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Rewards Campaigns

Stories about rewards-based crowdfunding campaigns.

Help The Helper Get To Nepal To Help

Sara Waugaman is trying to join a service expedition with CHOICE Humanitarian to Nepal and to extend her time there volunteering for another NGO. She is raising money on DepositAGift. Recently, I caught up with Sara to learn more about her trip; here’s what she told me:

What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

I am crowdfunding to go on a humanitarian expedition to Nepal with CHOICE Humanitarian. This opportunity not only directly benefits the communities we work with while in Nepal, it also further develops my background with poverty alleviation efforts, which global extreme poverty alleviation is one of my greatest passions. I intend to pursue it as my life’s work. This past year and a half, I have had an incredible experience working with CHOICE Humanitarian at their U.S. headquarters. Participating in this expedition will take my experience full circle by allowing me to see the entire process from fundraising to the execution of projects in-country. Gaining this experience will thus not only benefit the Nepali people we will work with, but also all of the individuals I aspire to help in the future.


How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

I am just over a week away from launching my campaign, so I have not yet raised any money. I am hoping to raise $6,000 which will cover the expedition, flight, living expenses for the time I will be working with a local NGOs after the expedition, and the laptop I will use for communication, reports, and other research both in Nepal and during my time in the Peace Corps for which I have just applied.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

I am trying to help those who haven’t been dealt the best hand in life. These are individuals that struggle to have their basic needs met. The goal is to help these individuals help themselves by working with them as opposed to for them which causes the all too common aid phenomenon of dependency. While on the expedition, we will be working with the villagers of the communities CHOICE works with.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

I have offered rewards as a way to help stimulate excitement and make my contributors feel more connected with the expedition. Contributors are still free to donate without any amount without a reward. The reward opportunities include, at the lowest, a pair of handmade earrings by me. Making handmade, beaded jewelry has always been a passion of mine and it is a great chance for contributors to both donate and receive a gift to give for a loved one for the holidays. This ties in with another reward I have which is a unique, handmade, beaded necklace with beads I will bring back from Nepal. Beyond the jewelry I will create, I have rewards which include Prayer Flags, Prayer Wheels, Nepali hats, and a unique, Nepali gift I will find once in Nepal for a donation of $300. These items are all realistic to bring back with me, thank the contributors, give them a taste of Nepali culture, and hopefully serve as a reminder of the value of humanitarian efforts.

Check out the campaign:
Visit the website.
Follow on Facebook.

Seattle Startup Launches Crowdfunding Campaign For Organic Waste Biofuel

Seattle, WA, USA, 17 November 2014 – Vitruvian Energy, a Seattle-based Social Purpose Corporation, has launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its EEB biofuel. This biofuel can power a vehicle, blend with gasoline and diesel, or produce clean electricity.

EEB is made from organic waste materials that are currently under-utilized as a potential source of renewable energy, including sewage treatment biosolids, agricultural by-products such as corn stalks and rice straw, and animal waste from ranches and dairies. These organic waste sources have the potential to make the United States a net energy exporter, reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, and dramatically lower our carbon footprint.

Vitruvian Energy’s initial source material for developing EEB is sewage biosolids, the carbon-rich, dirt-like organic material that remains after wastewater is treated. By using biosolids as the energy source, every community has the starting material to produce clean, affordable, renewable energy.

As we face the challenges of climate change, multiple renewable solutions are needed to replace the energy we currently generate from fossil fuels. The EEB biofuel complements other types of renewable energy, such as solar and wind, by producing energy 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, because EEB can blend up to 20% with gasoline and diesel or be burned cleanly for electricity, it integrates with our existing energy infrastructure.

EEB is backed by 5 years of research and development, including grants from the National Science Foundation and the California Energy Commission.

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will allow Vitruvian Energy to build a pilot EEB production facility, use EEB-infused diesel to power a vehicle, and demonstrate the economic and technical value of EEB in real-world conditions. As a licensed Washington State Social Purpose Corporation with a triple-bottom-line approach, Vitruvian Energy is committed to bringing this renewable energy breakthrough to communities everywhere.

