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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Investment Campaigns

Stories about investment crowdfunding campaigns.

NextGen Crowdfunding Announces Investor Commitments in Title III Equity Crowdfunding Pass $15 Million Milestone

NextGen Data Shows A 262% Quarterly Increase in Title III Investments Since New Rules Took Effect in May


December 16, 2016 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time: LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)-NextGen Crowdfunding, the leading company that helps people explore investment crowdfunding, announces that investor commitments into Title III equity crowdfunding campaigns have surpassed $15 million. NextGen is tracking Title III companies through the “NextGen Dashboard,” which displays progress of investor commitments since the new SEC crowdfunding regulations took effect last May.

According to NextGen data, there has been a 262% growth in investor commitments between the second quarter and fourth quarter of this year. NextGen research also shows that investor commitments have effectively doubled each quarter since the new regulations took effect last May:

  • Second Quarter (May-June): $2,204,733 total investor commitments
  • Third Quarter (July-September): $4,825,132 total investor commitments
  • Fourth Quarter (October-December): $7,985,497 total investor commitments

“As 2016 comes to a close, it’s very encouraging to see that the equity marketplace has found success in its first eight months and is growing at a steady pace,” said Aubrey Chernick, founder of NextGen Crowdfunding. “A continued increase in monthly investor commitments is a positive sign that both accredited and first-time investors are exploring equity crowdfunding with heightened enthusiasm as they become more familiar with the different offerings and opportunities.”

The new Title III rules – also known as “Regulation Crowdfunding” – enable even first-time investors to fund startups online with as little as a few hundred dollars of investments. Using Title III crowdfunding, companies are able to raise up to $1 million.

As the equity crowdfunding space continues to evolve, NextGen is creating new resources to track the growth of the industry. NextGen recently launched an Indiegogo equity crowdfunding tracker on after Indiegogo began offering equity investments. The “Indiegogo Crowdfunding Watch” dashboard will specifically monitor equity investments available on the Indiegogo platform.

Important information on NextGen Dashboard chart data and accuracy can be found here.

About NextGen Crowdfunding

NextGen Crowdfunding helps people explore the new era of crowdfunding. Through unique, online live events, NextGen enables individuals to discover, follow and support companies launching crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen’s unique Ignition™ Events give companies and emerging businesses a place to present their investment crowdfunding campaigns, and its Crowdfunding Video Awards program showcases the best videos to pitch crowdfunding campaigns. NextGen also provides educational content, including online webinars, boot camps and videos, to inform the public about crowdfunding as well as to provide education to, and visibility for, companies with crowdfunding campaigns. As a purpose-driven company, NextGen aims to encourage entrepreneurship and help spark a new economy. Visit

New Course Doesn’t Just Help You Understand Impact Investing, It Helps You Do It

Impact investing is all the rage in philanthropy circles, but most people still don’t really know what it is, let alone how to do it. In order to make impact investing easy for you, I’ve created a new course on Udemy, “Intro to Impact Investing.”

Traditionally, impact investing has been the province of institutional investors and wealthy individuals. That is beginning to change and everyone can now be an impact investor.

In fact, in “Intro to Impact Investing” you will learn how to make your first impact investment with as little as $20.


Impact investing is a way you can use your money for good–and get it back with interest! Impact investments come in all forms and while many are tremendously risky, some have almost no risk at all. While some require sophisticated analysis and what investors call “due diligence,” some you can buy on a whim without concern.

Udemy is a platform for online training materials of all sorts. “Intro to Impact Investing” is offered for just $25, but readers can buy lifetime access to the course at 20 percent off using the discount code “DOGOODER” at checkout.

The course can be completed in just 30 minutes. When you finish, you will be ready to make your first impact investment.

Making your first impact investment can be invigorating. Unlike making a donation, the money you invest for impact can come back to you, allowing you to do good with it over and over again.

Impact investments, just like traditional investments, come in all shapes and sizes, each with its own risk and return profile. By completing this course, you can not only be ready to make your first impact investment, but you’ll be equipped to learn more about investing in more complex investments for social impact.

