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Rewards Campaigns

Stories about rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns.

Voiceitt, Creators of Talkitt, Announce launch of Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be able to communicate your thoughts and needs? Perhaps you know someone with Autism who has invented their own language or have had a loved one after a stroke or CP unable to utter understandable sentences. Maybe you have witnessed someone with a degenerative disease like Lou Gehrig’s or Parkinson’s struggle to order a pizza, buy a bus ticket, or simply ask for directions from a stranger?

Having trouble expressing yourself is an everyday reality for millions of people around the world (1.5% of the world’s population). Currently there is no solution on the market which enables a person with a speech impairment to speak and be understood using their own voice. This is the gap that Voiceitt is trying to fill. Voiceitt is developing TalkItt, an innovative speech technology which is able to recognize unintelligible language and translate it into understandable speech.

“This isn’t standard speech recognition. We are using pattern recognition which is personalized for the speaker. For example, a person with Cerebral Palsy might say ‘sho-ko-la’ when he really means to say ‘chocolate. The app will recognize that based on the user’s own personalized, pre-recorded dictionary.” says Danny Weissberg, the cofounder and CEO of Voiceitt.

Essentially, Talkitt is giving people with speech impairments their voice back. Talkitt’s slogan is “This is my voice.”

“To get started, the person speaks a word, and that person or the caregiver associates it with a word on the app in any language they choose. The app recalls this translation from the calibrated dictionary and the system is ready to use immediately.” Weissberg explains. The app will be on a monthly subscription basis ready downloaded to an Android device, with an iOS version planned for the future.

“Existing products for people with speech impairments rely on boards or pictures, or use eye tracking to help them select words they wish to say, “To my surprise no one has a solution like ours, which is much more simple and intuitive to use, mobile and encourages the person to speak” Weissberg notes.

Voiceitt just announced that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo effective August 4, 2014. The company is targeting to raise US$ 50,000 to launch its innovative application as it is in the development phase with a working demo. This campaign will enable Voiceittto release Talkitt in six months depending on how much they exceed their goal.

“Usually there is a parent, spouse or caregiver who understands what the person is saying. But out in the real world, that person is alone. For millions of people it is very frustrating to order a cup of coffee. We are trying to help them integrate into society using their own personal translator. Our vision is to have our technology be smarter than the person who has been by their side and understands every word they say. It’s wonderful and unbelievably rewarding to be able to change someone’s life like that.”

As for the future, Weissberg says the company’s innovative speech technology can change the way the mass market uses speech-to-text, helping people with heavy accents, the speech of small children, and incorporating emotional recognition, just to name a few.As wearable devices are the future, he can visualize the app one day inside a device like Google Glass and smart watches.

“There are so many possibilities to incorporate our model. We also plan to expand our technology into sophisticated gaming for the disabled as well as the mass market, allowing people to use their voice to operate a computer game or other application.” explains Weissberg who previously founded the Open University Entrepreneur Club and worked for 15 years as a team leader at Check Point and then RAD Vision, two major Israeli high-tech players.

Voiceitt was founded in 2012. The five person team has won three development grants from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist, will present their solution in TedMED this fall in Washington D.C. has won various competitions including the Special Recognition Award in the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Contest, and has partnered with over 20 European entities including hospitals, universities, NGO’s and technological companies.

Eco-friendly Firm Launches Kickstarter For New Line

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept is launching via Kickstarter to offer it’s new organic fabrics and styles.We recently connected with founder Michele Helene Cohen to learn more; here is what she told us:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept uses only the best organic materials. That means we help to protect not only the environment but also the health and wellbeing of consumer as well as textile industry workers through the globe.  We only work with skilled artisan craftsmen who create luxury quality products but work in a safe environment where they are paid fair wages.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We are hoping to raise $15,ooo dollars in order to go into production of our first signature collection called “sustainable City Style”. We also have stretch goals. If we reach $35,000 We can offer three more color options for the woven styles. If we reach $70,000 we can offer extended sizes.Our current sizes run from US 0 to 8.  If we reach our stretch goal of $70,000 we will be able to expand the size offering including petites.