Indiegogo page: www.indiegogo.com/projects/community-sourced-biofuel

Vitruvian Energy website: www.vitruvianenergy.com

Sensor Device Takes the Guesswork Out of Tracking Your Valuables

FYI sensors, which inform you when things move, get wet, or get too hot or cold, launches Indiegogo campaign.

PORTLAND, Ore. (November 18, 2014)FYI Devices announces a product that keeps personal belongings safe by keeping you informed when something unexpected happens. FYI sensors, which became available for pre-order on Indiegogo for 45 days beginning Tuesday, November 18th, are designed around the simple idea of sending immediate notifications to people when something they care about moves, gets wet or goes above or below set temperature parameters.

“We designed FYI sensors to give you essential but basic information about the things you care about,” explains Jon Maroney, FYI Devices co-founder. “With a series of FYI sensors placed on doors, windows, basement floors and under sinks, one can easily create a personal home security system at a fraction of the cost of alarm equipment and with no monthly fees.”

Whether for a primary residence, vacation home or vehicle, FYI Devices provides a versatile security system without the monthly monitoring fees. Sensors are turned on and off from a users phone and alerts are sent when something changes so they can respond immediately. The system is based on common Internet of Things (IoT) standards and has a range of up to 150 meters (over 3 times standard WiFi range), providing a much larger coverage area and greater reliability than BlueTooth or WiFi.

The standard FYI Devices Starter Kit comes with a base station that is connected to an Internet router, 3 multi-purpose sensors and an app for iPhone and Android OS devices. Up to 100 additional sensors can be added to an installation. If a door opens, the user receives a text message saying “FYI – your back door moved.”

FYI Devices was formed by a team of entrepreneurs, engineers and product designers who have designed and launched successful products for companies such as Nike, 38 Zeros, Handmark, FreeRange, StoryCode, Logitech, HP and Dell.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch the campaign to fund this innovative security device,” says Maroney. “With growing consumer interest in accessing updates on your home and valuables when you’re away, FYI sensors are a reliable, easy-to-set-up solution to prevent damage to personal belongings in a way that has never been available before.”

For more information and to follow updates, follow FYI Devices on Twitter and Facebook.

About FYI Devices

FYI Devices creates sensors that track and send mobile alerts about motion, liquid accumulation, and temperature changes in your primary residence, vacation rental or vehicle. FYI Devices’ proven technology provides versatile and easy entry into element alert systems without the expense or infrastructure of a hard-wired system. FYI sensors are available for pre-order Tuesday, November 18th, 2014. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Portland, Ore. For more information, visit www.FYIdevices.com, and find us on Twitter and Facebook.

Giving Back:

FYI Devices has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East by donating 2% of the funds raised from the Indiegogo campaign. Habitat is one of the only organizations that offers homeownership opportunities to hardworking families making as little as $20,800 (for a family of four). This is done through a hand-up, not handout model in which homeowners help to build and then buy their home from Habitat. To learn more about Habitat for Humanity please visit http://www.habitat.org/.

Delightful Video Lesson Uses Animation and Music to Teach Children the Alphabet

Children around the world are the same in many respects; they often don’t want to learn and would prefer to be entertained. The new video “Sunny, Funny ABC’s” uses captivating stop-motion animation along with singing and dancing characters to help young children quickly grasp the fundamentals of the English alphabet. The film has some of the most delightful characters that will immediately entrance kids, like Awesome Beetle, Royal Spider and Yellow Zebra. These colorful and humorous characters will help keep the attention of young viewers while imparting the basics about the alphabet.

Created by Indra Sproge, “Sunny, Funny ABC’s” is a three minute video that uses plasticine figures in stop-motion animation. Each character and environment is carefully created by hand and manipulated frame by frame to produce the illusion of action. This is an extremely time and labor intensive form of animation, but has proven to be especially effective in maintaining the interest of young viewers. Indra and her team are close to completing “Sunny, Funny ABC’s”, but still require assistance from the public to finish this project.

