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Rewards Campaigns

Stories about rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns.

Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation

LICORPA’s volunteers with hand-washing buckets & disinfectant materials

LICORPA’s volunteers with hand-washing buckets & disinfectant materials

In its drive to buttress initiatives in the fight against the killer epidemic, Ebola, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation or LICORPA, has since launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo website for its project: “Help Educate Villagers to Prevent Ebola Infection”. Link to LICORPA’s Indiegogo campaign page is at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-educate-villagers-to-prevent-ebola-infection/x/8694104. The goal of this project is to reduce the rate of Ebola death and transmission in village towns in Dewoein District in Bomi Country- northwestern Liberia. The objective of the project is to provide villagers the needed information, education, and communication on how Ebola spreads and how they can minimize the chances of contracting it. The project activities will include:

  • Information, education, and communication(IEC) dissemination using community-home-based approach;
  • Hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials donation;
  • Ambulance referral service;
  • Village households surveillance;
  • Contact tracing;
  • Relief food assistance;
  • Village health club establishment;
  • First aid services;
  • Recruitment of volunteers;
  • Training; and,
  • Equipping of focal office.
Hand-washings buckets & disinfectant materials donated by LICORPA to villagers in Dewoein District in Bomi County

Hand-washings buckets & disinfectant materials donated by LICORPA to villagers in Dewoein District in Bomi County

Villagers using the hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials to sanitize their hands

Villagers using the hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials to sanitize their hands

LICORPA began to implement some aspect of the project activities in village towns in Dewoein District in Bomi County in the above pictures. The campaign has 22 days more left to elapse. We need your support by making your contribution and spreading of the word to your family members and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. We can be heroes if we kick Ebola out of village towns in Dewoein District, Bomi County.

Founded in My 2009, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation is a Liberian Registered non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to catalyzing transformation in rural communities by working individuals and families trapped in poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and diseases. Program activities of LICORPA include:

  • Microloans;
  • Business education; and,
  • Pre-school education services.

For the past three and half years, since its inception in May 2009, LICORPA had and continues to help farm families in Dewoein and Klay Districts in Bomi County to help farm families to create lives above poverty. Most of LICORPA’s beneficiaries in these districts in the county are able today to send more of their children to school, provide the next meal without untold sufferings, save to sooth their uneven cash flow, and provide medical care for their families.

To date, LICORPA had accessed 350 villagers( women, 50%; men, 30%; and youths, 20%) in these districts in the county with entrepreneurial skills training and microloans to establish profitable microenterprises for enhanced livelihood support. Please visit these links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberian-Council-on-Rural-Poverty-AlleviationLICORPA/305644992787653 and https://twitter.com/licorpa. Besides, through the sponsorship of Central Bank of Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN, and Insurance Company of Africa constructed a-three room pre-primary school building in Dorley-Lah Town for 100 kids from four villages.

Corda’s Rope Sandals To Employ Poor Ethiopians

Dustin Burgin is creating a social enterprise in Ethiopia (where I am coincidentally headed in a few weeks) creating rope sandals for sale in the U.S. He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for the launch and sell the products. Recently, I caught up with Dustin to learn more about Corda; here’s what he told me


What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

To create sustainable, well paying jobs for underprivileged people in Ethiopia.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We are hoping to raise $10,000, we have raised $5000

Untitled Project – Small from Corda Sandals on Vimeo.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Corda has focused on a group of underprivileged and deserving youth in Ethiopia, many of whom used to live on the street, or are coming out of orphanages with no opportunities for employment. There simply aren’t enough jobs in the market economy of Ethiopia and we are doing our best to help create opportunities there.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

As a reward Corda is offering Comfy and unique rope sandals that are the perfect mountain casual style that can take you from the office to the trail and give you the pride of knowing you’re making a lasting difference in the lives of deserving people who need it the most.

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.

Follow on Facebook.

Film Puts Moments of Happiness in Global Perspective

From the rugged and picturesque pilgrimage trail of Spain’s Camino de Santiago to Kenya, the Philippines and India this documentary explores what makes us human, and how animals and humans share many striking similarities in how they feel and interact.