To date we have already raised 20% of our funding goal and we still have 24 days of the campaign left to go!

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries. By helping to reduce this we are creating a better, safer and healthier planet for all.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

First of all we offer a selection of of dresses from this collection at a reduced price. We also have a t-shirt for just $25, a handmade gold jelwery set and then some fun rewards su ch a private photo shoot, a private trunk show partym or backers can even help us to design a product.

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.

Follow on Facebook.

Village X: The World’s First Completely Transparent Mobile Giving Experience

Americans love to micro-donate to great causes while shopping, and global consumers overwhelmingly favor brands associated with a charitable cause, given comparable price and quality. Yet, when shoppers give at the supermarket, where does their money go? Is it really helping anyone?

The problem is lack of transparency. You buy, you give, but you don’t see.

Village X, a Peace Corps-inspired social enterprise, hopes to change that with its patent-pending Store to Village (S2V) System. The System directs mobile donations of shoppers to grassroots projects and provides live mobile updates showing exactly how the money is used to help communities. In short, shoppers can BUY GIVE SEE.


Village X has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking one-time contributions to finish the System and bring it to the masses: igg.me/at/villagexinc. Once the System is complete and operational in Fall 2014, it will be free for everyone to use.

Nuts & Bolts


Step 1 – Download the Village X App: Suzie downloads the Village X app and registers as a member by providing her name, location and credit card information. She receives 10 reward points for signing up.

Step 2 – Find a Deal: On the BUY screen of her Village X app, Suzie sees that Smart Inc. (a socially conscious business in her city) has a sale on t-shirts for Village X members—10% off for 10 reward points. Suzie needs a t-shirt, so she bikes to Smart Inc. and checks in at the store, receiving another reward point.

image image

Figure 1: Exemplary S2V Promotions

Step 3 – Redeem the Deal: Once she finds the perfect t-shirt, Suzie selects Smart Inc.’s promotion on the BUY screen and redeems the promotion in exchange for reward points, receiving a unique promotion code from the app. She presents the code to the store clerk at the register and gets 10% off her $30 t-shirt, a savings of $3.00. Suzie spends 10 points to use the promotion, but receives 5 points for making the purchase. Now she has 6 reward points (10 + 1 + 5 – 10).

Step 4 – Micro Donate (optional): After redeeming the promotion, Suzie feels her app buzz and advance to the GIVE screen, where she can customize a donation in voice, text, or picture. Since she saved $3.00, Suzie elects to use the app to give those dollars plus an additional dollar. It’s close to Mother’s Day, so she writes, “Love you, Mom” and records herself saying, “This is for the woman who taught me everything I know about fashion.” She then uses the app to set the amount at $4.00 and submits the donation, which is billed to her credit card. She can share her donation via social media.

image image

Figure 2: Exemplary S2V Micro Donating 

(Doesn’t match example above)

Step 5 – See Live Mobile Updates: Immediately after donating, Suzie sees the grassroots project receiving her funds. The SEE screen of the app is populated over time with live mobile updates from the village committee overseeing the project. Her phone will notify her when the village updates her project, and she can share the updates via social media. In addition to seeing the project unfold through text and pictures, she can see the committee, village, and village’s past projects, as well as a map showing the village’s location. She can also view a tally of her projects, donations and reward points.

image image

Figure 3:  Exemplary S2V Live Mobile Updates

Step 6 – Do It All Over Again: Peruse for deals, support great businesses, earn reward points, micro donate, and see your impact, all from your phone. Unless you specify otherwise, Village X will assign your donations to projects and villages you have given to in the past. That way, you can focus on giving for the biggest impact and developing a relationship with a place and its people. Village X also plans to allow members to identify the types of projects they want to support (e.g., clean water). This will enable the System to match donations to projects based on member preference.


All the pieces of the Store to Village System are already in place – shoppers eager to use the System (aka Village X “members”), participating villages and partner businesses, and a web design firm to write the code that connects everyone. But, without the S2V System, these natural collaborators cannot start working together.


