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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

The Marriage of Technology and Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being

The WellBe, a revolutionary new digital bracelet that measures and relieves stress, is the brainchild of two innovative IT executives – Doron Libshtein, formerly senior executive with Microsoft and head of MSN/Israel, and Zach Sivan, a seasoned executive in mobile, social, digital and well-being space.

“In an age of high stress, in part caused by the acceleration of technology, The WellBe uses leading-edge technology to significantly decrease stress and increase emotional, and even spiritual, well-being,” said Doron Libshtein.

Libshtein said that The WellBe is being offered as a crowdfunding opportunity to potential backers prior to market launch via “Because of the profound healing nature of this new digital bracelet, our earnest desire is to democratize product funding and contribute to human well-being,” he said.

A link for financial backers can be accessed starting very early Tuesday morning, May 12th at:

Sivan said that it was his and Mr. Libshtein’s intention to offer an ownership opportunity to people of all socio-economic levels. “The WellBe affords people the real chance to contribute to human well-being through a product representing a breakthrough in the stress relief of a stressed-out society,” he said.

Doron Libshtein, who is based in Tel Aviv, served as a top executive at Microsoft for 14 years, and was founder and CEO of MSN Israel. He served as Chairman of the leading Israeli Internet portal, Tapuz, for six years, and traded on the TASE (Tel Aviv Stock Exchange) and acted as director in other publicly traded companies such as Maayan Ventures and CET.

Libshtein, Co-Founder/Chairman of The WellBe manufacturing company, Insalveo, is also Founder, Chairman and CEO of Mentors channel (, an international platform that brings world-renowned mentors to improve well-being using a variety of meditations and other tools. Mentors Channel currently serves 2.6 million members.

Zach Sivan, Co-Founder/CEO of Insalveo, based in New York City, was CEO of m-Wise Inc., developer of mobile content apps and platform, integrated with social media and on-line and mobile advertising, targeted at Telecoms, entertainment companies and content providers.

“The WellBe uses a heart rate monitor and mobile app to detect and determine a person’s stress level based on time, location and responses to specific people,” said Mr. Sivan. “It is combined with an app that provides personalized, customized meditations and well-being exercises designed to release the stress immediately. This is a product that will help the user calm down in minutes,” he said.

“By backing The WellBe,” said Sivan to prospective backers, “you’re not only becoming its first owners – you’re also helping to advance a real solution to millions of people who suffer from stress and are seeking an effective way with which it can be dealt.”

“The WellBe represents a revolution and breakthrough in apps technology,” said Doron Libshtein. “This is more than accessing generalized well-being information,” he said. “This is about gaining specific individualized well-being information that then provides a solution via customized meditations and other exercises designed to immediately relieve stress.”

“Our vision is for this digital bracelet to become widely used by millions,” said Libshtein. “Stress comes from fear, and it is stress induced by fear and tension that is the divisive element of humanity – in family disputes, workplace distress, interpersonal disharmony and wars between nations,” he said.

A supporter of The WellBe, Dr. Tal Ben Shachar, Ph.D., of Harvard University’s “Positive Psychology” class, the most popular in Harvard’s history, added, “The WellBe can contribute to better sleep, higher productivity and better aging.”

One Response to The Marriage of Technology and Emotional/Spiritual Well-Being

  • Of all the new products I’ve seen or heard about, The WellBe has the potential to be a major healing device for
    individuals, and collectively, for the world. Stress reduction allows for greater physical, psychological and spiritual health
    and well-being. It enhances the lives of people at home within family settings, at the workplace and in society in general.
    Bravo to co-founders Doron Libshtein and Zach Sivan for beginning the process of bringing The WellBe to market, beginning
    with this very important Crowd Funding stage. Bravo!

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