This feature-length documentary is filmed largely on location following three individuals as they navigate the historicand challenging Camino de Santiago in Spain. The documentary is directed by Mr. Vasja Mihelcic, originally from Slovenia and now working and living in Berlin. He brings 20 years of experience as a producer and director. The underlying premise is that in overcoming life challenges, crisis and fears, we can experience ‘Moments of Happiness.’

This is a documentary about human behavior and the responsibility each of us bears to look after the earth. In addition to exploring the true ‘human’element, the producers turn their attention to four endangered animal species: the Bengal tiger, elephant, mountain gorilla, and sea turtle. The documentary will show similarities between animal and human on the emotional and social level, and in so doing raise our collective awareness, compassion, and love towards all specieson earth. In zeroing in on these similarities, the documentary will help further efforts for wildlife conservation globally.

Right after attending the producer’s workshop at the Marchédu Film at this year’s Film Festival in Cannes, Vasja Mihelcic started to prepare a crowd-funding campaign which has just been launched to fuel support for the movie. As there is no funding from the film industry or TV, the producers are counting on your help to bring this documentary to life – and to an international audience. As project manager Jolanta Mihelcic explains,“Our purpose is not only to finance this movie but also to get in contact with people who share our thoughts. We want to reach people who care and who believe in change. As humans we have a big responsibility for our actions and we have to be good role models for future generations.”

The film turns the lens inward towards the very human struggle of challenges we face in tough times and how we overcome these challenges to grow and regain happiness. These ‘moments of happiness’surface after trying times. The movie documents three very different individuals (a tango teacher from the United States, a physician from Argentina, and a linguist and amateur biologist from Slovenia). They will traverse the Camino de Santiago and learn more about themselves and others while on the trail.

As our ‘human’life is just one side of the coin, the producers have dedicated the film to exploring the animal way of life in Rwanda, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. There are many inviting perks for your support. As an added bit of excitement –for only $1 you can help break a world record. This campaign aims to shatter the current record for the greatest number of supporters of asingle crowd-sourced movie campaign. They only need 91,586 donors to break the oldrecord held by Kickstarter! Your donation of just $1 will make you part of this historic adventure.

Other great perks include the chance to be on-set and even in the film. In one of the cutest and most unique rewards you can donate $100 for ‘Teddy’s Adventure.’Send the producers your favorite teddy bear (35 cm max) and it will travel the Camino de Santiago with them. Of course, you’ll get pics of the adventures on social media.

Animal lovers unite! Your donation can help this important film while supporting wildlife conservation efforts. The biggest perk of all is knowing that you’re helping leave the world a safer place for endangered species –along with spreading a message of hope and compassion. Your donation of $120 lets you combine your love for movies and wildlife. With this reward 50% of the gathered funds will go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for elephants in Nairobi, Africa. Your perk includes special credits in social media, website and a thank you video from the director and the foundation.

Want to see a historic part of Europe and check off a few other bucket list items at once? This is your chance to be on the historic Camino trail AND be a movie star. For just $800 you can assist in the filming of the documentary movie on the Camino de Santiago in Spain for two days and nights. You’ll stay in the same place as the cast and crew and learn about film production first-hand. This is an amazing hands on opportunity for budding film students and anyone with an interest in how documentaries are put together. Want more of a role? You’ve got it. For $2,000 you’ll have the unique opportunity to be an extra on the Camino de Santiago in 2015 for two days and nights. There are only ten openings, so act soon.

For a unique perk combine discovering the beauty and culture of Berlin with being a VIP at the film’s opening night. You and a guest enjoy three nights in this amazing city and a great after party! Bed and breakfast included. Note: airfare/connections to film locations not included in any perks. See campaign site for full details.Even if you can’t donate –you can still help spread Moments of Happiness.

Share the links below with everyone in your networks around the world.