Village X describes its goals as “ambitious yet achievable.” Its long-term vision is to pioneer a sustainable business model that changes the paradigm of cause participation, such that villages chart their own development course and donors expect a completely transparent experience, powered by the engine of American commerce. Village X also envisions sharing the fundraising capability of the S2V System with existing organizations with similar values (e.g., US-based nonprofits), thereby magnifying its philanthropic impact.

As President Kennedy said on October 14, 1960, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a speech foreshadowing the creation of the Peace Corps, “[t]here is certainly a greater purpose, and I’m sure you recognize it. Therefore, I do not apologize for asking for your support in this campaign.” Village X urges you to recognize its greater purpose of inspiring people to give on a regular basis and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing exactly how their giving has helped others, all from the convenience of their phones.

For more information on how to help, visit Village X’s website (www.villagexinc.com). The company is also active @villagexinc on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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LUMOS SmartHub Provides New Standard in Classroom Connectivity; Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Help Bring Product to Market

Indiegogo campaign will utilize unique personal crowdfunding method to help educators receive a SmartHub

SALT LAKE CITY, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Solving the problem of expensive and platform-specific media hubs, LUMOS Technologies (http://golumos.com/), has launched the SmartHub through Indiegogo. The LUMOS SmartHub is an easy-to-implement, operating-system agnostic way to incorporate all technology in the classroom from speakers to projectors.


The LUMOS SmartHub is an in-classroom technology hub for teachers and educators. It’s operating system agnostic and can be used with iOS and Android devices to display lessons, apps and other visual teaching elements.

LUMOS has launched an Indiegogo campaign with a goal of $50,000 to help bring the project to market. The company is taking a unique approach to its crowdfunding campaign by giving teachers and administrators unique URLs that allow them to campaign to get a LUMOS SmartHub and do micro crowdfunding. Educators can pledge to the main campaign or set up their own sub-campaign. For complete details on this crowdfunding approach please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lumos-smarthub.

“In the hands of an engaged, dedicated educator technology is a tool that can open a window to a wealth of knowledge and opportunity for students,” said Shane Cox, CEO and founder of LUMOS Technologies. “Our product makes it easy for educators to incorporate all classroom technologies into one place whether it is an iPad, Android tablet or Microsoft 8.1 device. This allows them to focus less time fixing simple technical issues and using the technology they have invested in and are comfortable with.”

LUMOS SmartHub features include:

  • Built-in WiFi – Broadcasts its own wireless network eliminating connectivity issues.
  • Wide Range of Connections – Includes HDMI and VGA inputs and outputs for older projectors or non-wireless peripherals.
  • Remote Control with any Tablet – Android and iOS app provides complete control of the SmartHub.
  • Wireless Video – The ability to mirror or stream content to your projector from any tablet or computer.
  • High Definition Audio – Sound is broadcast on up to four ceiling mounted speakers.
  • Cross Platform Compatibility – Mac or PC/ iPad or Android tablet compatible.
  • Microphone PA System – A wireless microphone is provided for use over in-classroom speakers.

The Lumos SmartHub was recently named Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Southern Utah General Technology “Concept to Company” Contest. The main objectives of the contests are to encourage and support Utah’s entrepreneurial innovators with the intent of helping them turn their concepts into a company.

The LUMOS SmartHub is being featured simultaneously at both the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2014 Conference and the National Charter Schools Conference at the end of June 2014.

For more information please visit http://golumos.com. To pledge to the Indiegogo Campaign please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/lumos-smarthub.

About LUMOS Technologies, LLC

The LUMOS SmartHub is an in-classroom technology hub for teachers and educators. It’s operating system agnostic and can be used with iOS and Android devices to display lessons, apps and other visual teaching elements. For more information visit http://golumos.com.

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Reading Rainbow Gets Unprecedented Boost From Kickstarter’s Other Biggest Projects

With less than 48 hours to go, Pebble, OUYA, Pono and Veronica Mars provide exclusive rewards to help classrooms in need

LOS ANGELES, June 30, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — LeVar Burton’s Reading Rainbow crowdfunding campaign is now in the top five most successful Kickstarter projects of all time, and receiving the latest round of support from unexpected sources – the top four highest earning campaigns ever. Pebble, OUYA, Pono and Veronica Mars announced that they would each offer rewards from their projects, created specifically for the Reading Rainbow campaign.

