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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe


News about crowdfunding platforms.

New Crowdfunding Site Focuses On Disaster Recovery

Tamara Habib, with her partner Paul Lewis, has launched a new crowdfunding site, Firelily, that allows people to raise money after experiencing a disaster, most often a house fire.

Tamara explains, “The majority of families fundraising on Firelily were impacted by house fires, an event in which there is little help to recover. Firelily’s recovery guide, Rebuilding After Disaster, was downloaded over 3,000 times in it’s first four days on their website.”

The site offers some innovative features, Tamara says. “Firelily provides a donor matching function; it’s kind of like online dating, but we connect fundraiser to potential donors based on common interests. Firelily is the only crowdfunding website that verifies the information of its fundraisers to ensure the utmost accuracy.”

On Thurdsay, April 16, 2015 at noon Eastern, Tamara will join me here for a live discussion about her new platform. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about FireLily:

Whether it’s a forest fire or a flood, on nearly every continent of the globe, firelilies sprout up in the immediate aftermath of these disasters and are the first plants to revive the ecosystem. The mission of Firelily is to reengineer disaster by providing the resources needed for individuals and organizations to be successful after disaster. The fundraising platform on Firelily allows for individuals to tell their story, identify their needs and receive the funds critical to a quick recovery. Organizations and communities utilize Firelily to fundraise for their missions, supporting deployments for disaster response and recovery. Firelily provides a series of tools and templates, including the free recovery guide Rebuilding After Disaster, to ensure that those recovering from disaster, and the organizations helping them, have the knowledge needed to best plan for recovery. Every person who fundraises or contributes through Firelily has control, eliminating the feeling of helplessness that persists after a disaster.

Tamara Habib

Tamara Habib

Tamara’s bio:

Tamara Habib is an impact entrepreneur focused on reengineering disaster recovery. Her career in emergency management has spanned roles that include working as an Emergency Management Technician, responding to local and national disasters with the American Red Cross and consulting major cities on disaster planning and recovery. Through this work, she learned that people and communities impacted by disaster needed better resources to recover and, as a result, founded and is CEO at Firelily, a crowdfunding startup dedicated to empowering those impacted by disaster to take control of their recovery. Tamara enjoys spending time with her fiance and dog, strolling the streets of Chicago and learning about other cultures.

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Devin D. Thorpe

Flow Hive Indiegogo Campaign Exceeds $10 Million

Largest-Ever Indiegogo Campaign Passes Milestone With Six Days to Go

Indiegogo, the world’s largest online funding platform, announces the Flow Hive campaign for the revolutionary beekeeping invention that makes harvesting honey easier and more simple than ever has now raised more than $10 million on the platform (

The Flow Hive technology represents the most significant innovation in beekeeping since 1852 and makes harvesting honey as simple as turning a tap. Father and son entrepreneurs Cedar and Stewart Anderson developed their Flow™ design over the past 10 years. The Australian duo are now leveraging Indiegogo’s global reach to bring their product directly to customers around the world and more than 27,000 people have already contributed to the campaign.

When Flow Hive launched in February, the campaign reached its funding goal in a staggering 477 seconds. To see how the Flow Hive system works, watch the latest video here:

The Flow Hive campaign is just one example of entrepreneurs around the world using Indiegogo’s open and global platform to bring their ideas to life. Indiegogo operates in 224 countries and territories, in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) and five currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR). With 30% of its campaigns located outside of the United States, Indiegogo is helping campaign owners around the world create and innovate.

Domestic Violence Is the New Face of Mobile Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding Technology Empowers Domestic Abuse Survivors to Raise Funds to Obtain Reconstructive Surgery with New Partnership Between MobileCause and Face Forward Foundation

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – MobileCause has partnered with Face Forward Foundation to launch a series of fundraising and communication campaigns to empower women who have been victims of domestic abuse or a violent crime. Face Forward Foundation helps victims of violent and disfiguring crimes put their FACE FORWARD leaving their physical scars behind. This campaign allows victims to increase awareness to domestic violence and help raise funds for themselves and other victims for the accompanying costs of reconstructive surgery. While the reconstructive surgery is pro-bono, the supplementary items surrounding their reconstructive surgery are expensive and many women require multiple operations. Unfortunately, there are also many women on the waiting list while the foundation raises funds with goals of helping an additional 10-20 survivors per year.