In order to complete “Sunny, Funny ABC’s”, the production team will need $22,000. These funds will help hire animators and digital designers who will add the final touches to the film. In return for supporting this project, you may receive perks like video downloads, invitation to the Opening Party, a “Sunny, Funny ABC’s” book, film credits, a personalized character in the film, or a dinner with the team. To learn more about “Sunny, Funny ABC’s” or to make a financial contribution to this important project, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/sunny-funny-abc-s

For more information on this press release visit:

Social Entrepreneur Develops App With ‘Win, Win, Win’

Social entrepreneur Kyle Thomas and his team have developed an app called Adora to deliver advertising to the lock screen of your phone with proceeds going to a charity of your choice. Adora is about a client of the Your Mark on the World Center.

Kyle noted, “Adora is a win, win, win, – a win for advertisers, a win for charities, and a win for that app users.”

Explaining the potential impact, Kyle said, “Doing good doesn’t have to always be a grand gesture. Add up many small good deeds and you can have an amazing impact.”

“Advertising can mean something, giving users a choice in the advertising they see can play a huge part in reaching an individual in ways they actually want to be reached, and it creates more value for the advertiser. The fact that our app does good is an amazing benefit to this process; the more valuable an app user is to an advertiser the more we can all donate to a cause,” Kyle concluded.

On November 25, 2014, Adora will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to promote the new app.

On Thursday, November 20, 2014 at  7:00 PM Eastern, Kyle will join me for a live discussion about the new app and the upcoming Indiegogo campaign.

You can download an audio podcast here or subscribe via iTunes.

More about Adora:

Adora is an app focused on helping users do good through taking control of their mobile advertising experience. For the first time users are able to have a say in where some of the ad revenue they generate goes – to a cause of their choice.

Kyle Thomas

Kyle Thomas

Kyle’s bio:

Kyle is a serial entrepreneur who loves the challenge of taking an idea and making it real and profitable. Adora is his 6th venture and he is excited to finally have the opportunity to really make a difference in the world, and that drives him like no other opportunity has before.

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Devin D. Thorpe

Business to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Start-Up of National Teen Driving Service

Deterring Teens from engaging in distracted, risky and life-threatening behaviors while driving is aim of business seeking to raise start-up funding through crowdfunding.

Santa Rosa, CA – October 21 – Felicia L. Jones, Founder of Be Our Eyes, LLC is set to launch a crowdfunding campaign on October 22, 2014 to fund the start-up of the national service for the parents of teen drivers. The goal of the Sonoma County based social enterprise is to reduce the number of people that die each year in automobile accidents where a teen driver in involved. The October 22, launch date coincides with National Teen Driver Safety week.

Jones states that Be Our Eyes is an extremely powerful, yet simple and cost-effective tool the parents of teen drivers can employ to greatly reduce their teen’s propensity to engage in distracted, risky and life-threatening behaviors by utilizing the eyes of the community. She believes the power of Be Our Eyes lies in providing the means for parents and the community to partner with a single agenda of deterring teens from engaging in the behaviors that cause accidents and fatalities while driving, thereby not only saving the lives of teens, but the public at large.

According to statistics provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, between 2005 and 2012 over 50,000 people died in automobile accidents where a teen driver was involved. Jones stresses that teen driving safety is not just a concern for the parents of teens, but all of us, as 59% of the people killed in that time period were people other than the teen drivers.

Jones’ innovative approach is to provide a 24” x 12” decal that adheres to the rear window of the vehicle the teen is driving. Each decal has an individual serial number for ease of reporting by the public and is made from a perforated material that allows one-way vision from inside the vehicle. When a member of the community witnesses a teen with the decal on their car behaving in a manner that parents should be made aware of, they may call Be Our Eyes, answer a series of questions about the incident and that information is provided to the parents by Be Our Eyes. The service maintains the anonymity of both the caller and the parents.

Jones is extremely sensitive to the fact that witnessing a teen driver engaging in risky behaviors will be observed by those who are most likely driving themselves. As distracted driving is an issue seen in all age groups, Jones does not want to advocate anyone talking on a cell phone while driving. Therefore, Be Our Eyes will have apps developed that will record the serial number and provide a timed reminder to call and report at a later time.

Jones points out that the Be Our Eyes service is little different in what it delivers in that if a parent never receives a report from the community, then the service is performing as intended. As a single mother for years, Jones wanted to make Be Our Eyes affordable and still provide a quality service. Be Our Eyes requires $60.00 to start and $10.00 a month thereafter with no contract.