Reading Rainbow (PRNewsFoto/Reading Rainbow)

Each of the Kickstarter “All Stars” is contributing a limited edition reward, available at www.helpreadingrainbow.com, as an incentive to grow Reading Rainbow’s backer support. Pledges will allow a new version of the beloved educational tool to be made available — free of charge — to thousands of underfunded classrooms.

Of their generous support, Burton said, “What they’re doing here is unprecedented –we’re proud to have such great friends join our mission and we’re incredibly honored to be in the company of these amazing campaigns in the Top 5.”

This new support comes just days after comedian Seth MacFarlane’s promise that he would match up to $1,000,000 in pledges to the project, an offer that remains in effect until Reading Rainbow reaches its current $5,000,000 goal. Supporters who claim any of the four new rewards still qualify for this matching.

Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign’s initial goal was $1 million but approximately $4.5 million had been pledged by 90,000+ backers as of Monday morning.

  • PEBBLE has created a Limited Edition version of its popular smartwatch just for this campaign, is designing a Reading Rainbow watchface, and has pledged to Adopt a Classroom.
  • OUYA, a gaming console based on Android, has created a special SKY BLUE Limited Edition, with the first 500 units hand-signed by LeVar Burton, and is donating free consoles to include in the project’s Adopt a School reward.
  • PONO MUSIC will create 20 units of the PonoPlayer, its high-quality digital music device, in a special Reading Rainbow – Collector’s Edition with Burton’s signature engraved in the side, and the show’s iconic theme preloaded on the device.
  • The stars of VERONICA MARS, including Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni and Jason Dohring, will join Burton for a special Los Angeles Reading Rainbow Live event, where the four will read stories to a small group of children and their parents.

In addition, to encourage more support, all four projects plan to give away a few of their limited-edition rewards at random, with all project backers eligible to win – with even a $1 pledge giving backers a chance to win any of these new rewards.

Burton, star of “Roots” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” was host of the children’s literacy program that aired on public television through 2009. Reading Rainbow was launched as a best-selling tablet app in 2012, and aims to expand its reach to more accessible platforms, including the web, and to design a specialized classroom version that meets the needs of teachers.

With the first $1 million in donations already secured, an educator-specific format will be created for schools and made available free to 1,500 of the neediest classrooms. If the campaign reaches $5 million, the format will be extended to at least another 6,000 such classrooms. Each $1 million donated after that allows Reading Rainbow to be available to an additional 5,000 classrooms free of charge.

Contributors can claim additional rewards ranging from autographed memorabilia to a private dinner with Burton to a chance to have the Reading Rainbow cofounder make a personal visit to a local library or school.

Reading Rainbow’s Kickstarter campaign ends at 3pm EDT on Wednesday, July 2.

To visit the project page and pledge, go to www.helpreadingrainbow.com.

To find out more about the Kickstarter “All-Stars”:
PEBBLE: www.getpebble.com
OUYA: www.ouya.tv
PONO MUSIC: www.ponomusic.com
VERONICA MARS: www.theveronicamarsmovie.com

About LeVar Burton & RRKidz:
Best known for his distinguished TV roles, most notably Kunta Kinte on Roots, Geordi La Forge on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton is widely recognized for his lifelong advocacy of children’s literacy. In 2011 he formed RRKidz with his business partner Mark Wolfe. They hold the global rights to the Reading Rainbow brand through a partnership with series creator WNED/Buffalo.

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Hollywood Comes Together To Support Global Environmental Issues

ECO Films Launches their First Crowdfunding Campaign Titled “I Support ECO!” as Part of The Lion Inside Web Series


With the intention to raise awareness about global environmental issues that continue to plague our planet, ECO Films, a motion picture production company based in Los Angeles, CA launched their first crowdfunding campaign earlier this month, “I Support ECO!”, highlighting The Lion Inside web series. Scheduled to end on May 28th of this year, the campaign is designed to give contributors an opportunity to get involved with the cause. The webisodes will focus on the dangers of deforestation and showcase the direct link between illegal logging and wildlife trafficking. Become a supporter: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-lion-inside-webisode-series

The Lion Inside (TLI) has been a dedicated project for the team at ECO Films and has received endorsements from big names in Hollywood as well as environmental organizations, including The Last Great Ape Organization (LAGA).

