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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

The CrowdRise 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT Funds Life-Changing Surgeries to Remove Boy’s Breasts and Girl’s Facial Tumor in Rural Honduras Village

This week, CrowdRise launched its fourth 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT, an initiative that empowers individuals to change lives through crowdfunding in just 24 hours. With the help of Essential StaffCARE, CrowdRise flew Nicole Myint to El Campo, Honduras with the goal of helping 12-year-old Laura Lopez, who has been ruthlessly bullied for a severe facial tumor she’s had since age two. The idea was to spend 24 hours raising enough money for Laura’s life-saving surgery. Nicole was not, however, expecting to meet two young boys nearby who also had severe medical conditions.

Hansy (18) and Eber Pineda Salgado (15) were born with a hormonal condition called gynecomastia that caused them to develop female-like breasts. This rare condition also puts them at a high risk for breast cancer. After launching 86,402 seconds in Honduras, her flash fundraiser for Laura, Nicole and CrowdRise sought to help the boys as well.

On Wednesday, Nicole started promoting a video on her CrowdRise page, urging her friends, family and the CrowdRise community to spread the word to help her raise $7,500 for Laura. By early afternoon she had raised the money for surgery performed by a hemato-oncologist to remove Laura’s tumor, braces to reposition her mouth, as well as everything needed for follow-up and post-op care.

Soon after reaching her initial goal, Nicole released a second video to try to raise an additional $7,000 to get double mastectomies for Hansy and Eber. CrowdRisers rallied and all goals were exceeded.

Yesterday, Nicole accompanied Laura and the two brothers to their respective hospitals to begin the treatment and medical procedures that will forever transform their lives.

“I fell in love with Laura the moment I met her. She’s suffered from this facial deformity since she was a toddler. But her spirit is infectious. I leapt at the chance to help her through the CrowdRise 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECT.” Said Myint. “And then I met the boys. They were literally melting into the floor and couldn’t look us in the eye, they were so embarrassed and ashamed. After the surgery, I stood with the boys’ father, and he told me, ‘so many people have come to take pictures, but no one has ever done anything to help.’ I absolutely burst into tears…which made him cry too.”

This morning, Nicole uploaded a follow-up video to her CrowdRise page so that donors can see the impact of their contributions. The fundraiser will remain open and additional funds raised will go to support the teens’ education.

This project, in partnership with CrowdRise, represents the incredible power that real-time impact and crowdfunding can give to an individual trying to make change in the world. To see the other 24 HOUR IMPACT PROJECTS, visit

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