A serious commitment has been made by Jones to the social aspect of her enterprise. She will be utilizing Becoming Independent, a North Bay Area community based service organization that helps people with disabilities live meaningful and productive lives for her shipping fulfillment and is providing seedling pines as rewards in the crowdfunding campaign. She also intends to commit to a percentage of profits that will go to charity after Be Our Eyes is viable and profitable.

You may find out more about Be Our Eyes, LLC and donate to the crowdfunding campaign at StartSomeGood.com/BeOurEyes or BeOurEyes.com.

Use Your WITS To Win Family Game Night And Help Kids Learn

Grab the kids and get ready for a new take on family game night. Now you can really use your W.I.T.S to win! The latest innovative all-ages game is called “What is the Sentence” or W.I.T.S. The development and testing is done and the response from kids and educators has been fantastic. With some simple cards (big enough for small hands), dice and a couple of timers this awesome game brings fun and learning together in a big way.

WITS is set to sweep living rooms and classrooms across the nation – but first they need a little help from you. That’s why the creators at WITS Games have created this crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign. As seasoned educational game developers, they know this is a solid product and can’t wait to share the excitement of this innovative board game (targeted age 7+) with as many kids, parents, and teachers as possible before the end of the year. There are plenty of perks and heaps of thanks for your support.

The designer, WITS Games, is actually a gaming company that specializes in providing easy to understand, entertaining and educationally based products. This game is easy to set up with a small table or any flat surface. The best part? It’s quick to learn and jump right in – something kids and grownups both appreciate. Kids simply use the letters on the cards in front of them to make up a sentence. It can be as serious or kooky as the players.

With a foundation in fun and creativity, the learning is intuitive and the game helps build vocabulary and sentence structure. WITS challenges players to score points that are awarded through sentences created from letter cards, which are dealt from the deck. Each word in a sentence must begin with the corresponding letter on the card. Simple. Since it’s easy and very interactive, the game engages players and is different every time.

WITS is perfect for playing kids against kids or the kids vs parents since reading level really doesn’t matter. If you can read the letters of the alphabet you can play. As Educational Coordinator Ginger Henderson explains,“What is the Sentence? (W.I.T.S.) has been getting great reviews from everyone (parents, teachers and kids) who’ve tested the game. As the Kickstarter video shows, “W.I.T.S. teaches and enforces sentence structure, it is also a learning tool, and helps create a responsive classroom environment.” Not only is it a fun way to get kids really excited and engaged, it can help them to retain more words and have better listening skills.

This game works by challenging the players to create a real (bona fide) sentence from the letter cards in front of them. Excitement is cranked up a notch since you can play against time and action cards. The gamers can also protect their sentence and points from being stolen by opponents. For all the details on how to play check out the Kickstarter campaign site video. Right now there are great perks for parents (grandparents) and teachers at low price points. Help make life and learning a bit less boring by supporting this campaign. There are a few Early Bird specials so act fast to save the most! Be of the first to get your hands (and brain) on the Limited Edition “What is the Sentence” WITS Board game for just $25 USD. The game makes a perfectly unique present under the tree, and it may just save your ‘wits’ this winter when the kids are stuck inside on too many snow days!

This game is perfect for home daycare centres, schools, community centres hosting youth activities, and family game night. Want more perks for your support? You’ve got it. For true board game aficionados, get the autographed ‘first edition’ of the game (perfect for yourself or as a special birthday gift). For just under $100 ($90) get the “Educator and Administrator’s Pack”. This Kickstarter special deal delivers four (4) WITS Board games so you can share with the class – or just battle in the staff room! There are also ‘Retailer Packs’ – get stocked before the holiday rush. International shipping is available. Check out the campaign site for all the details, including how to get 50% back on international shipping fees. Can’t donate but still want to help? It only takes a minute to help spread the word so that this educational and creative game is funded in time.

Share the links below with everyone in your global networks.

