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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe


This category includes articles that apply to crowdfunding in general and may include policy, practice and other stories relevant to everyone.

Battleship Texas Foundation Announces Partnership with Wargaming to Raise Funds for Battleship TEXAS

Press Release – HOUSTON (Jan. 16, 2018)Battleship Texas Foundation has announced its joint partnership with, a leading online game developer and publisher, to preserve the historic naval ship, Battleship TEXAS. Wargaming continues to raise funds through “World of Warships,” its free, online historical combat game that allows participants to command ships from massive naval fleets with history’s most iconic vessels.

Wargaming came to the assistance of Battleship TEXAS shortly after damage incurred by Hurricane Harvey. The gaming company hosted several in-game campaigns that raised awareness and funds, including the donation of proceeds from its charity, Project V.A.L.O.R. Wargaming also created Lone Star Texas bundles for gamers to purchase and customize in-game replicas of the USS TEXAS. To date, the company has raised more than $281,000, and the Lone Star Mission alone has been completed by nearly 1,000 players.

“It is an honor to partner with the Battleship Texas Foundation and donate 100 percent of the gross sales of our custom bundles and flags to restore the ship,” Aleksandr Nikolaev, Wargaming’s North American publishing director said. “We are always trying to educate our players and promote naval history. The USS TEXAS is one of the most popular vessels in ‘World of Warships,’ so gamers jumped at the opportunity to help with real-life preservation efforts.”

A 34-year active-duty veteran and hallmark of honor and strength, the Battleship TEXAS served the United States in both World War I and World War II. Commissioned in 1914 as the most powerful weapon in the world, she is credited with the introduction and innovation of advances in gunnery, aviation and radar. She is the last surviving dreadnought and the only battleship in existence today that fought in both world wars.

Today, the ship suffers constant leaks, averaging more than 300 tons of water per day, leading to significant erosion and deterioration. A team of historians, engineers and preservationists are attempting to move the ship to land. Other restoration efforts include reinforcing the framework and structure, repairs to the flooring and recent additions to the air conditioning system to provide cool air to more sections of the ship.

“We are thrilled to partner with Wargaming on this endeavor. They have a great record of promoting awareness and working to restore military monuments,” Bruce Bramlett, executive director of Battleship Texas Foundation. “Together we can work toward the Foundation’s mission of preserving and enhancing the Battleship TEXAS.”

Wargaming’s new Referral Program initiative, running through March 31, supports the ship’s foundation. For every gamer who is referred to “World of Warships” through the program by an existing player, or create and register a new account via a dedicated website (, and plays at least one battle in a non-Premium Tier 6 ship, Wargaming will pay $25 to the Foundation. In addition, players will be rewarded with USS Texas for free in-game as a regular prize through the Referral Program. There will be a leaderboard tracking the Top 25 recruiting players, including special rewards once per month.

For more information on Wargaming’s fundraising efforts, visit

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HUMAN CONNECTION Announces Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Serve International Changemaker Community

The new social, knowledge, and action network, HUMAN CONNECTION, enters the next phase of growth with its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Press Release – WEILHEIM/TECK (January 09, 2018) – Human Connection is a next-generation social network. Set up as a non-profit organization and headquartered in Germany, the platform combines social networking, knowledge exchange, and opportunities to take action in one interface to promote positive local and global societal change.

In order to make the basic version of the network available in the fall of 2018, Human Connection has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which ends on January 17, 2018.

“The world is undergoing radical change at a rapid pace. People in all parts of the world need a purpose-built, neutral, and transparent online platform to meet the challenges of our time,” says Dennis Hack, founder at Human Connection.

Human Connection is not just another social network. It is designed to bridge the gap bet-ween negative news and positive action individuals can take to directly affect positive social change both locally and on a global scale.