Founded by the world renowned activist Ofir Drori, LAGA is the first Non-Governmental Organization(NGO) in Africa that fights both corruption and criminal activities surrounding the illegal trade of endangered animal species. His recent endorsement raised additional awareness on the importance of funding a project such as TLI, bringing the needed attention to the cause. “From 2006, every week a major illegal wildlife dealer has been arrested, around 87% of these are behind bars from the moment of arrest with no bail granted,” says Drori. He adds, “Most people are unaware of illegal activities involving wildlife trafficking, damaging endangered animal species globally. This information needs to be communicated and film is a great method to get the message across.”

The acclaimed British actor, John Rhys-Davies is also on the list of endorsers, working in partnership with the production company to increase awareness on the subject. “When ECO Films approached me and mentioned the project, I just couldn’t say no,” says Rhys-Davies. The actor further added, “We can bring success to issues that affect us all directly or indirectly if we work together.” Known for his role as the dwarf, “Gimli” in Hollywood’s blockbuster, Lord of the Rings Trilogy and “Sallah,” the charismatic Arab excavator in Indiana Jones films, John is known to support projects that require global attention.

“The Lion Inside is a thrilling eco-adventure and the first installment in a proposed trilogy of action movies about global environmental and human rights issues,” says Jim Branchflower, President of ECO Films. “We wanted to start bringing attention to this through our web series, giving everyone an opportunity to learn about illegal wildlife activities. We will be donating 10 percent of all contributions from the campaign to LAGA,” he adds.


Jim Branchflower (President, ECO Films) with Ofir Drori (Founder, LAGA)

The project, in association with Kalahari Pictures, is set against the backdrop of illegal logging and wildlife poaching in contemporary Central Africa and is also supported by celebrity, Jimmy Jean-Louis. Best known for his role as “Gideon” in Tears of the Sun and “The Haitian” in Heroes, Jean-Louis has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names including Bruce Willis, Jane Fonda, Harrison Ford and Jennifer Lopez.

About ECO Films:

The mission of ECO Films is to make movies and other filmed entertainment that raise public awareness of global environmental, political and human rights issues through dramatic works that inspire change. For more information: www.ECO-films.com and www.TheLionInside.com.

For more information on this press release visit: http://www.abnewswire.com/pressreleases/hollywood-comes-together-to-support-global-environmental-issues_11661.html

Media Contact
Company Name: GRIDS Consulting
Contact Person: Divya Gupta
Email: DivyaGupta@GRIDSConsulting.com
Phone: 714-914-7437
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Country: United States
Website: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-lion-inside-webisode-series

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Record Set for Number of Indiegogo Contributions to Single Campaign

Solar Roadways Project Attracts 35.000+ Funders So Far

First there were electric cars, now there are Solar Roadways. This revolutionary initiative to change the way we utilize the nation’s millions of miles of roadways— by turning them into power sources— just set the record for the highest number of individual funders to an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

More than 35,000 people from 42 countries have helped an innovative couple from Idaho, Scott and Julie Brusaw, surpass their Indiegogo crowdfunding goal of $1,000,000— and there are still three more days to go. Solar Roadways www.indiegogo.com/projects/solar-roadways could pay for itself through clean power generation.

The Solar Roadways campaign also states that it will:

  • improve road safety by providing LED lighting that replaces paint and can be changed at the touch of a button
  • prevent accidents by providing advance illuminated warning of animals or debris on the road
  • provide an environmentally friendly way to melt snow without salt and sand

Notably, the previous record holder for the most Indiegogo contributors was the campaign by Matthew Inman (The Oatmeal) to create a museum for the original pioneer in electricity, Nikola Tesla (33,000 funders).