WITS Games Kickstarter Campaign

WITS Games on Facebook

WITS Games company www.witsgames.com

For more information on this press release visit:

Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation

LICORPA’s volunteers with hand-washing buckets & disinfectant materials

LICORPA’s volunteers with hand-washing buckets & disinfectant materials

In its drive to buttress initiatives in the fight against the killer epidemic, Ebola, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation or LICORPA, has since launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo website for its project: “Help Educate Villagers to Prevent Ebola Infection”. Link to LICORPA’s Indiegogo campaign page is at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-educate-villagers-to-prevent-ebola-infection/x/8694104. The goal of this project is to reduce the rate of Ebola death and transmission in village towns in Dewoein District in Bomi Country- northwestern Liberia. The objective of the project is to provide villagers the needed information, education, and communication on how Ebola spreads and how they can minimize the chances of contracting it. The project activities will include:

  • Information, education, and communication(IEC) dissemination using community-home-based approach;
  • Hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials donation;
  • Ambulance referral service;
  • Village households surveillance;
  • Contact tracing;
  • Relief food assistance;
  • Village health club establishment;
  • First aid services;
  • Recruitment of volunteers;
  • Training; and,
  • Equipping of focal office.
Hand-washings buckets & disinfectant materials donated by LICORPA to villagers in Dewoein District in Bomi County

Hand-washings buckets & disinfectant materials donated by LICORPA to villagers in Dewoein District in Bomi County

Villagers using the hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials to sanitize their hands

Villagers using the hand-washing buckets and disinfectant materials to sanitize their hands

LICORPA began to implement some aspect of the project activities in village towns in Dewoein District in Bomi County in the above pictures. The campaign has 22 days more left to elapse. We need your support by making your contribution and spreading of the word to your family members and friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus. We can be heroes if we kick Ebola out of village towns in Dewoein District, Bomi County.

Founded in My 2009, Liberian Council on Rural Poverty Alleviation is a Liberian Registered non-governmental, non-political, and non-religious organization dedicated to catalyzing transformation in rural communities by working individuals and families trapped in poverty and vulnerable to HIV/AIDS and diseases. Program activities of LICORPA include:

  • Microloans;
  • Business education; and,
  • Pre-school education services.

For the past three and half years, since its inception in May 2009, LICORPA had and continues to help farm families in Dewoein and Klay Districts in Bomi County to help farm families to create lives above poverty. Most of LICORPA’s beneficiaries in these districts in the county are able today to send more of their children to school, provide the next meal without untold sufferings, save to sooth their uneven cash flow, and provide medical care for their families.

To date, LICORPA had accessed 350 villagers( women, 50%; men, 30%; and youths, 20%) in these districts in the county with entrepreneurial skills training and microloans to establish profitable microenterprises for enhanced livelihood support. Please visit these links: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Liberian-Council-on-Rural-Poverty-AlleviationLICORPA/305644992787653 and https://twitter.com/licorpa. Besides, through the sponsorship of Central Bank of Liberia, Lonestar Cell MTN, and Insurance Company of Africa constructed a-three room pre-primary school building in Dorley-Lah Town for 100 kids from four villages.

Corda’s Rope Sandals To Employ Poor Ethiopians

Dustin Burgin is creating a social enterprise in Ethiopia (where I am coincidentally headed in a few weeks) creating rope sandals for sale in the U.S. He’s launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise money for the launch and sell the products. Recently, I caught up with Dustin to learn more about Corda; here’s what he told me


What is the social benefit you hope to achieve with or through your crowdfunding campaign?

To create sustainable, well paying jobs for underprivileged people in Ethiopia.

How much money are you hoping to raise and why? How much have you raised so far?

We are hoping to raise $10,000, we have raised $5000

Untitled Project – Small from Corda Sandals on Vimeo.

Whom are you trying to help with your project and why?

Corda has focused on a group of underprivileged and deserving youth in Ethiopia, many of whom used to live on the street, or are coming out of orphanages with no opportunities for employment. There simply aren’t enough jobs in the market economy of Ethiopia and we are doing our best to help create opportunities there.

What rewards, if any, are you offering to your supporters?

As a reward Corda is offering Comfy and unique rope sandals that are the perfect mountain casual style that can take you from the office to the trail and give you the pride of knowing you’re making a lasting difference in the lives of deserving people who need it the most.

Check out the campaign:

Visit the website.

Follow on Facebook.

