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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Having Overcome Anorexia, She Helps Others Do the Same

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Robyn Shumer didn’t ever want to weigh 40 pounds. Before she was ten years old, she developed anorexia. To this day, she faces the effects of the disease. Courageously, she recently opened up about her story to help raise more than $10,000 for Project Heal on

Preliminary Interview with Robyn Shumer Who Raised Over $10K for Project Heal.

The following is a brief pre-interview that provides context for the recorded interview you may watch or listen to at the top of this article.

Crowdfunding page:

What is the purpose of your crowdfunding campaign?

Our goal is to provide treatment assistance to as many applicants as possible.

Project HEAL’s financial assistance program is their trademark service. They fund both inpatient, residential, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization, as well as outpatient treatment for individuals who wish to recover from eating disorders but find their financial means lacking. Project HEAL’s primary criteria for selecting grant recipients is motivation. They fund applicants who want to recover from their eating disorders, and are ready to do the hard work required.

Each potential treatment grant recipient must submit a detailed application that asks about motivation for recovery, current medical status and symptoms, medical and financial information including any treatment history, plans for after treatment, and preferences for treatment. All of this information is reviewed on a quarterly basis by Project HEAL’s Clinical Advisory Board (“CAB”), which includes a team of ten international expert clinicians in the eating disorder field.

Finalists are interviewed by the CAB, and awards are made based on current funds and the level of treatment requested by the applicant. Their CAB members and program manager follow up with grant recipients quarterly during their treatment, and subsequently, every six months for two years after treatment. Finally, Project Heal’s Co-Founders speak with grant recipients before, during, and after treatment, providing valuable and meaningful human interaction and personal support.

More about Project Heal:

Twitter: @theprojectheal



Project HEAL is the leading non-profit in the US delivering prevention, treatment financing, and recovery support for people suffering from eating disorders.

For-profit or Nonprofit: 501(c)3 Nonprofit

More about CaringCrowd:

Twitter: @caringcrowd @jnjcares



CaringCrowd(R) is a crowdfunding site 100% dedicated to global public health. Individuals who want to support public health can browse projects that need funding and make a pledge to help. Any 501(c)(3) non-profit can submit a project and funding goal for consideration on the platform. Then, submitted projects are reviewed by a team of advisors to ensure they fall within our definition of public health. This platform was created by Johnson & Johnson as a driver for collaboration on global public health, and as a new way to bring funding to organizations tackling key public health challenges on the ground.

Robyn Shumer
Photo credit: Donate A Photo

Robyn Shumer’s bio:


Influential, inspirational leader and trainer with proven success in program management and talent development, doubling the size of the J&J Bridges program and successfully expanding the program into APAC, all three sectors and Enterprise.  Excellent communicator with collaborative leadership style.  Broad experience aligning with global partners in the businesses and HR. Effective change agent with the ability to act both strategically and tactically.  Deep understanding of shaping and delivering strategic programs and training plans based on identified needs. Faculty for the Center for Leadership & Development’s Captivating Communications course; JNJ Global Citizen Faculty; J&J Employee Ambassador; JNJ Virtual Notebook Mentor; Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

What is the problem you solve and how do you solve it?

I connect people and solve the problem of disconnection.  I do so by listening to people, for what is said and more importantly, for what is not said. I teach others to speak in a language that others understand.

My work reaches many organizations and all of the JNJ sectors creating a diverse and comprehensive network in which we’ve successfully broken down bottlenecks to drive lean and efficient processes forward. This includes process harmonization; creative sharing of resources and ultimately opportunities for talent and the businesses.

I strive for people to leave interactions with me feeling better than they did prior to and I aim to connect the right people at the right time so everyone can become the best versions of themselves that they can.

I also work very hard to help people re-engineer movement into their lives and do a lot of coaching around wellness. I’m a HUGE advocate of JNJ’s ‘7 Minute App and have completed The Human Performance Institute’s Energy for Performance in Life Train-the-Trainer and teach yoga, incorporating mindfulness, movement and breathing into my work every day.

What Makes You A Social Entrepreneur?

I am a social entrepreneur at work and home and here’s why.

At work, my full time job is developing people – creating opportunities for them to diversify their skills and competencies and bring a unique perspective to the drug development process at JNJ.  I create up encounters with VIP role models and bring them to the people as a way to develop the leadership skills of our future leaders.  And to me, this exemplifies the social entrepreneur mindset of creating solutions to cultural issues.

A key component of my work is teaching personal branding and helping others to develop self-awareness and to close gaps and to develop strategies so that others may perceive them as they wish to be perceived.   By creating these opportunities for participants we are providing the businesses with a dedicated talent bringing a new perspective to their challenges and are SHAPING a culture of collaboration at JNJ.

Personally I am active in my kids’ schools, community and successfully led the funding of the Project HEAL fundraiser on CaringCrow®) which will help 2 people with an eating disorder obtain treatment, thus contributing to the ‘social’ aspect of social entrepreneur.

I’ve been on my town’s board of health and the volunteer director of a food pantry and was my town’s volunteer of the year many years ago.  When a food franchise promised the food pantry a $1,500 donation and didn’t deliver, I advocated and obtained the donation after an investigative reporter ran a story about the promise on the nightly news.

I advocate for people in many ways.  Another example is coaching displaced homemakers who left their homes/jobs due to domestic violence and are trying to re-enter the workforce.

Derek Fetzer

Derek Fetzer’s bio:

Twitter: @derekfetzer


Co-founder and Team Leader of CARINGCROWD®. Originally an industrial engineer from Peru and from Purdue University, Derek has over 23 years of strategy, consulting, and business analytics experience across different industries, spanning the US, EU, and Latin America. For the last 10 years, Derek has worked in the area of infectious diseases, collaborating on key product launches in HIV/AIDS, HCV, and tuberculosis. His career interest is in improving access to healthcare around the world by empowering the “crowd.”

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Devin is a journalist, author and corporate social responsibility speaker who calls himself a champion of social good. With a goal to help solve some of the world’s biggest problems by 2045, he focuses on telling the stories of those who are leading the way! Learn more at!

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