Human Connection will include several unique features allowing users to:

  • Transform negative news into positive actions using an action button.
  • Filter content according to their preferences and create a truly personalized experience.
  • Collaborate harmoniously, peacefully, and solution-oriented with each other by creatin projects or events, connecting with non-profits, suggesting “Can Dos” or recruiting volunteers.
  • Participate in objective, fair, and structured discussions with tools like polls, “Pro & Contra”, and top lists.
  • Promote an open and united exchange of knowledge, ideas, and projects using the “Let’s Talk” chat function (video, audio, or text) and the “Versus” function, which allows users to post a counter-argument to a public post which can be voted up or down by the community.
  • Adapt viewing preferences using “Cockpit” and take advantage of the map view to find events, organizations, and groups near them.
  • Non-profit organizations, charitable projects as well as individual users will be able to register on Human Connection and use it as a tool for cooperation, social activism, and to connect with like-minded people around a common cause.

Human Connection collaborated with INALCO from the University Sorbonne in Paris and the Stuttgart Media University in Germany to do research and gather data on the necessary functions and the purpose of a truly social network. The research findings from both projects were incorporated into the initial development of Human Connection. Currently, four team members and numerous volunteers are working on the first version of the network.

Human Connection is financed by donations only. Dennis Hack would like to emphasize that Human Connection will stay commercial free. User data generated by the network will not be used for commercial purposes or passed on to third parties. All servers that are used to run the platform are located in Germany and are amenable to the German data privacy act.

Our Crowdfunding Goal

The goal is to launch the basic version of Human Connection in the fall of 2018. The Human Connection crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has been set up to support that goal with a funding target of 777,777 US dollars.

This budget will be used to increase the number of permanent employees to tackle a de-manding process of internationalization and improved legal protection. All technical structu-res will be adjusted to allow for worldwide open source cooperation and collaboration.

To support the Indiegogo campaign, visit:

To learn more about Human Connection and how to get involved, visit:

Learn more about the network’s features in the „Bee-Movie“ on YouTube:

About Human Connection

Founded by German entrepreneur Dennis Hack, Human Connection is a nonprofit social, knowledge, and action network headquartered in Weilheim-Teck, Germany, with the mission to turn negative news into positive action and connect people around philanthropic causes and social innovation projects. The platform is designed to be free of advertising, protecting user data, and fostering a sense of community and cooperation around the world’s most pressing topics.

Connect with Human Connection on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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Company Launches Equity Crowdfunding Campaign In Europe, Plants Trees

Crowdfunder: Marco Barbosa of eSolidar

Campaign type: We’re raising capital via an investment campaign

Campaign link:

Twitter: @esolidar

Goal: $200K

Progress: $127K

Offering: Boost sales for our CSR solution and implement blockchain within our charitable giving marketplace.

Terms: Equity crowdfunding

Anecdote: We planted almost 50,000 trees on Amazonia, in partnership with Rock in Rio music festival, after running several charity auctions with celebrities.

Learn the secrets of crowdfunding for social good with our free webinar.

The Arthritis Foundation Chooses DonorDrive For Their Peer-To-Peer Fundraising

Press Release – CINCINNATI, Jan. 9, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — The Arthritis Foundation® has chosen DonorDrive Peer-to-Peer Fundraising software for their Walk to Cure Arthritis®, Jingle Bell Run and Sustainer Gift program. Paul Ghiz, President and Chief Innovation Officer of DonorDrive, is excited for the opportunity: “I’m thrilled we were selected by the Arthritis Foundation. They are an incredibly progressive nonprofit and a terrific match for DonorDrive’s platform and services. Our joint vision for the fundraising experience will provide their community the most useful tools and resources to better engage and raise more for the cause.”

DonorDrive will consolidate fundraising and registration for the Arthritis Foundation’s 73 Walks to Cure Arthritis, 95 Jingle Bell Runs, Arthritis Bike Classic events, in addition to serving as the cornerstone for building their Do-It-Yourself fundraising program.

