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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

The Equity Crowdfunding Platform Cadia Startup Exchange Goes Public with IPO for Unaccredited Investors

World’s first equity crowdfunding platform with a fully-automated 24/7 secondary market Cadia Startup Exchange began trading under the symbol CADSE with a share price of 0,47€ by offering 80 million shares. Unaccredited investors worldwide can become shareholders of the platform with voting and pre-emption rights. 


Crowdfunding enthusiasts, venture capitalists, angel investors, and unaccredited investors who are in constant search of exciting new ventures and innovative projects with a high ROI have a new opportunity. The equity crowdfunding platform Cadia Startup Exchange has launched its secondary market campaign and unprecedentedly opened the market for unaccredited investors worldwide.

The company officially launched operations at the beginning of 2015 by adding to the equity crowfunding business model a fully-automated secondary market. In this way startup projects and small businesses listed on the platform are enabled to be as close as possible to having a real IPO. Cadia Startup Exchange puts on the table the earliest possible exit from a startup investment as investors can sell their shares any time they find a bid. There are numerous benefits for all parties involved: creating an account is free of charge, free listing for startups, due diligence and careful project valuation, voting rights for investors, protection of investments by proficient supervisors, monthly/quarterly publishing of accounting reports, simple upload and withdrawal of money, 24/7 customer support with live chat and many more.

“This was not a one-night project,” said Jure Valant, Founder & CEO of Cadia Startup Exchange. “The idea of creating an equity crowdfunding platform with a fully-automated secondary market came up years before crowdfunding became the giant that it is today. Initially it was not a global project. I wanted to facilitate the needs of my shareholders back then by creating an online solution specifically for them in order to enable them to trade shares between each other. As you see today, the idea grew and we are doing something much more significant which can help numerous businesses worldwide gain popularity and raise capital. And most importantly, the platform is open for unaccredited investors from all over the world.”

Cadia Startup Exchange gives a lead to the rest of the world by offering its own shares on the secondary market. Non-registered website users can view basic description, equity offered, number of shares and share price. Full company information, business plan, financial projections, news and comments becomes available on creating an account. In order to play on the secondary market investors need to go through a fast and simple verification process and upload the required minimum amount of 100€.

Unaccredited investors globally can become active participants in the revolutionary growth of the phenomenon of crowdfunding and enjoy ROI from the skyrocketing financial projections for the near future. Up until today, these earnings would grow the bank accounts only of crowdfunding platform owners leaving the rest outside of the game. Today it is open for the general public. To explore the offerings register at

Check out the campaign IPO here: Cadia Startup Exchange Secondary Market Campaign

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