Moments of Happiness Indiegogo Campaign

Moments of Happiness on Facebook


For more information on this press release visit: http://www.getnews.info/film-puts-moments-of-happiness-in-global-perspective_7633.html

Entrepreneur Working To Improve Education

Corey Hixson is trying to improve education and he needs your help! He is raising money on Indiegogo. Recently, I caught up with Steven to learn more about his work; here’s what he told me:


What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

I’d like to meet the mutual needs of students and teachers in public school settings, in a way that does not directly conflict with the agenda of the county and state administration. Local businesses may also benefit from the program. The state has created and implemented an electronic standardized testing system, but teachers have informed me that this system utilizes all of the available technology resources for a third of the school year, so there is no technology available for students or teachers during that part of the school year. The district has not supplied a budget for computers while implementing e-learning and so the Alliance for Public School Technology Resources meets specific needs among all stakeholders as well as local businesses who are upgrading their technology to newer systems above and beyond what is needed in a public school setting.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

The actual cost of filing for tax-exempt status is $400.00. Any additional funding will be used for the purchasing of computer parts and systems that will be either given directly to public schools and their 501(c)(3) non-profit supporters such as PTA organizations, or used as a part of the refitting process for other hardware that does not yet meet needed technology standards for donation to public schools.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

I’d been a part of the local public school community and participating with NGO and PTA groups that support public schools in the community. This organization is meant to support public schools and related PTA groups directly. Teachers and parents were the first people to indicate a need for technology, and so I set my mind to work in order to help them, as well as their students.

As a non-profit organization any donations received can create tax benefits, so local businesses can claim tax credits for donated technology, and this will help them to ensure that they have the business infrastructure that they need to be effective.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

A good, equitable education that is available publically and economically sustainable, helps the surrounding communities through the success of their students and businesses in the community that receive their support. Supporting this initiative contributes to the success of young people in a non-partisan way, and strives to improve the economic base that surrounds education in a more equitable way.

Check out the campaign:
Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @Corey_303.

Sesame Enable Releases First Completely Touch-Free Smartphone

Head-motion activated technology brings usability and ubiquity of smartphones to  previously excluded disabled populations

TEL AVIV, Israel — Nov. 11, 2014Sesame Enable today announced the launch of the first completely hands-free smartphone, the Sesame Phone. Designed by a quadriplegic, the head-motion activated mobile device brings the cellphone revolution to a population that has until now been excluded — people with spinal chord injuries, ALS, Cerebral Palsy, severe Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, severe arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other disabilities that impair the use of the hands and arms.

Co-founders Giora Livne, a quadriplegic veteran and former electrical engineer, and Oded Ben Dov, an app developer and computer vision expert, teamed up in 2012 to develop a smartphone for people who have limited, or no, use of their hands. Sesame Enable is now accepting Sesame Phone pre-orders and launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds to support final R&D needed to ensure the technology is accessible to the entire spectrum of the disabled population it will serve.

“I was completely dependent on people around me to communicate,” said Livne. “With this solution, I can operate a phone, read a story, call my loved ones, play games and do everything that other people do without any help. Sesame has allowed me to regain the freedom and independence I had been yearning for, and today those doors will be opening to millions of others.”

The Sesame Phone is a Google Nexus 5 Android smartphone equipped with Sesame’s proprietary head-tracking technology and voice control. Simply say “Open Sesame” to turn on the phone, go through a calibration setup, and the built-in front-facing camera will begin tracking a user’s head movements automatically.

Sesame’s software uses a computer vision algorithm to track a user’s head movements with extreme precision and, with new R&D funding, will be able to detect the entire range of movements – from adult to child, and from severe to minor restrictions of head mobility. Through Sesame’s software layer, the user will gain access to Google Play’s entire world of apps, which means users will also be able to Tweet, post to Facebook, send instant messages, make phone calls, or download any of the other millions of apps and use them touch-free.

“I was left paralyzed from the neck down from a car accident,” says Sesame enthusiast Tracy Todd. “Ever since then I’ve been unable to do simple things like make a private phone call on my own. I’d give anything to do that. I’m also dying to go onto Facebook or tweet on Twitter without any help. I want to be able to do everything my friends do on their smartphones without any help.”