During the extensive selection process, the Arthritis Foundation® saw DonorDrive’s user experience as the best match for their fundraising needs. Andy Gammuto, Chief Information Officer of the Arthritis Foundation, stated: “The Arthritis Foundation is actively modernizing its computing infrastructure and accompanying business processes to enable new and innovative ways of serving the arthritis community. It was important to us that a fundraising solution offer the latest features in demand today and to also provide the flexibility to meet the ever-evolving needs of our valued donors, volunteers and fundraisers. DonorDrive met all of our criteria. From plan to launch, the Arthritis Foundation implemented DonorDrive in less than half the time and at one third the cost of the system it replaced. We are delighted to begin our new partnership with them.”

Arthritis Foundation fundraises with Donordrive (PRNewsfoto/DonorDrive)

About The Arthritis Foundation: The Arthritis Foundation helps conquer everyday battles through life-changing information and resources, access to optimal care, advancements in science and community connections. Their goal is to chart a winning course, guiding families in developing personalized plans for living a full life—and making each day another stride towards a cure. Find out more at

About DonorDrive: DonorDrive helps nonprofits to raise more money through fundraising technology, marketing and interactive design services. With DonorDrive, organizations like Team World Vision, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and National Alliance on Mental Illness have raised more than $1 Billion. Find out more at

SOURCE DonorDrive

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ActBlue Shatters Records, Raises $2 Billion From More Than 54M Contributions

Press Release – (Somerville, MA) Small-dollar donors made history last night when they surpassed $2 billion in donations through ActBlue since its founding in 2004. ActBlue shattered records in 2017 – raising more than $500 million.

Grassroots donors made more than 16 million contributions in 2017, with each contribution size averaging $31.95, a major testament to the power of grassroots giving. It wasn’t just individuals harnessing the power of ActBlue’s online giving platform last year – 7,982 nonprofits, candidates at all levels, and other organizations used ActBlue to raise money.

“Small-dollar donors are the backbone of our democracy, they are the donors that are fueling the resistance, helping candidates win, and engaging like never before,” stated ActBlue Executive Director Erin Hill.

These successes emphasize the energy behind democratic giving – bolstering Democratic campaigns, progressive organizations, and a broad swath of causes while empowering small-dollar donors in the era of Citizens United and behemoth Super PACs.

“The number of new donors, express users and organizations using ActBlue makes one thing abundantly clear: grassroots donors are fired up in 2018, and we don’t expect that momentum to slow down anytime soon. We are expanding our user base and increasing the power of individual small-dollar donors in a political environment flooded with money from special interests,” added Hill.

ActBlue By The Numbers:

  • ActBlue raised more than $500 million in 2017 – that’s more than twice the amount raised in 2015.
  • The number of candidates at all levels using ActBlue spiked in 2017:
    • 2.1 times the number of candidates for state legislatures compared to 2015
    • 2.6 times the number of candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives compared to 2015
    • 2.8 times more candidates for governor compared to 2013
  • More than half of ActBlue’s 2017 donors were first-time donors.
  • All 15 candidates who flipped legislative seats in Virginia this year used ActBlue.
  • Over 4.4 million people use ActBlue Express – allowing donors to give to candidates and causes with just one click.
  • Of all the contributions in 2017, 64.5% were made using ActBlue Express.
  • Over 40% of contributions were made on mobile devices, so ActBlue decided to meet users where they are and enabled donations through Apple Pay in 2017.

“In 2017, ActBlue saw its strongest performance in it’s 14 year history. These numbers are a strong indication that small-dollar donors are going to be poised to shift our nation’s political landscape in 2018. Big things are coming,” concluded Hill.

About ActBlue:

ActBlue is a nonprofit, building fundraising technology for the left. Their mission is to democratize power and help small-dollar donors make their voices heard in a real way. ActBlue develops top-of-the-line fundraising software and offer simple, intuitive tools to help campaigns and organizations connect with new and existing grassroots donors. As a result, nonprofits thrive and Democratic campaigns get more donations through ActBlue than any other platform. ActBlue acts as a conduit federally and in most states, which means they provide the infrastructure for campaigns and organizations to fundraise online, but don’t fundraise on behalf of anyone. Unlike groups that spend large sums of cash from undisclosed sources, ActBlue offers grassroots donors a way to give fully disclosed donations to the candidates and causes they choose.