In an extraordinary act of technological empowerment, MobileCause, a leader in cloud based technology solutions for nonprofits, has partnered with Face Forward to assist victims of domestic violence to utilize their personal networks of friends and social networks to raise awareness and donations for themselves and other victims, in the process helping other women like them. The first three women to participate in these crowdfunding and communication campaigns are pre-approved by Face Forward and have treatment plans in place by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. David Alessi. Face Forward Foundation, founded by Dr. David Alessi and his wife Deborah Alsessi (a survivor of DV) provides pro-bono plastic surgery to victims of abuse and violent crimes and depends on donated funds for the costs and care surrounding the donated surgeries such as anesthesiologist, after care, travel and accommodations. Face Forward Founder Deborah Alessi says of the partnership, “We are so excited to partner with MobileCause on this exciting crowdfunding campaign which is empowering our survivors and enabling them to fund their own campaign while helping other victims, which facilitates them in feeling in control again of their life!”

MobileCause, a leading provider of cloud based fundraising and communication solutions for nonprofit organizations, makes it easy for donors to give and for nonprofits to raise more donations at a lower cost. The company provides a suite of products for a new generation of giving to strengthen an organizations brand by integrating mobile everywhere and increasing the speed and effectiveness of donor communication. MobileCause has developed an original campaign with the domestic abuse charity Face Forward, enabling the charity as a whole and its beneficiaries the power to raise more awareness of domestic violence and fundraise from the convenience of their mobile phones. The US now has 74% smartphone adoption changing donor expectations and new solutions are needed for nonprofit organizations to address the challenges and opportunities associated with a mobile first society. Many supporters research websites, watch videos, and make credit/debit donations directly from their mobile phone. MobileCause’s fundraising platform makes it easy for donors to give from any device and focuses on helping nonprofit organizations gain donors, increase recurring gifts and engage supporters. The MobileCause Crowdfunding solution empowers nonprofit organizations to conveniently raise donations through their networks of volunteers, donors and staff. This solution is unique for Face Forward in that the survivors can take control of their future and assist others in the same situation, and anyone can become a fundraiser for this great cause and customize their page with photo, donation goal and personal message. When someone donates they can receive exclusive content and text messages to follow along with the progress of each Face Forward patient. The patients provide updates on their progress thereby keeping donors connected to the growth and success of the survivors. Each patient knows their personal surgery plan and what finances are needed to cover those needs and any additional money they raise will roll over to the next group of patients on the waiting list empowering these victims to help both themselves and others. The nonprofit itself is continuously fundraising for its patients but thought this was an incredible way to reach more people who can donate whatever they can or volunteer to fundraise for patients and capitalize on the theory that there is power in numbers. All the money raised will be tracked by the MobileCause software and available to be seen on the Face Forward website. Supporters can see these victims of abuse reach their goals as well they can see other victims rise up on the wait list. Updates and surgery reveals will be provided on each victim showing their progress to leaving both the physical and emotional scars behind them as they Face Forward to their future.

MobileCause CEO, Sean MacNeill commented on the extraordinary campaign, “We are thrilled to provide our mobile software fundraising solutions to an amazing cause such as Face Forward and are confident that this campaign will connect the world to these woman and many others like them while allowing crowdfunding to do what it does best with a personal connection to these brave survivors and worthwhile cause.”

