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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

give2gether Cracks the Code for Crowdfunding Success

New York — As the December 31st deadline looms to make charitable donations for this tax year, one crowdfunding platform, give2gether, has revolutionized online fundraising for nonprofits.

The way people buy, share, and give online has changed–and there’s no going back. give2gether makes raising money a lot faster and easier due to the research conducted over the past ten years on the science of what makes people give online. Through thousands of hours at UC Berkeley X-Labs, then later validated by hundreds of thousands of live donor transactions, give2gether has cracked the code of crowdfunding!

give2gether is an intelligent fundraising platform for midsize and enterprise nonprofits, with a track record of tripling your donor conversion rates. Unlike other crowdfunding solutions, all organizations raising money with give2gether are nonprofits. The company was founded by internet technology innovator and recipient of the Best Start-up from Start Up Nation’s 8200 unit, Arnon Shafir; Douglas Gale, Professor of Economics at New York University and Shachar Kariv, the chair of the Department of Economics at UC Berkeley and the former director of its famous X-Labs.

give2gether puts an with an emphasis on real-time online donor preferences and what makes modern, networked philanthropists inspire more people to give.

On Giving Tuesday, give2gether saw new donations come in every 20 seconds, with some nonprofits raising over $1,000 /hour.

Arnon Shafir, give2gether’s CEO and co-founder, explained: “While some recent pages on give2gether raised over $100,000, the average amount raised on a personal crowdfunding page is $2,200 and the average campaign raises $38,000.”

Nonprofits using give2gether for three years running like the BC SPCA or Israel Cancer Association see a 50%-2,000% increase in total donations raised and 30-90% increase in their average gift size.

Most nonprofits run four to five different campaigns over the course of a year. give2gether helps by streamlining social fundraising, which substantially improves donor participation rates and the total amount raised. give2gether incorporates several steps of engagement:

  • Engaging techniques and insights from the research are used to help the nonprofit setup optimized donor landing pages that increase the probability of donation.
  • After a new campaign is setup by the nonprofit, it’s all about traffic:  emails posts on Facebook and twitter feed, and digital PR are the fuel of modern fundraising campaigns.
  • Rather than just asking for a gift, give2gether lets donors “play” with their potential “Personal Social Impact”, hence turning more donors into fundraisers, i.e. “Intelligent Crowdfunding.

Compared to Convio and Blackbaud, the well-established “Goliaths” of this industry, give2gether is the young and agile “David” aiming to “help democratize fundraising for smart nonprofits”. give2gether offers a range of online giving programs, such as:

  • conditional giving campaigns (all or nothing)
  • matching gift campaigns
  • team fundraising
  • next-Gen donor landing pages
  • wish list fundraising
  • special events ticketing

Nonprofits  are maximizing donations using these unique insights and the technology powering give2gether. Giving is emotional, but it can be predicted. Therefore, it can be much better orchestrated.  As give2gether’s cofounder Shafir explains, “We believe we have cracked the code to modern crowdfunding.

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