““Despite all the advancements in technology today, so few are designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities. Today we are creating equality through technology,” said Ben Dov. “Developing the technology to power the Sesame phone has been a complex process, as each person with special needs has unique needs. Some have the full range of head motion and others can barely move their head at all. Yet head gesture tracking proves far more accurate and effective than gaze tracking on mobile devices. After two years of development, we are now in the final stages of R&D and are thrilled to bring to market the first truly touch-free smartphone.”

Pre-orders are available through the Indiegogo platform. The page can be found here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sesame-touch-free-smartphone

About Sesame Enable

Sesame developed the first completely touch-free smartphone, created for the disabled by the disabled. Powered by voice control and cutting-edge head-tracking technology, the Sesame Phone opens a new world of communication and independence to a population that needs it most: quadriplegics, people suffering from ALS, Parkinson’s disease, spinal chord injuries, Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, severe Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and others that have limited to no use of their hands.

Author, Activist Explains Participation Economy

Michelle Williams is an author hoping to make a difference in the world and she needs your help! She is raising money on StartSomeGood.. Recently, I caught up with Michelle to learn more about her work; here’s what she told me:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

We are in the midst of a big shift from passive consumer to active aware participant and this is transforming business, govt, education and society.

This book will give you the jewels and gems you need to understand what this means for us as individuals, looking at the benefits and the pitfalls we need to overcome in a new participation driven world.

“Participation is the New Consumption”.


How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

To self-publish this book I need to raise $7,500.
I am at 33% of this target now and have 12 days to go, with the campaign to end November 12, 2014.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

The US National Security office says individual empowerment will become the dominant force and will help solve some of our mounting global issues.

This is a book for many but is more a piece to understand how these changes affect all of us, how they are linked from participant driven education, to government services designed with the community and business driven by community with an empowered consumer driving ethics.
This book will show individuals how they can navigate this new participation driven world.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

  • $20 the eBook
    $30 A printed version of the book (signed)
    $60 A custom made laser cutting of your name, your company, and your logo. This is great signage for your co-working desk or business shop front + a copy of the book and is usually worth $80 (Vecta image of your logo is required for laser cutting) + listed as contributing author
    $100 Curated dinner with leading Changemakers (Sydney only) + listed as contributing author. This rewards also includes the book
    Plus a few more

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @mia_will.

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Quadriplegic Entrepreneur Puts Service To Others First

Benjamin Alessi is a quadriplegic entrepreneur working to make a difference in the world and he needs your help! He is raising money on his website.. Recently, I caught up with Ben to learn more about her work; here’s what he told me:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

The Naked Collective is a lifestyle company, currently it is made up of four art/fashion “collections,” and two musical “collectives.” Each “collection” and “collective” has a very specific social benefit, and we do not seek monetary goals when we prepare for any of our releases except to cover the costs and our time. Currently, we were able to scrape together the funds necessary to begin our four art collectives, and each one of them has a social goal attached to it. For example, all profits on purchases of any items in our “Local Legends” collection go towards Justina McIntyre, the mom of Ronnie Powell aka “The Truth” who passed away due to painkiller abuse. Justina, in turn, donates some of the shirts we send her, and any money raised towards a charity stopping painkiller abuse. This is just one small example of the good we are already trying to do, but let us get back to the goal at hand….

Our bottom line is customer satisfaction, and more importantly, community. The way we achieve our bottom line is through the arts, the true soul of life. The music we sponsor through our #restoretheradio program brings listeners to our website, where they can easily access many of the “lifestyle” features we provide for artists and art appreciators alike.