The campaign will soft launch the week of March 30th and go throughout October which is Domestic Violence Awareness month and can be viewed at

About Face Forward Foundation

Face Forward’s mission is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by Domestic Violence or any Cruel Act of Crime. Face Forward vows that all individuals who cannot afford the fees associated with proper internal and external care will be treated Pro-Bono. Our team of skilled surgeons and specialists has been fortunate enough to impact the lives of many with truly life-changing results, but this is just the beginning. We work with community leaders and organizations around the nation and throughout the world, in order to identify victims of violence who are legitimately working toward recovery and who carry the physical evidence of past abuse. We are able to provide our services to individuals who are committed to their recovery by partnering with local community centers, which offer complementary relief, housing, counseling, job searches and legal assistance. We are one humble part of the recovery puzzle; however, the immediate results of our healing efforts provide individuals with the confidence to literally put their best Face Forward once again. Face Forward is a non-profit organization, a 501(c)(3) registered in the State of California. Better than 90% of all donations are directed toward victim treatment and recovery. Since an average patient’s treatment costs approximately $5,000, every penny helps.

About MobileCause:

MobileCause provides cloud based online fundraising and communication software for nonprofit organizations enabling them to raise more money at a lower cost. Each solution is designed to mobilize networks of volunteers, donors and staff while making it easy for people to give and stay connected from any device. Our suite of products including: crowdfunding for nonprofits, comprehensive online giving, dynamic event fundraising, text to donate keywords, mobile marketing and smart data records, is designed for a new generation of giving for mobile, online and social. Customers can be up and running in hours with no technical skills required. MobileCause provides turnkey merchant and payment services at a simple flat rate that includes a specialized mobile payment app for nonprofits. Each plan includes dedicated strategy support from fundraising experts. Featured clients include United Way, The Salvation Army, American Heart Association, University of Southern

Kickstarter Meets Sharktank: New Platform Changes Perceptions About Supporting Millennial Startups

GenYrator is the First Mission-Driven Equity Crowdfunding Platform That Combines Real Returns with Real Impact by Investing in the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs

Los Angeles, CA – GenYrator, a millennial focused and founded equity crowdfunding platform, has launched its private beta concentrating initially on startups from USC, the alma mater of co-founders Sean Nasiri and Jay Roth. The GenYrator platform looks for emerging generation-y founded businesses with revenue that are not quite ready for institutional investors, and encourages regular people to get involved to fill that gap.

The company is currently being advised by notable figures from both the startup and USC communities. Current advisors include famous venture capitalist and USC Trustee Mark Stevens, former Managing Partner at Sequoia Capital, as well as Alex Cappello, former President of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors who also served as the only two-time international chairman of YPO. Other notable advisors include Rob Ukropina, former CEO of Overnite Express, who also served on USC Board of Governors, and Ryan Meyers, Managing Director of General Assembly LA and former CEO of AlumniFunder.

GenYrator has recently achieved proof of concept by helping two companies close their recent rounds. First is wearable technology startup, Loopd, with noteworthy lead investors Tim Draper and Marc Benioff, which closed out its $1M seed round. Second is triple bottom line Hawaiian water bottle company, Waiakea, which closed out its $1.6M dollar Series-A. GenYrator has since opened up its platform to all, but still requires a private beta access code to view deals. It is currently featuring a selection of promising USC-founded companies in “preview mode,” with more being added over the next couple of months.

“The problem GenYrator is solving,” explains Nasiri, “is that too many good millennial founded startups end prematurely or stagnate because they lack the support they need to grow.” In the entire United States, there are only around 260,000 active angel investors, contributing roughly $20 billion dollars annually . “Your average twenty year old simply has not been around long enough to build out a network of experienced individuals who can provide capital and guidance.” GenYrator aims to take crowdfunding into the mainstream and increase the number of active accredited investors. By taking targeting local communities and affinity groups, GenYrator makes the investment process personal and encourages regular people to participate.

Millennials now have the largest presence in the workforce , but according to the Huffington Post, they are facing the worst job market in more than twenty years . “We are starting businesses out of necessity. There are just not enough opportunities out there for people our age, and we need the support of all generations to create more jobsand grow the economy,” Nasiri explains.

