rooted deep within the heart of Atlanta,” said Hall, who serves as the councilman for District 2, which includes the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood. “Supporting and empowering students and their families is one of the most important things that we can do as a city. I’m honored to be a part of this event again and proud of the Hope-Hill Elementary Foundation for working so hard and inspiring this community.”

Hope-Hill educates students from Pre-K through 5th grade. More than 90 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced school lunches, and more than 10 percent of the children at Hope-Hill are homeless. Hope-Hill also includes families living in the Bedford Pines neighborhood, the largest concentration of poverty in the Southeastern U.S.

“Last year’s race brought in such a tremendous outpouring of support from the local neighborhood,” said Jessica Sherrill, a Hope-Hill Elementary Foundation board member. “We’re excited to bring the race back and continue our efforts with the school. Even the smallest amount of support goes a long way for these children, and to be able to make this race an annual event is an incredible milestone. We could not have done it without our outstanding community partners and sponsors.”

The course begins and ends across the street from Ponce City Market on North Ave. and runs throughout the neighborhood, including the Historic Fourth Ward Park and the MLK, Jr. Historic District. It is also a Peachtree Qualifier and USATF Certified.

To learn more about the Hope-Hill Elementary Foundation, visit http://www.hopehillfoundation.org. For more information about the race or to register, visit https://www.o4w5k.com.

Global Impact Partners with Charity Charge to Supercharge Growfund Giving Platform

Special Growfund Charity Charge credit card earns cashback rewards as tax-deductible charitable donations to cardholder’s Growfund Donor Advised Fund, allowing individual donors to incorporate saving, investing, and giving into their everyday purchases.

Press Release – ALEXANDRIA, VA, and AUSTIN, TX, June 6, 2017Global Impact, a world leader in growing global philanthropy, has joined forces with Charity Charge, a Public Benefit Corporation offering the first credit card with a rewards program that earns 1% cash back on purchases as charitable donations. Through this partnership, Charity Charge will make available a credit card with Growfund, Global Impact’s innovative charitable giving platform, that will enable the cashback rewards to be saved, invested, and granted to nearly one million charities of the cardholder’s choice.

The partnership between these two organizations occurs at the nexus of technology, finance and philanthropy, advancing a shared mission to transform the methods by which people can donate. Ann Canela, Vice President of Global Impact and an architect of the Growfund giving platform said, “Charity Charge shares our vision of leveraging technology to transform the systems of giving. We created Growfund to democratize philanthropy by offering individuals a chance to create their own personal foundation to engage with their causes more deeply.” She added, “Our partnership with Charity Charge will make it easier for individuals to integrate giving more seamlessly into their daily lives, as they can now transform their everyday purchases into everyday donations.”

Growfund is Global Impact’s charitable giving tool that democratizes philanthropy by allowing individuals to create their own personal foundation and experience the benefits of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), with as little as $1 to start. Unlike other DAFs that require sizeable contributions before the funds are invested, Growfund contributions can be invested with the first $1. When ready to give, donors can make grants to nearly one million domestic and international charities through Growfund’s partnership with GuideStar. Operating like a money market or 401(k) investment platform, Growfund helps individual donors grow their contributions, plan for their giving, and then give with impact where they live, learn and work. The credit card rewards program will provide an additional way for Growfund owners to add funds automatically.

Said Stephen Garten, CEO and founder of Charity Charge, “We created Charity Charge to empower donors to do good every day through their regular purchases, at no cost to the recipient charities. We are proud to partner with Global Impact to help donors Charge It Forward to their Growfund. The Charity Charge World MasterCard will offer everyday donors a way to amplify their contributions and plan for their giving to the causes they care about, with every swipe.”

To apply for a Growfund Charity Charge World MasterCard, click here.

About Global Impact

Global Impact is a leader in growing global philanthropy. The organization builds partnerships and raises resources that help the world’s most vulnerable people by providing integrated, partner-specific advisory and backbone services; workplace fundraising and representation; campaign design, marketing and implementation for workplace and signature fundraising campaigns; and fiscal agency and technology services. Global Impact works with more than 300 public and private sector workplace giving campaigns to generate funding for an alliance of more than 100 international charities. Through strategic council and implementation support, Global Impact equips private sector and nonprofit organizations to achieve their philanthropic goals. The organization also served as administrator for four of the world’s largest workplace giving campaigns, including the Combined Federal Campaign of the National Capital Area (CFCNCA) and the Combined Federal Campaign-Overseas (CFC-O). Since 1956, Global Impact has generated more than $1.8 billion to help the world’s most vulnerable people.

Learn more at charity.org. Follow Global Impact on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook.

About Charity Charge

Charity Charge, PBC is an Austin-based startup that’s transforming the way people give to nonprofits. The Charity Charge World MasterCard, issued by Commerce Bank, is the first credit card to let users donate the 1% cash back they receive on all purchases for up to three charities of their choice. Through unique partnerships with GuideStar and Network for Good, Charity Charge has the ability to distribute donations to any nonprofit registered in the U.S. Founded by CEO Stephen Garten, the company’s goal is to leverage technology to bring philanthropy into the 21st Century.

To apply for a card or for nonprofit registration information, visit charitycharge.com​.

Follow Charity Charge on Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, and YouTube@CharityCharge

EOD Warrior Foundation Raises over $37,000 in 5K to Benefit Warriors and their Families

The Undefeated EOD Warrior 5K Run/Walk raised over $37,000 to help EOD warriors and their families

Photo by Robert Binder Photography.