The “we” I referenced earlier is a community of customers, artists, musicians, and fans that extends worldwide, and includes producers, rappers, artists, collectors. listeners, customers, and fans that can be specifically accounted for in 39 states, and every continent (excluding Antartica.) Some of the people we have contacted, promoted or collaborated with in our “Naked Collective” include celebrities like producer Cardiak Flatline, comedians Heather McDonald , Tom Green and Brad Trackman and artists Afroman, Rone, Big Sean, Joel Venom , Carmine, and hundreds of others. Using the connections that we have established through hard work and dedication, me and my team of young visionaries have been able to establish connections, distribute product, and learn our craft. I am reffering to events llike Big Sean’s first ever concert in Philadelphia ( April of 2011, put on by Easy Threads Clothing in collaboration with companies like Def Jam ) , Wiz Khalifa “Be Easy” benefit concert for ,and the infamous yearly “Be Easy Bash”, which occurs each summer, and draws as many as 2,300 local artists, concert goers and visionaries like Paris Artelli, Dannie Phantom, The Smiling Lies, Millionz and Physicz (both artists w/ The Naked Co.)

One of the main purposes of The Naked Collective is community, and one of the biggest social benefits that The Naked Collective provides exists within this community. For this specific we have an objective that we seek to achieve. This objective is to restore the power of the radio to listeners, and to establish a morally strong, artistically raw, world-wide platform for artists and audiophiles alike. We believe the arts inspire innovation, generate happiness, and ultimately promote the collaboration that allows us break through social barriers, give individuals a chance for self-expression, and spreads ideas that change the world. Literally, we seek to strip the music industry down in order to illuminate the true beauty and sole of the arts. We hope to do this not only through the very first lifestyle app. ,but through two very unique collector’s “mixed” tapes and our #restoretheradio agenda.

By putting on local artists with A-list celebrities, establishg the connections needed for success, providing cost-friendly clothing for fashion-friendly folk and matching their purchases to clothe those truly homeless or without clothing, and spread the gifts of music and art.

These are the “naked” objectives.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We need to raise $70,000.00 cover the costs of TWO very important projects.

These two projects are called “The 40th Parallel” and “The Chronicles”, and they both will be made available by your donations via the lifestyle app. that we will be using part of the funds for as well.

The 40th Parallel is a music collective under the Naked Collective umbrella. It’s name comes from latitude line that runs through Philadelphia. The purpose of the collective is simple: support, grow, and promote the music and art community of Philadelphia. For the first project, 17 Philadelphia area artists submitted songs to put on a compilation album. Some of these artists have been featured in magazines like “Rolling Stone Magazine”, and others have not yet gotten any press. All of them have donated songs worthy of radio play through our #restorettheradio program.

The 40th parallel will be helping hard-working artists in the area get their name out, connect artists together, and overall tighten and support the Philadelphia music community. In the future, we hope to release seasonal compilation albums and host live pop-up shows featuring these artists.

We thoroughly believe and know that the music we gathered from artists in local Philadelphia deserves to be heard on the local radio. We want to grow a #restorethemusic campaign that restore power to the music that the public truly wants to hear. So far, the collaborative is being promoted so far by WXPN’s “The Key” , WCU Radio 91.7 “the Curve”, NYC Radio 99.3 “TAZ Radio” and there will be a FREE download for anyone on The Naked Collective website, as well purchasable collector’s cassette tape , and CD options.

$30,000.00 of the money we raised would go to covering the costs of press, live shows, merchandise (hats, shirts, stickers, etc.) , as well the costs of making 5,000 playable cassette tapes, complete with cassette case and cover and printing a limited edition “40th Parallel” magazine, full of helpful tips, numbers, leads, pictures, and stories.

If we reach our $30,000.00 goal for The 40th Parallel, we also will have enough money to host our first ever #restoretheradio March at the end of November, in which we hope to get our hundreds and thousands of fans on board to picket, call in, protest, and endlessly request “The 40th Parallel” is played at 104.5 FM, Pennsylvania’s alternative radio station.

