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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Mechanical Engineer Invents New Heart Valve Replacement Procedure That Does Not Disturb the Heart

This procedure is a result of looking at a medical problem through engineer’s eyes.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah — December 11, 2014 — On Dec. 7, 2014, Savant Holdings, LLC, launched their One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology, on Indiegogo. This crowd funding compaign is the first step to introduce this new heart valve technology, and begin the process necessary to receive FDA approval.

The One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology is the first of its kind to attempt to repair a heart, with leaking/regurgitating heart valves and Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) outside the heart. This procedure places a new valve outside the heart in the arteries and/or viens, without touching the heart. This will allow the native heart (the heart the person was born with) to still function and regain healthy pumping efficency.

The efficiency with which the heart moves blood, directly determines how much oxygen and nutrients, cells receive. A heart that doesn’t pump efficiently, will cause a long list of health problems, ranging from fatigue to death.

Approximately 23 million people worldwide are afflicted with CHF and two (2) million new cases of CHF are diagnosed each year worldwide. In contrast to other cardiovascular disorders that have actually declined during the past few decades, the incidence of CHF is currently on the rise. In fact, CHF is one of the most rapidly growing cardiovascular disorders in the United States.

CHF is a chronic inability of the heart to pump blood efficiently, for various reasons. One main cause of CHF, is Heart Valve Disease (HVD). HVD is a serious problem which plagues millions of people worldwide. Every year in the USA alone over 5 million people are diagnosed with HVD. Many people with HVD have no symptoms until the condition is severe.

Existing medical solutions to CHF and HVD, usually involves major surgery, which cuts into the heart itself (Valve replacement/repair surgery), or a heart transplant. Current treatments have serious long and short term side effects. A large percentage of these patients are considered too high of a risk to survive current valve replacement surgery, due to their poor health. Furthermore, only 1% of those in need of a new heart recieve a heart transplant.

Savant, estimates that our One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology could help approximately 70% of CHF and HVD patients, including those in very poor health. The One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology remedies many of the current problems with existing medical treatment for CHF and HVD. The One Way Heart Assist Valve may be an option in following situations:

  • patients who are too weak for heart valve surgery;
  • patients who need a new heart;
  • patients who need but do not qualify for a heart transplant or die waiting;
  • patients who desire a better option than the standard valve replacement;
  • patients that have a less than severe condition and would otherwise postpone a valve replacement

The One-Way Heart Assist Valve technology involves placing a one-way valve upstream or downstream from the heart in a vein or artery, without cutting or tampering with the heart itself.

“Having a background in turbomachinery and fluid dynamics has afforded me a unique perspective of the workings of the cardiovascular system,” said Bret Park, inventor of the One-Way Heart Assist Valve. “The human body is merely a glorified mechanical device that operates on the same laws and principals as other mechancial devices.”

Savant Holdings, has shown that this technology works mechanically and is now trying to raise sufficient funds so that they can begin animal testing. The availability of funds will determine how soon this technology is approved by the FDA and available for medical use.

For more information on the One Way Heart Assist Valve, please visit:

About the Inventor Bret Park

Bret Park, is a Mechanical Engineer, Inventor/Entrepreneur, founder/CEO and chief engineer of Diesel Power Source, LLC. Bret is an expert in fluid dynamics and turbine design and holds several patents related to automotive, medical, drilling, and fluid dynamics. Bret also has an extensive background in manufacturing and a successful history of taking products from concept to market.

Bret has designed automotive technology for over 21 years and has spent the last decade designing, inventing, and conducting research and development in the turbine industry. Much of his research focuses on the natural science of fluids in motion. By integrating his expertise in fluid dynamics and turbine design with medical science, Bret was able to develop his patent pending One-Way Heart Assist Valve.

The One-Way Heart Assist Valve was first conceived in hopes of saving Bret’s beloved father, John, and many other family members who have been diagnosed with and/or died of heart valve disease. After his father’s death, Bret was inspired to take the necessary steps to develop a product that would prevent millions of others from the pain his father and their family had to go through.

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