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Planet Alpha Corp. Launches Regulation A+ Tier 2 Offering of Forest Carbon Securities to Reverse Deforestation

The flora, fauna, and peoples that comprise the planet’s forests are truly priceless. Mitigation of anthropogenic impacts, however, can be directly measured and priced, resulting in carbon securities available to everyday and institutional investors wanting to participate in forest restoration projects.

Press Release – CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – Nov. 28, 2017PRLogDeforestation worldwide remains an enduring signature of anthropogenic impacts on nature. Planet Alpha Corp. is offering up to 5,000,000 Non-Voting Series A Preferred shares, at $10 per share, to develop forest carbon projects across the planet, supporting communities and forest restoration. A circular advertising the offering and stating its risk factors can be found here. There is no minimum investment, allowing purchase of a single share ($10) by investors—accredited and non-accredited alike. Shares are purchased directly through our website.

“We are very excited to share our concept of carbon securities based on direct measurement of carbon dioxide (CO2) with citizens, institutions and countries across the planet,” remarked Bruno D.V. Marino, CEO and founder of Planet Alpha Corp. “We can choose not to live in the swerve of climate change gloom and doom rhetoric and exclusionary tactics but take positive steps, now, to restore and manage forests for future generations,” continued Marino.

The overall trend of increasing atmospheric CO2 is documented as is the rate of deforestation and associated loss of nature. To-date, mitigation efforts to manage greenhouse gas emissions and reverse deforestation are simply not working as intended. “The power of a global public response is needed to shape the biosphere in positive ways, for example, by linking forest-based communities that touch the biosphere with investors in tangible verified transactions,” added CEO Marino.

Planet Alpha Corp. (PAC) intends to use the proceeds from the current offering to develop forest carbon sequestration projects in ecologically diverse locations around the planet. PAC projects are developed and implemented directly in collaboration with local, community-based organizations that rely on cultural knowledge to manage forest ecosystems. PAC measurement-to-monetization services are provided at no cost to landowners. Greenhouse gases are measured directly. Projects in the pipeline, but not yet finalized, include forest areas in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, and Ghana. PAC services are available to verify emission reduction for Paris Agreement signatories.

In the following Voices.Earth podcast interview, Dr. Bruno D.V. Marino, the Founder and CEO of the Planet Alpha Corp., discusses how his organization is developing new practices for planetary management and stewardship now and for the future of humanity.

About Planet Alpha Corp.

PAC is a for-profit carbon products company whose mission is to reduce emissions of CO2 and greenhouse gases by restoring nature. We differentiate ourselves from other carbon product companies by deploying carbon measurement infrastructure on forest lands to accurately measure carbon offsets for sale as carbon securities and carbon products. There is no cost to the landowner. We are, we believe, making a positive contribution to the cause of reforestation by supporting forest landowners for their reduction of CO2 emissions through forest tree planting, growth, conservation, and management.

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Experience Camps RISES to Top to Provide Support and Joy to Kids Who Have Lost a Parent

Non-Profit Finishes in Leading Position in Newman’s Own Foundation Crowdfunding Competition

Press Release – WESTPORT, CT, January 4, 2018Experience Camps is proud to announce its strong finish in the national Newman’s Own Foundation Holiday Crowdrise Challenge. With over 6,000 charities competing for the top prize, Experience Camps came in 4th place, raising over $450,000 throughout the 6-week competition, including $37,500 in prizes from Newman’s Own Foundation.

The challenge is a friendly fundraising campaign for eligible US-based 501(c)3 charities. Participating organizations competed for $500,000 in cash prizes. The competition ran from Tuesday, November 21st to Wednesday, January 3rd.

Westport residents and sisters, Heather Garson and Raleigh Leahy, were the top fundraising team for Experience Camps (raising over $70,000), propelled by their personal connection to the cause and recent invitations to join the Board of Directors and Advisory Board.