Of the remaining $40,000.00 that we are seeking … $30,000.00 is to fund the release of “The Chronicles”, a collector’s hip hop mixed tape that The Naked Collective founder, Ben Alessi (also known as Trill Humble Clinton) has been collecting tracks for since his accident 02/15/110. The album boasts tracks from artists across the world, including:

And over 20 other artists!
The Chronicles is not only a Hip-Hop collector’s must own album, but it is a masterpiece, and provides listeners with a chance to hear Hip Hop / Rap music from a different perspective. The Chronicles provides the listener with morally-balanced songs promoting a positive kind of Hip Hop / Rap music that is virtually impossible to find nowadays, both on the radio and online. The album also is part of our #restoretheradio program, and if the financial goal we have set for The Chronicles is reached, we will launch our “attack” to restore the radio on both Wired 96.5 FM in Philadelphia and Q 102.1 FM.

The $30,000.00 we are asking for this campaign covers the costs of TWO live performances (most of the artists we are booking right now are asking around $7,000.00 for a performance) by A list artists on The Chronicles, as well as THREE live performances by other artists affiliated with The Chronicles.

The money will also cover 2,000 free hard copy CD’s of The Chronicles (not including shipping), and 3,000 unique USB’s pre-loaded with The Chronicles tracklist , and appearing to be a retro cassette tape. The rest of the costs will cover merchandise (beanies, crewneck sweaters, stickers, etc.) ,and promotion costs.

The remaining $10,000.00 that we are seeking to raise money for is to create an app. , available for download on both Iphone and Android. This app. will include all the songs on both the 40th Parallel, and The Chronicles, as well as a user-friendly interface with features like a calendar containing all the performance dates of artists on the collaborative album.

All together, our $70,000.00 asking price will help create and release two full length albums, and a “lifestyle” app. that will promote local music and therefore local economy.

quadriplegic entrepreneur

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

The 40th Parallel and The Chronicles will benefit local artists and local community the most, while simultaneously providing these “local” artists with a world wide platform to showcase their art. On the surface, our project benefits artists and art appreciators most, but the affect that our project could have is worldwide. Not only do all of the collections we currently promote have a direct social benefit, but with the money we are trying to raise, we hope to create a virtual app. that will change the world!

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

For all donations of less then $100.00 we will reward our supporters with a hard copy version of both The 40th Parallel and The Chronicles, as well as a tee shirt from one of our collections (www.thenakedco.com) , and a thank you email from The Naked Collective president, Ben Alessi.

For all donations of above $100 and below $1,000 we will reward our supporters with a hard copy cassette version of the 40th Parallel, as well as a CD copy, a USB and CD copy of The Chronicles, two shirts from our collections, as well as stickers, hats, other collector’s items of BOTH The Chronicles and the 40th Parallel releases, AND an access code to our lifestyle application (available on both Android and Iphone.) A personalized Tweet, Facebook post or email is also available.

For all donations above $1,000.00 we will give the supporter ALL of the aforementioned items, plus a customized print autographed by a celebrity involved with The Naked Collective, and a hand written personal note from each member of The Naked Collective.

Check out the campaign:
Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.
Follow on Twitter at @thenakedco.

Voiceitt, Creators of Talkitt, Announce launch of Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

Have you ever wondered what it is like to not be able to communicate your thoughts and needs? Perhaps you know someone with Autism who has invented their own language or have had a loved one after a stroke or CP unable to utter understandable sentences. Maybe you have witnessed someone with a degenerative disease like Lou Gehrig’s or Parkinson’s struggle to order a pizza, buy a bus ticket, or simply ask for directions from a stranger?

Having trouble expressing yourself is an everyday reality for millions of people around the world (1.5% of the world’s population). Currently there is no solution on the market which enables a person with a speech impairment to speak and be understood using their own voice. This is the gap that Voiceitt is trying to fill. Voiceitt is developing TalkItt, an innovative speech technology which is able to recognize unintelligible language and translate it into understandable speech.

“This isn’t standard speech recognition. We are using pattern recognition which is personalized for the speaker. For example, a person with Cerebral Palsy might say ‘sho-ko-la’ when he really means to say ‘chocolate. The app will recognize that based on the user’s own personalized, pre-recorded dictionary.” says Danny Weissberg, the cofounder and CEO of Voiceitt.