Film Puts Moments of Happiness in Global Perspective

From the rugged and picturesque pilgrimage trail of Spain’s Camino de Santiago to Kenya, the Philippines and India this documentary explores what makes us human, and how animals and humans share many striking similarities in how they feel and interact.

This feature-length documentary is filmed largely on location following three individuals as they navigate the historicand challenging Camino de Santiago in Spain. The documentary is directed by Mr. Vasja Mihelcic, originally from Slovenia and now working and living in Berlin. He brings 20 years of experience as a producer and director. The underlying premise is that in overcoming life challenges, crisis and fears, we can experience ‘Moments of Happiness.’

This is a documentary about human behavior and the responsibility each of us bears to look after the earth. In addition to exploring the true ‘human’element, the producers turn their attention to four endangered animal species: the Bengal tiger, elephant, mountain gorilla, and sea turtle. The documentary will show similarities between animal and human on the emotional and social level, and in so doing raise our collective awareness, compassion, and love towards all specieson earth. In zeroing in on these similarities, the documentary will help further efforts for wildlife conservation globally.

Right after attending the producer’s workshop at the Marchédu Film at this year’s Film Festival in Cannes, Vasja Mihelcic started to prepare a crowd-funding campaign which has just been launched to fuel support for the movie. As there is no funding from the film industry or TV, the producers are counting on your help to bring this documentary to life – and to an international audience. As project manager Jolanta Mihelcic explains,“Our purpose is not only to finance this movie but also to get in contact with people who share our thoughts. We want to reach people who care and who believe in change. As humans we have a big responsibility for our actions and we have to be good role models for future generations.”

The film turns the lens inward towards the very human struggle of challenges we face in tough times and how we overcome these challenges to grow and regain happiness. These ‘moments of happiness’surface after trying times. The movie documents three very different individuals (a tango teacher from the United States, a physician from Argentina, and a linguist and amateur biologist from Slovenia). They will traverse the Camino de Santiago and learn more about themselves and others while on the trail.

As our ‘human’life is just one side of the coin, the producers have dedicated the film to exploring the animal way of life in Rwanda, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. There are many inviting perks for your support. As an added bit of excitement –for only $1 you can help break a world record. This campaign aims to shatter the current record for the greatest number of supporters of asingle crowd-sourced movie campaign. They only need 91,586 donors to break the oldrecord held by Kickstarter! Your donation of just $1 will make you part of this historic adventure.

Other great perks include the chance to be on-set and even in the film. In one of the cutest and most unique rewards you can donate $100 for ‘Teddy’s Adventure.’Send the producers your favorite teddy bear (35 cm max) and it will travel the Camino de Santiago with them. Of course, you’ll get pics of the adventures on social media.

Animal lovers unite! Your donation can help this important film while supporting wildlife conservation efforts. The biggest perk of all is knowing that you’re helping leave the world a safer place for endangered species –along with spreading a message of hope and compassion. Your donation of $120 lets you combine your love for movies and wildlife. With this reward 50% of the gathered funds will go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for elephants in Nairobi, Africa. Your perk includes special credits in social media, website and a thank you video from the director and the foundation.

Want to see a historic part of Europe and check off a few other bucket list items at once? This is your chance to be on the historic Camino trail AND be a movie star. For just $800 you can assist in the filming of the documentary movie on the Camino de Santiago in Spain for two days and nights. You’ll stay in the same place as the cast and crew and learn about film production first-hand. This is an amazing hands on opportunity for budding film students and anyone with an interest in how documentaries are put together. Want more of a role? You’ve got it. For $2,000 you’ll have the unique opportunity to be an extra on the Camino de Santiago in 2015 for two days and nights. There are only ten openings, so act soon.

For a unique perk combine discovering the beauty and culture of Berlin with being a VIP at the film’s opening night. You and a guest enjoy three nights in this amazing city and a great after party! Bed and breakfast included. Note: airfare/connections to film locations not included in any perks. See campaign site for full details.Even if you can’t donate –you can still help spread Moments of Happiness.

Share the links below with everyone in your networks around the world.

Moments of Happiness Indiegogo Campaign

Moments of Happiness on Facebook


For more information on this press release visit: http://www.getnews.info/film-puts-moments-of-happiness-in-global-perspective_7633.html

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