While GenYrator is currently focused on startups from USC, it plans to grow beyond just a university platform. “The long-term vision of GenYrator is to establish itself as the premier destination for the next generation of entrepreneurs and leaders,” says Nasiri. “I think people from all different backgrounds will be pleasantly surprised by the value and impact they are able to provide a young startup.”

To get involved, please sign up at

About GenYrator: True Angel Investing

Founded with the mission to generate a more prosperous future through supporting entrepreneurship, GenYrator is the online platform that brings the benefits of the Silicon Valley ecosystem to the mainstream. GenYrator’s online community enables all interested parties, provided they are accredited in accordance with current regulatory guidelines, to directly participate in promising millennial founded businesses. Beyond simply crowdfunding, members and other supporters can lend guidance and mentorship. Please visit for more information.

Low Cost Media Outreach Service for Crowdfunders

Krowdster Releases Low Cost Media Outreach Service for Crowdfunders

Crowdfunders using Krowdster can now leverage media outreach to connect with journalists and bloggers relevant to their project

The world’s first crowdfunding analytics, research and supporter discovery tool, Krowdster has announced the launch of a low cost media outreach service for crowdfunding entrepreneurs.

Designed around Krowdster’s big data approach, the new outreach option is a high quality yet affordable media promotion service. It allows those running crowdfunding projects to connect with journalists and bloggers in their niche. With over 500 journalists and dozens of authority publications including Mashable, the New York Times, USA Today, Wired, TechCrunch, Bloomberg and Entrepreneur, Krowdster’s media outreach covers a dozen industry specific categories. Each category is aligned with common crowdfunding project themes, such as the arts, education, health, technology and games.


The media outreach service is included free of charge for Krowdster premium members who can use it once per month to reach 500+ journalists and bloggers in their crowdfunding category.

Josef Holm, Krowdster founder said, “The ability to connect with key media influencers is an increasingly important component of a crowdfunding campaign. It can elevate a project above the white noise created by thousands of other campaigns, helping to secure vital media coverage and raise awareness amongst the general public. Our new media outreach module has been in development for some time. We’re delighted to now be rolling out to our users and are confident this will be a hugely popular addition to existing Krowdster capabilities.”

Launched three months ago, Krowdster is already used by over 3500 entrepreneurs seeking evidence based help with their crowdfunding campaigns. Powered by big data, machine learning and predictive analytics, Krowdster is a cloud-based app that takes the guess work out of decision making, campaign creation and supporter engagement on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Tubestart, Rockethub and Pozible.

It has the world’s largest database of crowdfunding supporters. Krowdster’s crowd builder module makes it easy for project managers to identify and engage with people who have supported a similar campaign in the past. The power of Krowdster gives anyone with a budding project immediate access to professional crowdfunding research, optimization tips and supporter list building. Its insight covers core success metrics with platform, category, campaign, rewards, creator and supporter analytics. The new media outreach module is a logical addition to this functionality, helping campaign owners connect not just with supporters, but with journalists, bloggers and premium news titles to further progress campaign goals.

A Premium Account on Krowdster is $49 per 30 days and includes one media outreach.

To find out more visit

Flow Hive Campaign Sets New Indiegogo Funding Record

Innovative Beekeeping System Raises Over $5 Million

Indiegogo, the world’s largest online funding platform, announces the Australia-based Flow Hive campaign has set a new record for the most funds ever raised on the platform — $5.2 million ( Flow Hive also set a record for the most funds raised in a 24 hour period with $2.18 million.

Flow Hive achieved its funding goal in a staggering 477 seconds and has received more than 12,000 contributions.

Launched by a father and son team, Flow Hive is raising money to produce their revolutionary beekeeping system that makes harvesting honey as easy as turning a tap. Over the course of the last 10 years, Cedar and Stewart Anderson developed their Flow™ design in an effort to make harvesting honey easier. The duo are leveraging Indiegogo’s global reach to bring their technology directly to potential customers around the world.

