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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

HUMAN CONNECTION Announces Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Serve International Changemaker Community

The new social, knowledge, and action network, HUMAN CONNECTION, enters the next phase of growth with its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Press Release – WEILHEIM/TECK (January 09, 2018) – Human Connection is a next-generation social network. Set up as a non-profit organization and headquartered in Germany, the platform combines social networking, knowledge exchange, and opportunities to take action in one interface to promote positive local and global societal change.

In order to make the basic version of the network available in the fall of 2018, Human Connection has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, which ends on January 17, 2018.

“The world is undergoing radical change at a rapid pace. People in all parts of the world need a purpose-built, neutral, and transparent online platform to meet the challenges of our time,” says Dennis Hack, founder at Human Connection.

Human Connection is not just another social network. It is designed to bridge the gap bet-ween negative news and positive action individuals can take to directly affect positive social change both locally and on a global scale.

Human Connection will include several unique features allowing users to:

  • Transform negative news into positive actions using an action button.
  • Filter content according to their preferences and create a truly personalized experience.
  • Collaborate harmoniously, peacefully, and solution-oriented with each other by creatin projects or events, connecting with non-profits, suggesting “Can Dos” or recruiting volunteers.
  • Participate in objective, fair, and structured discussions with tools like polls, “Pro & Contra”, and top lists.
  • Promote an open and united exchange of knowledge, ideas, and projects using the “Let’s Talk” chat function (video, audio, or text) and the “Versus” function, which allows users to post a counter-argument to a public post which can be voted up or down by the community.
  • Adapt viewing preferences using “Cockpit” and take advantage of the map view to find events, organizations, and groups near them.
  • Non-profit organizations, charitable projects as well as individual users will be able to register on Human Connection and use it as a tool for cooperation, social activism, and to connect with like-minded people around a common cause.

Human Connection collaborated with INALCO from the University Sorbonne in Paris and the Stuttgart Media University in Germany to do research and gather data on the necessary functions and the purpose of a truly social network. The research findings from both projects were incorporated into the initial development of Human Connection. Currently, four team members and numerous volunteers are working on the first version of the network.

Human Connection is financed by donations only. Dennis Hack would like to emphasize that Human Connection will stay commercial free. User data generated by the network will not be used for commercial purposes or passed on to third parties. All servers that are used to run the platform are located in Germany and are amenable to the German data privacy act.

Our Crowdfunding Goal

The goal is to launch the basic version of Human Connection in the fall of 2018. The Human Connection crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo has been set up to support that goal with a funding target of 777,777 US dollars.

This budget will be used to increase the number of permanent employees to tackle a de-manding process of internationalization and improved legal protection. All technical structu-res will be adjusted to allow for worldwide open source cooperation and collaboration.

To support the Indiegogo campaign, visit:

To learn more about Human Connection and how to get involved, visit:

Learn more about the network’s features in the „Bee-Movie“ on YouTube:

About Human Connection

Founded by German entrepreneur Dennis Hack, Human Connection is a nonprofit social, knowledge, and action network headquartered in Weilheim-Teck, Germany, with the mission to turn negative news into positive action and connect people around philanthropic causes and social innovation projects. The platform is designed to be free of advertising, protecting user data, and fostering a sense of community and cooperation around the world’s most pressing topics.

Connect with Human Connection on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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One Response to HUMAN CONNECTION Announces Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to Serve International Changemaker Community

  • Wow great ! – you found Human Connection !

    If you have checked Human Connection
    – than you recognize the huge potential this network has
    – and than you understand why I´m absolutely flashed….

    Let´s change the world !
    – everybody – everyday…
    Step by Step with your Heart, Brain and Feeling…

    I`ve given my donation to Human Connection
    – an so I will bie part of the testers, who will enter
    the Testversion In the End of January !

    It has the potential to change the world – but WE have to make it big !

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