Indiegogo launched in 2008 as the world’s first crowdfunding platform, and is dedicated to allowing anyone, anywhere to fund what matters to them. As the world’s funding engine, Indiegogo democratizes access to capital and helps innovators around the world improve society by turning their ideas into reality.

To speak with team behind Solar Roadways or an executive at Indiegogo, please contact:

Sarah Lilburn, Goldin Solutions
o: 646.660.8650
c: 703.659.5906

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Company Combines Automated External Defibrillator with Outdoor Advertising

Company seeks crowdfunding to place HELP terminals — the world’s only socially responsible, public, and digital out-of-home communication system.

LIECHTENSTEIN — Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading killer of Americans, and surviving such an event depends heavily on early intervention. A new product, the Human Emergency Life Point (HELP), provides immediate medical intervention in the form of an automated external defibrillator (AED) that is cleverly housed inside a digital out-of-home communication system. Creators of the product are seeking crowdfunding to raise $900,000 by June 25 to place 15 HELP terminals in a large city.

In the U.S., there are approximately 300,000 annual deaths due to sudden cardiac arrest, and only three to six percent of patients survive such an event until an ambulance arrives.“Survival rates improve to 70 percent in patients provided with resuscitation and defibrillation – even if the person providing that early intervention has no medical experience or training,” said Patrick Holota, HELP project master. “Our product puts the tools and the knowledge needed to help someone experiencing cardiac arrest conveniently into the public area.”

More than just a handy AED, HELP is all-encompassing solution for early intervention of sudden cardiac arrest, providing lifesaving information in addition to medical tools. By combining the AED with a tamper-proof and weather-proof digital out-of-home communication system, HELP is an effective communication tool and advertisement space as well as a lifesaving tool. “Our goal is to prepare the public to deal with a life-threatening situation calmly and effectively,” said Holota. “We want to give people a chance to be socially responsible and care for each other.”

The creators of HELP have completed a 24-month field test of their prototype and are ready to raise funds to place 15 double-sided HELP units in a major city in order to demonstrate its effectiveness at saving lives. Additionally, for every $10,000, an AED will be donated to a school along with proper usage training.

Sponsors of the HELP crowdfunding campaign will receive special perks. Starting with a $1,000 donation, sponsors will have their name engraved on the first 15 HELP units. With a $10,000 donation, in addition to name engraving, they will have a 30 second spot run five times a day on the HELP screen. Supporters donating $100,000will receive a 65-inch, double-sided HELP terminal that can be donated to an institute, school, or city of choice along with a one-minute spot to run 10 times a day on the first 15 HELP units.

About HELP

Human Emergency Life Point (HELP) is a new approach to providing public knowledge and tools necessary for overcoming sudden cardiac arrest. Giving laypersons a way to help cardiac patients until paramedics arrive, HELP is a revolutionary combination of medical tools and communication platform. For more information about HELP, visit www.HELP-International.li. To contribute to the crowdfunding campaign, visit igg.me/at/HumanEmergencyLifePoint/x.

Project PR Contact Info

Press Contact: Patrick Holota

Email: p.holota@help-international.li

About L&C:

Crowdfund Marketing & Consulting Agent. We are dedicated in finding the coolest crowdfund projects of the web.

L&C Press Contact Info:

Email: press@thecrowdfundmarketing.com

Website: www.thecrowdfundmarketing.com

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Indiegogo Announces “Maker Challenge” with Amazon & Autodesk in Celebration of White House Maker Faire

Solar Roadways, Indiegogo’s Most Popular Campaign Ever, Invited to the White House

In celebration of the first-ever White House Maker Faire (http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/06/04/first-ever-white-house-maker-faire-celebrating-nation-makers) Indiegogo announces the Indiegogo “Maker Challenge” that offers maker-oriented campaigns who enter through July 16 a chance at prize packages from Amazon and Autodesk. Indiegogo’s “Maker Challenge” is an opportunity for a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs and makers to share their ideas with the world.

