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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

UpWeeGo Modular Step Up Highchair Slides To the Forefront of the Parenting Product Market

When you become a parent you learn the steps you need to keep your little one’s happy. Isn’t it nice to know when other parents like entrepreneur and Dad, Raphael Kolenko, the founder of UpWeeGo take it a step further and invent a durable, modular “do more than just one” daily solution? Help your child enjoy mealtime with the great new UpWeeGo stable highchair with stair step and slide in one. Add the insert and tray and it’s an amazing new experience! The product comes assembled.

UpWeeGo is reaching out for consumer awareness and crowd-funding support on Kickstarter:

*Check Kickstarter for early bird pricing on their line and please note: if they reach their initial goals they will add a Stretch Goal with a rock climbing option.

Raphael is a father of three and had an “aha”moment watching his little girl find challenge to get in her highchair and booster chairs over the years. One day he pushed up a step stool and thought through the invention, which became the first of it’s kind, developing UpWeeGo. He has appeared on The Marilyn Denis Show with great initial appeal and support and many health experts have offered their recommendation for his line to launch.

Be seated and let your kids have pride in seating themselves, as the product grows with child from infant to toddler/6 months to 6 years. For the StepUp it is suggested for 2 years old + with accomplished motor skills per parental monitoring. The chair cleans up in seconds plus is 100% antimicrobial Microban coating. The modular components interconnect to save space and this line can help support developmental milestones, balance, coordination and build overall confidence.

Following first production run the team at UpWeeGo will work to gain approval from the JPMA and ASTM. The product is available in many color combinations from 7 vibrant colors.

You think the product is distinct in it of itself – well so is the company’s need to give back to the environmentally conscious consumer.

Keep It Green! With UpWeeGo’s Recycling Program: Each new generation eventually sends tons of highchairs and booster seats to the landfills. Many have been made with a mix of steel and plastic parts which make them hard to recycle. UpWeeGo Children’s product company recognizes change is needed to protect our environment. That’s why they have developed the “Keep it Green” recycling program. This unique system will allow you to send back your StepUp chair or any of its components to then receive UpWeeGo “Green Dollars” based on the total weight returned. These dollars can be used to purchase new items from their website. Also offering the option to buy specially priced items made partially from recycled UpWeeGo products. Rain barrels and planter boxes are just few of the planned items.

Depending on the items condition they may also choose to donate returned items to various charities. The customer will still receive Green Dollars based on the total weight returned.Shipping instructions and other details will be posted on this page in the near future. Their motto is “Grow Green With Us!”

For more information on the company:




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