Experience Camps provide free, one-week camps for children who have experienced the death of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver. Along with swimming, arts and crafts, and team sports, the kids take part in bereavement activities including sharing circles where they are encouraged to talk about their grief.

“We are thrilled at all of the support in this fundraiser and greatly appreciate the enthusiasm and generosity of our donors,” said Sara Deren, Founder and Chief Experience Officer of Experience Camps. “The money we raised and won in this campaign allows us to reach more children who struggle each and every day with the traumatic loss of someone meaningful by sending them to camp and showing them that they are not alone.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately 1.5 million children are living in a single-family household due to the death of one parent. Grieving children are at higher risk than their non-grieving peers for depression, anxiety, poor school attendance and higher dropout rates, isolation, behavioral problems, lowered academic achievement, drug and/or alcohol abuse, incarceration or suicide.


Experience Camps help grieving children feel “normal” and supported through friendship, teamwork, camp activities, and the common bond of loss. It is a safe environment where kids can explore their grief, break the isolation they may feel with their non‐camp peers, and have a whole lot of fun. They have the opportunity to meet and connect with kids who are going through similar challenges, while getting all of the benefits of the traditional summer camp experience. In 2018, Experience Camps will have more than 500 campers at camps in Maine, California, Georgia, and New York. For more information about Experience Camps, visit Follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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N2GIVES Donates $2.5 Million To Nonprofits Fighting Human Trafficking

N2 Publishing’s Philanthropic Arm, N2GIVES, Donates Money to 35 Nonprofits to Aid in the Fight Against Human Trafficking and Recovery of Victims Across the World

Press Release – WILMINGTON, N.C., Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — N2 Publishing and its philanthropic initiative, N2GIVES, announced last night at an event in Dallas, TX their $2.5 million donation to 35 nonprofit organizations around the world aimed at fighting human trafficking and restoring hope to those who have been rescued. To learn more about N2 Publishing’s fight against human trafficking and to review a complete list of nonprofit recipients, visit the N2GIVES website at

N2GIVES helps those who are best at helping others. N2GIVES partners are the best at what they do: fighting human trafficking. By giving financial resources, those organizations can spend more time doing what they’re great at and less time raising funds to support their mission.

“Some organizations need money to do their work,” says Duane Hixon, CEO of N2 Publishing. “Others, like N2, generate money as a result of their work. This is the perfect partnership. To fight human trafficking, it takes people who are willing to go, and people who are willing to send. Everyone can play a part, and our role for now is clear – we are going to send as many as possible into those areas where human trafficking is ignored.” To see more about Duane Hixon’s dedication to fight human trafficking, visit the following video links:

Attending the event was Kimberly Grabert, the first-ever Executive Director of Human Trafficking Prevention for the State of Texas, along with nonprofit recipients and approximately 800+ N2 Publishing team members from around the country. Quotes and interviews from attendees are available upon request. Please submit all requests to Razonia McClellan at or by calling 432.352.7477.


Founded in 2004 and based in Wilmington, N.C., Neighborhood Networks Publishing, Inc. is “turning neighborhoods into communities” by partnering with affluent neighborhoods to produce more than 900 private, monthly publications filled with resident-contributed content throughout most states. Every N2 issue is personal, relevant, and unique to the community it serves. Visit N2 Publishing online at


The philanthropic arm of N2 Publishing, N2GIVES financially supports nonprofit organizations that work through different means toward one goal: to end human trafficking. 2016 marked the first year of corporate giving through N2GIVES – an amount totaling $2.2 million. This amount increased to $2.5 million for the 2017 fiscal year. For more, visit

SOURCE N2 Publishing

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Window World Makes the Season Brighter for Children at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® With $1M Donation

Window World Gives $1 Million Donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® This Holiday Season

Press Release – (January 3, 2018) N. Wilkesboro, N.C.Window World is excited to announce it donated $1 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital® this past holiday season. The donation brings Window World’s total contribution to St. Jude to more than $8 million over the past decade.