Online Care Platform SuperCarers Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Challenge The UK’s Inefficient & Costly Care System

  • SuperCarers launches £500,000 crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs
  • The ‘eHarmony for care’ provides reliable and affordable solution for the four million elderly people in the UK requiring care by 2029
  • Cutting out the agency middle-man enables carers to earn 70% more per hour

Press Release – London, 31st October 2016: SuperCarers, Europe’s leading online care platform, is on a mission to disrupt the UK’s archaic, expensive and inefficient care system. Technology continues to revolutionise the way Brits eat, travel and shop; now care is providing an ageing population with a safe, reliable and affordable solution. The company has today launched a £500,000 equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs to drive its growth.

Two million elderly people in the UK alone have a care related need and four million will need daily help by 2029 and yet by 2025 there will be a deficit of 600,000 carers in spite of increasing demand.* Local authorities can’t keep up with the increasing costs or scale of care, leaving many without the critical assistance required to live their lives with dignity.

SuperCarers is the brainchild of brothers, Adam and Daniel Pike, who witnessed the inefficiencies of the care system first hand as they were growing up. Reflecting on their Gran’s story in 2014 inspired them to leave their city jobs roles and pursue a viable solution to help other families in the same predicament: affordable, world-class care.

Their story is one that millions across the UK can relate to. The boys’ mother had become the primary carer for their elderly grandma but struggled to balance this responsibility with her other full-time role as mum of two young boys. Grandma Pam was desperate to stay in her own home but because home-care agency support was inadequate and unaffordable she was forced to go into a residential care home, where her health and happiness deteriorated rapidly.

The mission to improve the quality of life for older people, families and carers finally began with the launch of SuperCarers in December 2015. The fledgling business offers a unique solution to the gaping hole in the care market, enabling families to work and manage family life with the assurance that their elderly parents can continue to live in the comfort and security of their own homes.

The company curates a personal matchmaking service where families can find vetted, reliable and compassionate carers for loved ones. SuperCarers matches carers with families based on personality and interest, as well as care need, location and timing.

SuperCarers bypasses the high overhead costs of agency middlemen, without forfeiting quality of care via a user-friendly online platform. The smart technology empowers families to monitor, manage and pay for care independently. This in turn generates a saving that alleviates the financial burdens of traditional care and simultaneously improves the quality and pay of carers.

  • SuperCarers earn £12.80/hour, versus a typical £7.40, and as a result the platform attracts motivated and compassionate carers.
  • Smart technology creates a simple and effective platform with transparent payment, care scheduling and communication.
  • A personalised matching process that tailors care to the requirements of each and every individual.

Says Adam Pike, CEO and Co-Founder of SuperCarers: “The UK’s care system is at breaking point. Carers are trusted to look after the elderly, but they are demotivated, poorly paid and as a consequence have limited incentive to deliver the best possible care. In turn, those requiring care often receive an overpriced, poor quality service that doesn’t suit their needs, and they have little to no control over the process.

“SuperCarers solves both issues. We believe that by empowering and connecting people in the same community, care can become more personal, reliable and consistent. It is our mission to make finding, monitoring and paying for care easier and giving families the tools they need to find the right match for their loved ones. We also want to make care a more rewarding profession, one that is not only personally rewarding, but financially too.”

The brand is currently backed by the founders of Innocent Smoothie via their JamJar Investment Fund (other investments include Deliveroo, Graze and Babylon Health) and Sir Tom Hughes-Hallett, the former CEO of Marie Curie, now the Chairman of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

SuperCarers’s advisory board is made up of experienced leaders in the sector including Alan Rosenbach, who was until recently Director of Strategy of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Paul Burstow, former Minister of State for Community and Social Care, Jan Burns MBE, Chair of the National Dignity Council and Andrea Pope-Smith, Ex-Director of Adult Social Services at two Councils.

Richard Reed, Partner at JamJar Investment comments: “JamJar is delighted to be an investor in SuperCarers. From our experience at Innocent drinks, we understand how important it is to develop a brand that connects with consumers and wins their loyalty. There is a rapidly growing consumer need for care as the numbers of dependent family members increases every year. Although care should be affordable and delivered to the highest standard by someone who is being fairly rewarded all too often this is not the case. The founders Adam and Daniel genuinely understand the sensitivities and complexities necessary to deliver operational excellence and combine a technically slick back end with a great experience for families, older people and carers.”