Press Release – SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA – (June 5, 2017) – The EOD Warrior 5K, an event held in San Diego, Calif. that benefits the EOD Warrior Foundation, raised over $37,000 on Memorial Day this year. The annual run/walk included a variety of family activities including a kids bounce house, a beer garden, and several vendors. When the event was finished, the event raised $37,031, which will continue to increase, as they receive contributions from vendors that sold at the event, the packet pickup sponsor Road Runner Sports and from virtual runners in Guam.

“This event was a huge success and we are grateful to everyone who contributed,” explains Leonard Gee, fundraising specialist for the EOD Warrior Foundation. “It was a beautiful day, there was a great crowd, lots of money was raised, and it was all for a good cause. It just doesn’t get any better than this.”

Funds raised included race registration fees, sponsorships, and vendor contributions. All funds raised are used to support the EOD Warrior Foundation’s mission to improve the quality of life for the EOD family by providing financial relief, scholarship opportunities, physical, social, and emotional support. The organization provides assistance in a variety of ways, including improving the quality of life through therapeutic healing retreats, educational scholarships, financial relief, and by providing physical, social, and emotional support. Some of the assistance they have provided includes:

  • Scholarships. The EOD Warrior Foundation awards approximately 10 percent of its annual budget to their scholarship program, which was started over 50 years ago.  Scholarship awards typically range from $1,000 to $5,000. In 2017, the EOD Warrior Foundation will award $212,000 in scholarships to 116 recipients.
  • Wounded EOD Warrior Support. Many EOD warriors experience physical and emotional injuries that may leave them with missing limbs, traumatic brain injury, or post-traumatic stress. In one instance, the EOD Warrior Foundation teamed up with MADE in Texas Assistance Dogs to pair a fully trained assistance dog with a deserving paralyzed warrior in need.
  • Financial assistance. When Tyler Rumely, a 12-military veteran, with seven years as an EOD technician, and his wife and two children lost their belongings to a house fire, the EOD Warrior Foundation stepped in to provide assistance. They awarded them a grant to help replace living room furniture, kitchen utensils, toys and much more.  They also provided them with six months worth of support for groceries, helping them get back on their feet as quickly as possible

“There are many EOD warriors and their families in need of support,” added Gee. “It’s with great events like the EOD Warrior 5K that enables us to continue carrying out our mission and helping our warriors.”

The EOD Warrior Foundation is an organization that helps the families of the 7,000 people in our military who are Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) technicians, and perform bomb disposal duties. The EOD Warrior Foundation helps this elite group by providing financial relief, therapeutic healing retreats, a scholarship program, care of the EOD Memorial Wall located at Eglin AFB, Fla. and more. Their work is supported by private donations and the generosity of those who support the organization. To learn more about the EOD Warrior Foundation, or see their fundraising events calendar, visit their site at: www.eodwarriorfoundation.org.

About EOD Warrior Foundation

The EOD Warrior Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help EOD warriors and their family members to include families of fallen EOD warriors. Specific programs include financial relief, college scholarships, hope and wellness retreats and care of the EOD Memorial located at Eglin AFB, Fla. To learn more about the EOD Warrior Foundation, or see their fundraising events calendar, visit their site at: www.eodwarriorfoundation.org.

How the Longest Day Helps Raise Money for Charity

Press Release – FAIRFAX, Virginia – (June 6, 2017) – Want to help raise money for charity and get a good workout in at the same time? Those who join in on the Longest Day Fundraiser will be doing just that, by lifting weights for a great cause. The 2nd annual event will be held on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc., located at 3160 Spring St., E-F, Fairfax, Virginia. The open gym event will last through all of the daylight hours on that day, where participants can take part in the free training being offered.

“Last year, we raised around $5,500 for charity and we had a great time doing it,” explains Sarah Walls, personal trainer and owner of SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc., who is also the strength and conditioning coach for WNBA’s Washington Mystics. “We hope to raise even more this year and give people a great workout while we are at it.”

The funds raised in the Longest Day will go to the Alzheimer’s Association, which are used to further their mission in helping to find a cure for the disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, 47 million around the world have the condition, and that number is expected to reach 75 million by the year 2030. It’s also the sixth leading cause of death, and in the U.S. someone develops the condition every 66 seconds.

The Longest Day is an annual fundraiser held on the summer solstice. Individuals or groups participate by selecting an activity they enjoy doing and then raising funds for the cause. SAPT will be offering an easy way for people to participate in the event. They can stop down at the club during daylight hours on June 17, 2017 to participate in free training all day. The club will be collecting donations from those who participate, with all of the funds raised being given to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The club participates in the annual event because the cause hits close to home. The owner lost both of her grandmothers to the disease, and the club’s office manager lost her mother to it.

“Exercising and getting fit can help to improve one’s quality of life,” added Walls. “This is an issue that has touched us as it has so many others, and we want to do something to and help the cause. Getting fit and raising funds doing it is a win-win situation for all.”

Individuals and teams are invited to work out on the Longest Day. Individuals who donate $150 will receive an event T-shirt, and teams that donate $500 or more will receive a T-shirt.

Sarah Walls has over 15 years experience in coaching and personal training. Owner of SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc, founded in 2007, she offers coaching to develop athletes, adult programs, team training, online coaching, and more. She is also the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, and has over eight years of experience working as an NCAA D1 strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer. To learn more, visit the site: www.saptstrength.com.

SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc.

Located in Fairfax, Virginia, SAPT Strength & Performance Training, Inc. is a high performance training club that specializes in helping to develop athletes of all ages. They offer athletic training programs for youth, college students, and amateurs. The company was founded in 2007 by Sarah Walls, a professional strength and conditioning coach and personal trainer with NCAA D1 experience, and is the strength and conditioning coach for the WNBA Washington Mystics team. To learn more, visit the site: www.saptstrength.com.


Alzheimer’s Association. About Alzheimer’s. http://act.alz.org/site/TR?fr_id=9704&pg=informational&sid=23674

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