The previous Indiegogo record for funds raised was held by’s Hour of Code campaign. Flow Hive is the 10th multimillion dollar Indiegogo campaign over the past year – spanning a wide variety of categories including nonprofit, film, small business, tech innovation and the environment:

The Flow Hive campaign is just one example of how entrepreneurs around the world are turning to Indiegogo’s open and global platform to bring their ideas to life. Indiegogo operates in 224 countries and territories, in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) and five currencies (USD, CAD, AUD, GBP, EUR). With 30% of its campaigns located outside of the United States, Indiegogo is helping campaign owners around the world create and innovate.

RallyMe Boasts 17,000 Sports Boosters

Bill Kerig, CEO and Founder of RallyMe, says, “The cost of participation in sports is rising dramatically, while support for athletics (from schools, communities, and other centralized organizations) is decreasing. No longer can athletes and teams rely on a large organization to foot their bill. Now is the time for athletes to build their own armies of support through people-to-people funding.”

Explaining his mission to help athletes, he says, “My vision for RallyMe is that it becomes the standard for all online athletic fundraising. Whether you’re an Olympian or a 9-year-old triathlete or a girl’s lacrosse team, we’re dedicated to helping you pursue your athletic goals.”

“Our mission is to make sure that no athlete, team, or organization has to forgo their sporting dreams for lack of a relatively small amount of funding,” he adds.

RallyMe, a site for boosters of all types, is used by national governing bodies to fund their organizations, teams, clubs and athletes, Bill says.

“From our launch in November 2012, we focused first on Winter Olympic athletes. We had 124 Olympic hopefuls use RallyMe and 28 Olympians get to Sochi by using RallyMe. Of those 28 athletes, 5 RallyMe athletes earned medals, putting us just ahead of Great Britain in the medal count,” he notes.

RallyMe boasts more than 17,000 boosters, Bill says, noting that the site has collected over $1.5 million for “athletes, teams, and organizations.”

On Thursday, March 5, 2015 at noon Eastern, Bill will join me for a live discussion about the site. Tune in here then to watch the interview live.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about RallyMe:

RallyMe is the industry leader in crowdfunding for athletes, teams, and athletic organizations. An exclusive partner of 15 National Governing Bodies and more than 30 national teams, RallyMe is the Gold Medal Standard in athletic crowdfunding.

Bill Kerig

Bill Kerig

Bill’s bio:

RallyMe founder and CEO Bill Kerig is an Internet entrepreneur, and award-winning author, journalist, and filmmaker. He’s led three private and public Internet companies, produced and directed five films, written three books, launched two magazines, written hundreds of magazine stories and produced dozens of TV shows. He was a professional skier and captain of his collegiate hockey team. He currently coaches two youth hockey travel teams. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife and two children.

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WePay Crowdfunding Tips & Tricks:

Crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity creating endless opportunities for new and inventive commerce and fundraising opportunities. New platforms are emerging to serve specific verticals or sets of verticals. These niche platforms are dominating the space from technology/hardware to food and beverage. Not only has crowdfunding become a great way to generate much needed funds but the marketing an organization can receive is also quickly gaining value.

As competition surges, what does it take for a business, non profit or even a small community fundraiser to stand out in the crowded landscape of crowdfunding?

WePay’s payments API is built specifically for platform businesses like marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small business software. These platforms are empowering millions of users worldwide to unlock all kinds of creative commerce. Through its proprietary VedaTM risk engine, WePay gives platforms a flexible payments API that provides a great user experience while still being able to take on all their fraud risk and compliance burdens. With the backend of payments secured, there is plenty to be done on the front end to create a successful crowdfunding campaign in the public eye:

  1. Get to the Point: Create a clear, direct and impactful explanation of the need.  Make sure to spell out what you are fundraising for, why the cause is important to you and what difference each donation will make but keep it as short and sweet as possible.
  2. A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: The more visuals you can bring to the table, the better.  If photos and videos are available don’t hesitate to showcase them to best highlight your cause or mission.  Video in particular can be an immensely effective tool to attract desired attention and action to a campaign.
  3. Make the first move:  Get the ball rolling by making the first donation to your fundraiser, your  friends, family and associates will follow your lead.  Be mindful of how much you give as well.  If you want people to donate $100, don’t donate less as you are setting the bar for others to follow.
  4. Update, Update & Update: It’s a given that you need to connect to as many social media channels as possible to spread the word about your fundraiser but it’s also important to keep donors up to date on the status of your fundraising efforts.  Changes in the status of a fundraiser such as raising your fundraising goal is information essential to share through Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.
  5. Don’t Forget To Say Thanks!: Crowdfunding sites will automatically send a confirmation message to your donors which will also thank them for their generosity but a personalized thank you note will truly show your appreciation.  A list of donor emails can be made available to you for those who have opted to identify themselves.
  6. Double Check Your Math: When asking for money most of us want to stick to just asking for what is needed and nothing more but don’t forget to take into consideration additional expenses that  can come up.   For instance, crowdfunding for a new business can mean dealing with new kinds of taxes, marketing expenses, etc. that you may not initially think about.  Think it through first before establishing the goal.
  7. The early bird gets the worm: Prep work matters.  Before you launch your crowdfunding campaign,  reach out to potential donors to let them know what you’re up to and how you’d like them to be involved.    Campaigns that have the supporter base established in the beginning have a much greater chance of succeeding than those who set up the fundraiser and then begin reaching out to the community for donations.
  8. Sweeten the Pot:  Like anything in life, incentives get people’s attention.    Be resourceful and find ways to inspire people to donate, even more than once!  Find a desirable prize to offer up as a giveaway.  A giveaway such as donors who contribute more than $100 can be entered to win an Apple iPad can help you get closer to the fundraising goal.  Certain platforms offers these kinds of incentives for people to donate to fundraisers happening on their platform.
  9. Do Your Research:  There are a lot of options out there to choose from to host your fundraiser but which one is the right one for you?  Commission rates can differ along with varying rules on what you get or don’t get based on meeting your goals.    Some crowdfunding site specialize in certain kinds of fundraisers over others so dig around a bit to make sure you’re selecting the best platform for you.
  10. Take if offline:  Social networking is key to creating momentum, but don’t forget you can raise awareness about your campaign through face to face encounters at work, social and community gatherings.   Also, don’t forget about the media — your local newspaper, TV and radio outlets may be interested in sharing your cause with the general public too.

Bill Clerico is CEO and co-founder of WePay, where he drives the company’s vision, strategy and growth.  WePay’s payments API is built specifically for platform businesses like marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small business software.

Marcia Christ, Former Ogilvy & Mather Creative Director, Joins MsGenuity as President and CEO to Launch Crowdfunding Within the Mom Consumer Market

As a 17 year Ogilvy & Mather veteran, Marcia Christ specializes in launching products into the mom and woman market. She is joining MsGenuity to bring reward-based crowdfunding, which today is focused on the male consumer, to the mom community.

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) February 18, 2015 – MsGenuity, the first crowdfunding portal to bring innovative product designs and community events to the mom consumer, announced today that Marcia Christ is joining the company as President and Chief Executive Officer. She will assume the role previously held by John Montelione, who is being assigned to Product Development Manager.

gI_143169_Marcia IMG smart 5075

“We knew we wanted a new CEO with the ability to drive crowdfunding, from its current marketing focus on the male community, to the mom community and we needed a leader with a successful track record of launching new shopping concepts and products that appeal to the mom and women consumer,” said Montelione.

Christ, a 17 year Ogilvy & Mather veteran, has established a reputation for successfully launching products focused on the mom and women consumer. As Creative Director and Senior Vice-President, her clients included Kimberly-Clark, Chesebourgh-Ponds, Avon, American Express and Best Foods. She received numerous accolades including the Advertising Age Best TV Commercials, Effie, Andy and the Gold Annual International Film and TV Festival of New York awards. Christ also held visiting professor positions at Marist College and the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, Syracuse University.