JamJar Investments is the innocent drinks founders private investments fund. They love, help and invest in high growth consumer brands. Their portfolio includes Graze, Dojo and Deliveroo.

Alan Rosenbach, Director of Strategy of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) says: “I am immensely proud and privileged to chair the SuperCarers Care Advisory Board. We are committed to make sure that our approach to care and support helps older adults to live independently and with dignity. We are also tackling the challenges of social isolation and loneliness. Our platform gives families and individuals total control of their care because they exercise genuine choice about who provides their care and when it is provided. Our SuperCarers are paid handsomely for their work as part of our approach to recognise what a fantastic job they undertake looking after some of our most vulnerable citizens.”

Says Jeff Lynn, CEO and Co-Founder of Seedrs: “We are delighted to welcome SuperCarers onto Seedrs, and we wish Adam and Daniel every success in their crowdfunding campaign. Improving the way care is provided is both a noble and potentially very lucrative ambition, and SuperCarers has a great proposition that is already getting significant traction. Moreover, I have known Adam for many years and have found him to be one of the most impressive and dedicated entrepreneurs I’ve come across. I have very high hopes for this business and its campaign, and I’m thrilled they’ve chosen to work with us.”

*Source: Age UK,, Deloitte: Better Care for frail older people and LaingBuisson: Care for Elderly People UK

Andy Murray Serves an Ace Backing British Entrepreneurs on Leading Equity Crowdfunding Platform Seedrs

  • Tennis champion Andy Murray OBE backs best of British Tech on leading equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs
  • Andy Murray invests in WeSwap and Perkbox through Seedrs
  • Murray’s investment portfolio on Seedrs includes 17 early-stage businesses

Press Release – London, 28 October 2016: Tennis champion, world number two Andy Murray continues to back early-stage businesses as part of his strategic relationship with Seedrs, today identifying two ambitious British Tech companies, Perkbox and WeSwap, investing undisclosed amounts into each.

Perkbox, the UK’s leading perks and benefits scheme, quickly surpassed their £1.5 million target on Seedrs, currently overfunding by 270% with more than £4 million raised through 230 investors in just four days. Murray joins VC firm Draper Esprit which led the round with £2.5 million investment, alongside Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman.

The startup which launched in January 2015, already has over 300,000 paying members including British Gas, BUPA and Deliveroo and has generated more than £14 million in revenues since launch. The company is the go-to solution for combatting staff turnover and low productivity in the workplace, encouraging managers to reward team members.

WeSwap, the world’s first peer-to-peer travel money platform, has so far raised £1.8 million from over 2,200 individual investors including Ascot Capital and is overfunding by 185%. In the past 12 months the disruptive startup has grown by 204%, welcoming over 200,000 new users to the WeSwap community. Called the people’s currency exchange, WeSwap exchanges currency directly between real people, so users receive the fairest rate by cutting out the middleman.

Murray said about the investments, “I’m continuing to grow my portfolio through Seedrs and have tried to choose companies from different sectors as much as possible. I was interested in Perkbox as I employ a number of people through my own sports management company, the 77 Group, as well as a number of independent contractors like physios, coaches and trainers. I’m sure they’ll all be wanting to hear lots more about Perkbox! WeSwap was interesting to me because I travel so much around the world – I thought this was a really clever idea and could immediately see the gap in the market for this business to work”.

Saurav Chopra, CEO and co-founder of Perkbox: “We’re delighted that Andy Murray has chosen to invest in us. He is really carving out a reputation for himself as an avid supporter of fast-growth businesses, and we’re very proud that Perkbox will become part of his burgeoning portfolio of exciting and dynamic businesses. Andy Murray has previously emphasised how important it is for him to back up businesses who hold the same dedication, hunger and professional standards as he does, and we’re thrilled that he sees these very same values manifest in the people here that power the Perkbox brand.”

