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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

NEW Website Offers a New Way for Charities to Obtain Funding

Converting Some of the Over $1 Trillion Spent Annually on Material Gifts to Charitable Gift Cards Benefiting Local Charities

Press Release – (New York . . .April, 2017) Announcing the launch of, a new charity gift card giving website. The innovative technology on the easy-to-use website is poised to forever change the way we give gifts. By harnessing the power of the ubiquitous gift card, Donors Unite provides an alternative to material gifts for any occasion – a charity gift card. The Donors Unite gift card is perfect for any occasion – Mother’s Day, major holidays, birthdays, weddings or even a thank you for a dinner invitation.

Putting Passion and Purpose Back into Gift Giving

Instead of giving the token gift, gift givers can present their friends and loved ones with something that truly matters—a tax deductible charity gift card that enables users to choose from the most comprehensive list of more than 1.5 million U.S. registered and IRS-approved charities on the website. And for those who are passionate about local charities, there’s a comprehensive search engine, which enables either the giver or receiver the ability to find and support a charity in their community. On a limited budget? Donors Unite is affordable, allowing gifts of as little as $10, thus only giving what you can afford to give.

Set to Revolutionalize the World of Nonprofit Fundraising

In 2015, over $1 trillion was spent in the United States by individuals and businesses to purchase gifts for all sorts of occasions. By tapping into this $1 trillion retail gift market and converting purchases of material gifts to charitable gift cards, this new source of funding for charities has the potential to substantially add to all not-for-profit organization’s bottom lines. Donors Unite removes the burden of the dreaded “ask” from charitable organizations and instead provides them with new revenue streams without having to solicit for funds. Not-for-profits who partner with Donors Unite receive the added benefits of a low transaction fee for donations, faster automatic deposit times, marketing materials and priority placement on the “Find a Charity” search engine. Donors Unite also removes all administrative responsibilities from the charitable organizations by providing all tax letters to donors. Annual membership to Donors Unite is only $25. Just one gift card designating a member charity will likely more than pay for the membership.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

At launch, will include a “Wallet.” The Wallet is for individuals and businesses who have a budget for charitable giving, and prefer to deposit funds once and give year-round by purchasing gift cards as needed. This makes it super easy and can be done in virtually no time. Donors Unite will also introduce gift “claim codes” to allow purchasers, including businesses, wedding and party planners, to buy an unlimited number of codes that can be printed and delivered on their stationary of choice OR on Donors Unite pre-printed personalized cards. Claim codes may be purchased in any number. By purchasing the pre-printed cards to keep on hand, it makes it even easier to gift a Donors Unite charity gift card. This delivery method is perfect for businesses who want to communicate their commitment to social responsibility through client appreciation and employee recognition gifts. It’s also a unique idea for couples who want to follow the trend of replacing traditional wedding favors for a meaningful gift that their closest family and friends will never forget. Or for that matter, for any occasion where a printed greeting card is normally given.

Endorsement from Nation’s Third Largest Community Trust

One of the principal supporters of Donors Unite from the beginning is David Okorn, the Executive Director of the Long Island Community Foundation, which is the Long Island division of the New York Community Trust, the nation’s third largest community trust. Mr. Okorn is such a firm believer in Donors Unite that he became a director of the organization. “It is a simple and low-cost way to potentially raise additional funds, enabling nonprofits to stay focused on the activities required to carry out their mission, and hopefully less time on fundraising activities. Donors Unite really has something here that can be revolutionary for the world of nonprofit fundraising.”

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Donors Unite Inc. is a 501 c (3) IRS approved Public Donor Advised Fund

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