Essentially, Talkitt is giving people with speech impairments their voice back. Talkitt’s slogan is “This is my voice.”

“To get started, the person speaks a word, and that person or the caregiver associates it with a word on the app in any language they choose. The app recalls this translation from the calibrated dictionary and the system is ready to use immediately.” Weissberg explains. The app will be on a monthly subscription basis ready downloaded to an Android device, with an iOS version planned for the future.

“Existing products for people with speech impairments rely on boards or pictures, or use eye tracking to help them select words they wish to say, “To my surprise no one has a solution like ours, which is much more simple and intuitive to use, mobile and encourages the person to speak” Weissberg notes.

Voiceitt just announced that it will be launching a seed round funding campaign using the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo effective August 4, 2014. The company is targeting to raise US$ 50,000 to launch its innovative application as it is in the development phase with a working demo. This campaign will enable Voiceittto release Talkitt in six months depending on how much they exceed their goal.

“Usually there is a parent, spouse or caregiver who understands what the person is saying. But out in the real world, that person is alone. For millions of people it is very frustrating to order a cup of coffee. We are trying to help them integrate into society using their own personal translator. Our vision is to have our technology be smarter than the person who has been by their side and understands every word they say. It’s wonderful and unbelievably rewarding to be able to change someone’s life like that.”

As for the future, Weissberg says the company’s innovative speech technology can change the way the mass market uses speech-to-text, helping people with heavy accents, the speech of small children, and incorporating emotional recognition, just to name a few.As wearable devices are the future, he can visualize the app one day inside a device like Google Glass and smart watches.

“There are so many possibilities to incorporate our model. We also plan to expand our technology into sophisticated gaming for the disabled as well as the mass market, allowing people to use their voice to operate a computer game or other application.” explains Weissberg who previously founded the Open University Entrepreneur Club and worked for 15 years as a team leader at Check Point and then RAD Vision, two major Israeli high-tech players.

Voiceitt was founded in 2012. The five person team has won three development grants from Israel’s Office of the Chief Scientist, will present their solution in TedMED this fall in Washington D.C. has won various competitions including the Special Recognition Award in the Deutsche Telekom Innovation Contest, and has partnered with over 20 European entities including hospitals, universities, NGO’s and technological companies.

Eco-friendly Firm Launches Kickstarter For New Line

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept is launching via Kickstarter to offer it’s new organic fabrics and styles.We recently connected with founder Michele Helene Cohen to learn more; here is what she told us:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept uses only the best organic materials. That means we help to protect not only the environment but also the health and wellbeing of consumer as well as textile industry workers through the globe.  We only work with skilled artisan craftsmen who create luxury quality products but work in a safe environment where they are paid fair wages.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We are hoping to raise $15,ooo dollars in order to go into production of our first signature collection called “sustainable City Style”. We also have stretch goals. If we reach $35,000 We can offer three more color options for the woven styles. If we reach $70,000 we can offer extended sizes.Our current sizes run from US 0 to 8.  If we reach our stretch goal of $70,000 we will be able to expand the size offering including petites.

To date we have already raised 20% of our funding goal and we still have 24 days of the campaign left to go!

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Fashion is one of the most contaminating industries. By helping to reduce this we are creating a better, safer and healthier planet for all.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

First of all we offer a selection of of dresses from this collection at a reduced price. We also have a t-shirt for just $25, a handmade gold jelwery set and then some fun rewards su ch a private photo shoot, a private trunk show partym or backers can even help us to design a product.

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.

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Village X: The World’s First Completely Transparent Mobile Giving Experience

Americans love to micro-donate to great causes while shopping, and global consumers overwhelmingly favor brands associated with a charitable cause, given comparable price and quality. Yet, when shoppers give at the supermarket, where does their money go? Is it really helping anyone?

The problem is lack of transparency. You buy, you give, but you don’t see.