Jared Jesner, CEO and Co Founder of WeSwap: “We are delighted and overwhelmed to have exceeded our funding target with more than £1.8 million invested into our campaign on Seedrs so far. Over 2200 members of our community have backed WeSwap, all of whom will play a part in our future success. Having a tennis hero like Andy Murray invest in the campaign as part of the crowd has truly been the icing on the cake”

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs: “It’s great to see how active Andy has become in early-stage investment and his recent investments on Seedrs into Perkbox and WeSwap reaffirm this. He is a great example of an investor who understands this asset class and the importance of building a broad investment portfolio, into which these two disruptive tech brands will add even more diversity.”

Wefunder Launches 10 New Regulation Crowdfunding Offerings – the Biggest One-Week Bump in Offerings Since Reg CF Legislation Took Effect in May 2016

Press Release – San Francisco, Calif. – Oct. 24, 2016Wefunder, the most popular platform for Regulation Crowdfunding, today launched 10 new Reg CF offerings – the biggest one-week bump in offerings since the legislation took effect in May 2016.

Before today:

  • 45 offerings had launched across all the FINRA-approved Reg CF portals
  • 43 of those had met their funding goal (30 on Wefunder)
  • In total, companies have raised more than $10M via Reg CF – including nearly $500,000 in the past week (more than half via Wefunder)
  • Three companies have raised $1M plus via Reg CF (all on Wefunder)

With today’s new offering, the total number of companies now stands at 55. The newest Reg CF offerings are:

  • Liquid Piston, which is building compact, powerful, quiet, efficient, low-vibration, multi-fuel capable combustion engines;
  • Bloomery Plantation Distillery, which crafts home-grown, natural fruit cordials;
  • Tampon Tribe, making organic feminine hygiene available to women around the world;
  • Magic Instruments; which offers a new type of electric guitar that anyone can play;
  • Evelo, maker of comfortable and stylish electric bicycles;
  • Monkey Rum, which offers evolved, barrel-aged rums;
  • CrowdMed, which crowdsources diagnosis, helping solve cases for real patients;
  • Daplie, the first home server for everyone; and
  • Airbitz, a blockchain inspired, decentralized, open source, zero knowledge global information security solution.

In addition, Wefunder portfolio company Speakeasy is returning to raise a second round (after raising more than $460,000 via Wefunder in August 2016 – exceeding its initial goal of $50,000).

Mike Norman, President and Co-Founder of Wefunder, said, “In recent weeks, we’ve seen accelerating interest from companies wanting to leverage Reg CF – perhaps after seeing the successful closing of so many Reg CF offerings. We’re also seeing investments ramp up – in the past week alone, Wefunder offerings raised more than $500,000. The numbers show that Wefunder has broken away from the pack to become far and away the number one choice for Reg CF among both companies and investors – it’s really exciting to see this taking off.”

Norman noted that companies with a strong local following tend to do particularly well with Reg CF offerings. “Companies that already have a strong base of loyal customers have a built-in audience for raising money – because often, passionate customers welcome the chance to own equity in the companies they love,” he said.

The Regulation Crowdfunding legislation went into effect May 16, 2016, allowing everyday people (not just the wealthy) to invest as little as $100 in startups and small businesses. Also known as Title III of the JOBS Act, the law allows private companies to raise up to $1 million per year from their friends, customers, neighbors, and communities, by selling either debt or equity.

Wefunder is registered with the SEC and FINRA as a funding portal, eligible to facilitate Regulation Crowdfunding offerings. Wefunder’s founders played a key role in helping to write the JOBS Act Title III legislation and facilitating its passage by Congress in 2012, and they are currently working closely with congressional representatives on the Fix Crowdfunding Act, which ties up several loose ends not addressed in the Title III legislation.

To register as a potential investor at Wefunder, visit The minimum investment is $100. To get funded on Wefunder, visit

About Wefunder

Wefunder helps anyone invest as little as $100 in startups you love, and is the most popular platform for Regulation Crowdfunding. Its vision is to build a new type of stock market (“a NASDAQ for riskier ventures”) that lets the public allocate capital to a wider range of businesses, more broadly and efficiently than banks or venture capitalists. Investors on Wefunder have invested more than $20 million into 130+ companies since 2013, including Zenefits, Checkr and Casetext. Learn more about Wefunder’s story at or follow us @wefunder.

