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Crowdfunding for Social Good

Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

Ycenter Campaign Raising $20,000 in 19 Days to Impact Third World Countries

– The countdown is on to save an entrepreneur who is doing social good –

PHILADELPHIA, Sept. 18, 2014 – Dhairya Pujara, a Philadelphia based social entrepreneur, is campaigning to raise $20,000 by Oct. 6, 2014 for the advancement of Ycenter, a company he founded in 2012. Ycenter offers international immersive learning programs designed to help students create an impact in the world.

Pujara started Ycenter when he saw the lack of impact that traditional donations and charities had in African communities. Originally born in India, he attended graduate school at Drexel University in Philadelphia where he planned a five-month trip to Africa to study and understand why healthcare was failing abroad.

“I wanted to start shifting the conversation about Africa from donations to creating entrepreneurial ventures and tech start-ups across the continent that could help save lives,” Pujara said. “Now, we are changing the way we change the world, and this latest campaign we’ve launched will no doubt help us make substantial progress on some of our most innovative programs.”

Ycenter does not donate money, or make charitable contributions. Instead, the company focuses on highly actionable technology projects. Money raised by Ycenter in its latest campaign will cover marketing and outreach, indiegogo platform fees, funding for its Malaria project, the run of daily operations at Ycenter, legal representation and filing fees for an O1 VISA.

To date, Ycenter has created a SMS based application to help fight Malaria and an ultra-portable solar powered phone charger, which has already been sent to a community in Mozambique for testing and use.


Additionally, Ycenter offers international immersive learning programs for college and university students to solve global challenges through innovative projects and community collaboration. Students work hands on with projects in a non-traditional study abroad program that sends them beyond the confines of the classroom.

To learn more about the Ycenter campaign, and how donations can help save lives, watch this viral video, or visit

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