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Devin D. Thorpe

Devin Thorpe

The Young Alchemists Charitable Foundation Strives To Elevate The Conciousness Of Children And Brings Powerful And Very Entertaining New Age Film Series To The Big Screen!

Press Release – Sugar Land Texas, February 13th 2018: The Young Alchemists Foundation needs donors, business sponsors and investors to help produce this extraordinary film. Contributors will receive media exposure, a tax deductible receipt and a diploma citing them as Honorary Knights of The Young Alchemists Order.

Investors and all people interested in learning more about “THE YOUNG ALCHEMISTS” film project can contact Norma Pastor and visit our website:

A new Era of technological progress and spiritual enlightenment has arrived at planet earth, the atomic vibrations of the planet have increased and as a result GOOD AND EVIL have become more obvious. Children across the world and their families are going through an extremely challenging and very difficult transition and those who consume drugs and spiraling out of control in school and in society are in terrible danger. As concerned citizens of planet earth, we believe the time has come for all the influential people in the film industry to create high concept films that will help elevate the consciousness of our youth.

THE YOUNG ALCHEMISTS New Age high concept was created with that purpose, and the Young Alchemists Foundation is sponsoring the production of “THE YOUNG ALCHEMISTS” first film of a series; a very powerful and very entertaining serial epic of romance, adventure and action film that will bring to Hollywood and to the entire world the extraordinary story of a group of extremely brilliant teenage Alchemists from the 36th dimension who are the greatest Super Secret Agents and youngest members of the Alchemists, a very powerful Interplanetary Government in charge of guarding the security and evolution of all planets and their inhabitants.

We believe very entertaining films could be an effective way to inspire children to become good leaders and help reverse our planet’s debilitating physical and psychological illness caused by the use of drugs and self destructive behaviors.

Experts concur that based on the script the cost of production of The Young Alchemists film will be approximately $100 Million Dollars; it will be a big production that can be compared to Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones and Harry Potter.

WHO ARE THE ALCHEMISTS? In the Young Alchemists New Age film Concept, the Alchemists are the good people from all planets and all walks of life who oppose the Nonplus and use their knowledge and inner powers to enlighten the consciousness of self and others transforming malevolent societies into benevolent ones. THE NONPLUS are the bad guys from all planets and all walks of life determined to eradicate the Alchemists and corrupt all planetary societies to prevent the evolution of humanity.

ARE YOU AN ALCHEMISTS OR A NONPLUS? The choice is yours and it will always be

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