Now You Can Be A Shark! Learn How At Crowd Invest Summit

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

If you are a regular reader, you know that you can now invest in startups via FINRA-registered web portals. You can now be a venture capitalist, “shark” or perhaps, more benignly, an angel investor.

In May, the Securities and Exchange Commission implemented rules for investment crowdfunding under the 2012 JOBS Act. Alon Goren and Josef Holm have organized the first conference, the Crowd Invest Summit, focused exclusively on investment crowdfunding since the rules went into operation.

Alon has provided readers with a special discount on registration. Use the discount code “GOODCROWD” to receive 30 percent off the registration fee!

The speakers will include Robert Herjavec, star of ABC’s “Shark Tank”; James Altucher, the famed author and entrepreneur; Tim Draper, one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capitalists and long-term crowdfunding advocate; and, Dara Albright, one of the leading minds in crowdfinance. Conference organizers have also invited me, Devin Thorpe, to speak.

“As the first event of its kind in the United States, the Crowd Invest Summit connects retail investors and top crowdfunded investment opportunities,” said Josef, founder and CEO of crowdfunding marketing and PR software firm Krowdster. “Given the recent shifts in the equity crowdfunding industry, we created this event to be inclusive of all types of investors. Our first summit will take place in Silicon Beach and we’re already exploring a series of domestic and international events to follow.”

Alon Goren, courtesy of Crowd Invest Summit

Alon Goren, courtesy of Crowd Invest Summit

Alon added, “Until now, crowdfunding events have been predominantly focused on debating the potential rules and laws that are now finally in place and available. In contrast, this will be the first large-scale event in the crowdfunding sector focused on companies and investors raising real money and closing actual deals. We want all Americans to know that any of them can become venture capitalists now.”

On Thursday, October 20, 2016 at 1:00 Eastern, Alon will join me here for a live discussion about the conference and the opportunity all Americans have now to invest in startups. Tune in here then to watch the interview live. Post questions in the comments below or tweet questions before the interview to @devindthorpe.

More about Crowd Invest Summit:

Twitter: @crowdinvestsmt

Crowd invest summit is the country’s premier investment focused crowdfunding event.

Alon’s bio:

Twitter: @alonymous

Alon is CEO and co-founder of and INVST. He has developed technology that powers websites and financial transactions for Fortune 500 companies and well-known foundations such as Coca-Cola, ATB Financial and Global Philanthropy Group. He also created a white label fundraising portal for individuals and businesses hoping to crowdfund ventures independently of major platforms. His support of the JOBS Act and day-to-day interactions with investors and financial professionals inspired him to create INVST ( a solution for marketers hoping to attract investment firms and hedge fund managers. Utilizing proprietary social technology, INVST streamlines and amplifies the capital introduction process, while offering relationship, tracking and deal management tools for fund managers, third-party marketers and investors.

Never miss another interview! Join Devin here!

Devin is a journalist, author and corporate social responsibility speaker who calls himself a champion of social good. With a goal to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems by 2045, he focuses on telling the stories of those who are leading the way! Learn more at!


CROWDFUNDING FOR ROCK: RockmaniaLive!™ Will Bring Authentic Multimedia Experience to Generations of Rock Fans

Press Release – Los Angeles, CA – October 11th, 2016 – Music-industry heavyweights Abbey Konowitch, Founder/Executive Producer (former record and television executive at MTV, Disney Music, and Madonna’s Maverick Records), Rob Cavallo, Executive Music Producer (Grammy Award winning producer of Green Day, Dave Mathews, Fleetwood Mac, and more), and Tommy Tallarico, Creative Director (creator of global phenomenon Video Games Live), have launched a unique crowdfunding venture that will be music to the ears of investors – RockmaniaLive!