Scott and Julie Brusaw of Solar Roadways (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/solar-roadways) will be attending the White House Maker Faire in honor of their revolutionary initiative that has raised over $2 million on Indiegogo. President Obama will host the first White House Maker Faire today where he will meet with a select group of America’s makers in recognition of their contributions to innovation.

Indiegogo launched in 2008 as the world’s first crowdfunding platform and is dedicated to allowing anyone, anywhere to fund what matters to them. As the world’s funding engine, Indiegogo democratizes access to capital and helps innovators around the world improve society by turning their ideas into reality.

To learn more about the Indiegogo “Maker Challenge” please visit the Maker Challenge Partner Page: https://www.indiegogo.com/partners/maker

To speak with an executive at Indiegogo the team behind Solar Roadways, please contact:

Sarah Lilburn
Goldin Solutions
o: 646.660.8650
c: 703.659.5906

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Final Request, Inc.’s Kickstarter Campaign will Completely Redefine how we Honor Each Other, Handle Communication, and Manage Personal Accounts after one’s Passing

This is a guest post from Troy S. Wood, CEO and Founder of Final Request, Inc.


Final Request, Inc. is looking to revolutionize the way we communicate and handle the necessary demands after one’s passing. With a goal of raising $50,000, we’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign offering pre-sales of our much-needed service at a “no-brainer” price point. Not only does our forward thinking Software-as-a-Service provide people with a better legacy after passing, it helps their loved ones to more easily manage the necessary affairs involved. There is currently no other existing service that offers what Final Request is bringing to market; it will completely redefine how we honor each other, handle communication, and manage personal accounts after one’s passing.

There are moments in life when communication is everything, like when a family member or a close friend passes away. In order to contact the right people to notify them, you need to know who to contact and how to contact them:

  • How will those responsible know who to contact and how?
  • How will they gain access to password-protected devices?
  • How will personal accounts get deactivated?

Society desperately needs Final Request to become the new standard in everyone’s life as we all could benefit from this smart innovation that restores the missing link each of us is longing for.

The old way of being notified isn’t working anymore. Much too often, people learn of someone’s passing well after the funeral services have ended. We are often left with not having the choice to say goodbye or pay last respects. With Final Request, there’s finally a better way to handle this broken process.

So what is Final Request?

Final Request is a cloud-based software-as-a-Service (SaaS) B2C Internet application. Use a personal computer, tablet, or a smartphone to simply upload all contacts in your circle of influence and then designate who receives what and how they receive it. With help of a template, you predefine an announcement of passing as well as the invitation to the funeral/burial service. Freedom to create personalized messages for special individuals like a son/daughter, or a sweetheart is also an option. Within minutes of the subscriber’s passing, the one to three designated account executors can release the mass announcements, restricting the unfortunate instances of misinformation or even disinformation.

Final Request’s service helps to prevent real world threats such as identity theft, unauthorized access, or worse, by initiating the deactivation of personal accounts by obtaining the official fact of death documentation from government offices. Then they contact the company of each predefined personal account and requests that the subscriber’s account be deactivated based on each company’s corporate policy. We take the hassle off your hands to ensure account deactivation is handled properly and securely.

Watch the Final Request introductory video here:

Final Request’s Service Offerings – (02:20 min) from Final Request, Inc. on Vimeo.

Our vision is to make everyone’s life and legacy better by updating the way we conduct our lives and prepare for securing our legacy. Final Request’s core values incorporate empathy for the client’s needs and desires, and sympathy towards family and friends of the client.

Final Request is hard-charging out of the gate with existing strategic business relationships. Starting with the launch on June 17th, they will be offering Estate Planning products from LegalZoom.

We couldn’t be more pleased with our strategic business alliance with LegalZoom; which allows us to be well positioned to help consumers get the tools and products they need to be better prepared.

Our crowdfunding campaign is dedicated specifically to our family and friends, and to the service men and women who have been lost along the way. They are honored with prayers, thoughts and actions to improve the way the necessary demands after one passes are handled.

Visit our Kickstarter campaign page at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/finalrequestinc/final-request-inc-everyones-life-and-legacy-better.

So what do you think of our service offering? Comment below and let us know! Or bring the conversation to social media using #finalrequestinc.

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