Village X, a Peace Corps-inspired social enterprise, hopes to change that with its patent-pending Store to Village (S2V) System. The System directs mobile donations of shoppers to grassroots projects and provides live mobile updates showing exactly how the money is used to help communities. In short, shoppers can BUY GIVE SEE.


Village X has launched an Indiegogo campaign seeking one-time contributions to finish the System and bring it to the masses: igg.me/at/villagexinc. Once the System is complete and operational in Fall 2014, it will be free for everyone to use.

Nuts & Bolts


Step 1 – Download the Village X App: Suzie downloads the Village X app and registers as a member by providing her name, location and credit card information. She receives 10 reward points for signing up.

Step 2 – Find a Deal: On the BUY screen of her Village X app, Suzie sees that Smart Inc. (a socially conscious business in her city) has a sale on t-shirts for Village X members—10% off for 10 reward points. Suzie needs a t-shirt, so she bikes to Smart Inc. and checks in at the store, receiving another reward point.

image image

Figure 1: Exemplary S2V Promotions

Step 3 – Redeem the Deal: Once she finds the perfect t-shirt, Suzie selects Smart Inc.’s promotion on the BUY screen and redeems the promotion in exchange for reward points, receiving a unique promotion code from the app. She presents the code to the store clerk at the register and gets 10% off her $30 t-shirt, a savings of $3.00. Suzie spends 10 points to use the promotion, but receives 5 points for making the purchase. Now she has 6 reward points (10 + 1 + 5 – 10).

Step 4 – Micro Donate (optional): After redeeming the promotion, Suzie feels her app buzz and advance to the GIVE screen, where she can customize a donation in voice, text, or picture. Since she saved $3.00, Suzie elects to use the app to give those dollars plus an additional dollar. It’s close to Mother’s Day, so she writes, “Love you, Mom” and records herself saying, “This is for the woman who taught me everything I know about fashion.” She then uses the app to set the amount at $4.00 and submits the donation, which is billed to her credit card. She can share her donation via social media.

image image

Figure 2: Exemplary S2V Micro Donating 

(Doesn’t match example above)

Step 5 – See Live Mobile Updates: Immediately after donating, Suzie sees the grassroots project receiving her funds. The SEE screen of the app is populated over time with live mobile updates from the village committee overseeing the project. Her phone will notify her when the village updates her project, and she can share the updates via social media. In addition to seeing the project unfold through text and pictures, she can see the committee, village, and village’s past projects, as well as a map showing the village’s location. She can also view a tally of her projects, donations and reward points.

image image

Figure 3:  Exemplary S2V Live Mobile Updates

Step 6 – Do It All Over Again: Peruse for deals, support great businesses, earn reward points, micro donate, and see your impact, all from your phone. Unless you specify otherwise, Village X will assign your donations to projects and villages you have given to in the past. That way, you can focus on giving for the biggest impact and developing a relationship with a place and its people. Village X also plans to allow members to identify the types of projects they want to support (e.g., clean water). This will enable the System to match donations to projects based on member preference.


All the pieces of the Store to Village System are already in place – shoppers eager to use the System (aka Village X “members”), participating villages and partner businesses, and a web design firm to write the code that connects everyone. But, without the S2V System, these natural collaborators cannot start working together.


Village X describes its goals as “ambitious yet achievable.” Its long-term vision is to pioneer a sustainable business model that changes the paradigm of cause participation, such that villages chart their own development course and donors expect a completely transparent experience, powered by the engine of American commerce. Village X also envisions sharing the fundraising capability of the S2V System with existing organizations with similar values (e.g., US-based nonprofits), thereby magnifying its philanthropic impact.

As President Kennedy said on October 14, 1960, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in a speech foreshadowing the creation of the Peace Corps, “[t]here is certainly a greater purpose, and I’m sure you recognize it. Therefore, I do not apologize for asking for your support in this campaign.” Village X urges you to recognize its greater purpose of inspiring people to give on a regular basis and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing exactly how their giving has helped others, all from the convenience of their phones.

For more information on how to help, visit Village X’s website (www.villagexinc.com). The company is also active @villagexinc on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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