Music fans will have an exciting opportunity to make their rock n’ roll dreams come true as they become equity-investors in this global music franchise and multimedia music experience beginning on September 30 at

Formed in mid-2015, RockmaniaLive! began with creating compositions of iconic classic rock songs with arrangements from Cavallo and the assistance of world-renowned composer, David Campbell. RockmaniaLive! features the best visual elements utilizing the latest technologies and creators. Music has been composed and recorded from such legendary classic rock artists as Led Zeppelin, The Who and Pink Floyd. Rehearsals, production, and full build-out of the show will occur in December 2016 with the first, live shows scheduled for 2017.

RockmaniaLive! will deliver the ultimate in rock symphonic performances of legendary classic rock albums (i.e. Dark Side of the Moon, Houses of the Holy, and Who’s Next) immersed in a multimedia environment. As these artists retire from touring, RockmaniaLive! will provide their millions of loyal fans with a unique, live concert experience, enhanced with state-of-the-art visual production elements.

“What makes this such a dynamic experience is that we’re actually replicating the technical aspects of the sound of the original bands by using similar equipment, such as amps, instruments, mixing boards and more,” says Cavallo. “The multimedia atmosphere and technical aspects of the sound will offer a genuine experience for generations of rock fans.” Similar to Cirque du Soleil or Blue Man Group, RockmaniaLive! is a scalable brand and production platform that supports simultaneous performances across multiple venues.

“Classic Rock era artists, music and albums have become global cultural brands, built the largest touring business in history, and have generated billions of dollars in merchandise, ticket and album sales,” adds Konowitch. “RockmaniaLive! is an opportunity for classic rock fans to continue to experience the ‘soundtrack of their lives’ and share it with their whole family in a unique and visceral way.”

“The time is right for a concept like RockmaniaLive!,” said legendary Kiss, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue Manager Doc McGhee. “RockmaniaLive! has pulled together a team of the top people who can create the best possible music arrangements and experience. Plus, the music of these classic rock artists is timeless – I look forward to seeing it.”

The crowdfunding campaign will be hosted on for an estimated duration of 60 days.

About Equity Crowdfunding: October 30, 2015 – The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules to permit companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding

May 16, 2016 – Title lll of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as Regulation Crowdfunding of REG CF, legalizes retail investment crowdfunding.

Now Anybody Can Try Being a Venture Capitalist

View the RockmaniaLive! crowdfunding video at:

Ready for Take-Off: Jetpack Aviation Set To Raise £300,000 on Seedrs

  • World’s first jetpack slated for public launch in 2017
  • Designed by three time Academy Award winner, Nelson Tyler
  • In negotiations with the US military on how the JB-10 could be deployed in the field
  • In discussion with one of the largest sports marketing companies about sponsoring a series of jetpack races
  • Plans to develop ‘JetPack Top Gun’ experience centres for thrill-seekers across the globe
  • The launch was marked the UK’s first ever JetPack flight across the Royal Victoria Dock at dawn today

Press Release – London, 5th October 2016: A company dedicated to delivering a Jetson’s vision of flight by jetpack and other new forms of vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) personal aircraft, has today launched its first equity crowdfunding round on Seedrs. JetPack Aviation aims to raise £300,000 and will invest the funds in further research and development for its JB-10 JetPack and VTOL aircraft.

Company founders David Mayman and Nelson Tyler have worked together for the past decade to make the JB-10 JetPack a reality. Slated for public launch in 2017, the JB-10 has a proven track record and is regularly demonstrated to huge public acclaim by aviation buff Mayman.

With excitement building round one the most iconic product launches and media coverage of a flight in New York being shared millions of times, the JB-10 is not just a gimmick but has a solid technological and scientific background behind it. Its designer Nelson Tyler has been a successful and highly recognised inventor and product developer for 55 years and amongst many accolades has won three Academy Awards for Technical Achievement in the Motion Picture Industry.

Nelson and David are supported by a group of specialists with expertise ranging from turbine engine design to electrical and computer engineering. JetPack Aviation is now in negotiations with the US military on how the JB-10 could be deployed in the field. For instance this could be in extraction situations where a soldier needs to be rescued from behind enemy lines. Nelson and David also have a research and development agreement in place with the U.S. Special Operations Command to develop a four-turbine jet pack that will lift twice the weight (about 700 pounds).

