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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

ImaginitTV is Pleased And Proud To Announce the Appointment of Three New Advisory Board Members: Jeff Hoffman, Josef Holm and Devin Thorpe

Jeff Hoffman

Jeff Hoffman’s name and face are well known due to his countless appearances as a business expert on Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, CNN International, Bloomberg News, CNBC, ABC and NPR . He also regularly contributes his expertise to other media outlets such as Forbes, Time, Fast Company and the Wall Street Journal.

A graduate of Yale University, the tentacles of Jeff’s talents spread far and wide.

While he was still a student, he formed his first software company, which pioneered online travel tools. American Express were so impressed, they bought it. Since those fledgling days, he hasn’t looked back. As well as being a highly successful entrepreneur, which has seen him being awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award from the national CEO council for his contributions to entrepreneurship, a Champion of Enterprise Award from JP Morgan Chase, Citibank and Rising Tide Capital and the George Brown Award for International Cooperation, Jeff has proved his worth as a CEO, successfully piloting many companies in both the private and public sectors.

He has been involved n the founding of many start-ups, including, and, and serves on the boards of companies based in five different continents – North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and South America – which lend support to entrepreneurs and small businesses in more than 150 countries. In addition to those responsibilities, he also serves on the boards of The Unreasonable Group and Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Jeff’s influence even stretches into the White House, as he works alongside President Obama’s National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship and USAID, for which he addresses the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation on a global level.

He sits on many charity and non-profit boards as well as a number of national and international boards that seek to promote growth and development. They include the US State Department’s Global Innovation through Science and Technology program and the Asia Pacific Economic Council Initiative.

He is also a tireless motivational speaker, traversing the world to speak in over fifty countries about entrepreneurship, innovation and business leadership, including a talk entitled The Power of Wonder.

But Jeff’s breadth of talent is not just confined to the technology world. He has produced movies and musical events with Elton John, Britney Spears and NSYNC among others, and in 2015, he even found time to co- produce a Grammy-winning jazz album.

He will be our Keynote Speaker at ImaginitTV’s upcoming inaugural visionary founders’ conference in Maui, Hawaii, Nov. 4-6th.

Josef Holm

Josef Holm is a tech entrepreneur, investor and crowdfunding advocate with eighteen years of startup, business development, digital marketing, social web and affiliate marketing experience under his belt.

As a passionate and innovative global social entrepreneur, he has a deserved reputation for “thinking outside the box”. His unconventional approach has seen him found and establish which has become a household name in the field of crowdfunding. was the first crowdfunding & PR platform for equity, pre-sales and rewards crowdfunding campaigns, providing users with the world’s largest searchable directory of crowdfunding backers. Krowdster provides powerful software tools which enable entrepreneurs to run successful campaigns and raise money through such platforms as Kickstarter and Indiegogo, with several million dollars already raised.

As befits the position of one who is widely regarded as a leading thought leader in the crowdfunding industry, Josef is in demand as both a featured speaker and writer, with articles appearing regularly in such publications as CrowdFundbeat, Wired, LA Business Journal, USA Today and Fast Company. He has also featured on FunditTV.

Devin Thorpe

Devin Thorpe made his name as a big hitter in the world of finance. Starting with a degree in finance from the University of Utah and an MBA from Cornell, he became the chief financial officer for the third largest company on the 2009 Inc. 500 list, a ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in the USA. He also founded and led an investment bank registered with the National Association of Security Dealers.

Deciding that there was more to life than money, he changed direction, and has since established himself as a champion of social good. His stated aim is to solve some of the world’s biggest problems before 2045 by supporting the work of the change agents who do it, and to that end, he established the Your Mark on the World Center.

As an author, journalist and speaker, he has seen his reputation and influence grow. His three books have reached a worldwide audience of half a million, while his 350 bylines for have accumulated more than one million hits. He has featured on FunditTV and also hosts a YouTube show, Your Mark on the World. With a current output of 600 shows, it has featured an average of one celebrity per broadcast along with CEOs, billionaires, entrepreneurs and those who want to change the world for the better. Nudging a quarter of a million views, the show has made Devin a recognizable face within his chosen field.

During his life, Devin has been somewhat of a nomad, having lived on three different continents and having visited more than thirty countries, which enables him to bring a global perspective to audiences wherever they may be in the world.

Through his three major leadership programs – Adding Profit by Adding Purpose, Building a Movement to Change the World and Crowdfunding for Social Good – he provides dynamic positive leadership, empowering people to make change not only in their personal lives, but also within the organizations in which they work.

About ImaginitTV

ImaginitTV is a network of shows and a global think tank which uses apps (similar to Periscope) to place the viewer at the heart of the action. In other words, the viewer will be part of the show. He or she will be given the opportunity to watch and participate in “do good” TV through real-time interaction with the content. It will be like virtual reality TV with digital accessibility for the viewer on their own computing device (laptop, smartphone etc.). Imaginit TV also offers a Roku-like stick to attach to any TV or viewing apparatus, enabling the content to be viewed by everyone, no matter where they are – even on theatre screens.

Imaginit TV’s content is centered on the eight global priorities of : Distribution, Education, Energy, Environment, Food/Water, Freedom, Health and Justice.

Research by Neilson indicates very strongly that consumers are prepared to support companies that are socially aware and actively seek to improve the lot of society while trading and making their profits. They want to buy goods and services from companies they trust to behave in a right and proper manner towards people and the environment. Imaginit TV is creating an opportunity for consumer-driven advertising, allowing companies to advertise to consumers they know are interested in their products, and for consumers to be made aware of products that conform with their own sense of social responsibility. Companies will be invited to interact with consumers who are paying attention to the message and not tuning out when they appear, giving them a greater return on their advertising dollar while the consumers can rest safe in the knowledge that any future purchase they make will have a positive effect on the world in which they live.

About Fundit TV on the ImaginitTV Network

Fundit TV is the creation of Joy Case, M.Ed., and the CEO of Case Global Media Inc., a media company dedicated to building original, fresh, engaging platforms for companies to showcase their mission, vision and values and to amplify their message through strategic video marketing. She is also the founder of the global think tank An Idea Nation, a social network for solving global challenges.

Fundit TV launches on May 7th, 2016, and will be the world’s dedicated WebTV channel for the crowdfunding crowdsourcing industry.

It will lead from the front with a high profile presence and bring a bigger audience and greater attention to crowdfunding entrepreneurs, their projects and their stories. Furthermore, it will promote the four existing types of crowdfunding (reward-based, donation-based, equity-based and donation-based) equally.

Fundit TV will aggregate videos from all crowdfunding sites, no matter what category they belong to, and categorize them in a single online portal to streamline the process for investors/contributors so as to make it easier for them to find projects they would like to fund and be a part of, with SMS messaging to notify investors of pertinent opportunities. In short, Fundit TV will be THE shop window for the industry.

The show will feature all the latest developments, the hottest trends, crowdfunding movers and shakers with their expert opinion and editorial advice, success stories and game-changing ideas and tips on a weekly basis.

Fundit TV is innovative, inspiring and groundbreaking, and is set to become the go-to portal for news on the crowd economy.

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