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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

HomeBiogas 2.0 Turns Yesterday’s Kitchen Scraps Into Tomorrow’s Cooking Gas

HomeBiogas launches its clean energy home solution on Kickstarter, giving households the power to transform food waste into clean cooking gas and natural liquid fertilizer – and reduce their carbon footprint.

Press Release – Nevada – November 2017HomeBiogas, the clean energy solutions provider, launches its latest biodigester, HomeBiogas 2.0 transforming leftover kitchen waste into reusable, clean gas. After a successful first crowdfunding campaign, HomeBiogas launches its latest at home biodigester HomeBiogas 2.0 which works at twice its original speed. Each system produces up to three hours of cooking gas per day. Now, more durable, cheaper, and easier to assemble, HomeBiogas 2.0 launches on Kickstarter with a ready to use stovetop.

Imagine how much waste households around the world produce each year. Every family dinner prepared, school lunch packed, and leftovers spoiled contributes to the 1.3 billion tons of food that is wasted every year! In fact, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), a staggering one-third of food produced for human consumption worldwide is either lost or wasted. For households looking to go green, the best alternative is traditional composting, which requires constant upkeep, smells unpleasant, and can attract pests. With HomeBiogas 2.0, your household’s leftover organic waste can be effortlessly deposited into a closed, odorless appliance which converts waste into biogas to fuel your kitchen cooking needs and fertilizer to nourish your plants and garden.

Most biodigesters on the market today are either large and bulky, limited to certain areas, or specifically for commercial use. HomeBiogas took the outdated existing technology and updated it, so modern families can have an affordable and user-friendly experience. HomeBiogas 2.0 makes going green easy with its DIY appliance, allowing you to:

  • Save Green – HomeBiogas 2.0 supplies free energy all year round from material you already have at home: your organic waste so you don’t have to pay for energy to power your stove.
  • Cook Green – HomeBiogas 2.0 provides a clean and sustainable alternative to electricity, propane, and natural gas. Each system produces up to three hours of renewable cooking gas daily.
  • Live Green – HomeBiogas 2.0 up-cycles food and animal waste that normally would be decomposing in landfills emitting potent greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, a major contributor to climate change. By collecting these gases, HomeBiogas 2.0 alleviates dependence on harmful sources of energy, turning your household into a self-sustaining ecosystem.
  • Grow Green – HomeBiogas 2.0’s system recycles nutrients from your household’s organic waste into a natural liquid fertilizer which is rapidly absorbed into the soil for happier, healthier plants.

Each appliance, equipped with a water-resistant outer layer, is fed with equal parts food waste and water. Installation is simple, just fill the digester with water, mount the gas container with the sandbags HomeBiogas supplies, and the machine is ready to go. Inside the system, the waste is broken down naturally by bacteria, releasing biogas. The gas tank gradually inflates with ready-to-use gas. Through a patented mechanical pressure mechanism, the gas is delivered at a uniform rate from system to the stovetop.

HomeBiogas 2.0 also creates the opportunity to provide clean energy and natural fertilizer to the millions of families who live in underserved communities in nations around the globe. In underdeveloped regions of Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Caribbean, very few have access to clean energy, and formal waste removal services are uncommon. The standard practice in these areas is to cook on wood or charcoal, which creates harmful indoor air pollution and causes long-term detriments to respiratory health. On top of the health concerns, cooking with these materials also contributes to deforestation and climate change. HomeBiogas provides a clean, easy alternative to these cooking fuels.

“We are a socially conscious company at our core,” says Oshik Efrati, CEO & Co-Founder of HomeBiogas. “Our initial campaign gave eco-conscious, western consumers the opportunity to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and start using renewable energy at home. We believe that with our new campaign and the lowered price point, HomeBiogas 2.0 will have an even bigger impact on communities across the globe, whether it’s used in the U.S., the Philippines or Senegal.”



HomeBiogas, founded in 2012, is the first company to produce and sell DIY family-sized biodigesters. Located in Beit Yanai, Israel, HomeBiogas has set out to offer every household easy access to renewable energy. Founded by Oshik Efrati, Yair Teller, and Erez Lanzer, HomeBiogas’ mission is to enable those in both developed and developing nations to lead a more sustainable life through cooking, growing, and smarter energy production.

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