“Christ’s consumer-centric mindset, strong marketing expertise within the mom market, and track record as a successful executive are ideally suited to position MsGenuity for expansion during this exciting time in the evolution of the billion dollar crowdfunding market,” said Dennis Zink, a member of the MsGenuity Advisor Board. “She was the unanimous selection of the Advisory Board after a comprehensive search.”

“MsGenuity is well-positioned to play a growing role in funding the next generation of innovative consumer products,” stated Christ. “This is a huge opportunity that will be realized by delighting mom consumers with a fun shopping experience for products that are not available at any other web site. I am excited to join MsGenuity at this important chapter in its journey and forthcoming release of its crowdfunding portal.”

MsGenuity has made significant strides in the past nine months to build the first crowdfunding portal solely offering products and community events focused on the mom consumer. This is in contrast to leading crowdfunding portals such as Kickstarter where up to 80% of backers (i.e. project funders or contributors) are men. The MsGenuity site will be launched on March 3rd.

About MsGenuity

MsGenuity is building a reward-based crowdfunding portal to engage Mom shoppers who want to discover new products and projects not available at any other site. Conversely, MsGenuity offers both men and women crowdfunding project owners the opportunity of raising funds and collaborate on-line with mom shoppers. Reaching the mom community is key to the growth and balance of the crowdfunding market as moms spend 85¢ of every household $1. MsGenuity is located in Sarasota, FL. It is a Delaware corporation registered in Florida.

For more information access:

Reality Crowd TV Launches Virtual Incubator and Crowdfunding Network Platform for Entrepreneurs

Reality Crowd TV has created an entrepreneurial ecosystem designed for early stage start-ups to go from inception to successful funding in 6 months or less.

Hartford, CT (PRWEB) February 25, 2015 – The crowdfunding industry has been frequently highlighted in the media over the last few years because of the high profile projects that have been funded. The crowdfunding industry has been growing at a brisk pace with impressive revenue growth for the last three years. This growth has given birth to many new crowdfunding platforms and services which are now being offered in this rapidly evolving space.

One company that is leading the charge in this new revolution is Reality Crowd TV (RCTV). RCTV is an entrepreneurial focused firm that promotes the booming crowdfunding industry. The Company’s main focus will be to demonstrate how aspiring entrepreneurs can transform their kitchen table ideas in everywhere, USA, into the boardroom of tomorrow by using the crowdfunding model. RCTV teaches people that crowdfunding is not only an effective funding mechanism but a powerful marketing vehicle that can create a valuable customer base before a concept even comes to market and prove validation for an idea right from its inception.

The company’s new virtual incubator is a Quora ( like platform designed for its users to draw upon the collective knowledge of the incubator members to help entrepreneurs learn all the nuances of launching a start-up company. The platform is set up like a social media site with all the functions needed to effectively communicate with all groups and members. The Platform launched earlier this month with over 500 members and growing every day.

Founded in December of 2013, Reality Crowd TV engaged in a nationwide tour across the United States which included stops to Connecticut, New York, Boston, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Jacksonville, Austin, Houston, Denver, and Seattle in an effort to promote the nascent crowdfunding ecosystem and the many participants in it. Many of these stops were captured on video and can be found on the company YouTube channel.

Upon returning back to Connecticut in April 2014, the company had its first major breakthrough by adding a crowdfunding & digital media consultancy practice as part of the package to help entrepreneurs and their startups raise capital. Since April, the company has consulted 10 successful crowdfunding campaigns in varying capacities raising an aggregate of $825,000. Details of these successes can be seen in the Connecticut Innovation Summit Pitch Presentation.

The company has several more new projects in the works to be rolled out later this year, including their Reality Crowd TV Virtual Crowdfunding Summit to be hosted in November and December 2015. Many of the leading minds in crowdfunding and business are scheduled to speak at the summit later this year.

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