JetPack Aviation is also in discussion with one of the largest sports marketing companies about sponsoring a series of jetpack races. There are even plans to develop ‘JetPack Top Gun’ experience centres for thrill-seekers across the globe.

David Mayman, CEO at JetPack Aviation, said: “A lot of us spent time in our youth fantasising about what it would be like to follow Buck Rogers up into the air with our very own jetpacks. We are getting a lot closer to launching a commercial product but there is still much further that we can take our design and ideas, so we want to give the crowdfunding community a once in a lifetime opportunity to invest in turning a dream into reality.”

Jeff Lynn, CEO and co-founder of Seedrs, said: “Flying to work with a jetpack strapped to your back may be everyone’s favourite science fiction fantasy alongside teleportation and personal space travel, but this is a serious scientific invention that could have huge implications for the aviation sector. This funding round is a chance for everyone to get on board with further development of the JB-10 and we are so excited to welcome David Mayman and JetPack Aviation onto Seedrs.”

JetPack Aviation is now live on Seedrs:

Crowdfunding Climate Change Resistant Farms

Press Release – (Portage, IN) September, 14, 2016 — Green Sense Farms, the country’s largest network of commercial indoor vertical farms launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Start Engine to share their unique offering with their community.

The Campaign which launched last Thursday reached their goal in just one day, the campaign can be found here,

Green Sense Farms grows produce indoors which drastically reduces land use by growing on multi-level platforms. Using sustainable farming practices, the Green Sense Farms growing method has minimal impact to the environment and can grow leafy green vegetable faster than field farms with less water and pesticide, herbicide and GMO free.

According to a 2015 report by the United Nations, the world’s population size in 2050 is expected to reach 9.7 billion. While those numbers are set to increase, so are rising surface temperatures and worsening droughts caused by severe weather patterns. Changes in climate are already reducing the amount of arable land and rising urban populations are depleting aquifers, creating a need for more sustainable farming solutions.

Founder and CEO of Green Sense Farms, Robert Colangelo, has already set the wheels in motion for this much needed solution. “We’re not subject to rain or drought. We precisely control the indoor environment, to create the perfect conditions for our plants to grow year-round, every single day.”

Another benefit of growing indoors in a climate-controlled environment is that you can harvest large quantities of leafy green produce each week. By locating these farms at or near produce distribution centers and on institutional campuses wherever large volume of meals are served daily, produce is fresher and the miles food travels from the farm to the table is reduced. This truly is the future of not just green farming, but a farming solution to meet growing populations and changing global weather patterns.

Colangelo now invites investors become a part of the Green Sense Farms community and family “Green Sense Farms has been the fortunate recipient of numerous stories about our exciting innovative indoor vertical farming technology. All this press has generated many inquiries from individuals asking how they can invest in our sustainable farm. We’re pleased to announce that the recently released crowdfunding regulations now allow for individuals to make direct equity investments in growth companies like ours. This is your chance to own a piece of Green Sense Farms. Just as Green Sense Farms has disrupted produce distribution and cut out the middleman, the new crowdfunding regulations have democratized the capital markets, allowing individuals the opportunity to take advantage of public offerings without the use of traditional stock brokers.”

The crowdfund will be hosted on for an estimated duration of 60 days.

Green Sense Farms is located in Portage, Indiana—40 miles outside of Chicago and has created innovation partnerships with Philips, Hortimax, Rijk Zwaan, Desert Aire and Dramm. The company has also formed a business partnership with Infinite Herbs. Find more information on their website at


Green Sense Farms is the country’s largest commercial indoor vertical farm. The company provides nutritious and delicious produce that’s good for people and the planet. Because Green Sense Farms creates conditions that are always perfect for growing, they’re able to harvest year-round, using a fraction of the land, water, and fertilizer of traditional field farming. These sustainable farming practices make Green Sense Farms a local solution to a global challenge.

About Equity Crowdfunding: October 30, 2015 – The Securities and Exchange Commission adopted final rules to permit companies to offer and sell securities through crowdfunding.