In 2018, Window World is celebrating 10 years of giving to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“We are truly grateful to the Window World team for forging such a strong relationship with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital over the last 10 years,” said Richard Shadyac Jr., president and CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “Our lifesaving work relies on charitable contributions from organizations like Window World, which help us continue the groundbreaking research and pioneering treatment of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases.”

Window World, America’s largest exterior remodeling company, looks beyond its customers’ front doors to focus on community outreach. The company is passionately committed to helping others through Window World Cares®, the charitable arm of Window World.

Chairman and CEO of Window World, Tammy Whitworth, and her late husband, Todd, started Window World Cares in 2008 after the birth of their first child, Anna Grace. Anna Grace was born premature and spent the first days of her life in a hospital. Tammy and Todd decided to partner with St. Jude after gaining firsthand experience of the strain of worrying about a child’s health.

“Having a child in the hospital is difficult enough for parents,” explains Tammy. “St. Jude takes care of their financial burden while providing families with some much-needed hope. We at Window World feel blessed to be able to further St. Jude’s mission.”

Named for the patron saint of lost causes, St. Jude takes on the most challenging cases of childhood cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. No family ever receives a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food – because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.

About Window World Cares®

Founded in 1995, Window World grew from a small, local business to America’s largest exterior remodeler. With more than 200 locally-owned stores across the country, Window World and its franchisees understand the importance of giving back. It was with this spirit in mind that the company founded Window World Cares® in 2008. Window World Cares has participated in and sponsored numerous events to lend a hand to its partner, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital®. Utilizing its passion for NASCAR racing, Window World Cares recently designed the Centennial Indianapolis 500 “Stinger” concept car, eventually auctioning it off at an event which raised more than $1 million for St. Jude in one night.

Read more about how Window World Cares is changing lives and helping others, or make your own donation to St. Jude by visiting Learn about St. Jude’s mission to find cures and save children by visiting or following St. Jude on and

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Yachad Raises More Than $1 Million On 2nd Annual Giving Day

International Organization Ensures Inclusion for Individuals with Disabilities

Press Release – New York, NY, DEC 28, 2017 — Yachad, the National Jewish Council for Disabilities, raised $1,371,942 in just 24 hours during its 2nd Annual Giving Day 2017, which began at 3 pm EST Monday, December 11. The organization used the crowdfunding site for the effort.

These funds will be used to boost the organization’s goal of creating a more empowered and inclusive Jewish future for people with disabilities. This includes day-to-day work to ensure that more programs and inclusive events are offered in our network of Jewish communities.

Ken Saibel, Associate Director of Yachad, said: “We are enormously gratified by the outstanding response from across the country and internationally, to our Charidy campaign. Over 1,700 donors, and many more who contributed just after the 24-hour period, supported our message about the importance of inclusion. Every donation is meaningful, whether from individuals who gave a few dollars from their tzedakah boxes, fundraised off-line or collected from others. It all goes to help Yachad continue its important mission.

I’m so proud of all the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this day the tremendous success that it was.”

Funds raised from Yachad branches:

  • New York: $350,004
  • Florida: $40,570
  • New Jersey: $87,344
  • New England: $276,232
  • Chicago: $215,580
  • Los Angeles: $100,581
  • Toronto: $126,961
  • Israel: $101,116
  • National: $73,554

The fundraising campaign’s tagline, ‘We Belong,’ reflects Yachad’s commitment to building communities of connection, strength and friendship – communities where everyone can learn and grow and reach their potential.

“Yachad wishes to thank everyone who donated to this campaign and helped raise awareness about the need for inclusion,” adds Saibel.

Learn more about Yachad’s services at:

About Yachad

Yachad, The National Jewish Council for Disabilities, is a thriving global organization dedicated to addressing the needs of all Jewish individuals with disabilities and ensuring their inclusion in every aspect of Jewish life. Our inclusive design aims to ensure persons with diverse abilities take their rightful place within the Jewish community, while helping to educate and advocate for a greater understanding, acceptance, outreach, and a pro-disability attitude. Yachad is funded by the Orthodox Union, led by President Moishe Bane.

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