May 16, 2016 – Title lll of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as Regulation Crowdfunding of REG CF, legalizes retail investment crowdfunding.

Now Anybody Can Try Being a Venture Capitalist Closes $8.2 Million in Multifamily and Retail Transactions

In Addition to Five Recent Transactions, the Online Crowdfunding Platform Also Launched Its First Crowdfunded REIT in August

Press Release – LOS ANGELES – September 22, 2016 – Following last month’s launch of MogulREIT I,’s first crowdfunded real estate investment trust, the company announced today that it had closed five transactions in markets across the country. Four of the five deals were equity investments into multifamily properties, while the fifth marked the commercial real estate platform’s largest 1031-qualified transaction to date.

“The past few months have been a period of growth for us, both in terms of our new offerings and in terms of the crowdfunded transactions that have been at the core of our platform since launch,” said Jilliene Helman, CEO of “These recent successes demonstrate how we are democratizing the commercial real estate space for more and more investors.”

The platform’s latest completed transactions include:

Equity Investment for Bay Area Multifamily Property investors provided $1.7 million in equity for the acquisition of Buckingham Apartments, a 48-unit multifamily property in Redwood City, CA. The sponsor is a private equity investment company that acquires opportunistic real estate investments requiring moderate to heavy rehabilitation on a mid- to long-term investment horizon. For this property, the sponsor plans to raise rent levels through a renovation plan and improved management.

Investor Support for Brooklyn Multifamily Equity Investment closed a $900,000 equity investment into the acquisition of a 27-unit multifamily property located in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. The sponsor is a New York-based firm that focuses on multifamily properties with growth potential. The sponsor viewed this transaction as an opportunity to purchase a property with appreciation potential at a below-market rate.

Investment in a 1031-Eligible Diversified Retail Portfolio investors contributed $1.8 million to a portfolio of 19 single-tenant, long-term net-leased retail assets spanning eight states. The properties in the portfolio are leased to a diversified tenant base and are all 100 percent occupied. This transaction constitutes’s largest transaction to date available to investors using a 1031 Exchange. The portfolio provides potential return on investment through monthly cash distributions and sales of any of the owned properties.

Equity Financing for Dallas-Area Multifamily Property invested $2.3 million in equity for the acquisition of Woodbridge Apartments, a 91-unit townhouse-style multifamily property located in Arlington, TX. provided 90 percent of the equity in the transaction. The sponsor for the acquisition owns 1,450 units and is expanding its holdings in Texas and other growth markets. The sponsor intends to improve the property by undertaking renovations to address deferred maintenance and mechanical issues.

Multifamily Property With Upside Potential investors provided $1.5 million in equity to help finance the acquisition of Trails at Lakeside Apartments, a 208-unit multifamily property in Indianapolis, IN. This is’s fifth transaction with the sponsor, a local firm that has owned and managed more than 3,900 multifamily units nationally. The sponsor has determined that the property is currently renting at below-market rates, and it intends to implement an improvement plan aimed at bringing rents in line with the market.

In August, also unveiled its new crowdfunded REIT, MogulREIT I, which is available for investment exclusively online. With a minimum investment of $2,500, the fund is open to nearly all investors and offers a diversified commercial real estate portfolio with lower fees than most traditional non-traded REITs. As is always the case, real estate investments do carry risks and do not guarantee a return.

“We’re always striving to deliver on our goal of ‘Access through Innovation’ when it comes to real estate investing,” added Helman. “Whether it’s through MogulREIT I or our successful collaborations with sponsors and investors, we’re well positioned to have an even bigger impact on the industry going forward.”

About is an online marketplace for real estate investing, giving individual investors real-time access to commercial real estate and professional real estate companies easier access to capital. Through crowdfunding, gives investors tools to browse investments, do due diligence, invest online and have 24/7 access to an investor dashboard to watch how their investments are performing. partners with professional real estate companies to source investment opportunities and underwrites all of the investments. For these real estate companies, offers JV and preferred equity as well as mezzanine and first position debt. For more information, visit

Equity securities are offered through North Capital Private Securities Corp., registered broker/dealer and member FINRA/SIPC.

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